What should Vettel name his new car?
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What should Vettel name his new car?
Posted By: James Allen  |  23 May 2010   |  9:58 pm GMT  |  371 comments

As we mentioned the other day, Sebastian Vettel is getting a new chassis for next weekend’s Turkish Grand Prix. And in keeping with his tradition of naming cars after girls, it’s going to need a name.

Vettel: Will new chassis bring him more wins? (Darren Heath)

Red Bull announced that Vettel’s Monaco chassis was damaged and the team has built up and sent out a new one to Istanbul. It should be identical to the old one as chassis are homologated these days as a cost saving measure, so there is no incentive to bring out a B Spec car.

Vettel has a tradition of naming his cars, as American bomber pilots did with their planes in WWII. I think it’s a fantastic idea and is one of the things that defines Vettel as not only very human but also very warm and amusing. Other drivers, including Michael Schumacher, have admitted talking to their cars in the closing laps of races, to make sure they get them home.

“It’s important to have a close relationship with a car,” he has said. “Like a ship, a car should be named after a girl as it’s sexy.”

His Toro Rosso car, in which he won the 2008 Italian Grand Prix was called “Julie.”

Last year’s Red Bull in which he was runner up in the world championship he named “Kate’s Dirty Sister”.

“My original car was called Kate. But then it got smashed at the opening race in Australia. So we called this one Kate’s Dirty Sister because it is more aggressive and faster,” he said after winning in China last year.

Adieu Luscious Liz. Vettel has a new mount (Darren Heath)

And this year he called his car “Luscious Liz”. The whole team joins in with this humour, it was even the subject of an official Red Bull team Tweet announcing the name.

Luscious Liz has had mixed fortunes, with three pole positions and a win in Malaysia, but some mechanical issues which have cost him the outright championship lead. He will hope that the successor to Luscious Liz brings him more luck.

And now that Luscious Liz has been scrapped, he will need a new name for his new car.

Please send in your best suggestions in the comments box and I will pass them on to Sebastian and the team.

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hi mark you good racing and good luck this year and keep up and can dont it mark i my so happy for not bad number 2 driver


Red Ruby sounds good to me!

On another subject; does anyone know what the song is that the guys play in their garage; such as DC and Martin Brundle danced to in the F1 forum a couple of races ago?


what about “Arielle”? Everytime I hear Sebastian I have to think at this little red crab out of the disney film 🙂


Princess Petal

May as well name it after its mysogynist driver 🙂


“Ann” ( Webber’s manager and partner )

as Mark said in the Australian Herald….

“”She has been an inspiration to me,” he said.”


Well, we had a bunch folks saying Mandy, and a bunch saying Randy, but nobody quite made the connection. Well done anyway to those who were close! 😉


redbullf1spy wrote: Randy Mandy…

nice ))


Mouthwatering or maybe Magic Marg should be Luscious Liz’s sister.


Aural Annie

Hydraulic Hannah


I think there is only one name in keeping with Sebs sexy theme.

Pole Dancer


Its a curvy car so how about Voluptuous Veronica. To go with the sexy man inside her!


Luvly Lorena! hahaha. imagine naming your car after your rival’s sister!!!!


How about Mark’s Faster Brother?


The name for Seb’s new car: “Randy Rhonda”

And he can sing the Beach Boys song “Help Me Rhonda” as he screams around the track!


Well he seems to goto the next letter for his names, how bout “Magnificent Mary”

Steve H "sunny Southport"

Enjoyable bit of fun indeed.

Perhaps you can find out what SV called the car I believe he used in 2008 from Aus to Turkey (STR-02/4B)? (also possibly in 2007 STR-02/2). From Monaco it was STR-03/3 “Julie”.

Then, if memory serves correctly, he used chassis 03/2 in Canada after practice crash in 03/3 “Julie”.

Did he have name for 03/2 if that was the case?

After that race it was back to “Julie” for the rest of the year.

In 2009, after RB5/3’s “Kate” demise in Aus, he used RB5/1 “Kate’s Dirty Sister” (Malaya to Turkey)

I believe he then used chassis RB5/4 for three races (GB, Germany, Hung) which, I was informed at the time, he also called “Kate” before reverting back to RB5/1 “Kate’s Dirty Sister” for the remainder of the season.

And then along came RB6/3 and “Luscious Liz” for the opening races in 2010.

Excellent blog and great to have some light-hearted fun.


Gracious Gabriella


Nelly Smickers!!! or Betty Swollocks…..or how about just naming it “That annoying little runt from over there”..


Luscious Liz’s twin


How about Crazy Casey.. nice ring to it..

hope i’m not too late..


lacivious layla


Liz’ sister is dirtier than Kates


Betty Swallox – now there’s a name that should have been on the top of our tongues.


Of course I mean’t “tip of your tongue”, or was it just a freudian slip!

Mike Misgerett

You deserve a tongue lashing for that!

And not from Betty – lest you slip on Herr Freud again…


Cheatin’ Chelsea

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