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Monaco Grand Prix – Who’s your Driver of the Day?
Monaco Grand Prix – Who’s your Driver of the Day?
Posted By: James Allen  |  16 May 2010   |  6:07 pm GMT  |  115 comments

Today’s Monaco Grand Prix was full of drama but we also saw some amazing performances from several drivers, not just in the race, but over the weekend as a whole.

So let’s take a look at the two main contenders:

Mark Webber
A dominant drive by the veteran Aussie, who is in the form of his life. For the second race in a row he took pole and controlled the race. He had four safety cars to contend with, which cut his lead down to nothing each time.

He made an assured start, not giving Vettel or Kubica a chance to pass and in the opening stint he pulled away rapidly from his team mate. No-one had an answer for his pace and determination this weekend. The question is, can he keep it up? Or will Vettel get on top of him again in Turkey?

Robert Kubica
From the start of practice on Thursday Kubica looked like a man on a mission here. He is always great on tracks lined with walls, but you sensed that he saw this weekend as an opportunity and so it proved. He got second place on the grid and a podium on merit.

He lost a place at the start to Vettel due to starting on the dirty side but this was a monumental weekend for Kubica.

Anyone who stood trackside this weekend watching him would agree. He was ahead of the car, extending it beyond its limits in a quest to do the impossible. It was a really special performance.

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Today´s driver is Alonso. Weekend´s driver must be Kubica, as he doesn´t have the car superiority the Red Bull drivers have.


Alonso, are you kidding me?

In practice he was fast but he punted it into the wall! Then in the race got lucky with a safety car.

Kubica is and was fantastic. If he wasn't on the dirt he would have been second. However there was no beating Webber this weekend and it wasn't just the car.

Webber was untouchable. That qualification lap was monumental! 0.4sec faster than Vetel in Quali on a lap as short as that is awesome. He put in lap records lap after lap. He stormed ahead at will during the race and didn't once put wheel wrong.

Seems sad to me that people are so unwilling to recognise Webber's performance this weekend.


Sorry mate. Alonso had a great drive from 24th to 6th (or 7th - as to be decided by the Court Of Appeal) but was caught napping by Schumacher on the last lap (despite regulatio ns and what have you). He was also dropped by Hamilton who had brake issues.

Kubica had a fine drive but stuffed up the start - for that, he does not make it as my driver of the day (in the same fashion as Webber in Malaysia).

Mark Webber did reign supreme. Pulling a gap three times over his team mate with the same equipment and would have finished over 30 seconds up the road without the safety cars. He also was cool headed enough to avoid the Trulli/Chandhok collision. He was giant in Monaco.


Alonso gave himself a challenge, but i completely agree that he rose to it... 3rd time this year he has made it up from the back of the field to the front.


Aussie F1 Fan

Alonso wouldn't have been able to do this without the 1st lap safety car, allowing him to crucially get his tyre change out of the way at no cost to himself time wise, which in my book just makes him lucky....

Drive of the day, I think not. More like, lucky recovery due to circumstances beyond his control.


Alonso? He took three laps to overtake a virgin. I think he only overtook four cars to make up 12 places, all the rest were due to the safety car. Kubica was class today as was Webber.


Sorry to double post but look at this website:


It shows that there were 5 overtakes in the race, 4 by Alonso and 1 by Schumacher which has now been deemed illegal.

Driver of the day goes to Alonso surely?



If you had read the link I provided then you would have seen the following:

"What I have not included:

Lap 11 - 8 Alonso passed 18 Trulli for 18th - position yielded"

All 4 of Fernando's overtakes were genuinely fought against unwilling victims. Probably the best overtaking ever seen at Monaco. As Deepan said, there are no minnows. Remember David Coulthard getting stuck behind an Arrows of Bernoldi for 40 laps?

Alonso was also faster in the last few racing laps than the likes of Hamilton even though he had been running for 76 laps on the same hard tyres.

You don't have to like the guy but if you are a true motorsport fan then you surely have to respect his ability!


Alonso's was definitely the drive of the day. Webber's and Kubica's were great as well, but the only thing they had to worry about was to get through the first corner safely.

There are no minnows in Monaco, if you cover the narrow racing line, there is no way for any car to get past irrespective of it's speed/driver. The only opportunity is the end of the tunnel which is a dangerous proposition and Alonso's skill in the 4 overtakes there was simply brilliant!


Brilliant Craig. Top class evidence.

So all you need to be for driver of the day is to be skillful enough to trash your top class Ferrari in practice so you can race the minows without cars and/or experience.

You also seem to be including Trulli who just let him by. SO by that reasoning Webber over took more people than anyone. Sure they got Blue flags but that is no less a pass than Trulli just backing out of the way.

Alonso should not do qualifying every race. Imagine how many overtakes he could get by the end of the season!


A Virgin who was out of control most of the time!! Alonso did well not to be crashed into by that car.

Even if he did "only" overtake 4 cars, that's four cars more than almost anyone else! What other overtakes did you see? This place is almost impossible to overtake on. Remember DC behind Bernoldi for 40 laps in a vastly superior car?

Most drivers would have had accepted their fate to finish outside the points. Not Alonso - he pushed his way to 6th and deserves credit for doing so, however painful that might be for some to stomach!


Robert was really special all weekend, hats off to him.

Though Schumacher deserves a credit for clearly outpacing his teammate and pulling the best move of the race.


The best move? Anyone can overtake when it is illegal. He paid dearly for it!

Aussie F1 Fan

No point arguing but it was clearly not illegal, if the race was ending under the safety car then the "Safety Car In this lap" message should not have been displayed & the flags would have stayed yellow right up to the finish line, which they obviously didn't!

It was a classic opportunistic move from the Schu, I loved it!


A boring race lifted by the special performances of Mark Webber and Robert Kubica. But Mark Webber deserbved the plaudits for a faultless weekend. Also very pleasing to see Michael Schumacher slowly finding his feet. Even though he was penalised for overtaking Alonso just maybe we will still see great things from him.


None of those. Driver of the day was Michael Schumacher, who showed true racing spirit trough the end of the race and was dealt in a harsh and ridiculous way for other people's mistake!

And this comes from a previously anti-schumy f1 follower.


hhahahaha Schumi? ARE YOU JOKING?

Aussie F1 Fan

No I agree with Bernardo, he drove a special race. Did anyone else notice that when Rosberg was punching in fastest laps on the soft tyre Schumacher was only 1 tenth behind him at the same time on the harder tyre?

This is the main part of the reason that Schu was able to maintain his position after Rosberg pitted, Rosberg only lost about 1 second behind Webber at that point & Schu's fast times on the harder tyre at that point allowed him to negate the advantage Rosberg had on the softer tyre in clear air.


I watched the race almost entirely on the BBC's in-car feed, and they spent a lot of time with Kubica. He was absolutely on it all weekend and all race. Webber's afternoon was storming, no mistake, but Kubica was on the edge trying to keep up with the dominant Red Bulls. I thought he was brilliant today.


The contrast between Webber and Kubica's in-car camera shots was quite obvious, wasn't it?

Kubica right on the edge with hands constantly correcting the steering wheel while Webber's were slow and deliberate without the need to make any correction. Good stuff.


I was going to suggest Alonso for his drive to 7th from the back, but after the Stewards decision, I have to say Schumacher is the driver who drove the best race for the result he got; Great drive deserved better than 12th.

...and I'm a Williams team, anti-Schumacher fan.

Aussie F1 Fan

I really think what Alonso achieved was nothing special, he got VERY lucky with a 1st lap safety car which allowed him to make his compulsury pit stop at no time cost, thats all.


The Red Bull pace in two very different race tracks looks ominous for the rest of the field. Vettel will step up in Turkey I feel which the Red Bull's could easily dominate.


Hard to argue with either choice.

Interesting that the top 3 finishers all have Renault engines. Whats up with that?


Good torque out of the slow corners. The Renault always was good in traction zones.

Tm Goodfellow

No driver can extend a car beyond it's limits. He just found a superb set up and drove as best he could. It was not an impossible feat to take a car built by one of the world's leading car manufacturers to a podium in Monaco.

With a HRT, Virgin, or Lotus then that would've been a miracle. As it is it's a VERY good drive


Driver of the weekend: Mark Webber, but the driver of the day is Alonso. No doubt.


I Agree. Brilliant drive from Alonso.

Tactically putting it into the wall in the last free practice and then paying Williams to get one driver to bring out the safety car while the other held up most of the field. Then getting mugged on the second last corner by spinning up the wheels so as to induce a penalty for Schummie. Brilliant tactics and masterful driving.

Sorry I forgot to mention his superb overtaking of a rookie who had no control of his car and Kovi in their GP2 cars (Trulli just let him by).

Superb. What a demonstration of driving.

I love Alonso but give us a break! Not even he would say he had a great drive.

Harriet and Blah Blah Nyborg

Yeah, I think that's about right -- although it's always a bit silly to make these judgements! While Webber disappeared into the distance setting fastest lap after fastest lap, the excitement came from seeing Alonso forcing himself past those slower cars. Good stuff from him, even though he was caught napping at the end by Schumi.

Aussie F1 Fan

Again, Alonso merely got lucky with a 1st lap safety car allowing him to pit to the hard tyres AT NO TIME COST to himself. No one else could do this without losing track position so it was a benificial situation only to him, not the front runners. Think about it, without that 1st lap safety car he would have been no where., Or to look at it another way, add 22 seconds to his time (cost of a pit stop under green flag conditions, which everyone else had to pay.


Neither , though both did a great job it was Fernando Alonso.

Aussie F1 Fan

Please look at my response above regarding this...


Has to be Mark for me. He drove a really assured and mature race, without any of the errors that we have sometimes seen in the past when he is under pressure (and also when he races at home, he really seems to lose his head in Melbourne). I think we are seeing the start of a real inter-team battle at Red Bull, which will be just what F1 needs if, as I suspect, the two Red Bulls will increasingly be in a class of their own for the remainder of the season.


My vote goes to webber, he is trashing vettel and the four world Champions.

Harriet and Blah Blah Nyborg

"Trashing" is a bit strong, but it's certainly fascinating to see Webber suddenly step up a gear. This makes Turkey so fascinating. Both Red Bull drivers equal on points leading the WDC? Wow!


Under this f1 crisis, the most appropriate topic would be "who is the worst decision maker of the day".And the clear answer is FIA.

hat a joke...


hamilton weaving on the straight = ok

hamilton driving through grass into the pitlange and overtaking at the same time = ok

hamilton unsafe release against vettel in china = ok

vettel pushing hamilton against the wall, leaving him no room in the pits (china) = ok

alonso overtaking massa with 4 wheels off the track in the pit entrance = ok

alonsos unsafe release in the barcelona pits = ok

massa destroying buttons qualifying lap in monaco = ok

massa crossing the yellow line after leaving the pits = ok

schumacher overtaking alonso while the whole world can see the green flag = penalty...

Pathetic decision


With all due respect, Sam, this is not a decision, it is simply the application of a rule that was clearly broken.

A rule may be questionable but if it makes into the rule book it has to be enforced. This is a question of fact, not a question of judgment. This particular rule is so simple that it is easy even for the person watching an F1 race for the first time to see by themselves that Michael broke it.

Look at the pit entry passes by Alonso and Hamilton in China. Many people think it was a dangerous maneuver but there were no penalties simply because the rule book does not contain an article prohibiting this move.

If it's not in the rule book there is no penalty. If it's in the rule book there is a penalty.

What I find interesting is that the 2 maneuvers - China pit entry and here - are in your face, cheeky, aggressive "switched-on" moves executed by the 3 most aggressive and successful drivers on the grid.

Aussie F1 Fan

This sounds like the same government department/bank bueracratic madness you hear every day "but the rules are the rules".

Have people forgotton common sense now days? It certainly appears to be the case, not just here, but in life in general.


Well how about Lewis weaving?

It was a rule that everybody, including the fans, know, unlike this one which I find it extremely biased.

And let's have a look at from fans' perspective.

We had great racing at last corner of the race and next day you realized that someone is penalized for racing when safety car came in.

It's flat out stupid rule man because it prevented us to watch racing. Why don't they deployed safety car the whole race?


Sam, have you had a look at rule 40.13? It doesn't matter the green flags in this case.

Aussie F1 Fan

40.13 wasn't in effect as the "Safety Car in this lap" message was displayed, hence the green flags.


I suggest in future years they run all 78 laps behind the safety car. We can't risk people trying to overtake each other on a clear track, it's unsafe.

Nathan Bradley

Ha ha very good, agreed.

Driver of the day for me goes to Webber, he would have been about 35 secs down the road without the safety cars, great performance by Robert as well, that Renault was only in third because of his race that he drove like a qualifying session every lap.

I'm not getting into any arguments either, but I liked Schu's move on Alonso.

I don't blame the stweards, their hands were tied and by the letter of the law they made the right call.

For me, the blame lies with the FIA for poorly written rules in the first place, they need to be looked at.

Anyway, just my two penn'orth worth.



No need as long the drivers are sufficiently schooled in the rules and Schumacher should've known better.

It is clear that, even if you don't know all the minutiae of the rule book, that the SC pulling in before the final corner on the final lap is merely a gesture and it breaks all sporting protocol to try and gain an advantage at that point.


Ha ha! Actually, racing is unsafe. Let's all sit in the garage and drink tea instead.

Harriet and Blah Blah Nyborg

Ha! Good point. It's all getting a bit too sanitised, really.

I think Schumi's move on Alonso was not only acceptable but commendable!


good point


I'm missing Alonso here. It's obvious that he could have got more from this weekend that he did in the end, but he was the only one who did something to spice up the race. Even when the cars he overtook were much slower, he managed to pull off several nice manoeuvres.


The rule that says that if the safety car is out on the last lap drivers can't overtake before the chequered flag makes perfect sense on last years rules, when drivers weren't allowed to overtake before the start finnish line once the safety car is in. But it makes no sense with this year's rules, where drivers can overtake after the safety car line. There was no safety argument to be had - the last corner was no less safe on lap 78 than any other lap.

Is it the case that the FIA has changed the rules regarding the safety car line this year but forgotten to update the specific rule that there's no overtaking on the last lap? Thereby making the last lap rule illogical and creating the confusion that led to the green flag being shown at the last corner. Mercedes should appeal on the basis that the green flag was shown, which means the race is on.

The FIA seems so amateur and counter-productive most of the time. This is racing, spectators want to watch cars race, especially at the last corner.


I hope the FIA will explain the reasoning behind the rule and its application.

My interpretation , for what it's worth, is that they don't want the safety car to cross the line ahead of the race cars, it makes for better video/photography when the checkered flag is waved. So their next logical step was to end the race just as if the safety car was still leading the pack. However, this theory breaks down with the going back to green instead of staying under yellow conditions.

Aussie F1 Fan

Yep, the "Marketing Idiots" must have had a say in this one, as they do in every aspect of life now days it seems.


Exactly. You're either under safety car conditions or green flag conditions. Schumacher was shown a green flag and raced. The last thing the FIA would want is for drivers to second guess flags based on their own understanding of the rules. So if the rules aren't wrong, then race control was. Mercedes should win the appeal on that basis.


Webber, then Alonso.


Alonso!! What an opening stint!!

Aussie F1 Fan

After he got lucky with a 1st lap safety car. Yawn. Without that he would have been no where.


Fernando Alonso. 24th to 6th, one word- stunning.


The only cars he passed were the 3 new teams. He relied on the safety car for all the other positions. Hardly stunning.

Aussie F1 Fan

Exactly, nicely put Flakey. People get excited & forget about the safety car benefitting ONLY him ion the 1st lap. It saved him some 22 seconds in the race, hence the position jump.


Stunning Alonso

Alonso was on it every lap and was very consistent, like Michael Schumacher in his prime years at Ferrari. The overtakes were brave and overall he a great job.


Agreed. Alonso and a brilliant strategy by Ferrari to switch to the primes during the first SC.


Alonso - no doubt about it!

But its about time he does away with the heroics and gets "boring" wins like Webber's.


I'm inclined to agree with #17 AlexBookoo, the problem seems to be that the marshals were indicating that the race was under green-flag conditions, which contradicts the rule listed above that Schumacher broke. The FIA should have instructed the yellow flags to remain out, thereby avoiding the confusion.

However, I do feel that the rule is sensible. The race-winner should cross the finish line first, not the safety-car: that's their privilege for winning the race. To me, racing over the few metres between the safety-car line and the finish line adds nothing to the race, and only encourages banzai overtaking attempts. While a driver as skilled as Schumacher could clearly manage such a delicate manoeuvre, I'm not convinced that every driver out there could, and a crash on the final corner with the field bunched together is not something I'd want to see.


well,alonsos critics were proofed to be so wrong, good for him, solid drive, he prooved he is top notch, sky is the limit.

another unpredictible gp this year, what a a season so far, what a rush, what a fever, a classis season it is turnight it out to be!so

great for f1!

Aussie F1 Fan

He got lucky with a 1st lap safety car which saved him 22 seconds of stopping under green flag conditions, thats all. Anyone else that was last on the grid in the 1st lap would have got the same benefit, hardly a demonstration of skill.


So 4 overtakes at the end of the tunnel in Monaco was no skill eh?

It is not about getting the benefit, it is about how you use it and Alonso's was a champion's drive.


webber, then kubica, then alonso. webber and kubica were just on rails almost every lap of the weekend. webber just nudges it for me, shame kubica could never unleash himself from behind vettel


boring race, alonso did nothing special! he was only helped by the safety car. he passed only low paced cars as was expected. nothing special

Aussie F1 Fan



Dear James , how typical of you ! , you ask who was driver of the day , give two options (both merited) but overlook the REAL drive of the day , why it's Alonso of course !! , from pit lane to 6th , just repeat that again , FROM PIT LANE TO 6TH.

He not only seized the first safety car stint to get rid of the options but actually overtook quite a few cars (all determined to keep him at bay) , this at a track were overtaking is near impossible , even if your car is superior........ask DC and a certain Enrico Bernoldi.

Aussie F1 Fan

Ywan, he got lucky, nothing special. & what a sook for getting mad at diGrassi "daring" to try & race him for position.

What a Prima-donna.


I think Schumi's move on Alonso pretty much classed him as the driver of the day. You and your 2% alonso fans can think what you may. But the majority think it was a Schumacher masterclass


Fernando Alonso, from last to 6th! Hello, anyone can win from pole!

Aussie F1 Fan

Oh dear is everyone forgetting the 1st lap safety car, that saved him 22 seconds of stopping under green flag? Luck is not skill, he drove solidly but nothing spectacular, without the 1st lap safety car he would have been no where.


Kubica no doubt, it just reminds me of previous years where Alonso took an underpowered car and mixed with top cars, it would have been Mark for my driver of the day, he drives one of the fastest if not the best car. There are drivers who will win if the car is right and fast and there are drivers who will driver a bad slow car and take it to the podium, Kubica is a champion in the making and will no doubt follow steps of Senna and Schumacher who can bring the best out of an underpowered car.

I think the new teams in F1 face big problems as they are too slow when they get lapped and that poses danger, it makes no logic to ban testing as teams like Virgin could find more speed and develop the car fast had they allowed then to test heavily. Some of these restrictive and cost cutting are hurting the newer teams trhu test bans.

Somehow i feel that people who control F1 never want to hear any opinions to improve the show, from F1 observing experts, fans and thru research that will have direct input in making the show better. However Todt is continuing to make things worse than Max on cutting costs and other bizzare rules that are continually being introduced rightly' by the people on top of F1.


For both the safety of all drivers and for the betterment of F1 in general, it might be worth looking into lifting the testing ban for new teams or teams that are a certain time back during qualifying, perhaps three seconds or more. Maybe base the amount of allowed testing miles on their pace and/or points relative to the mid-field teams.


Kubica. He put himself and car beyond limits. Webber had faultless race, it was deserved win, but in such a dominant car he really defeat just one person - his teammate.

Aussie F1 Fan

Lets remember that without the safety cars he would have finished around 30 seconds in front of Vettel, you have to give some driver credit for that, especially when its Vettel he is racing!


I know that. So what? Apart from unfortunate first 50 meters, Kubica was faster than Vettel. His pace was probably for 15-20 seconds lag to Webber on the end of race (without SC), in a car which is 1 sec slower per lap. And there's 78 laps in Monaco...


If you get passed on the track at Monaco it's not a great drive.


Broaden your vision. Kubica wasn't the only one who lost the place starting from dirty side. But it was only one who made result which is far above his current car performance.


You are correct, my comment was not a criticism of Kubica as I think he's a talented driver; how I should have worded it is if you get passed at Monaco it is not a great RACE, as his result should have been better. Had he gained his position back, now THAT would have been great. (Though everyone has a different definition of what is and isn't great). None the less, he did have a very good weekend, particularly in qualifying.

Anyways, about cars getting passed due to being on the "dirty side" of the track at the start, surely it wouldn't be difficult or expensive to make races more fair by giving the start area before the race a good sweep with a "Track Zamboni". (That's a little inside joke to hockey fans).


Alonso just waited for everyone else to pit. Not terribly taxing. Then he fell asleep at the last corner.

Webber's car was up front on merit. Kubica outperformed his. Robert gets my vote. He had a brilliant weekend.

Most amusing driver of the day: Hamilton, responding to his team's daft request over the radio. Telling Lewis Hamilton to slow down? He only knows one way to drive: flat out, pedal to the metal.


Fernando Alonso


Driver of the day? Alonso; 24th to 6th, Monaco, no rain, no carnage, just overtaking and a brilliant strategy

Driver of the Weekend? Webber

Performance over the qualities of the ride? Kubica. He will be a world champion someday

Aussie F1 Fan

Brilliant? Lucky you mean, unless you are saying he got Hulkenberg to crash on the 1st lap so Alonso could make a pit stop with no time cost, saving himself 22 under green flag conditions seconds in the pits...

Yawn, nothing special about luck..


Fernando, all weekend he was on it. Could of won if started at front row.

Aussie F1 Fan

hahaha tell him he's dreaming!


Alonso should have been an option, but I think I would have voted for Kubica anyway. Webber did a good job, but Robert did more with less of a car than anyone else in the race.


Somehow....I want to say that Alonso did a great job....but....maybe he did. Webber - for dominating Vettel. Kubica for mastering the track and getting most of the package. Alonso for finishing 6th and having only one set of tyres for the whole race. Schumi for beating Rosberg and for overtaking Alonso.


There were several reasons to give plaudits to drivers. Webber for 2 consecutive races where he's dominated and been in absolutel control. On the plus being able to beat Vettel soundly, silencing critics that he would be shaded by him.

Alonso (to an extent!) coming through to (an eventual) 6th from 24th. Admittedly this was MOSTLY to do with the safety car, but he too also made the pit stop on lap 1 to get rid of the super soft tyres and went the rest of the race on that 1 set of medium compound tyres.

Kubica did a fantastic job ALL weekend to get that Renault up to where it was in quali and to finish on the podium in the race.

Schumacher, for being rather crafty like in his old days, namely his move on Alonso at the Rascasse. Unfortunately for him and Mercedes, the rules this time were very clear and therefore he did "deserve" the penalty that he got.

Aussie F1 Fan

The rules for Schu were far from clear, what you need to take into account is that if article 40.13 was in effect then the "Safety Car in this Lap" message should NEVER have been displayed & the green flags should not have been shown after the safety car line on the last lap.

The race did not finish under safety car conditions, these two points prove this beyond doubt.


Why are there only 2 options in this poll? Where is the option to pick Jenson Button? He had a bad start admittedly, but his next two laps were extremely fast, over 1 second a lap faster than Alonso, many people's pick for the title. Button has been 'on it' all weekend, putting in a better drive than even his 2009 performance there. He is my driver of the day. Jenson exudes Churchillian spirit, if I may say so.

Nathan Bradley

Unfortnately he was slower than Hamilton all weekend, although his team should have spotted the bung in the car.



Your name is one letter mispelt of your opinion me thinks...!


I find it amazing that people put Alonso up for drive of the day. He did what should be expected of him and followed the only strategy option available to him. Once the first safety car emerged, he finished where he should've. Alonso's drive was no more special than Massa's drive to 4th. Once McLaren decided to cover Alonso, his race was set. Webber and Kubica where both amazing to watch, but I think I could watch an in-car footage and be amazed by their driving.



Kubica did very well though. Alonso only passed the slow cars, and then only 4 of them, and then only after a loooooong time. Webber cruised at brilliant speed in the best car by far. And he screwed up on the last corner.

But Schumacher held his own beautifully in a not great car and created the most genuinely thrilling overtake of the race, caught Alonso napping and showed us he's back!


Great drive by Kubica, but Mark was on another planet so I don't know how you could not give driver of the day to Mark. He was perfect and would have flogged everyone by 30secs+ if not for the safety cars. Kubica made an error letting Vettel through as well, so it has to be Mark for driver of the day! Woohoo!!

Darren Shepperd

what i would like to know is why is no one talking about the fact that Webber should not have won today if the stewards were doing their job properly, after all during a race if you speed in the pitlane you get a drive through, well unless you are Webber it seams.


No / Driver 6 - Mark Webber

Team Red Bull Racing

Time 13:31:24

Session Race

Fact Speeding in the pitlane - 70.9 km/h

Offence Breach of Article 30.12 of the 2010 FIA Formula One Sporting Regulations

Penalty 2 200 €

Also why are no reporters asking why he failed to get a penalty.

Darren Shepperd

sorry i forgot the 1 hour time difference


Mark Webber for my man of the race nomination. All Robbie did was underline the excellent potential we all know he has. Mark however has not only proved a lot of doubters wrong but has dominated a team mate that many have picked for the title. Go Mark!


Out of the choices offered, i voted for Webber. He had a perfect race, leading from start to finish never losing the first place.

But i believe Alonso's performance wasn't too shabby either, from last to sixth pretty much the whole race distance on a single set of tires.


Welcome back “The Real Mark Webber” we missed you!

Mark is the guy who ‘in his first Grand Prix’ all those years ago put a Minardi where it had no right to be.

In the following years he (arguably) conquered all his team mates in several teams and to any knowledgeable, unbiased observer seemed to be one of the best in F1, The Real Deal if only in the wrong car.

Fast forward to 2009....... finally a competitive car capable of winning races and the championship, but there was an imposter posing as Mark Webber.... it seems the real Mark had been left on a secluded Tasmanian fire trail battered and bruised after a run in with a Toyota Landcruiser or some such immovable object. To make matters worse this imposter was now teamed with one of the most prodigious natural talents to enter F1 in many a year, a young German who had the natural ability, speed and aggression to make even the best drivers look ordinary let alone this guy pretending to be Mark Webber.

So what happened.

Mark had lost his edge, sure he was quick but the best drivers have an edge... an indescribable quality that enables them to push an F1 car beyond all those around them, when the edge is there you just know it, you don’t know where it came from or how you got it but when you have it YOU KNOW IT. The trouble with “The Edge” is that it is fickle, it can disappear as quickly as you got it and breaking several major bones and having to compete in pain are all pretty likely to make it disappear.

Sometimes those that lose it never get it back, but the better ones usually do.

If you have a close look at Seb Vettel’s face (particularly after Monaco qualifying) you will see a guy who doesn’t know what happened, he dug as deep as he could and came up short......now that hurts and it’s hard to combat and you could see it, it’s that “ Did anyone get the number of that truck?” look. It’s looking at the lap data...... knowing the set up data and still not having an answer, it’s THE EDGE and it would seem Marks’ has returned.

Know there is a long way to go and it’s a long season ahead, but it would seem it’s all falling into place for Mark Webber and I for one say “about Bloody Time!”


Your 'edge' may be as simple as a small degree of sensitivity in the right foot returning. There was a reference last year, I think in a Peter Windsor interview with Mark last year, where Schumacher was quoted as saying it took him a year to get the fine degree of control that he wanted after his accident in 1999. James probably knows more about this, but I haven't read his book, so I don't know if this is in there.

We will have to see whether Mark's edge over Sebastian lasts to the next car upgrade in Turkey. The car balance situation could be reversed. However, Christian Horner told James - to an Australian TV microphone - that Mark's fine detail steering inputs were particularly remarkable.

Martin Collyer

Mark Webber had to win that race about three times over so he gets my vote by the thickness of a cigarette paper over Kubica.

Does anyone else think the Lotus drivers made it fairly easy for Alonso to pass whereas the Virgin drivers, Di Grassi particularly, did not?


ALONSO! from 24th to 6th with 76 laps on the same tyres.

As for the race it's as usual, SCD after SCD, that's Monoca.


Webber was in a class of his own. In practice when it counted, fastest for the bulk of the race, when the track was relatively green and the cars were heavy, maintained his concentration and resumed it at the same level each time after his rhythm was interrupted by the safety car. Kubica was better than his car, but he lost second at the start and couldn't recover it.

mugerwa francis

Alonso drove an amazing race one that is better than schumuchers race in 2006.people shud understand that safety cars are unavoidable in monaco hence any stategist has to include it in his plans .


It's a brilliant move,despite being penalised.

Derek Lorimer

James, Here in Canberra we have been aware of the incredible talent of Mark Webber since the early 1990s when he was seen as a World Champion in the making in karting.

The comparison with Nigel Mansell is quite apt as both drivers have incredible talent but took a while to get the opportunity to show their ability.


Hi Derek,

I don't follow the local karting scene, so I only came across Mark from Formula Ford. I followed him as I a Canberran and also a few months younger. I really only have two FF memories from the TV - Mark being the class of the field at a wet Sandown track and misjudging his braking into the second turn early in the race at Lakeside. I suspect his skills are best suited to F1 - high precision and accuracy and quick hands (the combination of things that meant Bourdais didn't make the transition from the lightly slower reacting ChampCars).

I think the Mansell comparison has its limits. Mark found a few small but strong backers in Yellow Pages and David Campese and was then able to get the Mercedes Benz support. It took eight seasons before Mansell was the clear number one driver in his team, while Mark has been the team leader virtually all his career in F1.

You are right that both took a while to get into a regularly competitive car, but the same thing could be said for Button or Barrichello. Mark clearly has a shot at the championship as he has the best car at the moment for most tracks and can match his team mate. This is Mark's first attempt in this situation. Button won it on his first go. Mansell on his fourth (I'm counting 91). Barrichello is none from six.


I think Murray (above) raises a good point about Kubica. He actually lost out from the front row. Third is a great result, and he has taken the car where it was not expected to go, but he was the only driver in the top 5 to lose one spot on his grid position. For this reason, it is hard to say his was "the drive of the race".

Webber was supreme all race. Including the way he pulled away from each SC period. THis is the drive of the race, although I was surprised to hear both RC and SV say they thought Webber was slow away from the line. I hadn't noticed that on the coverage, and haven't heard Webber mention it either.


I've seen it happen with Massa. Alot of people with say nothing about Webber right now. And they are just waiting until he has a bad race, bad luck or a mechanical failure and then they will stick the boot in.

Only a WDC can change their perception. But do you notice how people still dig the boot into Button?

It's hard to pick 1 driver. Best driver = Kubica. Best car/driver combo = Webber. Best overall? How can you say how much the car factored into it? We saw in 2006 that Webber did a Kubica type race in a bad car.

They both did very well. What plays into Webber's favour is that he would have won by 30+ seconds. Vettel and Kubica were pretty even. It's unfair to either of them to choose just one.

Alonso? Schumacher? Some people just can't see past their own driver, and ignore the rest. Alonso could have won if they was able to qualify. But that's like saying Alonso would have overtaken Vettel in Bahrain, if his spark plug didn't fail. It's fantasy fanboy talk!


Where is the option for Alonso :/


James, I need to stray from the topic here. For most of us Formula 1 fans the nationality of a driver does not matter. If he drove his socks off we can deservedly call him a "driver of a day". He can be English, Finish, German, Australian, Polish or whoever. Yet for Mr. Lauda there was a battle between "Sebastian" [Vettel] and "polake" from the start of Monaco Grand Prix (check out at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zG_xMdlOJkY&feature=player_embedded). As Kubica's compatriot I felt it needs to be mentioned here because Lauda's vocabulary seems to lack a proper German word for Polish nationality, which is "Pole". Mind you that an expression "polake" was very popular among nazis during II World War as a insult towards our nation. Lauda's colleague from German RTL television seems to be aware of that pretty well, as you can see from his reaction... Had Lauda forgot Kubica's name (which he clearly did not) he should use word "Pole". Shame on you Lauda. Once again sorry for this rather political comment. Thought your readers should know how difficult for the Austrian is to memorize one Polish name on the grid...

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