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Mark Webber wins dramatic Monaco Grand Prix
Mark Webber wins dramatic Monaco Grand Prix
Posted By: James Allen  |  16 May 2010   |  3:42 pm GMT  |  127 comments

Mark Webber won the Monaco Grand Prix today ahead of Sebastian Vettel and Robert Kubica. He leads the world championship for the first time in his career.

It was Red Bull’s second 1-2 finish of the season and the fourth team 1-2 we have had in six races, which must be some kind of record.

If it seemed effortless for Webber, the race was nonetheless full of drama with no less than four safety cars.

“It’s the greatest day of my life every F1 victory is special but to win on the streets here and join all the great winners is very special, ” said Webber. “You have to enjoy your victories and to get a 1-2 in the Principality is unique. This is the biggest F1 race you can win. I feel I’m driving pretty well, the fire is still in my belly.

“I’m not low on confidence. It’s two races, we’ve done well. If you can do this four or five times in a row you’re on a good run. I needed the result in Barcelona and we knew it would be a tight fight here. Let’s keep chipping away but things can change quickly in this game.”

Webber led away from pole with Vettel passing Kubica off the line for P2. Barrichello made a great start up to 6th place from 9th on the grid. But Williams team mate Nico Hulkenberg had a huge accident in the tunnel which brought out the safety car.

Jenson Button retired after just one lap due to an extraordinary operational error by McLaren where they left a bung in the radiator, which cooked it.

Starting from the pit lane Fernando Alonso took the opportunity offered by the safety car to pit and switch to the hard tyre. He had started on the super soft tyre, clearly hoping for just such a scenario.

It worked well for him as he was able to pass the new teams cars relatively easily and then when the cars in front of him pitted be picked up places, moving to 6th place by lap 22. But he lost a place at the end, when Michael Schumacher cheekily passed him in the last corner as the safety car was released to allow the cars to finish the race.

However the race stewards, of whom Damon Hill was a member this weekend, decided that the move was illegal and gave Alonso the sixth place back and handed Schumacher a penalty which dropped him out of the points. Alonso is now just three points behind the Red Bull drivers.

A second safety car was brought out on lap 32 by an accident for Rubens Barrichello, who suffered a puncture up the hill which sent him smashing into the barriers. He had to visit the stewards after throwing the steering wheel out of the cockpit into the path of Hamilton.

Webber opened up a 9 second lead before the pit stops and had extended that before the second safety car. But he soon pulled away from Vettel again at around 4/10ths of a second a lap as the race reached the midway stage.

Kubica was staying with Vettel, but did not have the pace in the car to mount any more of a challenge. Later in the race he flat spotted a tyre and concerned about the vibrations, he eased off.

A third safety car was deployed on lap 44 when the race control identified that a drain cover had come loose at Massenet corner, where Barrichello had gone off.

At the restart Webber pulled away again, Kubica locked a wheel under braking for St Devote, but he got away with it.

At the end there was a dramatic collision between Karun Chandhok and Jarno Trulli who collided at Rascasse with the Lotus ending up on top of the Hispania. Webber was right behind them, but managed to squeeze through a gap on the inside.

Red Bull has had the fastest car all season, but it has taken six races for them to lead both championships. Webber and Vettel are tied on 78 points, with Webber leading by virtue of having two wins. Red Bull have the lead in the constructors’ championship for the first time.

Of the upcoming tracks only Canada could be considered a weak track for them, with Ferrari and McLaren likely to have the upper hand. Red Bull has been working on a drag reducing rear wing and may have it in time for that race, where it would come in handy.

Apart from that, Red Bull will be untouchable in Turkey and especially Silverstone.

As for Webber he is becoming a bit like Nigel Mansell who was dismissed as a journeyman in his early career and who also came into his prime at the age of 33. It’s early days yet but it is looking as though the championship will be between him and Vettel, with Alonso and the supporting cast praying for more speed.

MONACO GRAND PRIX, Monte Carlo, 78 laps

1. Webber Red Bull-Renault 1h50:00.000
2. Vettel Red Bull-Renault + 0.448
3. Kubica Renault + 1.600
4. Massa Ferrari + 2.600
5. Hamilton McLaren-Mercedes + 4.300
6. Schumacher Mercedes + 5.700
7. Alonso Ferrari + 6.300
8. Rosberg Mercedes + 6.600
9. Sutil Force India-Mercedes + 6.900
10. Liuzzi Force India-Mercedes + 7.300
11. Buemi Toro Rosso-Ferrari + 8.100
12. Alguersuari Toro Rosso-Ferrari + 9.100
13. Petrov Renault + 4 laps

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Was Schumacher's last-lap pass of Alonzo legal? Will Baricello's steering wheel tantrum be punished? Stay tuned!


Well he recived a 20 sec penalty so it must have been deemed illegal but i have my doubts, as he was racing under green flags. Race control seemed to have made a mistake with the flags although no admission of that has been accepted ..............YET


Go Webber Go. Your a legend mate well done. Its going to be pretty hard for Vettel after this. So stoked for Webber he really deserves this win. Remember him driving that Williams around here it looked down right scary. Argh those where the days but i think i like these days more. Webber for the World Championship.

Nadeem Zreikat

How good is it for us Webber fans and Aussies. A call to arms for Webber fans.

Webber does not get the recognition he deserves in Australia so please all fans out there any opportunity you get please let people know how good he is and how difficult it can be we all have contacts that can help.

As well Ricciardo 1st in FR3.5 great day for Australia


According to my modest understanding of the Safety Car regulations, once the safety car pits, the cars can run at racing speeds but NOT overtake each other after they cross the Safety Car line and the green lights will be on every time this procedure is actualised. Overtaking is ONLY permissible AFTER the cars cross the start/finish line and NOT before that.

By my reckoning, Schumacher must be penalised as these regulations were available to all the teams from the start of the season.


The rule says 'if safety car is deployed'. It was not deployed anymore, half way the lap the lights went off.

If the lights were still on when he entered the pits the last lap, then no one would be allowed to race.

Legal move by Schumi and a fantastic one at that. Left Alonos and Ferrari shocked. Alonso was still racing (which proves Domenico was lying during an interview where he told Alonso not to race)...Alonso was full throttle, almost side ways.


Don't be silly... if the safety car moves to the pit lane with the lights on, than means that all cars have to follow the safety car down the pit lane...

Is it that difficult to understand "without overtaking"?

I don't know about the green flags. I guess that there shouldn't have waved green flags. Probably the marshalls will have to get a drive through penalty for that.

The message "safety car in this lap" is trully confusing, I guess they should update and clarify it.

It is pretty difficult to write rules, there is always ways of interpretting them but he cannot forgot the spirit of the rule, and it is to allow to finish the race without the safety car in the picture. If all were racing thinking about overtaking after the 1st safety car line it would have been unsafe, specially considering that La Rascasse was dirty with fire extinguisher dust.


“If the race ends whilst the safety car is deployed it will enter the pit lane at the end of the last lap and the cars will take the chequered flag as normal without overtaking.”

This wording is most confusing but "…it will enter the pit lana at the end of the last lap." Should the the SC ride an extra lap after the checked flag? By no means. In the Monaco last lap the SC entered the pit lane and the cars took the chequered flag as normal without overtaking. Schumi overtook and was penalyzed. As ruled.


No, rule changed this year - they can pass after they cross the safety car line. However it seems that this is not the case on the last lap


40.13 clearly states: "If the race ends whilst the safety car is deployed it will enter the pit lane at the end of the last lap and the cars will take the chequered flag as normal without overtaking."

But the safety car was not deployed anymore, the massage was the normal "Safety car in this lap". The 20s penalty for MSC is clearly wrong. If the they intended to end the race under safety car conditions than the message was wrong or at least misunderstandable.

What is with Massa most probably crossing the yellow line when he left the pits? It was not even investigated.

Damon Hill's late revenge and Ferrari bias by the stewards because of Jean Todt in the office next door?


Well we now know it was no only unsporting it was illegal and if Mr allen (and are others) are right then Schumi has been punished.

Why isn't alonso in the poll of drivers of the day or for that matter others??? Alonso moved up 18 places and alot of those wasn't as a result of ppl going out, he was moving way up the pack before alot did..... He is my driver of the day specially after the "fight" with DeGrassi....


In this case, I think the notion of Alonso "falling asleep" is exaggerated particularly if he was explicitly told by the team that there would be no overtaking until the finish line.

Even if the marshalls blundered by waving the green flags at that point on the final lap, Schumacher and Ross Brawn ought to have known or recalled the clearly stated rule in Article 40.13 of the Sporting Regulations. Thus, I still think he deserves a penalty and the sixth place should be awarded to Alonso.


I have to confess I'm confused by the confusion!

The regulation as I've seen it says; 'If the race ends whilst the safety car is deployed it will enter the pit lane at the end of the last lap and the cars will take the chequered flag as normal without overtaking.'

That seems pretty clear to me - the SC wasn't deployed at the end of the race so the move must be legal.

If the rule said "if the safety car is still deployed on the final lap it will enter the pit lane etc etc" then it would be a different matter. But the rule as written seems both clear and specific to me so I'm flummoxed by the confusion.

In my opinion Ferrari have confused the SC entering the pit lane because the deployment is over with the SC entering the pit lane to clear the way for the cars taking the flag with good photo-ops as written in this rule. But they are two completely separate things.

James, the only reason I can see for someone finding this point ambiguous is if they don't fully understand the english language. Is the rule book translated into different languages or is everyone just expected to grasp the subtleties of english in the written word?


I'm happy I correctly called Alonso's strategy yesterday. This doesn't change the fact that the strategy options this season are incedibly limited. I'm not satisfied with this 'race'.

The race order was effectively settled from lap 30 with no realistic potential for anything to happen to change the order in the rest of the race. Queue 38 laps of relative boredom. If it wasn't for Schumacher's awesome move on Alonso on the last lap, this race would have been complete tedium after the first tyre stops and the following predictable reshuffle.

They need to do something asap or all the dry races (as I feared from the start) will be settled well before the end of the race. Introduce a mandatory second tyre stop for this season, and reintroduce refuelling for next.


My hero!

Not sure about mandatory stops though - they don't accomplish much in other categories.


"I’m happy I correctly called Alonso’s strategy yesterday."

Rightly so!


Actually the race order was set by the end of lap one. But we knew that before they started.


Keep refueling away from F1.

F1 should be about the On-Track racing & not fuel strategy.

I've been watching F1 since the 50's & for a vast majority of the 60 years of the WDC F1 had no refueling & the races were always more intresting without refueling. Past 16 years have been hell of fuel strategy decided by boffins with computer simulations deciding races rather than the drivers having to race on the track.

As to 2nd mandatory stops, No, They should ditch the mandatory stop they already have. The fact they have to stop for tyres ta present is whats hurting the races. Prior to refueling coming back in 1994 there were no mandatory stops & tyre strategy was a lot more open & also more intresting which led to better racing.

The day they brought back refueling for 1994 was the day they killed the on-track racing & every overtaking statistic proves this.


I completely agree, no second mandatory pit stops. These rules only make the racing more artificial.

Under the current rules, if a particular car doesn't like one of the two tire compounds, that handicap is locked in for a certain part of the race, why? What good does that accomplish? Let the drivers and teams run an optimized setup from beginning to end, period. Each team would get their allotted tires for the weekend and do as they please, from FP1 to checkered flag.


I can bring in experience from watching F1 since '69 (with my first live GP in '72) and I agree with your opinion about refueling and mandatory tyre changes 100%.

The part that races were 'always more interesting' is actually not completely correct. Thinking back, we had the dominance of one team in several seasons, e.g. the Tyrrell tandem Stewart-Cevert or later McLaren with Senna or Prost.

What made it more interesting in that time was the low reliability of cars. Even the most dominant cars could fail suddenly with engine problems or other faults. It was normal that 50% or more of the field actually did not finish.

Of course, nobody wants to have this situation back. But this is the reason that today the 'show' is so important for many.

The F1 fan will just enjoy moments like today, when an (also by myself) underrated driver drove on one of his best, if not the best race in his career.


What disappointed me the most for this race was to see Red Bull getting a one two after the first corner. once that happened we cold wave bye bye to any excitement of a battle up front.

There have been some great battles midfield this year but when was the last time we saw a real battle for the lead in the dry?


Yes Yes Yes Webbarrrrrrrrr!!!!

Surely any critics of Mark Webber will be silenced.

What a fantasic race, and a great pre race interview on the ONE HD James...


I'm glad to see Red Bull seem to be sorting out their reliability issues. It seems to me to be a trait of Newey's cars - quick but unreliable. Look at the times McLaren have ended up with the fastest car but have lost points left right and centre to reliability. Ferrari have benefited on a number of occasions because of that, and I'm sure Kimi has lost more than one title the same way. I was beginning to wonder if Newey wasn't prone pushing the bounds of aerodynamics just a bit too far at the expense of reliability.


The start stop added a little suspense to otherwise another typical Monaco. Webber drove an impeccable race and really looks to be a favourite for the WDC.

I am really curious about the legality of Shumi's pass on Alonso which I thought car cannot overtake before it crosses the finish line. From another perspective, I suppose this is what you call the champion's instinct and take any opportunity when you see one ...just like what Alonso did to Massa in Shanghai!!


Great Red Bull party after the race. Complete domination over the likes of Mclaren and Ferrari.

Bitter sweet for Kubica, but I think he is still happy with third.

Beautiful Schumacher move on Alonso. He should be given that 6th place.

Great race plus the party atmosphere there is just amazing. I'd like to be there.


is alonso sleeping on his laurels, so young?


the guy started form the pit lane and finished two spots behind his team mate who qualified 4th, yes he surely is asleep at the wheel.

people will always find something to complain about...

and if this is about the schumacher move, there is a new rule for this year that states he cannot overtake if the race finishes under safety car. hence the penalty.


Oh, but you're forgetting that hate overrules the rule book... 😉


Or Shumy the old fox did the wrong maneuver? You seem to really hate Alonso, didn't you?


and who says Monaco is always boring, this race provided some great moments and a few great stories (mostly involving Alonso).

Webber did a great job and its great to finally be able to see him make good on that promise he showed at the start of his career!


Hi James,

I just wanted to know if Schumacher move on Alonso is legal?

There has been a lot of talks and majority predicts that it won't be legal, especially with Damon being one of the judges.

I don't know about others but for me I pay to watch F1 and I want to see racing.

I didn't question if Alonso move on Massa in the pit was legal even though I support Massa.

And if we can't see racing at the last corner after Safey car came in why the heck am I paying for?

Thanks in advance James.


F1 coverage with all its limitations really isn't worth paying for.


Waiting to find out now


As an American with no driver/team to root for, I must say that the Bitish fans who seem to think Schumacher's move was legit must be nursing a grudge re: his time with McLaren/Hamilton. The rule is simple and a moments (extremely brief, I might add) reflection should suffice. It is less than satisfactory to have a Grand Prix finish with the SAFETY CAR taking, albeit de facto, the Checkers! Alonso aint losing any sleep over this one!

I'll sign off with the same phrase as my fav' Brit with class - Stirling Moss' -

Ciao ciao


It was quite clearly the HRT of Karun Chandhok that ran over Barrichello's steering wheel, not Hamilton. The guys on the BBC seemed to think it was Hamilton too; put your glasses on, guys!


The Helmet color was quite obvious that it was Karun and not Lewis, but interestingly it was James who tweeted first place and then everybody followed his lead.

Martin Brundle was trying on red button forum (post race show) of BBC that it was Karun and not Lewis that was the victim of Steering rage..


Yes, it was. Brundle spotted it on the BBC F1 forum.


Who's saying this season is boring?


Brilliant race, mega-season.

There will be those saying it would HAVE been boring if it hadn't rained, it would HAVE been boring if Alonso hadn't started from the back, it would HAVE been boring if this or that. Thing is, though, all these things DID happen, and they're making for an exciting season with exciting races, with different drivers jostling for the WDC lead.


oh … yes! Here you have it Alonso! A champion's move from another great champion. Shame we couldn't see Schumi's smile 🙂

I am loving Ross Brawns comment after the race:"Alonso must have fallen asleep." 😀

Brilliant race. With a great winner. Webber truly is the new Lionheart.


Olivier, you think Schumacher is still smiling after the penalty?


very similar to what Alonso said about Massa? Curious what the Italian press thinks about all this - will it follow the post-practise theme of "disastrous alonso" or will it be "schumi the betrayer"


You have broken your silence Chiunda! Would you like to elaborate on your comments about Webber that you made not so long ago?

Interestingly, you are not saying much about Lewis!


No mention of the move of the race?

Schumi beating Alonso, ina similar way Alonso beat Massa...





Your blind admitation for Lewis results in you having a habit of putting your foot in your mouth Chiunda!


I dont see anybody talking about Lewis here except you mtb.


Kudos to Old Fox Schumy!


1. Fernando went today from the 24th to seventh position; Michael from the 22th to sixth in '06. Both champions have done it from the very the back of the grid, but Fernando taking over 17 positions and Michael 16. Still one more in favour of Fernando.

2. Fernando did it with a car which was built overnight and with no time to test it.

Kudos to Fernando as well!

Said that, I also feel is necessary to state that comparing both so great performances is impossible. Different cars, different circumstances.

Mike from Medellin, Colombia

Only 1 safety car in 2006. Schumacher overtook more cars as well. You cannot compare 2006 with 2010.


It was not thanks to the safety cars that Alonso overtook so many. It was because of the rule that forces you to start the race fulled to the end and that you have to use two different sets of tyres.

From the beggining Ferrari said they will pit in the first lap, so they will be far behind the back markers and have some laps to make good times and then leap frog some of the cars while they made their compulsory stops. Also Alonso would have been on hard when the rest would have been on tattered softs

But that changed with Niko's shunt. Then Alonso was right behind the Hispanias and he did have to get through them to make the strategy work.

He made it all the way to the back of Alguersuary when everybody started pitting, and that was exactly right timing. He was never going to be able to pass him.

Could it be that McLaren were afraid of Alonso's pace and strategy and they decided to pit earlier than expected?


If you think about it, pitting Hamilton, at the time was the only thing that made sense. It's not rocket science - overtaking is night on impossible, Lewis wasn't able to make an impression on the guy in front, and Alonso was gaining and had already made both stops. It would have been nuts to keep Lewis out, and then have him come out behind Alonso. Simple.

Frankie Allen

I would have thought Monaco was the weakest track for RBR and they just eased it. I don't know who will win the WDC, other than it being an RBR driver. I believe Monaco dampened the dominance of the RBR, just as Barcelona accentuated it. Expect RBR to go back to having a measly 0.5sec advantage over the competition for the remainder of qualifying. I can easily see 1 of the RBR's not finishing in Montreal and Singapore unless they sort out the front mechanical issues, but that looks the only slim hope for the opposition.


Think you're absolutely right, which makes it almost questionable whether anyone else is even in with a chance of the WDC. To still have, at this point of the season an advantage of over 1/2 second on _any_ style of track is simply staggering. The rest of the grid will have to hope at minimum that the two red bull drivers remain evenly matched so that they take points off each other, and give the other teams a chance to catch up. It's looking like a tall order though.


Massa clearly crossed the yellow line on his pit exit. why no penalty? Ferrari International Aid?


No he didn't. He ran on the line but not over it. Compare that to the same incident in the Porsche Supercup race this morning. That was blatant.


Massa's car didn't cross the line it just touched it, there were a few other drivers today that were similar to Massa and touched the line upon exit


This is to cheer Jaime Alguersuari, 20 year-old, in his 2nd year in F1, never with the best car of the grid and performing very well, at least at the level of his more experienced teammate Buemi. I remember Jaime being despised by a good number of posters here since he came to F1 being a teenager. Shame to them. Go Jaime, go!


It was a brilliant peformance today. Vettel is looking all a bit shocked, it's been all about him for such a long time. Webber also seems to be getting some luck at last, something he was rarely blessed with previously.


Im pretty sure that Rubbino through his wheel in front of a HRT car not Hamilton!

Also what do you think of the schmaucher incident?

K. Chandra Shekhar

The WOW moment of the race Schumi passing Alonso. I just coudn't control my laughter. There have been overtakings but not like this. Surely Alonso was sleeping. Schumi should be congratulated for his split second thinking.

Alan Goodfellow

My own opinion of regulation 40.13 states that there can be no overtaking if the safety car is DEPLOYED and pits at the end of the last lap.

Charlie had sent out the 'Safety Car in this Lap' message and, to me, this means that the safety car is no longer deployed and racing can carry on past the first safety car line under regulation 40.11.

The distinction there being that had the safety car pitted at the end with no prior message from Charlie, this would mean that it remained deployed but pitted under regulation 40.13.

There were also green flags being waved around the last corner.


Green flags and the message from Charlie were trully misleading, but you can not forget that the Rascasse corner was dirty with dust and debris. It would have been unsafe to regain racing status so close around that corner.

Anyway very nice move from Schumi, although we will always argue if he would have made it stick if Alonso was not utterly sure that Schumi was going to be penalised (would I had been him I would have let him pass so he would lose all points)


Great to see Webber win again, he was very emotional after but I hope this isnt the peak of his season.

My highlight of the day was clearly Schumacher diving infront of Alonso on the last lap. If that had been Alonso on Massa, who thinks Ferrari would be in the stewards room protesting it?

Green flags? Check. Safety car in? Check. Safety car line passed before overtake occured? Check.

Ferrari protesting, naturally.

No matter of the outcome, Schumacher's smile when interviewed after was sublime, you could see how much he enjoyed it. Laughing when she asked him about 'the end' when he decided to enjoy the moment and give it her from the start.

Well done Mark, and a great moment for Michael today.


Your checklist is missing one crucial point:

- Last lap? Check.

And it's Mercedes who is protesting.


"Schumacher’s smile when interviewed after was sublime, you could see how much he enjoyed it. Laughing when she asked him about ‘the end’ when he decided to enjoy the moment and give it her from the start."

Mmm… I believe that was Michaels's deep feeling/instinct: to fool Fernando whilst trying the luck of the draw. And Fernando wasn't aware of that. Neither was Hamilton. When Michael was coming after him under the checkered flag, Hamilton asked his engineer: Schumacher is after me, why you told me I couldn't overtake? McLaren knew the rule.


Why didn't McLaren copy Alonso's tactics. All they had to do to quickly fix the issue once they noticed the engine temperature rise while behind the safety car was to get Jenson into the pits, take out the bung, put on the hard tires and race to the end of the race. He could of salvaged at least 7th or 8th place or maybe even 6th.


The engine was done for anyway. The bung was out before the start of the race.


If this is the case then I presume the damage was already done on the installation lap on the way to the grid?

If this is the case then that might explain why Jenson had such a poor start where he lost a couple of places to the Force India cars.

Mike from Medellin, Colombia


What goes around comes around. I think that is was a little unsporting of Alonso to take Massa in the pits, albeit within the rules. He did something that Massa never expected.

Today, he gets taken by Schumacher and Ferrari try to come up with some strange interpretation of a new rule that is very much black and white.

I hope that this sparks some more confidence in Schumacher so that we can see him movve towards his best. He can surely never be as good as he was, but I can bet you that none of the current crop of drivers would be able to perform as he has at the age of 41 and three years away.

Mike from Medellin, Colombia

Just heard the news about the penalty against MS.

Absolutely disgusted that we are denied a great move like this.

Schumacher might as well just write off the rest of the season and prepare for next year. 6th place to zero points seems a very harsh price to pay.


At one point in the race Massa passed 2 backmarkers, then Lewis took almost a whole lap to do the same! He was then a long way behind Massa and slipped back from there. Were there no blue flags - where was the old Lewis today??

Terrible mistake by McLaren on Button's car. When it was back in the pitlane on a truck, McLaren spent 5 mins covering the car in black cloth, creating a big tailback in the pits. It looked like the sole reason was to shield the underside, inc. diffuser, from view!?


Looks like Webber is finally getting into his best shape. It would be such a pleasure if he were to win the world championship. He is already an excellent ambassador for the sport with his outspoken no-nonsense personality, and he would be a great champion.


I don't want to take anything away from Webber but I think his performances of late are saying more about Vettel's ability rather than his own.

Going into this season people were looking at Alonso, Hamilton, and Vettel as championship contenders followed by Button, and possibly Massa, Rosberg and Schumaker. Webber was barely mentioned.

Whilst I think Webber is doing a very good job and Vettel has had some bad luck I think that if Vettel is a super star then he shouldn't be being shown up like he is.

Whilst Mark has never been blown away by a team mate he's never really totally dominated any one of quality in a way that Schumaker, Alonso and to some extent Hamilton have. Which is why I am questioning Vettel super star credentials.

So far four of Vettel's six wins have been gained from pole, one from the second and one from third. In fact if you dig deeper you see that all his podium finishes bar one have been achieved from the first two rows.

I think its time to reassess Vettel not Webber.


In an ideal world all the drivers would prefer to win from pole, rather than have to fight through the field. Of his 90+ wins, how often did MS have to fight through the field? Your argument has no logic. Why not accept that Webber appears to be in the form of his life whilst driving the best car on the grid. Judge Vettel on how he responds in the coming races.


Badly so far!


Interesting angle..


you don't want to take anything away from Webber.......but you then go on and say that its not his great driving but the lack of luck of the other drivers that are the reason Webber is now leading the DWC.

Come on mate, Webber is on fire and is easily the in form driver right now...and no one deserves it more than him. Like Button, Webber has stuck with terrible teams and has always given 100%, he has finally been given a great car and is finally showing how good he really is.

Vettel is gutted right now because he is being soundly beaten but instead of getting on with it he is showing that he is still a young kid and we all know this sport is all about confidence.

I dont know what it is but it seems that no one but me wants to believe that Webber might just win the WDC and is actually good enought to do it.


Well, I'm a Hamilton fan, but I'm beginning to think that Mclaren (and therefore Lewis) don't have a chance against the Red Bull. If that's the case, then I'd like to see Mark win it. Providing he can pull out more performances like this, and show consistency, and dent some of Vettel's confidence, I think he just might do it. He's got to maintain the pressure though. While Vettel's on his hind foot, now's the time to pick away at his confidence. I'd also say that's why Mark's doing well now - he's sometimes been lacking in confidence, which has then affected his performances and made him a bit patchy, but he's certainly in the zone now!


I just don't want to say it out loud and jinx it for him.


Im still of the opinion that if Alonso or Hamilton was in a Red Bull we would be seeing even more dominant performances this season. That is an unbelievable car they have built and I think a lot of the credit should go to Newey and the guys back at the factory.


Schumacher handed a 20 second penalty 🙁

Seems he broke regulation 40.13 from the sporting regulations:

"if the race ends whilst the safety car is deployed it will enter the pitlane at the end of the last lap and the cars will take the chequered flag as normal without overtaking".

As a Schumacher fan its dissapointing but he clearly broke that part of the sporting code. However I'd rather he been simply dropped back behind Fernando.


Schumi 20 sec penalty. Clear violation of sporting regs. No subjectivity here.

Prof Bolshaviks

The FIA were naive to put themselves in a position where impartiality is so clearly compromised. Damon Hill, judging Schumacher?come on people.
They already have rulings and judgements this year being given lots of criticism, this one is going to be another.


Williams are finished as a proper grand prix team!It looks like two mechanical failures-Sam Michael has got to go,what has he ever done?Frank sell up!


Agreed, Williams seem very much like a spent force. It's painful to watch the continuing slide into irrelevance of a once great team.


Schumacher being penalised for his move on Alonso really is a joke.

Even before Ross Brawn revealed Mercedes' case, you could see the massive hole in Domenicalli's protest; that the race was not finished behind the safety car. If the end of the race was meant to be treated under safety car restrictions, then why exactly were green flags being shown after the first safety car line? Surely if the stewards and Hill are declaring that the race finished under the safety car, why didn't it carry on over the finish line under yellow flags?

It was muted as a bit of a joke all weekend that 'Hill would slap a $10k fine on Schumacher' - but this throws serious doubt on Hill's credibility as an impartial steward.

It's seemingly petty, political injustices like this that make me so angry with the sport. I would expect Mercedes to challenge this decision and would be very surprised if they didn't win their case.


I think you'll find that Damon probably hated being put in the position of being involved in that decision. He will have known full well the media bullshit storm which might ensue.

Personally, I think Damon has always seemed to be an honest block, and not someone who holds grudges.

It's an easy assumption to make, that Damon was taking vengeance, but probably unfair, and also forgets that there were two other judges involved.


I think you are right. But it was always possible when he took the job on.


Damon finally gets revenge for Adelaide 94! 😉


Great drive by Mark Webber. I think Vettel and Webber will keep winning the next 5 races. But by the end of the season Alonso will some how steal the title by a point or 2. Abit like the 2007 season with Raikkonen ending up as champion.


Hi James. Would you take the view that the FIA’s decision regarding Schumacher encourages against ingenuity in the sport? I feel punishments such as the one received by Michael gives F1 a bad image, giving the impression that it’s a processional environment rather then a race.


Well he broke a rule, so I'm not sure what your point is here.


I think his point is that the rules/penalties seem to be going against one of the important goals of F1. Which should be to improve the show, and the entertainment factor of a GP.

Lewis wasn't punished for weaving in Sepang, which lets face it.. if EVERYONE did what Lewis did, there would never be a single overtake ever.

And then Michael pulls off this brilliant cheeky move, and no he doesn't get a warning or a reprimand. He loses all his points!

The goal should be to encourage overtaking. It's the same thing when they changed the rules for the cars for the new 2009 aero regs, slicks, sleeker aero. But then they go and allow the DDD's which completely negates the original rules changes in the first place.

F1 shoots itself in the foot again. 🙁 The teams and the drivers are held accountable, but the rules makers are not.


Did anyone else see Massa cross the yellow line when exiting the pits after his stop? Thought that sort of thing incurred a penalty? If it is the case, will he be penalised post race?


He didn't cross the line he just touched it. Geeze hasn't this already been covered.

Ian Blackwell

I'm astonished one is considered over the hill at 33. If I am not mistaken, the trend toward really young world champions is a fairly recent one and at 33 Webber would still be young for a wdc historically. Well done to him for an excellent drive. I think it is clear the wdc will be driving a red bull this year. Until today I would have had my money on Vettel but now I'm not so sure. Finally, did anybody else notice Hamilton's slightly over the top petulance at being told to nurse his brakes? I respect the lad and honestly think he is the best driver out there (even when compared to a certain Spaniard) but he should take notes from his teammate on how to be gracious. JB was victim of a real team error and took it fairly well (at least in public).


I have my money on Vettel with Webber as a back up... Let's hope I keep on smiling till the end of the season...


We don't get to hear all the radio traffic and I get the impression the directors look out for hamilton's radio transmissions in particular after Australia.


To all of those Alonso haters:

Schumacher is penalized for that move. 🙂


Fantastic win, Webber, a very likeable guy and putting quite a bit of pressure on "Wunderkind" Vettel.

Fantastic Fernando, yes, from 24th to 6th (Schumi move was illegal, not that Fernando was sleeping, mind you all that are so happy at any Alonso's mistake or misfortune!).

And Schumi being Schumi again, following his style book, egding the regulations, when not blatantly breaching them. No points today, cheater.


Congratulations to Webber!

Jenson's early retirement was something of a blessing in disguise for his devotees, as they will not be required to make excuses for him.

As is generally the case, at Monaco - the driver's circuit, the one place where a gifted driver can transcend sub-standard machinery - he was average to say the very least. In his ten outings at Monaco, he has managed two drives which could be described as classy, and in both cases he had at his disposal machinery that was vastly superior to most, if not all, of his rivals.


Regardless of who you are routing for, 2010 is shaping up to be a cracking season. Webber looked imperious from pole today. Every time the SC came out he lost his lead. But as soon as the SC went off, he opened up a gap between himself and Vettel and made it look easy. Alonso was fantastic and made several stellar passing moves. Anyone who questions his unofficial title of "most complete driver" should sit up and take notice. Aside from Webber, Alonso was THE star of the day.


Amidst it all, it's Barrichello I'm thinking about. No doubt he was hugely disappointed and his little moment with the steering wheel has already cost him an interview with the stewards - but that will be as nothing compared with the talking to he's going to get from Frank Williams. Not only did he cause the unnecessary destruction of a very, very expensive bit of kit, but in doing so he showed a great deal of disrespect for a piece of Williams engineering and, as anyone who knows anything about Williams will be aware, you just don't do that!


I have just read my comment again and realised it could be misconstrued. So, to clarify:

I'm not accusing Rubens of crashing the car through his own mistake. In fact, my comment stemmed from seeing his uncharacteristically bad-tempered reaction to a DNF that wasn't his fault.

I think he can feel quite aggrieved at losing out on a prime point-scoring opportunity, particularly since he had qualified so well. My real point was that chucking the steering wheel away ain't going to make him more popular in Grove.


Engineering failures cost Williams both their cars at Monaco and it's very fortunate that nobody was injured in their resulting crashes. Time for some serious internal investigations, especially given the company's history.


James a terrible, basic mistake that ruined Jensons race, it seems a few mistakes are creeping into the McLaren team that they are not normally associated with and a car that was launced with much fanfare and promise has not progressed.

Do you think Martin Whitmarsh is being spread too thinly now he is also the chief executive officer of McLaren group and duty chairman of McLaren automotive as well as being team principal of the F1 team?

Maybe the race team needs his full attention to start delivering results and cut out the basic errors?


Chandhok vs. Trulli accident show again how dangerous the open cockpit. It was a big luck that Karun did't get hurt.

The sidewall of the cockpits were raised few year ago but I think it is useless if a hit coming from the top.

Other thing that the sidewalls most probably following the tech regs. templates instead of the real driver head positions.


James, your pointing out the similarity between the careers of Mansell and Webber is right on the money!


What is it with Rubhino,if he's not letting springs fly he;s throwing his steering wheel dangerously into the path of others.Gold watch time me thinks.


Bevan, you can hardly blame Rubens for his spring falling off!


Yeah,it was a tongue in cheek comment Nick,but still,you would think Rubens would know better eh.


It's good to see Webber in the zone. He's traded that haunted look he had a few weeks back with Vettel who must be spitting feathers.

James, have you been reading the McLaren race commentary log on their website? It's rather censored. Check out the dialog between Hamilton and his race engineer on lap 38 when the engineer asked him to adjust brake balance and then compare it to what was actually said in the race (BBC iPlayer 1hr 47mins)


Stellar stuff from Webber & Red Bull.

He has had a magnificent 10-12 days, lets see if he can turn that into 10-12 weeks!

Also, Robert isn't the most good looking of blokes, but he looks mighty handsome in a red podium cap and smiling!

Well done Kubica.


Is it possible to lead the world championship when you're tie on points? I thought the number of wins thing is only to decide a winner at the end of the championship. Technically, I wouldn't give him the accolade of "leading the championship for the first time in his career"! 😛


Well the FIA would and that's good enough for me


It’s good to see Webber in the zone.:)


Lewis Hamilton in the pre race show, saying cocky things like "there's only 24 of us in the world who get to drive this track, and only a few of us who are any good at it."

He also called his car "his queen". Trying to put forth a very cool suave image.

Then halfway into the race.. his race engineer comes on "Lewis you need to start saving the brakes, your being too hard on your Queen".. then Lewis loses his cool and says "What the hell.. do you want me to race these guys or not?"

So the guy who is trying extra hard to be cool outside of the cockpit, is one of the least cool in it. With no regard for his team. They are not your slaves Lewis.

He's a good driver, one of the best. I'm talking about his comments and his personality.


As a Schumacher fan its dissapointing but he clearly broke that part of the sporting code. However I’d rather he been simply dropped back behind Fernando.


If Webber wins the title this year the majority of people will say it was down to the car and not talent.

If Vettal wins the title the majority of people will says its down to his talent more than the car.

So you can see a pattern from last year that Webber will be forever clumped in the same Jenson Button group by the critics.

Which is a shame because F1 fans should realize that winning a championship

is not all about having some talent, getting everything handed to you on a plate, signing with a good team and an expectation that everything will come to you.

It is also about all the pieces falling into place and working extremely hard and working with your team over a long period of time.

I for one would much rather see a driver improving throughout their career and earning a championship win over time rather than some 20 year old winning it in their first or second season.

That is why I value theNigel Mansall or Jenson Button championship wins much higher than Hamilton's any day.


The sidewall of the cockpits were raised few year ago but I think it is useless if a hit coming from the top.

Other thing that the sidewalls most probably following the tech regs.


Congratulations to Webber!

He’s a good driver, one of the best. I’m talking about his comments and his personality.


Webber is my favorest driver! I hope will will go farther and farther! Best wishes to my greatest driver!


I like him and his team!


It was my dream when I was young...


Webber is my favorest driver!

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