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Looks like Hamilton is still not popular in Spain!
Looks like Hamilton is still not popular in Spain!
Posted By: James Allen  |  08 May 2010   |  8:08 am GMT  |  64 comments

Walking through the tunnel to the infield here in Barcelona I noticed something unusual about one of the images which have been put up to make the walls more colourful.

Two years after his ill fated partnership with Fernando Alonso at McLaren, looks like some Spanish fans still cannot get over their negative feelings about Lewis Hamilton!

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Honestly, I don’t understand how Hamilton is popular anywhere. The man is an ass! His radio communications and on-track behavior are those of a spoiled child, not of a champion.

He may idolize Senna, but Senna would think little of Lewis beyond his physical skills. Hamilton is a spoiled brat. No respect even for his team, let alone the other drivers on the grid.


Fernado Alonso has already caused a lot of negative issues with Mclaren, with N Piquet, with Renault with Flabio Briatore in Singarpore with the safety now with Massa car and this thing of being the first driver! The issue with Mclaren was that Alonso under estimated Hamilton in his first year and that the “Aamatur” was ready for a fight.

I can tell you one thing if he pisses off Ferrari I do not have a clue where he will race….Lotus perhaps


How do you know what Ayrton Senna would think?

Have you met Hamilton? I suppose not. How can you have a such strong opinion of the guy without having met him?




I know alot of people have asked but you havent responded. When are you going to do an article on Hamilton exciting drive this season so far. Dont you think it deserves some column inch by now?



if it was alonso doing it, you wouldn’t have to be asking…


Hi James!

Could I ask a favour

If you are talking to Jonathon Legard anytime, can you ask him to stop saying And it’s alonso…from hamilton..from vettel..from kubica..

It’s not football!

(sorry, pet hate!)


Why don’t you contact the BBC directly via their site


22 Comments, and not one person asking whether it was some copyright issue 🙂 Perhaps the posters are not sanctioned by the FIA 😉

Hamilton is a talented driver for sure, but he is the kind of fellow who builds up a strong fanbase with his positive attributes, and an equally strong ‘hatebase’ with his less appealing qualities.

Such is life


Hi James,

Yes, when are you posting that feature on the entertainment Lewis has almost single handedly dished out this season. Some incredible overtaking–remember THAT one on Rosebrg from the outside at a place “where no one ever overtakes” and many more.

I would love to hear your take on this since you certainly are closer to the action and the technicians.



It happens in all the world. Here in Spain, true F1 fans aprecciate Lewis a lot. Oh men,F1 needs more pilots like Hamilton!The problem in Spain it´s that the media only creates interest in Alonso and criticize the rest. Before Lewis the devil was Schumi, and Massa will be the next.The result of all this is that when Alonso retires from F1, we´ll have to pay private Tv to see F1,and we will lost our GPs in benefit of another arab Emirate. Sure.Sorry for my english.


well that’s going a little too far. We don’t know what’s going to happen when alonso retires.

But i agree with you on the spanish mainstream media. They are the bigest evil.

And it doesn’t matter the tv, or newspaper you choose, at the end they are all pro alonso, even the ones with more tradition.

Even some british journos are pro alonso, and that’s something i don’t understand.

He should be leading the championship by a long way by now, and he isn’t because of his own mistakes. And i haven’t read anything like this anywhere. Maybe ferrar-alonso is a too powerfull combo to mess with.


Spain is not a racist country. The campaign against Lewis is from the spanish sports media (As,Marca and La Sexta) whose journalists are Alonso´s hooligan. This campaign started in 2007; it was pathetic then and now and it makes true F1 spanish fans sick. It´s not about colour skin, it´s about selling newspapers and improve TV audiences. The F1 broadcast in Spain sucks!

However mostly people are lot influenciable by idiots like Antonio Lobato and friends. hahappens in all


Antonio Lobato and friends you’ve said it, this guy has caused may problems in the media and formula 1. The Spanish media is very biased. You must rememder that Formula 1 is a English sport and Spain has only been interested in F1 since Alonso came into play!!!


Hi James,

If I may ask, what good did posting this story bring?

In other words, why did you post it in the first place?



Hay J-P, I’m finding this post very interesting! I’m pleased James did include it along with all the other interesting items he chooses to post! I think you’d agree fans of all sports can be very opinionated about their chosen sport, sometimes to the extent of rioting, which is pretty stupid! [Mod} it’s really interesting to read the different opinions posted by the fans here.



i was thinking exactly the same.


Because I found it interesting, which is my motivation for posting everything I do here


And this is exactly why I always check this site first.

Its fascinating insights like this which you dont get from other sites.

Keep it up James.


To be fair British fans and commentators haven’t gotten over 1994 and its been 16 years.


Don’t be mistaken please, Lewis Hamilton is a great racer and the opinion of him being the devil was never this way after 2007. The feeling in Spain was that FA had problems with McLaren not with Ham. The spanish media was unfair at that time but now Lewis is seen as another competitor among other drivers. He is very talented and fun to watch. End of the story. Good luck to him and remember F1 is just a sport. Fair play.


James I think it is about time we had a post from you on the amazing entertainment that Lewis Hamilton has provided on track so far this year.

Some stats on the number of overtaking manoeuvres of all the drivers compared to each other and last year would be interesting.



Why is it that as soon as Hamilton is criticised, made fun of etc, the perpetrators are accused of racism? If I was Hamilton i’d take this as a compliment for being so damned good!


Those who pull the race card are almost always closet racists themselves. That is unless the perp is obviously racist?


I agree.

I think the Spaniards should be allowed to hate Hamilton the same way I enjoyed hating Schumacher for so many years.

I absolutely loved hating him. He was like a pantomime baddie to me. Deep down I respected him, as you have to really, but I’d look forward to watching him get a DNF for whatever reason as much as I was looking forward to seeing Mike (or whoever) win.

There’s a place in sport for a bit of rivalry.


Take alonso, for example, in Chaina when he passed Massa befor entering the pit lane, was that pass something to be proud of?? alonso is making life difficult, through the gate outside and during the voyage, the way he behaves. The spanish people are exactly like the american people…superficial.

David Jerromes

Am I missing something here James, or is the image censor at work in Dubai where I live??!!

All that I can see is that a square of what is Hamilton’s helmet is blanked out….

….I cannot see any graffiti or otherwise to be offended about!

If it is really ‘just’ a blanking of his helmet then its rude for sure and most child-like!!




#8 lets call it as it is: you have no idea what you are talking about.

#9 although the TV coverage here in Spain is very pro-Alonso you have different POVs in the newspapers (i.e. El País via Manel Serras)

marques de portago

yes but that’s just one. The mayority create an anti hamilton atmosphere. Just look at the stupid question the journalist from as, made to jean todt about hamilton being treated differently than the others because he is so spectacular. Todt didn’t even bother to answer. At the end they are just after the mainstream fans, that like to hate hamilton, and they do anything possible to encourage that hatred, ust to be able to sell a few more newspapers.


Its still no more than what you hear at some football grounds in the UK.

If Hamilton was white I think the reaction would be the same, only they’d use different taunts.


This “taunt” has nothing to do with racism, what happened in the past did. This was just “blocking of Hamilton’s helmet action” – so therefore hate toward Lewis. We see again this season that Lewis and Fernando are equally matched, this time in different cars. Anything wrong with that? No not really. Let people hate. I will keep enjoying the racing. Keep up the good blog James.


I don’t want this to turn into a slanging match between UK and Spanish fans. Remember the rules of the blog when commenting


It’s unfortunate that James has included this feature. I agree with Nick’s reply.

Many Alonso fans do not like Hamilton because of what happened in 2007 but there is more to it than that I suspect.



unfortunately due to this latest entry touching on national pride and that the Spanish fans have shared there views on hamilton via racist actions it is bound trigger some nasty response between the two countries, what gets me is why these actions are deemed acceptable in this sport but punished with a posible jail sentence elsewhere in the “real” world, for example if i blackened my face like the spanish fans did in (I think) 08, and walked through our town centre ild expect to be arrested for incitement of racial hatred, I think the FIA and f1 in general have reacted poorly to this issue and allowed it to go too far!


my intention is not to trigger anything between two countries. I like the UK and i dont think there should be any problem. just wanted to point out that not every spaniard is racist. a bunch of idiots did something really wrong, that’s it.


ok james 🙂 i don’t think i was offensive or tough in my comment tho. [mod]

keep up the good work


This is really sad! Something really needs to be done about this. Imagine if a similar action occured in Silverstone with Nando! As an Englishman and a lover of this sport I am truely offended, this is supposed to be a sport, watched and competed in for entertainment and pleasure. How short sighted some people are. Shame on them.


What about the cheer that went up when Schumi broke his leg in Silverstone in 99? Say what you want about “racist” spanish fans but atleast they aren’t cheering when a driver gets a serious injury.


the 99 incident – also something I do not feel belongs in the sport.


I was in that crowd at Silverstone and did let out a cheer when Schumacher crashed. Of course watching it as it happened I had no idea he had broken his leg (as you will agree not a normal outcome from an F1 accident) and any joy experienced subsided when it became clear it was a serious accident. I am sure I am not alone in this.

richard hughes

This doesn’t surprise me one bit.

I live in Northern Spain and I would say most F1 fans here HATE Lewis Hamilton.

Whats more, the TV coverage and news reports are so tilted towards Alonso its not true. If Alonso finishes say 5th in the race we hear things like “FA almost won” sometimes they dont even report WHO won.

I’m not exaggerating!


“Whats more, the TV coverage and news reports are so tilted towards Alonso its not true. If Alonso finishes say 5th in the race we hear things like “FA almost won” sometimes they dont even report WHO won.”

Hmmm, sounds like the ITV coverage of F1 in ’07 and ’08 when Hamilton was all they could see …


lets call it like it is James, Spain is an extremely racist country…


don’t worry, I got your joke. 🙂


Nonsense, Spain is probably less politically correct than England but it definitely is not more racist. (yes there is a difference between the two)

marques de portago

Do You meen they hate him because of his color skin. Nonesense. If he was white, the situation would be the same. The thing is that the media created a trend against hamilton in 2007, and the trend is still going. It will take a long time to subside. But that’s the mainstream fans, the ones that like f1 because alonso is around, once he is gone, they will be gone as well.

The true fans here in spain like hamilton because of his skills. Life is too short to be wasted hating the most exciting driver of his generation. No matter the color, or the nationality.


How is this racism?

richard hughes

I wouldnt say EXTREMELY but there is a flavor of that for sure.

whenever i hear the name Hamilton its always with a couple of other words in the sentence, one referring to colour and another that isn’t nice.

Peter Freeman

Poor Spaniards


My thoughts exactly.

This is just shameful, shameful.


Not all the spanish fans are like that. I am one that thinks that hamilton is the most exciting driver on the grid, and that alone deserves some respect.


Erm … what exactly is shameful about this? Childish from whoever had the idea maybe.


Haha good spot. Although many of the causal antecedents occurred from 2007, I think the image Hamilton has generated to the people who disliked him then has not changed since. Thus, it’s not just about 2007 that some fans, particularly those from Spain, don’t like him.

I respect him as possibly the best in F1, but I still don’t like his precious character!


haha, awesome!

Glynn Harrold

This kind thing might be understandable from some fans, but from an official organization (as I assume it is who put the poster there), disgraceful…

marques de portago

the orginizers will never do something like that. They are racing people.

The problem is the mainstream sports media here in spain. They are still throwing wood to the fire any chance they get.

But the real spanish fans, like hamilton even more because of the stupidity some are showing.

He is the most exciting driver at the moment, and that is so obvious, that even the worst hamilton haters are starting to budge.


It’s true that the media here is turning formula 1 into formula alonso, but I don’t think the ‘real’ racingfans like Hamilton that much.


the problem has nothing to do with the color of hamilton’s skin. The problem that most of the racing fans have with hamilton is his mouth. He always says the wrong things. If you do not present yourself well to the public, no matter how skillful you are, you will not be liked by the fans. Hamilton seems to have no people skill.


If a real racing fan, doesn’t like the way hamilton drives a f1 car, he is just not being objective. And worst still, his lack of objectivity, it’s not letting him enjoy the sport he is supposed to love. An that is sad.


well its seems like the intensity has lowered though!


I totally agree; not many years ago they would have coloured his helmet in using a black permanent marker!


In this day and age it is sad that the Hamilton skills are not acknowleged, some day they might grow up.

I hope Hamilton has a win and gives them the fingers


I second that!

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