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Kubica states intentions as Alonso has rare accident
Kubica states intentions as Alonso has rare accident
Posted By: James Allen  |  15 May 2010   |  11:33 am GMT  |  28 comments

Robert Kubica took the starring role in the dress rehearsal for the Monaco Grand Prix qualifying session.

The Pole in the Renault was impressive on Thursday in free practice, but he was on a mission this morning, lapping the principality in 1m 14.806s, just 5/100ths ahead of Felipe Massa. Mark Webber was a whisker behind in the Red Bull with Hamilton fourth, two tenths off Kubica’s time.

But if Kubica’s declaration of candidacy for the new Prince of Monaco was the feel good story of the morning, the eye catching headline was the accident of Fernando Alonso, who crashed the Ferrari at Massanet, just on the entrance to Casino Square. Ferrari say the car is not repairable and Alonso will miss qualifying, while the mechanics build up a new chassis for him overnight. He will start tomorrow’s Grand Prix from the pit lane. Alonso said simply, “I lost the car.”

It was a rare mistake from Alonso and potentially a very costly one, as the mechanics have a scant two hours to repair the car and Alonso has lost a lot of vital time to prepare. If he gets a result in qualifying this afternoon it will be an amazing achievement.

Alonso’s misfortune will have been greeted with glee from his main rivals this weekend as he had been shaping up to mount a challenge for pole and the race win.

It looks to be between Kubica, Massa, the Red Bulls and Hamilton, but any of the big names could hook a lap up.


1. Kubica Renault 1:14.806 25
2. Massa Ferrari 1:14.852 + 0.046 22
3. Webber Red Bull-Renault 1:14.945 + 0.139 24
4. Hamilton McLaren-Mercedes 1:15.038 + 0.232 24
5. Vettel Red Bull-Renault 1:15.046 + 0.240 25
6. Schumacher Mercedes 1:15.236 + 0.430 21
7. Rosberg Mercedes 1:15.252 + 0.446 20
8. Buemi Toro Rosso-Ferrari 1:15.537 + 0.731 21
9. Sutil Force India-Mercedes 1:15.659 + 0.853 13
10. Button McLaren-Mercedes 1:15.682 + 0.876 22
11. Liuzzi Force India-Mercedes 1:15.691 + 0.885 19
12. Alguersuari Toro Rosso-Ferrari 1:15.769 + 0.963 26
13. Hulkenberg Williams-Cosworth 1:16.164 + 1.358 24
14. Barrichello Williams-Cosworth 1:16.232 + 1.426 21
15. Petrov Renault 1:16.240 + 1.434 26
16. Alonso Ferrari 1:16.266 + 1.460 6
17. Kobayashi Sauber-Ferrari 1:16.644 + 1.838 25
18. de la Rosa Sauber-Ferrari 1:16.696 + 1.890 22
19. Kovalainen Lotus-Cosworth 1:17.782 + 2.976 18
20. Trulli Lotus-Cosworth 1:17.865 + 3.059 26
21. di Grassi Virgin-Cosworth 1:18.063 + 3.257 24
22. Senna HRT-Cosworth 1:19.720 + 4.914 25
23. Chandhok HRT-Cosworth 1:19.781 + 4.975 21
24. Glock Virgin-Cosworth 3 (Hydraulics)

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Carlos Eduardo Del Valle

Dear James,

Just as a matter of fact, I believe the name of the turn is MassEnet, rather than Massanet. Poor nice chap Felipe has nothing to do with it, apparently


Carlos E Del Valle


He drove all weekend like a mad man, touching all the barriers and catching the car from sliding in the last second. I don’t mind watching a driver on the edge but he simply tried too hard.
P.S. – I kind of like Alonso – let’s hope he does brilliant tomorrow in the race.


This time, Alonso will wish he can be stuck behind Massa lap after lap.

Alonso Huge Head

Don’t blame me! I’m Spanish.


Excellent quali by kubica today. I personally am glad to see Renault showing form this year.

Renault (barring what we all know went on in crashgate) have contibuted a lot to f1 as a manufacturer engine supplier and a team.

They could very easily not been in f1 this year before the buyout.


If you honestly beleave in karma, why do you even bother to watch the races or anything else!


Oh, let Nostradamus here here enjoy his bit of “I told you so”. Maybe he’ll be kind enough to predict other driver misfortunes also. NOT!


I watch for proof of karma of course. Karma is a huge F1 fan too. 🙂


Karma meet Alonso. Alonso this is Karma.

I told you karma’s payback would be swift for that moves is China pitlane entry. First Hamilton got his in Spain. Now Alonso gets his deserved payback.

Next time mind your etiquette.


Karma is about fortune, not driver errors. Some fans want to see racing, then complain when they see it. It’s refreshing to see somebody who comes in with a burning desire to win and not shy away from standing their ground in controversy, unlike Schumacher’s incidents with Montoya “I didn’t see him” and Monaco 2006’s “lock up”.

Tomorrow should be a cracking race. With championship leader Button away from the front, Alonso getting a point or two could be a major save, Webber and Kubica have golden opportunities to make progress in the title race too.


Karma is real, and you have to admit it’s funny that the two drivers that behaved poorly in China are in trouble back to back.

You want to compare greatness? You really want to? OK. Schumi in 2006 started from pit and finished 5th. I was there. It is one of the best Monaco drives. Let’s see if your great Alonso even breaks top ten. No matter how it happens that these events are same. Bottom line both are starting from pit in a Ferrari. Wanna bet Alonso won’t deliver that type of a gutsy performance Schumi did?

You know, maybe this Alonso karma is infact payback for 2006. Maybe in 2006 it really was a Schumi brain fart that caused the error. 😉


No worries. Alonso is the best driver in the long run and this accident it is only a very small stone in his way to glory. Tomorrow he’s got an opportunity to shine.

As Alonso always says, accidents and failures happen to every driver along the season but the best one wins at the end. And he is the best one so, no worries.


If I was Alonso, I’d start the race on the super softs, pit on lap 1 and change to the hard and do the rest of the race. This way he won’t get held up in traffic after he makes his stop as he will easily catch the back of the Hispanias and make up boatloads of places when everyone else pits and he doesn’t.


If he pits in the first lap he will be lapped and he couldn’t progress.


I agree with u although 77 laps on same tyre? Wow! I don’t think he’s got anything to lose mind


Yeah, maybe set himself up to take advantage of a safety car.

I’d say he should use his brand new super-soft tyres (remember everyone else is on scrubbed tyres) to try to get past the 6 slow cars in the first few laps and then as soon as he comes up behind the first car which he can’t easily get past then pit for tyres and run the rest of the race on the hard tyre. He will probably emerge in clean air and can start attacking the field who will pit for tyres later. If he gets a safety car shortly after the first stop then even better.



Did Alonso damage another engine?


No he does not have a damaged engine, his car chassis sustained damange which will be repaired over night and he will start from pit lane.


Too many mistakes for ALONSO this season, 3rd race he spoils it with his own mistakes (Aussie, Chinese & Monaco !).

Doesn’t look like world champion’s drives ! Let’s hope hamilton’s turn is in qualies


Yes, too many mistakes by his own admission, but even if the race finishes in the same order as qualy with Alonso out of the points, he will still be ahead of hamilton on points. (67 v 59)

My guess is that Alonso will pick up a couple of points, maybe even 4 which, again if the race pans out as per qualy would put Alonso only a point behind Button, 7 behind Webber and 4 behind Vettel.

There is a lot of racing still to go this year and any one of 8 drivers could still win it realistically, with 5 of those in very strong contention (Alo, Vet, Web, But, Ham) and Kubica becoming more of a contender.


I don’t agree with you on that. Alonso’s FERRARI isn’t in the same league as the RedBull and to widen the gap with them on such a great occasion to such an extent is huge disaster for him.

Unless Ferrari’s staff comes with sthg special and RedBull keeps its unreliability record he might find it hard to recover and mainly because of himself !


Ferrari have excellent resources to develop the car and have already made up a huge amount of ground on Red Bull since last year. Alonso will help them develop the car and close the gap farther.

Redbull have always had reliability issues which I believe are due to Adrian Newey pushing the limits. Opposite sides of the same coin IMHO. I expect this will continue and Ferrari will benefit.

Alonso is nothing if not relentless and will just keep pushing forwards regardless of what the opposition are doing. He almost beat the opposition and half his own team in 2007 so anything is possible. He has grown since then and is even stronger now.

Alonso is still favourite for the WDC 2010 in my eyes.


Just a little bit unlucky for Alonso who’s car has no chance of being repaired in time, nonetheless my favourite Kubica seems to be having fun. It would be good for him to start from the second row as I fear red bulls will once again block the front spots.


Karma meet Alonso. Alonso this is Karma.

I told you karma’s payback would be swift for that moves is China pitlane entry. First Hamilton got his in Spain. Now Alonso gets his deserved payback.

Next time mind your etiquette.


Maybe next time FIA should be equal each to give Mc Laren a penalty just like they did for Ferrari for the pit lane incident which was way more dangerous in case of Hamilton.

And Karma, no, Hamilton just loves blowing up tyres on the last lap, you just cant change history can u. 😛


Karma works in mysterious ways. No one knows when it will strike, and it loves to do it when you least expect it, like last lap or practice session where it breaks your tub.

What is certain is that you can’t f$&@ with karma. It’s gonna get ya!


Wohooo! I am so happy Alonso is out. His head was getting too big for his own good!


Let’s see if he can even come close to Schumi’s legendary pit-to-5th in 2006.


great for kubica but alonso won’t be taking part for the qualifiying sessions and will start from the pit-lane tomorrow!

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