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Hispania Racing splits with Dallara
Hispania Racing splits with Dallara
Posted By: James Allen  |  26 May 2010   |  8:46 am GMT  |  34 comments

“Hispania Racing, and Dallara Automobili S.p.A have agreed that what they have achieved in such a short period of time was more than could have been reasonably expected. The two parties wish each other the best of luck in all future endeavours.”

Dallara's return to F1 has not been happy (Darren Heath)

So ends a strange episode in F1. Dallara was originally hired by Campos Meta to design, build and develop a chassis for the 2010 season. But when Campos ran into financial trouble in February, the team was taken over in a last minute deal by Jose Ramon Carabante and his chosen team principal Colin Kolles was never happy with the Dallara arrangement. Today it has ended.

Kolles plans to build his own car, probably in Germany, for next season.

The Dallara chassis has been the weakest of the three new teams and the gap between it and its peers has increased as Virgin Racing and Lotus have improved their cars and moved closer to the established teams. Today’s press release notes that Dallara has done no development work on the car since the first race.

It’s not been easy for Dallara, who were never sure whether the team would make it to the first race. There was no shakedown test prior to the Bahrain Grand Prix and the first laps that Karun Chandhok’s car turned were in qualifying.

Has the episode damaged Dallara? Well it certainly wasn’t helpful to them for Geoff Willis, who is acting as a consultant to Kolles with a view to possibly taking over as technical director of Hispania, to come out and say that the car was very poorly made in his view.

That said, the ART Grand Prix team is hoping to graduate to F1 next season and its owners Nicolas Todt and Frederic Voissard said recently that they were looking for a chassis partner as they do not have the manufacturing capabilities in France. Having worked extensively with Dallara in GP2, they must be on the list.

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According to a Hispania Racing Team official source, Dallara provided Hispania RT with a GP2 chassis just adapted to F1 which is impossible to develop further. Hispania RT has renewed its managing board and given entry to new investors. For 2010, rumor says there is possibility of an agreement with former Honda team in order to buy Honda premises in Poland or else.


The next week they will have news


It puzzles me how Dallara could make this car slower tha gp2s!

Do they did that in purpose? like… “if you dont pay us, we wont work propperly on this”

They make both gp2s and hrts, HRTs have bigger engine. It just dont add up!


Does all of this come from the Monaco timings? What are the timings like on other tracks where the benefits of an F1 car are able to be used. Monaco is an anomaly of an F1 track.

Midnight Toper

Who drives for the GP2 front runners. Who drives the HRT’s. Make sense now?


Not at all…

Wasnt Bruno Senna a GP2 front runner? Chandkok wast doing bad either, was he?

Or you think pastor maldonado is the new schumacher?


Don’t forget, Raul, they need developement and testing time, which they haven’t had yet, and no acumulated data to refer to! Rome wasn’t built in a day!



I’m surprised that this is the second time Dallara has been ousted for not doing any “development work.” Were they paid to develop the car? My guess would be no. What does HRT expect… you do. more often than not, get what you pay for!


Didn’t Nicolas Todt recently comment that France has the technical expertise to compete with Britain? If so, why are they looking abroad for a chassis?


Dallara is Italian, isn’t it?


I’m sure that you’ve noticed buy Italy and France aren’t the same place.

I think it’s one thing to have the technical expertise and another to have the capacity to go from nothing to being in F1.


CC: “Didn’t Nicolas Todt recently comment that France has the technical expertise to compete with Britain? If so, why are they looking abroad for a chassis?”

D: “Dallara is Italian, isn’t it?”

W: “I’m sure that you’ve noticed buy Italy and France aren’t the same place.”

I’m pretty sure I’ve noticed Hispania is Spanish (with German investors as well) and Dallara is Italian. Honestly I cannot understand why any reference to France has been made a propos of this bussiness. May be I’m dense.

“I think it’s one thing to have the technical expertise and another to have the capacity to go from nothing to being in F1.”

F1 opened the doors for new teams, and this is it. Track training could have mitigate the lack of capacity, but I’m unable to understand a great number of F1 reasons.


It’s strange because surely whether or not Dallara were to provide updates throughout the season was in the contract? HRT seemed surprised that no updates were forthcoming from Dallara, but I haven’t seen anywhere that they were suggesting it was a breach of contract, which you’d expect if it was in the contract. If it wasn’t in the contract then that’s bizarre isn’t it?


Seeing as Toro Rosso can only manage to just stay ahead of the newbies with a developed version of last year’s pace setting RB, one can get an appreciation of the pace of development of the cars. It scares me to think what ART and Dallara might do with a development of the 5 sec slower HRT, at this development pace would they even make the 107% rule if its reinstated?

On the other hand, who dumped who here? I suppose logic suggests that HRT is planning on doing things in house, but could the case be that Dallara dumped them because they don’t see the financial future?


Are you suggesting that Torro Rosso are breaking the rules by not having designed and built their own cars, but are instead using last year’s Red Bull?!!!


It sure looks like the Red Bull. Wouldn’t they have just evolved last years Torro Rosso but without the input of Red Bull. It and the Red Bull are obviously not from scratch.


In fairness, a lot of teams cars look like last year’s Red Bull.


Unfortunately HRT is probably one of the new teams that won’t last very long in the sport based on the lack of development, slow cars, financial and management problems. That is why it is important to have quality than quantity in F1. The sport has been around for over 50 years & technologically and public demand wise the sport has come far enough to have quality teams in the sport. The problem for teams leaving so soon is a lot do with FIA’s team selection process rather than big teams having too much money to spend compare to the small teams. The era of Minardi & Jordan teams are over. In modern F1 it is important for all the teams to have enough development programs in place to compete, not to mention the financial stability. I feel more sorry for the drivers than team itself.

Maybe FIA don’t need to look for any team to fill up the 13th spot in the grid. Couple of the current teams might not even make it to the grid. HRT is already on the bubble. $50 on HRT not lasting beyond 2011 the most.


Hay, Zero, havent you heard the phrase “the more the merrier”? Well I have , and I agree with it, too.



How will they get parts – even without updates?

I assume that HRT has no manufacturing capability in house.


I feel for Dallara. How could they have done anything differently? They were just left hanging, and how can someone continue to work on such a large project when the ability of the client to pay – indeed the very existence of the client – is in doubt? There’s plenty of evidence out there to show that Dallara’s cars are not sub-standard.

In fact, with all the hold-ups, it should reflect well on them that they have made a car that’s able to run the pace it is at all.


Absolutely, Jason!!!!!



Well said mate. It’s FIA’s fault that they selected the teams that were unlikely to live up to the expectation. Dallara has done good enough job to even completing the most aweful coloured F1 car I have ever seen.


Why is a team like this even allowed into the sport in the first place? Horribly off the pace, they haven’t brought anything to the sport for me…

Is their car not to be developed at all, all season? then? If so they shouldn’t be out there.

Mobile chicaines and yellow/red flag fodder taking camera time away from teams that actually deserve it.


Doug, I think you’re being too tough on the new teams! (Although that does seem to be a characteristic of many people in F1 including journalists). If I could, I’d love to help them. I really enjoy seeing underdogs achieve results in the end. Just think, next season or the season after, they may well be midfield runners with an occasional podium, if we don’t give them a chance we’ll be stuck with the same old boreing names that have been around for decades! Cheers for the newcommers, I say!



I hope HRT stick with it for the long term. They had a rough start, with no development time and the regs preventing any real testing.

Being given a dog of a chassis by Dallara was exactly what they didn’t need. I’m sure Dallara are capable of good work – a pity for HRT they didn’t deliver.

Chandhok is a pleasure to watch when interviewed, a character I’d definitely like to see retaining his place on the grid (providing, of course, he has the pace to deserve it, in a car that’s worth a damn).

Stick their heads down, develop themselves a better chassis and bring all their experience to next season and I hope to see them at least competing with Virgin/Lotus, if not bringing the newbies closer to the midpack and the likes of Toro Rosso and Force India.


Good riddens to bad chassis. In my dream world, they would purchase the Toyota chassis! 🙂


By the time the new rules and tyre selection for 2011 are introduced Toyota Chassis would be way out of date. In fact, it already is. However, Toyota chassis would still probably be faster than the current HRT cars.


I didn’t mean next year, I meant the next race… Dream World remember 😉


I’m sure it didn’t help that the Dallara F1 car was slower than the top 6 Dallara GP2 cars in Monaco qualy either.


Don’t forget the GP2 cars are fully sorted and the teams have heaps of data not to mention the top drivers in GP2 are right on the case too. Give HRT a season and some testing time to get sorted and the drivers enough seat time to start to get used to, and develope the cars, and I’m sure they would be apreciably quicker! Everybody seems to be expecting miracles from the new teams, but in my experience everything takes time to perfect! Plus it would be interesting to put Barrachello in the seat for a few races, I reckon the developement rate would be vastly improved.


Midnight Toper

Starts to make sense why Kolles was so keen to have Klien in the reserve seat and provide a true performance benchmark.


I can’t recall whether it was Dallara itself or someone from Hispania, but I recall someone came out and said that the HRT was designed by Dallara to be 2 seconds faster per lap than a GP2 car, straight out of the box.

Fact is, it isn’t 2 seconds a lap faster than a GP2 car. At the Spanish GP, only 0.6 seconds separated the fastest GP2 car and the HRTs.

ART would be mad to team with Dallara who can’t even make their F1 car noticably faster than their GP2 car (Dallara make both).


It was Bruno Senna..

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