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Schumacher book published in Russia!
Schumacher book published in Russia!
Posted By: James Allen  |  08 Apr 2010   |  8:57 am GMT  |  38 comments

I’m always keen to break new ground, so today is quite a special one for me as my biography of Michael Schumacher “The Edge of Greatness” is being published in Russian.

It has already been translated into Dutch and Portuguese, but it’s quite a trip to see it in Russian Cyrillic script and I’m looking forward to getting my copy through the post.

Interestingly, Schumacher’s name in Cyrillic script has ‘max’ in the middle of it, which is ironic given how close Schumacher was to then FIA president Max Mosley, one of the more intriguing revelations in the book.

I didn’t anticipate Schumacher making a comeback. I was quite pleased that the book was complete and covered his whole career, but at some point there will have to be an update of the original English version.

The book is published in Russia by Geleos Publishing and Russian readers of this site (and anyone who wants an unusual souvenir) can get it from here.
Russian Edition of Schumacher book

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I picked up a copy of the English version for a pound in my local bookshop’s bargain bin.

That’s one step away from the fate of many paperbacks these days….to be pulped!

It’s a good read though.


Absolutely brilliant book, read it 4 times. The photos are terrific and it is the book I tell my friends to buy on Michael Schumacher.


How about a biography on Ron Dennis next James!


Great news!!!

Gratz from Russia, James, and thank you very much on behalf of Russian’s Michael fans 🙂

I’ve got just one question (sure I’d buy this beautiful book anyways) – Why the transcription changed title meaning so much?

It sounds like “Schumacher Number one”, totally different from original “Schumacher Edge of Greatness”. James, please explain it.


Congratulations! F1 is making it’s mark in Russia, glad you’re contributing!


Thank you very much for the very interesting book, James! The russian translation is really good (I’ve seen the fragment). Looking forward to read it.

You have always been impartial and it’s important for reader when the object of study is such an ambiguous and inconsistent person as M. Schumacher.


James, I’ve been trying to get a copy of the book here in the US, but I’m always put on a backorder list when I’ve went through the usual suppliers, e.g. Barnes&Noble. How can I get a copy your newest Schumacher book?



You should be able to get it through Amazon. It was 2008 it came out.


Thank you James! I am reading the book at the moment in Russian! Great book for great Schumy!


Congrats James very interesting! Cheers


James,there are a lot of fans of Michael here in China, maybe you can arrange a Chinese Version of this book in the future?

I myself is looking forward to a book about Fernando Alonso written by you in the future….


Michael who? ;D


Congratulations James. I read your book (in English!) over the Easter weekend. I found it a very compelling read and I would highly recommended it to fans, or detractors, of Schumacher.


Interesting. “Schumacher: number one”, they call it. I prefer that to “edge of greatness”, but then, I’m a Schumi fan.


James is the english version sold out?

And I confess to being a lazy reader here…. but have you considered an audio-book version? I have Sir Jackie’s, Murray’s and Mansell’s on my iPod and they repeatedly give many many hours of entertainment on the motorway. I’d love a copy of yours alongside them.


Great idea – would love an audio version for the iPhone.


A great read, James…or, at least the English version was :p

Also, really enjoyed the previous Schumi book.

Hope you write a few more chapters when MS wins his 8th, 9th and 10th championships.


the english version….congrats james


This was the first james allen book i bought.


Never mind the additional Schumacher book chapter. I would really look forward to a James Allen book on Fernando Alonso, after a few more years (and potentially a few more drivers championships) of course. Alonso is a truly fascinating and complex character.


Yes please!


I’d go and say a big thank you to a Mr. V. Petrov of Renault.


It’s interesting to see that F1 has a strong fan base in Russia. For sure Petrov involvement has brought more exposure.

So now instead of being paid peanuts you’re being paid картофель.


Well potatoes are bigger at least!

What a coincidence, you book out in Russian and there’s Bernie trying to organise a GP in Russia.

Well done, i just hope you are not having to pay one of Bernies many companies for the privilege.

Имеют фуру полосы и riding оно? 🙂


James – one of the best sports biographies around – couldn’t put the book down. Good to see other enthusiasts enjoying it in other languages. Need to find out from him what he really feels about the season and the thoughts of the nuts and bolts team members in Mercedes. I really hope he’s successful and well done him for returning … stay on target Schumacher!


James, it is kinda interesting to note that russian publishers changed the original title to “Schumacher. Number One”. I assure you that it is absolutely possible to adequately translate the original “The Edge of Greatness” and to retain its subtle nuances, so this was probably done to target mostly Michael’s fans as the main goal. Not sure if it is the best choice, particularly since the book opens with the episode that quite a lot of Michael’s fans see in the different light.


Well done James, thats great news! I am reading the book at the moment and really enjoying it.


Congratulations on this James. Out of curiosity how did this come about? did your publisher investigate this? or did a publisher in Russia request this?


Congrats on the multiple translations. Although Schumachers comeback has now fallen into the most despairing category – neither good, nor bad but merely anonymous. If it keeps up like this, he’ll become a paddock pariah, ignored by media and colleagues alike. I certainly didn’t foresee this. I thought he’d return like a Teutonic colossus, Wagner’s Ride of The Valkyries playing as he swept all before him. It’s a bit of a bummer.


Schumacher will never be anonymous, either he will slowly come up to speed (most likely in my opinion) or he will continue to be swamped by the media on his lack of pace, as he has been thus far.


Nice one James. Being of russian descent, I’m rather intrigued by the recent F1 exposure on the Russsian market.

One word of caution regarging trying to decipher the cyrilic version of Schumacher’s name, as, if one goes down the path of extracting some meaning from the syllables that make it up, he would notice that the first syllable ‘Шум’means noise in russian, while, rather unfortunatelly, the last syllable ‘хер’ is one a many rude ways in russian language to refer to man’s genetals 🙂


How apt that it follows “Max”.


Well, let’s hope the epilogue in the updated version isn’t simply “came back, beaten by younger, hungrier teammate and rivals, left quietly for good”.

I’m sure it won’t, but he’s still a few gears short of what we expect of him.


Congratulations James on the release in Russia! I’ve read The Edge Of Greatness numerous times and believe it is the best out there! My mouth waters with the thought of a follow-up!


At a glance I thought it was “Why Max Expose” in short form. It has to be cool in Cyrillic.


Ill be the first to say congratulations – looking forward to the second book!


Great news!! I Would buy it for my russian friend asap!

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