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F1 Timing app on ipad
F1 Timing app on ipad
Posted By: James Allen  |  09 Apr 2010   |  9:57 am GMT  |  118 comments

The official F1 live timing app, for which JA on F1 provides the live text commentary, has been updated for 2010 and is also available for the new ipad, which hit the shops in the USA this week and will be in the UK soon.

It’s a very cool app and one I’m delighted to be involved in. The app was launched last year and was voted by Apple one of the best 25 launches of 2009. It gives live timing and the ability to follow the race a new way using a 3D track map. This has been refined this year so that it self-centres on the driver you are following in the race, making it easier to follow.

It works well on the iphone, I often follow races on it in the press office using the Wifi connection, but it will be great on an ipad, with the larger viewing area. I reckon it will transform the viewing habits of hardcore F1 fans, giving them a much fuller picture of the race.

The 3D positional map makes it much easier to understand what is happening in the race because you can see all the drivers all the time and follow all the stories, whereas the TV feed can only follow one story at a time.

So for a race like Malaysia, for example, you can see the progress of Hamilton through the field much more clearly. It is also very useful to see how cars are positioned relative to each other around the time of pit stops.

I do the live commentary for the English version and there are professional journos doing the same in German and French.

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I would like this app but as it’s mid season it’s not worth it, can anything be done pro-rata e.g £10 for the second half of the season?


Every body knows that life is not cheap, nevertheless we require cash for different things and not every man earns enough money. Thus to receive quick loans or just short term loan would be a proper way out.


Can you at least change the price down to say $25 AUD all my friends and i have an iphone, ipod touch or Ipad and were all Formula one fans. we were going to buy it but none of us wanted to spened the money ($39.99 AUD)


I have already bought this for my iPhone, please don’t tell me I have to shell another £20 out for the iPad version?


This is way too expensive.And i expect they will charge for 2011 too.


It is far too expensive AND you have to buy it new every season!

The same info is free on formula1.com I use it all the time and it works very well.

Another example of F1 screwing the fans.




Looks great – will give it a trial.


I’ve got the iphone apps, both this and the FIA one. The FIA one only works on occassion and has less info on the timing side (even ignoring the maps).

I think the F1 Timing app is worth the money. I have the live timing on the laptop and the map on the iphone with the TV showing the broadcast.

I also used it in conjunction with Kangaroo TV in Melbourne. Also helped knowing where the cars were a little more accurately than 3 times a lap. Was funny telling someone which driver was coming next – they were stunned (firstly by me knowing in advance and secondly by the app when I then showed it to them).


Just want to add my vote for an Android version.

Please note developers that there are plenty of F1 fans who don’t use Apple (and speaking for myself) never will!


Nor will I, forza Android!!!


I think the big question for this app is: how “real time” is the 3D map? If I see on live tv Lewis overtaking another drive in the middle of two sectors. How long does the 3D positional map take to update? Until the pass the next sector? Is it instantaneous?

I guess if it relays only on sector times (even if more than the “usual” 3 sectors) there will always be a lag on showing overtaking until drivers cross the sector…


Great stuff James, anything that has James in it is all worth it, I had a Blackberry and due to most of limited apps, i may decide to switch to an iPhone and an iPad soon to get this application. Someone brought a good point that streaming F1 on an ipad would be great, F1 has been too slow to adopt the internet, I can only imagine that we might have exclusive F1 content, more interactivity and more behind the scenes of video/audio stuff in future, however, I believe that with this app, we may see more and more features being thrown in. If I were Bernie I would also intergrate with this app the digital TV Bernie had many years ago and get access to stuff like team radio, switch to several cameras from drivers to various around the circuits. Apple is moving towards streaming of audio and music. If Bernie began to exploit the internet, it may boost F1 financially to a higher level than what it is today.


Just to add my voice to previous requests:

We need it for everybody and that means on

Windows !

I have the Formula 1 “live” timing on while watching GP’s but it is too slow and inadequate, the lap chart didn’t work at all….




Have you tried using different browsers and installing the latest java?


…and there was me thinking I ought to be watching while it happened on the TV.


Thanks for giving me one more reason to buy an iPad. A few more and I reckon I can proposition to the missus with a reasonable chance of success. Come on developers!



This is a cool idea. I know the US isn’t exactly the biggest F1 market, but our problem is that we rarely get to watch the races live. If there was some way to sync the app to my TIVO’d replay of the race, I’d buy an iPAD just to get this app… The blog is awesome, btw. I read several, and yours is the best at analyzing interesting aspects of F1 (valuable) vs. just reporting the news (which is available everywhere – it’s amazing how 1 driver quote becomes an entire story on many websites). Thanks.


You can do that, you can start the app whenever you want so it works with delayed broadcasts


I will try it on the wife’s iPhone first, for Shanghai. Thanks! I am glad you/they are way ahead me.


Congrats, James A, on being involved with this app.

I saw the IPad earlier this week-looks really cool. Just the thing for us web-surfing couch potatoes.


Such a great addition to a F1 weekend. Just wish they adapted it for a PC.


If you search on youtube “F1 timing for ipad” you can watch a clip of it in action 🙂


Living in western Canada I almost never watch races live. I rely on another piece of technology, my PVR. BeFore that I did watch them live since video tape quality is so bad. All of the European races are at 4:30 AM and the Asian races are typically around 11 PM or 1 AM. So although I’d really like this iPad app I wouldn’t get to use it often. It would be nice if they offered a per race fee or a bundle of say 3 races. That would give me Canada, Brazil and Oz at reasonable times.


I am also in western Canada, which is effectively an F1 hinterland for numerous reasons:

A) You have to get up at stupid times to watch races live with the benefit of the live timing,

B) The TSN re-broadcast is 4/3 instead of full-screen,

C) TSN cuts to commercial REGARDLESS of what’s happening on the track!

Because of the time difference, I don’t expect this app would get much traction here regardless of price or feature set.


Looks great for the iPad.

What a real revolutionary era the iPad opens…

Pete Singleton

James can you use your influence to get this available on Android!? Don’t really want to have to buy an iPad just for this (although it looks amazing!)

I agree with everyone on here who has said this should be available online too, I’d be happy to pay that price every season if it was.


I think that the relationship with Apple is so good, they want to focus on that. But no doubt they will hear the calls on here!


Official reply from F1 today:


Unfortunately there is no Android version planned as of now.


F1 Support


So that sums it up… no plans to support the fastest growing OS 🙁


Hmmm, what you mean is that Apple have done some sort of exclusive deal to keep Android out. They really are turning into Microsoft more and more.


ANDROID USERS: Search the market for “F1Android”!

Gives you live timing on your phone! I’ve used it for the last two races and it has worked great on my N1, plus it is free.

Having live timing on your phone means your laptop is free to show James’s tweets, BBC live text, and and McLaren.com’s new race commentary (which includes live telemetary and circuit map – but it only shows Lewis and Jensen). 😀


DannyBoy – can you send a link to the McLaren commentary/map? I cant find it! Cheers 🙂


The McLaren timing thing is quite easy to find- if you just go to their homepage http://mclaren.com/home during a practice/quali/race session it usually takes up the whole page, or if not it’ll be up the top of the page as a link- I think they call it “Race 1.0b” or something weird.

Checked it out a couple of times, is pretty cool.

Regarding the app- I loved last years one it was awesome for following practice sessions I couldn’t watch live and so on but £19.99 for an app is utterly ridiculous and I can’t spend that on an app regardless of how much I love F1 and want to support Mr. Allen and his marvellous journalism.


This app right here proves why Bernie needs to be focusing on how to deliver content like this on a consistent basis to the online community.

I am sure there are many out there that would pay on a race by race basis or for a “Season ticket” to be able to stream a TV feed of the race while also being able to have a desktop version of this app up and running.

The current F1 live timing is great for what you get because its free. At minimal add the GPS component to a desktop version.

And then get to work on streaming us some races. I cannot tell you how frustrating it is to not be able to watch the races live if I am unable to get to a TV, yet I have an internet connection. Furthermore, there are cases in the US where the races are not even broadcast live, so even if I wake up at 3,4,5 AM to watch the race on live timing, I’m SOL in being able to actually watch the race.

I dont think Bernie would lose money by offering the online option, at least not anymore than what he’s losing by people streaming online feeds already. In fact, if the picture quality was good enough, I think he’d actually grab back a market that only turns to crappy online streams because they HAVE TO.

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