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Seventeen F1 world champions
Seventeen F1 world champions
Posted By: James Allen  |  14 Mar 2010   |  8:01 am GMT  |  105 comments

Formula 1 is celebrating its 60th anniversary this weekend in Bahrain and has brought out all the living world champions. Only Kimi Raikkonen and Nelson Piquet are missing.

Thanks to McLaren’s @fifthdriver on twitter here is a sneak peak of the “team photo”

Who is the most legendary here? And who’s the coolest?

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The best is Damon HILL


Schumacher the best legend f1…..kimi is the best driver….to be a winner…


Kimi is the coolest… that’s why he’s not there!


Ecclestone is easily the most legendary, that fact is undeniable. And in this shot? Damon hill is clearly the coolest. Just look at that natural swagger in his stance and that naturally suave smile. Pure class…


BRABHAM Jack b.1926.04.02 83y.o.

SURTEES John b.1934.02.11 76y.o.

STEWART Jackie b.1939.06.11 70y.o.

ANDRETTI Mario b.1940.02.28 70y.o.

JONES Alan b.1946.11.02 63y.o.

FITTIPALDI Emerson b.1946.12.12 63y.o.

ROSBERG Keke b.1948.12.06 61y.o.

LAUDA Niki b.1949.02.22 61y.o.

SCHECKTER Jody b.1950.01.29 60y.o.

PIQUET Nelson b.1952.08.17 57y.o.

MANSELL Nigel b.1953.08.08 56y.o.

PROST Alain b.1955.02.24 55y.o.

HILL Damon b.1960.09.17 49y.o.

HAKKINEN Mika b.1968.09.28 41y.o.

SCHUMACHER Michael b.1969.01.03 41y.o.

VILLENEUVE Jacques b.1971.04.09 38y.o.

RAIKKONEN Kimi b.1979.10.17 30y.o.

BUTTON Jenson b.1980.01.19 30y.o.

ALONSO Fernando b.1981.07.29 28y.o.

HAMILTON Lewis b.1985.01.07 25y.o.

Damon’s definitely the coolest,

but they are all legends in their own terms.


I am biased and Canadian- so I have to say Jacques and then – Mika – remember both of them beat Schumacher.

Stephen Stepney

Legendary and coolest(what ever that is ?) has to be John Surtees,champion on four wheels as well as two,and he still owns a 300SL,which is the “coolest” car ever.

having said that Schumacher must be one of the legends in F1,7 WDC,s.


How many of these 17 became champion by sitting 1.5 seconds behind another driver all day then crying about him not making any mistakes? A good enough driver will overcome the aerodynamics and tyres, as Alonso has shown many times.

Did anyone ask Jones or Andretti or Mansell, or any of them, at the weekend – I’m sure they’d tell you it’s about forcing a mistake out of the guy in front.


Kimi raikkonen is the coolest. Legendary is Jack b


Jacques Villeneuve has to be my all time favourite, bursting onto the F1 scene almost winning the championship in his first attempt, reminds me of a certain Mr Hamilton, shame his career went backwards after his championship winning season, but he was a driver with plenty of character, something that todays F1 grid lacks with the exception of Schumacher


Sorry, for me Mika was cool for the wrong reasons…

I’m torn between The Professor and Il Leone… two opposites, I know, but they each had his own brand of ‘coolness’…


Where does Damon get all the white hair from ? He looks older than Mansell….


I think kimmie raikonnen that guy was awsomme


All pictured are winners. The achievements of a few of them will not be duplicated: Brabham, Surtees, Andretti, Schumacher.

Legend: a traditional story or belief sometimes popularly regarded as historical but unauthenticated, a person about whom unauthenticated stories are told

Legendary: remarkable enough to be a subject of legend

The legend of Niki Lauda is to me the most complete and satisfying tale. He’s the coolest in my book.

Conspicuous by their absence are the gods: Fangio, Clark, Villeneuve, Senna.


where are lauda, piquet and kimi ?


So is Niki Lauda disguised as a Sheikh or Bernie?


What a line up.

Most Legendary: Sir Jackie Stewart

Coolest? Easy, the Flying Finn – Mika


considering recent events no surprise in Kimi and Nelson missing….Very cool that the rest made it maybe last chance to see some ofthem in this kind of setting makes a great screensaver


The coolest and most legendary is not there…….. we all know who he is.

Niki Lauda is also another legend who can’t be seen.


Schumi is the most legendary. And since winning is about as cool as it gets. He’s the coolest because he’s won the most. Simple really.


Good to see them all pictured together

what about the race today

After one of the best years last year, this no refueling and saving the tyres during the race has made it boring

The cars should be going flat out at all times, even schumacher said it’s impossible to overtake during the race

Got to do something it think, hope its not all boring in 2010


Why is Alonso in his Ferrari gear? He’s not a Ferrari champion yet.


To James Allen

That was the most boring f1 race I’ve ever seen. 49 ‘parade laps’ of a procession with only a car failure to mess things up.

I won’t be paying to go to any F1 races this year, based on that, and neither will a lot of people.


i agree to. Cars are heavy, and underpowered. I go to moto gp instead. f1 i watch on tv, because it has turned into a tv show.


so people are starting to realize that f1 is turning into crap. No power, a lot of weight, too safe, etc. I agree with you, i won’t go to see a race either. I’ll go to moto gp instead. I watch f1 on tv, because it has turned into a tv show.


I agree completely.

But to be fair to James, I don’t think it was his fault!


of course I know it’s not his fault, but he’s in a far better position than any of us to inform the main parties of the viewers points of view. it’s another absurd idea that’s cost teams millions to comply with that has a 2 lap value, if that…first and last.

Who’s gonna watch it? Why will the BBC stick with it if we all go aout for an hour and catch up at the end?


I share your pain.

And you’re right, who’s going to watch it? Hard core fans will. But F1 can’t survive on hardcore fans.

It only takes a couple of races before viewer figures drop, which will stem any influx of new sponsors (which teams like Sauber desperately need).

After that, sponsors renewing for next year will either pay less or go elsewhere where the “bang for the buck” is higher.

TV coverage? The BBC will have to stick with it because they’ve signed a contract. But they’d be under a lot of pressure and criticism from the public and the BBC Trust which makes renewal a tricky prospect. Which means less money being spent next time around, which makes it less attractive to fans to watch which reduces viewing numbers…. which reduces sponsor cash…. which reduces the money for teams….. which reduces the spectacle…. which makes it even less attractive to fans and so on etc. etc.

It really is a downward spiral that someone needs to reverse VERY quickly.


The most legendary – of course Schumi

The coolest – Sir J S

On a light-hearted note, I wander what would it be like to take a picture like this when some of them probably don’t talk to each other. eg.. Schumi, Keke, JV etc..

or Alonso and Nikki who compared him to a dog at one point.


Legendary – Jackie Stewart

Cool – Mario Andretti (he’s raced and won in everything… sports cars, Indy cars, sprint cars, F1, stock cars… very cool!)

Also, none of my comments are showing up (tried posting on Google Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer, so it can’t be browser-related). I am now trying to post on someone else’s computer.

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