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New F1 game unveiled
New F1 game unveiled
Posted By: James Allen  |  20 Mar 2010   |  3:00 pm GMT  |  83 comments

For those interested in the gaming side of F1, the official F1 game by Codemasters has had a revamp for 2010 and was unveiled in London this week.

The game, due out in September, will be the first official F1 game to appear on the Xbox 360 platform and will be back on PC. It is also available for Playstation. The new game is also designed for HD consoles.

The game is developed in Birmingham and uses the same proprietary technology as Colin McRae and DIRT 2.

Last year’s game, the first by Codemasters after years of the contract being exclusively with Sony, has been a big hit in the Allen household on the Nintendo Wii.

My five year old is extremely proficient on it, especially around his favourite track Interlagos, where he would give Felipe Massa a run for his money. He seems to have developed a soft spot for driving Force India cars, perhaps due to the colour scheme.

I’m not much of a gamer, but I’ve lost count of the number of times I have toiled around to finish outside the top ten while he has made a break for it in the lead and won the race.

It’s a great game for the non-expert player, the graphics for the tracks are uncannily accurate and the only criticism I would make is that the rotating front wheels look a bit naff compared to the quality of everything else. We haven’t got into the finer details of car handling, which are built into the game, whereby grip levels change with rain or tyre marbles. But my youngest has certainly had a lot of fun on car damage settings, where you can knock wings and nosecones off.

I wasn’t able to attend Wednesday’s launch, so I haven’t played the new game yet, but I’ve got an open invitation to go up to Codemasters and will do so before long, to take a look.

This weekend we will be doing a few laps of Albert Park to reacquaint ourselves with how it goes ahead of next Sunday’s Grand Prix there. Luckily for me there are no safety cars in the game, as I would be sure to trigger one…

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I'm definitely looking forward to it! There hasn't been a proper F1 game since Geoff Crammond's GP4, which was back in 2002.

I understand the Wii version of F1 is just a quick stopgap and has nothing in common with this year's game on the big consoles and PC.


Using Codemasters engine it'll be no GP4 replacement that's for sure.


Is it going to be really life like. Meaning no overtaking.....sounds like a boring game!! ha!


I have been reading some previews of the new game- it looks really exciting.

It has already been dubbed 'the best F1 game ever', and the levels of realism are extremely high.

I can't wait until September!


I'm looking forward to this game. I have a PlayStation 3 and as a result, the only F1 game out there at the moment for me is Formula One Championship Edition - unfortunately the teams and drivers are outdated - thats really the only issue with it, as it's based on the 2006 season.

It was disappointing to discover that F1 2009 had only been released for the Nintendo Wii.

Graphically, F1 Championship Edition is stunning - hopefully this new offering from Codemasters will be also.

About time we had an updated F1 game for PlayStation!!


The same to me. I bought PS3 for my son (believing I will play F1 ;)) and I was extremely dissapointed with Wii and PSP verisions only. Maybe this year we will be back on the track at last!

Andrew Halliday

Nice one James, the Playstation game back in 1995/96 did a lot to first get me interested in F1! I'm incredibly envious of your upcoming trip to Melbourne, I was back over there a couple of weeks ago but unfortunately not able to stay on for the grand prix. Managed to do a lap of Albert Park while they were putting up the fences and grandstands etc,

Couldn't go too fast though!


Cool video Andrew.

I had no idea what the Albert Park looked like when the GP is not on.

James, are you going to be commentating practice sessions on OneHD just like Peter Windsor did last year? You were my favourite commentator (despite what those Murray Walker and BBC fans might think) and that'd be nice to have you again.

Andrew Halliday

Thanks mate, enjoy your time in the Schumacher stand. I sat there the last time I went to the Aussie GP in 2003, used to sit in the Fangio stand otherwise. I'll be up at something stupid like 3am to watch the practice session on BBC, I've got a 6 pack of VB specially for the occasion!


Great news James. My PVR is set for Friday 12-7pm!

Come and say hello down the Schumacher Grandstand on Sunday if you have a minute.


OneHD is an Australian free-to-air sport-only digital TV channel. It's available in every major Australian city as long as you have a digital TV or set-top box. Lot's of motorsport incl. live F1, Nascar, FIA sportscars, MotoGP etc etc PLUS Australian Rules football, soccer, muy thai, IPL cricket and station. Who needs pay TV?


what is onehd? How do I get that?


Blimey, I remember playing on that game constantly for months. According to some now well buried websites, I was the world record holder for fastest lap around Hockenheim, something like sad I still remember!

Chris McDonnell

I've been looking forward to this game so much. It'll be great to have an F1 game with the new rules (although I bet incorporating those rules must have been a nightmare for Codemasters).

When you do check it out James, could you note how much of the new rules they have put in the game (such as the penalties for engine changes and using more than the allotted engine amount) and also if they use the latest FOM TV graphics and how they use them?


The funny thing is the front wheels look a bit naff even in real life! The TV cockpit shots are like those films of people with cameras attached in front of their heads, which stay weirdly still while everything else moves. Not sure what the game designers can do to alter that. Game looks good though.


Agreed about real life fronts. The tyres are so perfectly fitted on the wheels that there's no apparent movement. In fact there's no real sense that they're even touching the ground!


I always liked to bang a car round Monza on Micropose's Grand Prix 2. With the damage control off... Virtual carbon fibre everywhere!


The next-gen game is looking graphically very impressive already. There is alot of video on YouTube from the event.

I can't wait to play it, a long wait until September.


Awesome! It's been too long since there has been a great F1 game. GP2, maybe?

James, if you're looking for someone to accompany you to, you know, offer moral support...


I've followed the game since it was first announced and it looks promising! As long as the handling isn't too arcadey i'm sold. Watch out for the lollipop man when you pit...


You surely could n’t be looking for an assistant, are you, James?


Great article James, those in the know say I started racing games at the age of 4, by the time I was 10, a store manager used to chase Me off the because I used to win all the money for going far and winning. However, it was an F1 racing game. Then it went to 8 bit home systems to sega and now im 32 and still hungry to be the best.

This game will be the biggest for F1, however, i always feel emotional driving that Red Ferrari and the engine screaming to get pole on final seconds, I always race full distances too.

Somehow I always wondered why I was attracted to Ferrari at a young age and racing it on games.

A Ferrari is like being attracted a beautiful Woman who is absolutely perfect and only to find you have no answer to describe her. It is what has attracted Me to F1 and racing games.

The game will be well worth.

Alan Goodfellow

The images for the game look fantastic. Will you be writing an article after your visit to Codemasters James?

Will definitely be investing in this come September.

I remember there was one F1 game released which made an attempt at introducing the safety car into the gameplay, think it was F1 99 on the original Playstation. As far as I remember it didn't work very well though. 🙂

Have you ever been approached to do the commentary on a game such as this before James?



I did the commentary on the Sony game for many years with Martin. There is no commentary on the Codemasters game


Thank God for no commentary. If Legard were to be on the game I would probably just park the car at turn 1 and take the disc out snap it in half and throw it out of the window. I will be honest and say I wasn't your biggest fan whilst you were commentating, but you were a legend compared to Legard. You know more than him, you are more interesting than him and you actually sound like you are enjoying and passionate about the race that is unfolding around you.


Fair point about Legard!

James I think your old commentary partner Martin did a great job with Legard last year -it must have been difficult!

I remember that farcical race at Indianapolis a few years ago, 6 cars on the grid, your commentary with Martin made the race pass really quickly, it was excellent.

Anyway back to the game - I still think the game will suffer without commentary. The thrill of hearing Brundle say, "You've done it! You've taken the maximum 10 points in a truly momentous win!" is great!

I know most sports games with commentary can suffer from being repetitive, but I would like to have had it on there.


I can't help feeling that the lack of commentary is a major mistake by Codemasters. I used to play one of the old PS1 games years ago and having commentary on it made it such good fun.

I've got the new Wii game, and although I've enjoyed playing it, I think the single biggest failing with it is the lack of commentary, it can get very lonely out there on a long race without one!

I'm amazed, given all the incredible attention to detail they're putting into all the other aspects of the 2010 game, that they seem to think a commentary is unimportant.

I do hope they reconsider, although I fear that it may be too late in the development cycle to do anything now. 🙁


Murray Walker on the original F1 game for the playstation was hilarious. 'SUPERLATIVE!' 'OOHH OOHHH OHHH!'

I expect the 'commentary' will be occasional soundbites from your pitcrew. If they could make that really good then maybe you wouldn't need commentary. Instead of just, 'Pit this lap' things like 'You need to keep within 3 tenths of Massa to jump him in the pits' or something that detailed would be good.

Really looking forward to the game. The version on the Wii is really not good enough, prefer a F1 board game my Dad gave me from the seventies...


I agree.

I found commentary on the F1 Championship Edition to be very useful - when you're racing round a track the last thing I want to be doing is scanning the screen for other drivers positions. The regular updates from James and Martin were handy!!

Poor decision from Codemasters.


No commentary???! Shame. I remember the old games you and Martin did commentary on, so funny 🙂

Wasn't quite:

"Are you ready? Are you ready? ARE YOU READY? Traction control ready? Everything ready? DROP THE CLUTCH AND LET'S GOOOOOOOOOOOOOO"

One of the best starting commentaries ever 🙂


People complain about the lack of overtaking in F1 nowadays, I'll add to that list "Lack of intensity in commentary",

This is what I call commentary, man feel the intensity...

Tnx for the link 🙂


Then your son and myself we have something in common: Interlagos is my favourite too.

It is a long long time since I don't play, but I've never been any good at it.

James, do you know if drivers play these games (they say they do) and, if so, what do they think about it? Do they drive their own car or do they toy with others'?

I too think that the Force India is a beautiful looking car, although my all times favourite was the Spyker. Perhaps because most of my cycling clothing is orange.


They do, but they all have simulators at the team factory to drive which are far superior


Nice read as usual James. However when you say "The new game is also designed for HD consoles." you seem to be a little missinformed. The current generation consoles are the Nintendo Wii, Microsoft Xbox 360 and Sony PS3. Out of the three only the 360 and PS3 have HD resolution support. So when you say the game is available for the xbox, ps3 and hd consoles you are being redundant. Cheers.


Well that's what Codemasters tell us...


I understand. No big deal. I think the point is that the current Codemasters F1 2009 game is only available for the PSP and Wii, none of which are HD. The upcoming 2010 game will be in HD for the PS3, 360 and the PC.

By the way, have you had any experience with rFactor and the many F1 mods?


Great post James. The new F1 game along with Gran Turismo 5 are the first two games in years that I have been really anticipating for.


Gran Turismo 5 will be great ..... If they ever manage to release it!


I feel GT5 prologue with the F2007 ferrari on suzuka is simply the BEST f1 experience on any console in recent memory! looks spectacular, handling is sublime and you can really get a feel for the car and pump in those lap times!

Funnily enough i got into F1 due to the original games on the playstation all those years back - for me f1 '97 was the greastest f1 game ever made!

if only polyphony digital would aquire the license in the future,for a true f1 experience, however i suppose we have all those historic f1 cars to look forward to in gt5 - i hear theres quite a few licensed!


Last I heard was that Polyphony were looking for an ACO license, which would let them include the historic GTs, ALMS, LMS and the 24 Hours in the career mode...


I still have F1 2005 by Sony for PS2. It was OK but the lack of online play really meant it got quite tedious after a while. Plus the damage system was poor.

I hope this has online mode and a proper damage system like Race Driver: Grid, another game by Codemasters. James if you visit the Codemasters HQ can you ask them if/when they will start to make the next football manager game for consoles? The last one was LMA Manager 2007, that's the last football manager game I bought. Others such as Football Manager and Championship manager are too complicated and slow. Thx.


Treat yourself, James: get a gaming chair, pedals and a wheel with feedback.



He looks like hes taking the early steps to becoming an F1 driver!

Slightly off piste to this article, but just wanted to know your thoughts on engine equalisation. Over the winter Renault increased the power of their engine, and now the FIA has also allowed equalisation measures relating to cost and reliability. Power and reliability are/were the achilles of their unit, by allowing this to happen aren't they now putting Ferrari at quite a disadvantage? Mercedes is economic and has the most power, Ferrari have the most thirsty engine and Renault can't be too far off their horse power now, but far more efficient. Yes Ferrari worked with Shell on this area, but presumably other teams did the same.

Following Bahrain commentators made the observation that Red Bull was better on the soft tyres where as Ferrari were quicker on the hard compound. However is this just reflective of Ferrari starting with 10kgs more fuel and handing a 0.4sec a lap advantage to Red Bull early in the race, where as later on the fuel loads would become closer?

If Renault's power plant does improve, have you heard anything or would you envisage Ferrari seeking some form of equalisation themselves?

Would appreciate your views.



I think that there is a lot of misinformation around about this. Over winter 08 into 09 Renault were allowed to equalise their engine, but not over last winter. The FIA left it up to the teams to agree and they didn't. As for the story on Autosport yesterday about Renault being allowed to equalise the engine now, I rang Renault to check and they said that they have no idea what they are on about. Nothing new has been done. When the FIA receives a request from an engine builder to make changes for reliability reasons, all the other engine builders are informed first.



Further to my post last week, Ron Dennis on ESPN has now also suggested that there may be a design issue with the Red Bull which caused the failure in Bahrain. Possibly a small fuel tank or higher fuel consumption than expected which set the electronics into fuel save mode. I'm guessing if Ron Dennis is quoting this then he must have it on reasonably good authority, interested to know whether its something which you've heard from your contacts? With different races requiring different fuel laods do you envisage this being a factor in Melbourne would you say?



Autosport didn't say anything about equalizing the engine:

"Renault has been given approval to make a 'large' number of improvements to its engines for cost and reliability reasons, AUTOSPORT has learned"

Changes for reliability reasons are usually allowed. Ferrari and Mercedes have made lots of changes under that term too.


Thats what I thought, but I read the following where Ted Kravitz has seemingly suggested this, but he could be misquoted or misunderstood and simply be referring to the previous winter as you point out.

As you say it may be misinformation, but reports suggests that its Red Bull and not the Renault team calling for this, but either way Renault would know if a equalisation request has been put in. I guess this maybe another thing to take with a pinch of salt, but I have read several stories that Red Bulls problem with Vettels car might be more serious than the spark plug reported...may be no substance to it but interesting nonetheless.,11387283


I have been waiting for this game for what seems like ages! September is still a while off, so I'm still doing laps in the older F1 Championship edition on ps3.

The game looks amazing, there is a developer vid on the website. The footage looks to good to be true. The pit crews look very realistic. Let's just hope it's as good as it looks.....codemasters are ace at what they do, but as an f1 fan and gamer, I do prefer sim over arcade and codies last few efforts have disappointed many.

It helps that they have input from one Anthony Davidson.

Roll on September, I personally can't wait.. Let's also hope melborne is a better race than the season opener!!!


I hold that motorcycle racing games are tops because there is an added dimension of balance not to mention the inherent beauty in their movement. Once the skills are mastered the inner struggle between allowing aggressive choices and disciplined precision begins. Thus I share that mental experience with my brother racers in the material world.


Anthony Davidson was the adviser for the game...

video -


Get the o9 game it okay to pass the time. might see if i can go online on it


James you need to get your son to comment on the current races, I'm sure he would have some interesting opinions!

My son runs his own games review site I will look out for their reviews on the new version


About time aint it James!



on ps3??

try xbox!!!

been waiting for ages for a proper F1 game.

bring it on.

i will beat you all!


Hi James,

What about the traction control? How do you adjust throttle with no TC in the game?


I presume like any other racing game, with the analogue stick or trigger on the controller.


Thanks James, I find it hard to apply no-TC issue in the game especially for PS3. The PS3 analogue is already very sensitive and you can not press throttle slowly same with real throtter pedal, thus I suspect we will keep driving with TC in this game.

I will be glad if you ask or experience this one in your Codemasters visit.


I'd agree with you James. The Wii version is very accessible for kids and adults alike and unfortunately, like you, I have been comprehensively thrashed by my ten year old son. When you do get to Codemasters can you find out if an update for the 2010 season will appear for the Wii? I have very fond memories battling with a friend on his Atai ST version of Crammond's "Grand Prix" game which based on the 1991 season. With a wheel and pedal set and no fuel stops it was awesome. Thinking of gaming and sims I remember hearing Stirling Moss being asked on a radio phone in (late eighties I think) about the usefulness of racing sims in developing a racing brain in young drivers and he roundly pooh poohed the idea. Funny how a couple of decades later the teams are now running massive car simulators to help train junior drivers and test car developments. Keep up the great work on the blog.


Very good article James, will you be able to get any more screenshots/videos when you visit codemasters?


you should get comission james, didnt know there was a wii f1 game, i have however just ordered it! cant wait for it to arrive now


Well at least a small part of F1 will be viewed in HD!


Can't wait...From what I have seen on You Tube, the view from the cockpit is spectacular.


Great article. I am so looking forward to a new PS3 F1 game.

There's a lot of respect here for the old PC titles such as Grand Prix 2 etc, but no one is talking much about the awesome games put out by Sony, from the Liverpool Studio developers. I've played all those titles (featuring a certain familiar lead commentator!) and found them to be far and away the best F1 games out there. The last title they made, F1 Championship Edition was a superb launch title on the PS3, frankly I'll be impressed if Codemasters can beat its graphics.

I think the details on the career mode sound good, but what I'd really like would be the ability to export and upload replays to youtube and the like, for sharing with fellow F1 fans.

Once thing is for sure, when the game does come out, it wont be the same without you and Martin being on there! Good to hear you at the post-race interview on Sunday btw, I guess that's the closest we'll get to hearing you on the BBC. Just not the same!


Here is a small example of the cockpit view.


I am sure it will be a lovely game. I cant wait for the release. I have playing rfactor though. It is really the next best thing.


great to see comments, however, im disappointed by the lack of commentary, its there in FIFA games, wrestling also excels in commentary, i dont know whether the powers that be in F1 have imposed some restriction, there were all these issues in the past like engine sounds, safety cars and the look of cars. I understand that F1 at times never opens its doors fully open.

I remember Martin and James and their commentary was so useful that you knew everything around you, you knew when to react to certain situations.

With an engineer, he is like a nuisance to you as not every lap he needs to come on the radio, i remember Martin say that some drivers like Kimi only want just to drive and less talk on the radio, so commentary and a little of engineers input would have made sense.


I remember that when I used to play the sim there was something called "camber", which I never really understood. I know it has to do with the wheels vertical angle, but I never knew what is its purpose. Can you give me a hint?

And... are there any instructions anywhere as to how to use the suspensions settings? (hard or soft; longer or shorter). I'd like to buy the new game. It has to be really cool.

I never play in Alonso's place. Poor thing if I did. 🙂


You blokes should just play rFactor. The best F1 mod of all IMHO is CTDP F1 2005 and there are many other mod from many years going way back to way back when... all for the one low price with literally hundreds of tracks available. rFactor2 will be here Q2 2010.


I'm not into gaming, but from what I gather here these latest games seem remarkable. There's been much mention of realism, so am I right in assuming that "boring procession" is the default mode?


Look great. Cant wait to try it out.

It's such a shame the PC GP Manager games from the late 90's never really took off. I spents days on end playing those games.

There has been a few poor attempts to recreate them but not done with officail teams and drivers.


I like the 2009 game, it is providing quite a lot of entertainment at our house.

The new game sounds good, but I would have liked them to use more of a simulation type engine than a gaming engine. The old GP3 and GP4 games felt more like Live For Speed than Dirt 2 et al.

Personally I am loving Monaco and Malaysia as tracks.


FINALLY!!!! about time a F1 game on the PC, can't wait.


James. I hope you have a great time in Melbourne. My son beats me at all the computer games too. Look forward to hearing your commentary on One HD.



I have to say. I hold no hope for this game. If it is indeed utilising CodeMasters extremelt flawed 'ego engine' we can expect another failed title from CodeMasters. In a world of super realistic simulaters like GranTurismo 5 prologue and the immenent release of the full game, its hard to understand CodeMasters strategy of releasing unsophisticated, arcady racers. I've played a little of Colin McRae and part two. Frankly they are appauling games by comparison to their competitors and CodeMasters will do well to stop relying solely on the selling power of a franchise and start looking at its production methods and quality standards.

As a games company they have let their loyal customer base down time and time again. And in some cases even deceived people to generate large innitial sales, knowing full well that their product was unfinished at the time of release. Just look at their title 'Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising'


You couldn't be any more wrong if you tried!!

As a long time racing and gaming fab codemasters have always produced fantastic games.... Recently grid and dirt have been stunning examples of how racing can be done....

I'm sure I'm not alone in wishing gran turismo moved on and became more vibrant rather than the flawed graphical update of the second game, it's got a lot to prove considering what's been announced, developed, lanched and enjoyed since it was named as a ps3 launch title 🙂


They really need to include safety cars into the games thought to make it more real. I remember cars barging into the run off at Silverstone in GP4 and still being able to fly past, then a lap later they were gone!

Would be great, having to manage your speed, prepare for a restart and look after your tyres - and if you're leading, keep the pack behind and maintain distance from the safety car.

I hear this new one has a manual pit lane speed limiter - something else I thought F1 games should include, so very happy about that!

I'll have to dust off my old PC steering wheel i think!


got the game today for the wii and its really good fun. much better than anticipated. anyway cant stop im lewis hamilton and im about to do 30 laps of monza. by by sunshine and social life for a while




Guys the greatest F1 game ever is and i think will remain for some time Grand Prix legends.

GPL was set in the 1967 season. no aero no wing, no slicks, just 400hp, 500kg cars on the tracks of the day. the old Spa circuit, nurburging etc. The best most realistic sim ever. Diablolically hard to master and you have to learn to steer with the throttle, no other sim has ever come close...

just Google GPL and you will see a whole community dedicated to this game. You can now download it for free and there a many other tracks that have been designed by other fans. if you are a Race sim fan you must see this...


James allen!!? COOL : D


i was 1:23:359 in turkey....

i was well one sec faster than the world record


why in malaysia still not available formula one for pc..??just have for ps3 and xbox..

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