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New F1 game unveiled
New F1 game unveiled
Posted By: James Allen  |  20 Mar 2010   |  3:00 pm GMT  |  84 comments

For those interested in the gaming side of F1, the official F1 game by Codemasters has had a revamp for 2010 and was unveiled in London this week.

The game, due out in September, will be the first official F1 game to appear on the Xbox 360 platform and will be back on PC. It is also available for Playstation. The new game is also designed for HD consoles.

The game is developed in Birmingham and uses the same proprietary technology as Colin McRae and DIRT 2.

Last year’s game, the first by Codemasters after years of the contract being exclusively with Sony, has been a big hit in the Allen household on the Nintendo Wii.

My five year old is extremely proficient on it, especially around his favourite track Interlagos, where he would give Felipe Massa a run for his money. He seems to have developed a soft spot for driving Force India cars, perhaps due to the colour scheme.

I’m not much of a gamer, but I’ve lost count of the number of times I have toiled around to finish outside the top ten while he has made a break for it in the lead and won the race.

It’s a great game for the non-expert player, the graphics for the tracks are uncannily accurate and the only criticism I would make is that the rotating front wheels look a bit naff compared to the quality of everything else. We haven’t got into the finer details of car handling, which are built into the game, whereby grip levels change with rain or tyre marbles. But my youngest has certainly had a lot of fun on car damage settings, where you can knock wings and nosecones off.

I wasn’t able to attend Wednesday’s launch, so I haven’t played the new game yet, but I’ve got an open invitation to go up to Codemasters and will do so before long, to take a look.

This weekend we will be doing a few laps of Albert Park to reacquaint ourselves with how it goes ahead of next Sunday’s Grand Prix there. Luckily for me there are no safety cars in the game, as I would be sure to trigger one…

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why in malaysia still not available formula one for pc..??just have for ps3 and xbox..


i was 1:23:359 in turkey….

i was well one sec faster than the world record


James allen!!? COOL : D


Guys the greatest F1 game ever is and i think will remain for some time Grand Prix legends.

GPL was set in the 1967 season. no aero no wing, no slicks, just 400hp, 500kg cars on the tracks of the day. the old Spa circuit, nurburging etc. The best most realistic sim ever. Diablolically hard to master and you have to learn to steer with the throttle, no other sim has ever come close…

just Google GPL and you will see a whole community dedicated to this game. You can now download it for free and there a many other tracks that have been designed by other fans. if you are a Race sim fan you must see this…




got the game today for the wii and its really good fun. much better than anticipated. anyway cant stop im lewis hamilton and im about to do 30 laps of monza. by by sunshine and social life for a while


They really need to include safety cars into the games thought to make it more real. I remember cars barging into the run off at Silverstone in GP4 and still being able to fly past, then a lap later they were gone!

Would be great, having to manage your speed, prepare for a restart and look after your tyres – and if you’re leading, keep the pack behind and maintain distance from the safety car.

I hear this new one has a manual pit lane speed limiter – something else I thought F1 games should include, so very happy about that!

I’ll have to dust off my old PC steering wheel i think!


You couldn’t be any more wrong if you tried!!

As a long time racing and gaming fab codemasters have always produced fantastic games…. Recently grid and dirt have been stunning examples of how racing can be done….

I’m sure I’m not alone in wishing gran turismo moved on and became more vibrant rather than the flawed graphical update of the second game, it’s got a lot to prove considering what’s been announced, developed, lanched and enjoyed since it was named as a ps3 launch title 🙂


I have to say. I hold no hope for this game. If it is indeed utilising CodeMasters extremelt flawed ‘ego engine’ we can expect another failed title from CodeMasters. In a world of super realistic simulaters like GranTurismo 5 prologue and the immenent release of the full game, its hard to understand CodeMasters strategy of releasing unsophisticated, arcady racers. I’ve played a little of Colin McRae and part two. Frankly they are appauling games by comparison to their competitors and CodeMasters will do well to stop relying solely on the selling power of a franchise and start looking at its production methods and quality standards.

As a games company they have let their loyal customer base down time and time again. And in some cases even deceived people to generate large innitial sales, knowing full well that their product was unfinished at the time of release. Just look at their title ‘Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising’


James. I hope you have a great time in Melbourne. My son beats me at all the computer games too. Look forward to hearing your commentary on One HD.



FINALLY!!!! about time a F1 game on the PC, can’t wait.


I like the 2009 game, it is providing quite a lot of entertainment at our house.

The new game sounds good, but I would have liked them to use more of a simulation type engine than a gaming engine. The old GP3 and GP4 games felt more like Live For Speed than Dirt 2 et al.

Personally I am loving Monaco and Malaysia as tracks.


Look great. Cant wait to try it out.

It’s such a shame the PC GP Manager games from the late 90’s never really took off. I spents days on end playing those games.

There has been a few poor attempts to recreate them but not done with officail teams and drivers.


I’m not into gaming, but from what I gather here these latest games seem remarkable. There’s been much mention of realism, so am I right in assuming that “boring procession” is the default mode?


You blokes should just play rFactor. The best F1 mod of all IMHO is CTDP F1 2005 and there are many other mod from many years going way back to way back when… all for the one low price with literally hundreds of tracks available. rFactor2 will be here Q2 2010.


I remember that when I used to play the sim there was something called “camber”, which I never really understood. I know it has to do with the wheels vertical angle, but I never knew what is its purpose. Can you give me a hint?

And… are there any instructions anywhere as to how to use the suspensions settings? (hard or soft; longer or shorter). I’d like to buy the new game. It has to be really cool.

I never play in Alonso’s place. Poor thing if I did. 🙂


great to see comments, however, im disappointed by the lack of commentary, its there in FIFA games, wrestling also excels in commentary, i dont know whether the powers that be in F1 have imposed some restriction, there were all these issues in the past like engine sounds, safety cars and the look of cars. I understand that F1 at times never opens its doors fully open.

I remember Martin and James and their commentary was so useful that you knew everything around you, you knew when to react to certain situations.

With an engineer, he is like a nuisance to you as not every lap he needs to come on the radio, i remember Martin say that some drivers like Kimi only want just to drive and less talk on the radio, so commentary and a little of engineers input would have made sense.


I am sure it will be a lovely game. I cant wait for the release. I have playing rfactor though. It is really the next best thing.


Here is a small example of the cockpit view.



Great article. I am so looking forward to a new PS3 F1 game.

There’s a lot of respect here for the old PC titles such as Grand Prix 2 etc, but no one is talking much about the awesome games put out by Sony, from the Liverpool Studio developers. I’ve played all those titles (featuring a certain familiar lead commentator!) and found them to be far and away the best F1 games out there. The last title they made, F1 Championship Edition was a superb launch title on the PS3, frankly I’ll be impressed if Codemasters can beat its graphics.

I think the details on the career mode sound good, but what I’d really like would be the ability to export and upload replays to youtube and the like, for sharing with fellow F1 fans.

Once thing is for sure, when the game does come out, it wont be the same without you and Martin being on there! Good to hear you at the post-race interview on Sunday btw, I guess that’s the closest we’ll get to hearing you on the BBC. Just not the same!


Can’t wait…From what I have seen on You Tube, the view from the cockpit is spectacular.


Well at least a small part of F1 will be viewed in HD!


you should get comission james, didnt know there was a wii f1 game, i have however just ordered it! cant wait for it to arrive now


Very good article James, will you be able to get any more screenshots/videos when you visit codemasters?


I’d agree with you James. The Wii version is very accessible for kids and adults alike and unfortunately, like you, I have been comprehensively thrashed by my ten year old son. When you do get to Codemasters can you find out if an update for the 2010 season will appear for the Wii? I have very fond memories battling with a friend on his Atai ST version of Crammond’s “Grand Prix” game which based on the 1991 season. With a wheel and pedal set and no fuel stops it was awesome. Thinking of gaming and sims I remember hearing Stirling Moss being asked on a radio phone in (late eighties I think) about the usefulness of racing sims in developing a racing brain in young drivers and he roundly pooh poohed the idea. Funny how a couple of decades later the teams are now running massive car simulators to help train junior drivers and test car developments. Keep up the great work on the blog.

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