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JA on F1 Tweets – Jerez test updates
JA on F1 Tweets  – Jerez test updates
Posted By: James Allen  |  10 Feb 2010   |  3:40 pm GMT  |  37 comments

The second official test is underway in Jerez ahead of the the 2010 F1 season and you can follow the action live on our Twitter Aggregator site JA on F1 Tweets

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Having listened to the many suggestions kindly submitted by our readers, we have updated the site since last week’s Valencia roll-out. We have added a server due to its popularity, so the site should be faster and updated more frequently. Autorefresh will be added once we’re happy the new set-up is working well.

Thanks for all your great feedback – we’ve removed retweets and the search text highlighting as a result. We had lots of suggestions for people to add (and a few to remove!) which we’ve reviewed and changed where appropriate.

For readers from other countries or with other languages, there is now more foreign media.

And as for Fans – we’re looking for interesting comments and not adding people who aren’t tweeting about F1 or have protected tweets.

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Elsewhere, we have been debating the implications of the Virgin failure and what this might indicate for the other new teams.

Virgin have just found that CAD does not substitute for real life running.

We saw last year that a fault on a car, whether by design or mistake, can have dire consequences. We have got used to experienced teams with 1,000s of hours of track time evolving their cars. Try and think back to the last structural failure of a car due to a design fault – not due to some form of impact.

Now we have new teams turning up, and we have the prospect of USF1 and Campos turning up at the first race without their cars having has any serious running or testing.

That is a potentially fatal mix – not just for the drivers, but for those around them.

Scrutineering is about the legality of the car, not that it is fit for purpose. Should the FIA allow cars to the first race that have not been put through a reasonable amount of testing?


I can think of loks recent examples in the past where parts have come of cars.

McLaren for instance with mirrors and rear wing failures

Williams, Toyota and Minardi I also recall having wing problems in the past.

It also wasn’t too long ago that Red Bull had suspension issues that would break over high curbs.

So I think you are perhaps overreacting a bit but what it does highlight is that the testing restrictions are a bit of a farce especially for the new teams who have no historical data to go on and have a lot of work to do if they experience any reliability issues.


I’m not so much over-reacting, as pointing out that there is something a little inconsistent between the highest levels of safety demanded to protect the drivers, and then letting someone enter a car which may not have turned a wheel in anger.

I’m less worried about Virgin, who are at least testing. It is the thought of USF1 who are now talking (well as in January, the last time we heard out of them) about turning up and essentially using the race as testing (“It might not be pretty but we’ll be there”), really not having tried the car out at all – especially when its senior designer seems to have a strange pedigree: http://www.housefish.com/suspended_bed.jpg

I think we have got a bit blase about F1 safety – but mainly I just think it is unnecessary to have the highest levels of medical care and crash testing, but then allow someone to enter an entirely untested bit of kit into a race.

Thinking about it, I doubt USF1 will be there, so I am over-reacting 🙂


Anything can happen. It’s only just one incident and no big deal compared to what happened to Massa.


The last batch of big failures in testing were when the teams were messing around with the flexi rear wings (that tilted back under air speed).

I think we have to cut virgin some slack as other teams have had similar problems with mounts in the past.

I very much agree on usf f1 and campos though. If they ever turn up.


Did anybody else spot Hulkenberg hitting the highest top speed ?

How come a Williams with a brand new Cosworth customer engine can do this ?

Did Moseley steal a power advantage for his Pet teams running the Cosworth as part of his revenge/battle with the FOTA and the Manufacturer teams ?



just been reading the tweets thing for the first time. Absolutely brilliant!

I must say having read some quotes from Virgin about their testing today, they said they were very positive about the aero performance of the car.

Presumably until the point that the front wing fell off (teething problems to be expected with a new team and all new design I suppose), but it certainly made me smile.

You’re sounding impressed by the Cosworth facility by the way! Great company, great heritage.

Just a shame they no longer collaborate with Ford on their fast cars….


“This morning we experienced a front wing mounting problem which caused the wing to come off the car at the beginning of a run,” said Virgin technical director Nick Wirth

I bet a little bit of wind tunnel work could have helped to stop this happening?


Hi gyus, can’t find a general chat section sorry!

Does anyone have a complete collection of the 2008 season on DVD? (Lewis wins title)

By complete collection I mean full practices, qualifying and races with podium celebrations.

So it should be about 6.5-7.5 hrs of coverage per race.

If anyone can help, let me know through here and I’ll give you my email address so we can talk.




Thanks, great tool, James. I have found several sites that I didn’t know existed through the feed. Just get the auto refresh feature on there now!


Hi James any news about the Campos rumors which claim that According to Spanish press(AS.com) Ecclestone & Carabante have taken over Campos & Adrian Campos has left the team. Also they have secured the sale of team to VW in 2011.


Hi James, thanks for removing the Twitter link from the main site. I was reduced to reading planetf1 for a while!!! It’s probably a great thing to do (this twitter), but I’m too old and my work server didn’t like it! So cheers. Keep it up.


Just love your twitter site. It’s like a one stop shop for all the F1 news. Well done. Same goes to the contributors.


McLaren diversify into crop spraying.


It looks more like a hedgetrimmer – perhaps it’s one of those “improve the show” things they’re banging on about where the cars can fit some sort of Robot Wars attachment to their car. McLaren have opted for the tyre shredder


Actually, those aren’t very serious at all…


Thanks for the pictures adam. I had already seen some of these prandtl tubes but not from those angles.

Well, of course there are more advanced measurement techniques, but for on-track testing these are quite good. Especially because you don’t measure a quantity that is the result of an integral over a large surface like a force, but a pressure distribution which is much more accurate when being compared to your cfd data.

The problem with this sort of testing is that you get measurement errors when the airflow comes under an angle. It is not huge but it is there and it increases rapidly with increasing angle of attack. And who know how the flowfield behind the wheel exactly looks like.

This is why in most windtunnels you would use multihole probes for that sort of measurement. Only, in a F1 car the amount of pressure gauges is limited by the space you have left in your car – so I think this is a good compromise.

On some german F1 pages I read that they were trying to measure dynamic pressure variations due to vortices. You can see the influence of the vortex but only the steady state ones. Insteady measurement with tubes that long is in my opinion simply not possible.



errr…yeah. As I said, it’s not that advanced. It’s just there to get pressure readings for validation of CFD and monitoring real performance. I don’t think there’ll be much of steady-state vortex behind a wheel of an F1 car at Jerez.


I think it’d be helpful to have a twitter feed just to keep up to date with the rules; apparently, teams aren’t allowed to miss any races, let alone up to 3 like we were discussing yesterday


I’m officially confused


I really, REALLY hope this isn’t Lotus’ official twitter page http://twitter.com/lotus_f1_team .

Coupled with that plain, outdated logo they claim to be “modern”, this carcrash of a design that is their twitter page, really takes away any credibility from their design/marketing team.

I know it doesn’t have to mean anything for the car itself but it in this day and age, you can’t allow yourself to be that backward in your internet presence and brand development.


Have you see their livery?

The car looks like a joke.


It clearly states in the page owner profile that this is a fanpage… Did you not notice?


It is awful isn’t it! That’s embarassing. It seems stupid that a team called Lotus will race under a Malaysian flag and will soon be based in Malaysia NOT Norfolk.

Its a fake and shallow imitator of the real Lotus.


you are aware that Ferrari’s are Fiat’s right?


Perhaps they’re saving money for development by getting the work experience kid to knock out their twitter page?


Wouldn’t it be great if we could at least view the live timings from F1 tests on the net or better still watch the action, there are many like me that would be glued to the action.

James make it happen 🙂


Hello James

Today I was watching that site, but there is only live updates no live timing. Is there any site with live timing like during the races? And is there any sites that give detailed stint details for each individual driver?



It would be great if there was such a site.

James, thanks for the link I’ll check that out this morning (it’s not loading at present 8.41gmt)


Both my husband and I are hugh motor racing fans and have been for many years. We have really enjoyed following your feed and it has been as if we were there thank you and keep up the good work


Good to hear. Thanks for that


Hi James,

Any news if there will be dry weather at Jerez tomorow?


Have to say that this is one of the best innovative ideas around twitter I have yet seen. Worked really well last week. Should be great throughout the season for adding an extra dimension to media coverage.


good job boys! These are the sort of initiatives Formula One’s official web presence should be utilizing, but since they don’t, fair play to you and your team for getting on with it!

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