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JA on F1 Tweets – all the news and insight in real time
JA on F1 Tweets – all the news and insight in real time
Posted By: James Allen  |  01 Feb 2010   |  9:00 am GMT  |  117 comments

I’m delighted to announce JA on F1 Tweets, an exciting new service for the 2010 season.
Picture 50

The idea of this subsite is to bring the sport and the fans closer together by pulling together tweets from inside and outside the sport in one place. What’s so special about it? The key is that you don’t have to be a twitter user to enjoy the wealth of insight and information about the sport that is available from twitter – and often nowhere else!

Think of this like a playlist; I’m the filter and this is my personal choice of Tweets I follow, from inside the sport and the best of the fan tweets. It’s pretty comprehensive already, but over time I will add in more feeds, as more teams and drivers come to the party. But I’m filtering out the junk and creating a genuine touch-point for the fans to the sport.

Here you will find insider information, the teams, the drivers, the journalists, the paddock insiders working on the commercial or technical side and I will work behind the scenes with them to develop the community.

And I will continue to review who’s making waves among the fan twitterers. So if you work in F1, or are a fan with something interesting to say and think you should be on here, then use the Suggest an ID box or send your Twitter ID to and we will take a look.

We also have twitter feeds from F1 media around the world, from the BBC to Brazil. The latest articles from websites and blogs as well as the traditional media are all linked to if they are ‘tweeted’ about.

So if you want to hear it first – you’ll hear it here first!

This week we will be live in Valencia, pulling together the tweets with the latest news on the testing. Click on the “Live at Valencia” tab.

Picture 40
But there is more to it than that. The navigation of this device makes it really simple to find the tweets you’re really interested in. Want to know everything that is being said about Ferrari today? Then click on Ferrari in the display of team’s tweets and you will get all the latest tweets from the team and ones about them.

Click on Ferrari in the Search column and you’ll get all mentions of Ferrari from across the site. It’s a multi-dimensional new source – if one of the drivers or teams is the centre of attention for any reason, you can quickly pick up everything that is being said about them from inside and outside the industry.

We’ll be working on further improvements during the season, and would love to hear your ideas and feedback for how we can improve the service.

Click on the link to explore JA on F1 Tweets.

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has anyone heard the rumour that massa was visting the mercedes hq today?


Dear Mr. Allen,

Not quite sure you will see this…but I wonder if anyone has suggested to add an auto-refresh function to the twitter page?



Yes we should have that soon. We wanted to understand the likely server loads first.


I’ve been following the Valencia test via your ‘Live at Valencia’ Twitter feed page and it’s brilliant.

As someone who doesn’t have a Twitter account (not really worth it if you don’t have an iPhone-type portable internet gizmo), that page is a godsend.

Thank you 🙂


Hi James, the idea’s great!

As many your followers are in China (Where twitter is banned), I find my fellow Chinese gangs can still use the service. It is so hard for Chinese to follow the twitter so I am just wondering if you would like to share the plug-in you are using. (I assume you are using a WordPress Blog system judging from your site structure)




This is excellent and I think, groundbreaking. I am not a twitter user. I was keeping an eye on the closing hour at Valencia today (presumably just the type of thing the Tweet site was invented for).I did not realise there were so many people at the track sending in comments and photos.

I look forward to the first Grand Prix when I will keep an eye on the comments (which I suspect will be more informative than the commentary at the official live timings page).

My one request: for an automatic refresh every minute (especially on the main home page).

Congratulations and well done for taking your excellent site to another level.


We have to understand the traffic flows first and then we can activate auto refresh


What an excellent feed, can’t thank you enough. Just a pity I can’t make much sense of what is really going on in terms of a winning car!


Hi James,

My first thought of this website was why was it so special? It just looks like a collaboration of tweeters put by you.

It was then later I realised people were clicking on my blog tweets after your website picked that I was blogging on Twitter with hashtags.

Thank you so much for being a leading entrepreneur in F1 journalism. I dearly miss your commentary during the race. However your presence on your blog and Twitter have certainly made for your on air absence.




Thanks for that.


So James, To celebrate the launch of your excellent new service when will you be launching a competition with your sponsor to win the sexy Silverstone watch displayed on the background of the site????? (SOON PLEASE!!)


Hi James,

Great work mate… Thanks.

One request: Is it possible to have this set up as an RSS feed (similar to your blog)?




Nice work James, thank you so much!! I´m actually a twitter user and even though I “follow” a lot of recognized F1 pundits (including you, of course :-D), it is always welcome to have the news with your filter. Already in my bookmarked sites!!

Great start of the pre-season!! Cheers!


What a fantastic idea!!! Great job James


Fantastic, James!

What you’re doing for the racing community and its fans is remarkable.

When one door closes another one opens. I wonder if you would have the time to do this if you were still doing the broadcast… 😉


James thanks for coming up with your F1 tweats, it is great. Ive never been into twitter but for an F1 fan what you have done makes perfect sence and is so hepfull, cheers.


Thanks for that. I’m pleased with the response


Nice idea, will give it a go.

One thing so far, can you remove the yellow highlight from search results, makes it very annoying to read the text.


Am I the only one to notice Schumacher completed 40 laps while rosberg completed 39 I may be Reading to much into this but he did mention the total of 79 in an interview, the mind games may have already started


I absolutely LOVE this James!!

Someone give him a knighthood!


Is there any point in an actual Iphone app? Seems to me just a different stylesheet and some Ajax to reload the page in s nice way would suffice. That way lots of smartphones would be covered.


Thanks James, I used it today to keep up to date with the testing news and really like it. Don’t know if it’s because of the limited testing now, but don’t think I’ve ever followed an F1 testing session as closely as today! Its great that F1 2010 is under way!


Hi James this was a top idea, hats off to you. Can we discuss the results of testing today. What were you overall thoughts. Mclaren fans seem to be a bit down about Paffet being 1 second off the pace but we can’t look to much into that can we? I mean he isn’t Lewis or Jenson and i expect Lewis to post some quick times tomorrow as they learn more from todays testing data.




Be patient. It will take time to figure out where everyone is, but we will



Way off topic here i don’t know if this has been asked but i just saw the Mercedes car and it looks really good and fast. But i have a question. Aren’t the exhaust tips on the car violating the rules? Didn’t ferrari have to modify there exhausts last year cause everyone made a fuss about the aero impact they have? Please confirm.

Thanks James… also, love JA.Tweets.. keep up the great work..


That would be great to add once you’re confident the servers can handle it. Has been great to discover some new F1 Tweeters.


I’m not sure how useful that would be – the site is already optimised for the iPhone. Unless it contained new features, it wouldn’t add a whole lot.


Awesome! I don’t tweet, so this is perfect. I feel like I’m there while I’m work. Thanks you!

adamcooperf1 has some great pics. Very cool!


The JA site is the best F1 site on the web now. It’s the first site I visit and there’s always fantastic in depth analysis. Good work James. (Can you feel a ‘but’ coming?) 🙂

But this is a rubbish idea. Give it a month and see how few people are using it. For those that actually use Twitter and get the concept they are already following the various F1 feeds. Those that don’t get Twitter won’t get this and will be bored fairly quickly.

(And the fact that one has to manually refresh to get updated feeds makes this a doubly dead Dodo. If there is such a thing.


Interesting you feel that way. I’m one of those you mention who don’t use twitter (not even been on the site) and I’m finding this new service to be massively helpful, indeed I’ve had a tab with the page open all day the last two days! Also, I don’t think I’ll get bored of it, it’ll be good during test/quali/race sessions too I imagine.


You’re the first one to be negative about it. And I’ve had lots of messages from people who aren’t Twitter users and love the idea of being able to access all this content in this way. Thanks for your comment anyway

Vinicius Antunes

This is the best service ever!

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