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Mercedes launch: More Pics
Mercedes launch: More Pics
Posted By: James Allen  |  25 Jan 2010   |  4:27 pm GMT  |  122 comments

Here are some more images of today’s Mercedes launch.

Picture 29

You can see the colour and effect of the Silver Arrow livery, which is much lighter than the colour of the McLaren Mercedes cars.

Picture 28

Petronas is the main sponsor, along with MIG, a Swiss brokerage which backed Brawn last season. Aabar, the Abu Dhabi investment vehicle, is a shareholder in the Mercedes team.

Picture 34

Nico Rosberg and Michael Schumacher form an all German line up for Mercedes’ first season

Photo: Mercedes

Michael Schumacher has kept the red helmet colour to which he switched during his Ferrari days.

Corinna Schumacher was at the launch.

And so was McLaren boss Martin Whitmarsh..
Picture 26

Michael and Corinna Schumacher

Whitmarsh at Mercedes launch

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hai James,

it somewhat stil strange to see Michael in other then the famous red overall complete with the ever recognisedable red helmet……

couldn’t help myself thinking of the situation or the reaction if he win races in Monza (and maybe my wishful thinking, he can even clinch the championship there)… you have any thought on this James?


“I thought it a disappointment,too much like the McLaren,& that green trim,butt ugly in my opinion”.Can’t wait to the see Schu looking blue when he’s trounced by the new generation crew.Here’s hoping they don’t pull another DD Diffuser trick out of the bag,I don’t think F1 can handle another farcical season and Brawns recent history with Todt must play on the oppositions minds a little surely.


I’m pretty sure their black and gray will remain. I don’t see ‘sophistication’ in Mclarens working while being White/red or orange…


Funny, their driving suit remind me of what Hans Stuck Sr. used to wear in his Auto Union days, plain white jumpers, they look kind of retro, I like it.


Anyone else notice that Schumacher’s helmet is completely absent of the German flag and just all red? Well that’s the helmet he’s been wearing in the test sessions of the past couple of years he’s had with the team.


I really hope, for BBC coverage viewers, that this year does not become a Schumifest, with totally over the top focus on him, to the real detriment of the other teams, particularly the new entrants. Personally I am not that bothered about MS returning, I am looking forward to seeing how the teams deal with no re-fuelling, and also the prospect of all the rookies in slower new cars mixing it all up.


Am I just imagining this or does the nose cone look like it’s been ’rounded’ – perhaps to fit the new color scheme better…


There is a time and place for everything. You will be more than offended if someone asked “are you Brits about to show that you can achieve something without invading other countries?” . The guy was clearly as rude as that, especially when it was mercedes first pr day. It’s called “rain on their parade.”


Like it or not, it’s the color that the rest of the grid will be looking at for the 2010 season. It will be easy to see because it will be IN FRONT of them most of the time. 🙂


If Schumacher was to saty in F1 in 2007, he was going to have a no. 3 on his car, how funny is that 🙂



Did the website crash yesterday? I couldn’t get on.

Do you need another ‘bigger boat?’

Also, is it me or does Nico look like a little boy lost?



James, is it true that even though the livery was new the car was actually an old BGP one.. Ive been hearing this from here and there on the net.


It is true that the car used for the Livery Launch yesterday was a repainted BGP001… You read it all over the net because it’s true (though I realise that you can’t always assume that to be the case!!).

The first Mercedes GP car will be unveiled next week…


The colours look quite flat in the pictures . . . . makes me think that on the TV pics it will look quite anonymous and dull (in terms of lighting, not performance).

Is it really as flat as it looks in the pics, or is it just the lighting that has made it look so lacklustre?


All this effort and expense, and nobody thought to put up an old picture of a Mercedes-clad Shumi, from his Merc-Sauber Prototype days??


Initially I wasn’t very fond of the idea that Michael should keep the red helmet since that’s “too Ferrari”, but I think it doesn’t look bad with the silver color of the car and it’s also “functional”, since the Merc drivers will be easy to distinguish with these colors.

The car looks OK to me, but I expected a bit more spectacular livery. I have to admit the McLaren is still the most beautiful car on the grid. But let’s hope Mercedes will be the best!


Will Norbert be at the McLaren launch?

Alistair Blevins

Is there a reason why Mercedes chose to launch the team before the new car was ready? A lot of people seem to think that this is the new car…

I understand that the car may appear late, and that this is great exposure – but will they not go through the same thing again when the W01 is launched?

Opposite Lock (Ken)

This is the dullest, most boring color scheme I have seen in years. Wait until they see it in photos and on video when the car is on the predominately gray tracks. It will blend right in. The Petronas sponsor’s logo gets lost. Frankly, I think it looks like it was drawn in 15 minutes on a kitchen table by a high school student. I’ve seen all-white cars that looked more exciting than this. Totally amateur. Of course, it IS last year’s Brawn. Maybe they will step it up for the real Merc….


Is this a matt colour scheme? Is it the first time anyone has used non-gloss?


I’d be surprised if it was matte. The texture of the paint would be bad for skin friction (read aero drag).


Yes I would have thought so too. However, the teams started to use non-gloss decals some years back, to avoid sponsors names being obscured by reflection (ie looks clearer on TV). That also comes at a cost, with regards to friction.

Perhaps this is a means of the colour scheme really standing out as unique. I can only assume that they’ve calculated the additional drag and that the cost is small. Would love to know more about it though.


Why’s Schumacher talking to Kerry Catona?


To be cheeky “The Germans have to turn to a British team to do it for them”! Can you see them moving the team to Germany in a hurry? I think not. An engine does not make a team. Oh! how partisan, but it’s going to be great to see another big team player in the hussle next season and I hope Nico surprises even himself. Even if Schui does it, who will get the credit? I reckon Brit Brawn is worth 2 / 3 sec a lap so here’s to seeing the pre-season tests soon!


Also, supposing the team won’t show any more favours to its current drivers than it did to Jenson, which budget airline should we expect to see Schumi commute to Brackley on?


suspect he’s got his own plane!


Like Richthofen, it makes good sense for Schum to keep his helmet red. The german flag design was tainted by the incidents with Hill and Villeneuve. The other drivers probably still associate the red with the time he was most dominant and, like Senna’s yellow, it will show up more distinctively in rear view mirrors than a grey or black one would. It probably sends a subliminal message to the tifosi too. A subtle reminder each time, both familiar and yet strangely unfamiliar: I made you and now I will break you.


I think Schumi as a brand is built around the red helmet. To change it would be complex and costly.


see here what was said between schumi and rosberg in that picture:

Topless Porridge

Ha-ha-haaa! Brilliant.


I noticed that Michael’s wife Corinna was at the presentation. I bet that she wishes he was still retired.

I expect Michael to win races this season but I am not convinced that he will win another championship


RE your surname, where are you from?


Canberra ACT Australia


The design is very fresh, wish I could have been the official photographer though!

I’m so happy we are seeing the back of those well covers, much prefer the rims.


Nice car. Front wing looks awesome! I like the colour scheme, much better than the Brawns.

Anyone know who’s going to be doing the clothes range? Are Henri Lloyd still in there ?


I was in a Henri Lloyd store the other day seeing what BrawnGP stuff they had left (I’m not ashamed to admit that I was seeing if there was anything on sale that I could sell on eBay for a profit – no joy though) and the assistant mentioned that they’re getting the “new” range in soon. I asked if she meant the Mercedes GP stuff and she said yes.


Hey Guys

Henri Lloyd are still sponsoring the team 🙂 There is a good close up of the logo on




If you can find a higher-res photo elsewhere on the net you’ll see an HL logo behind the head-rest.

Christopher Snowdon

Don’t forget guys that the Mclaren car was fast at the end of the year, I don’t think Whitmarsh will be totally focused on Mercedes. The best thing about Mercedes is their engine, and Mclaren already have this and denied a competitor the right to it. Whitmarsh will probably be more concerned about Alonso and Ferrari, and maybe even more so Red Bull (he’s already won a battle with them over the winter break).

If he is worried, think it will be more with loosing his best staff to the team, simply because Norbert Haug knows who they are.


Reds quite a intimidating colour. I am guessing that rivals looking in their mirrors will know it’s him.


That is the psychological intention, yes. It will make for an intimidating sight, leaving no doubt in the other drivers’ minds with such a bold statement of intention.

Topless Porridge

..when he’s coming up to lap them, obviously!


Does anyone know who’s car this was – didn’t Brawn only build 3 chassis’? Surely Jenson or Ruebens raced this car??



it is pretty much exactly how the graphics on your header on the page has been since Schumacher was announced.

Its almost as if someone at Merc had given you a heads up on the exact colour scheme.

Brilliant to start seeing some launches! Cant wait for the season or even the testing now!


The graphics on the Header were released by Mercedes as a ‘mock up’ of what the livery would look like, after they had signed a deal with Petronas. So someone at Merc hadn’t just given a heads up, they’d created the image!


Thats because it WAS merc who gave him the heads up! That picture was on the Brawn GP website the day the Merc/BGP deal was announced.


That’s what I was implying…..


I would’ve liked to see more mint. Could be better.


That´s a great livery, i like it a lot, those blue paints also looks very good.

Let´s see if it is fast and reliable also.


A penny for Martin Whitmarsh thoughts


Man that colour scheme is gorgeous, I can’t wait to see what the W01 will deliver this year.


What a helmet


Nice livery and doesn’t the car look so much better without those horrible wheel trims…

Thanks for the clearing up the Schumacher helmet question that has been floating around for a while now. You are the only site to address this.


+1 on the wheel trims. Those dayglow “floaters” looked like something from pimp my ride.

I think the helmet colour will break the silver nicely.


The nose reminds me of the McLaren cars from the late 90s/early 2000s. It’ll be easy to distinguish between the two teams. McLaren the last few years have always been a very very dark silver – like a thunderous sky. This car is proper Mercedes colours!

Topless Porridge

It’ll be easy to distinghuish the two teams on the track for sure. The McLarens will be the ones behind the Mercs.


Preparing to lap them 😉


but not of the brawn car of last year somehow? LMAO!


I would of thought Michael would of changed his helmet – new start and all


James,what color Mclaren will paint their cars from now on?


I really want them to go back to that nice flat vintage McLaren orange


As pointed out yesterday (somewhere), do you think McLaren’s title sponsor – Vodafone – will want the cars painted Orange? Think about that…

McLaren have already said their cars will remain Chrome for the time being – which should be very different to this watered down grey


My understanding is that they will keep the look and feel of the previous McLarens, silver with Vodafone red


I’m sure Vodafone would love McLaren to be painted Orange! (Yes I wrote painted ‘Orange’ not ‘orange’.)


Hopefully McLaren Orange!

Funny how they’re talking about McLaren as the all-British team when it was founded by a Kiwi!


James should we read anything into Schumi keeping the red helmet? Its such a symbol of his Ferrari days im sure some sports phycologists will assume there is still a strong attachment to Ferrari by not ditching the colour.


The red against the stark silver-white will stand out like a red light and will signify alarm bells to any driver seeing that in his mirrors.

It is psychological as well as symbolic: an unsettling sight that will automatically equate to “pressure.”

Schumacher is planning everything to the finest detail.


Without Michael Schumacher, I would never consider the Brawn team to be anything but a one hit wonder, with the double diffuser scam doing all of the work…

With Michael back – the team already looks to be firmly aiming for the title with a realistic chance…

Michael brings a new level of respect to any team he drives for… unlike Button, who was and always will be a laughing stock.


Good to hear from you Ron. Nice to see that you still have a humongous JB-sized chip on your shoulder.

I’m beginning to think that Jenson must have done something really atrocious to you to warrant all these ascerbic comments you write about him. Did he run off with your wife or something?!


There were other teams with double-diffusers at the start of last season… Brawn simply did the best job… get over it.

“A laughing stock”… how so??? I think the only one laughing is Mr Button… he is after all a World Champ now 🙂

Schumi is a great driver – 7 world titles, says it all. Yet, I suspect whoever drove for Brawn\Merc would be eyeing a title shot with “a realistic chance”.

It will be a very interesting season; will there be parity between the Merc drivers? How will Alonso slot in at Ferrari? Will Hamilton “destroy” Button? How will the new teams fare? How will the drivers contend with heavy, full tanks? And much, much more…

Mind you, I look forward to every new season whatever’s happening in the F1 world 🙂


Interesting point.

So what you are saying is that Schumacher has affected the development of this car since he has joined to the point that it will now be a contender, whereas it wouldn’t if JB was still at the wheel.

That kind of thinking almost makes me want Schumacher to lose out to Rosberg.



Correction: From other photos I see they have stuck Rosberg’s number low down on the rear wing side plate. (hidden by the rear wheels on the photos you included James)


Interesting front wing aerofoils, looks to me like there may be more than one closed section.

I see that they have adopted Ferrari style “Flow guides” which no connection with mirrors and are more substantial than Ferrari’s of last year.

(will re-check the regs but think only mirror supports are allowed in that area.)

Notice the number is now only readable as you fly over the top of the car.

Of course it just happens purely by chance to be Schumi’s number, maybe it would be unlucky for him if he didn’t get top billing on everything


Ha ha the number of people analysing last year’s car is making me laugh! What bit of it being last year’s car in this year’s colours is so hard to understand? Don’t trust any analysis they come up with if they can’t even spot that major detail!


I have a feeling that it may be last year’s car. 😉


That’s the 2009 Brawn, don’t read too much into it…


this is last years car with the new livery… the 2009 car.


Um… you do realise that’s the final spec 2009 brawn car, right? Everything there was on in Abu Dahbi.

As for the number, there’s a “four” on the rear wing. I don’t think it would be smart to put the bigger number on the front, whoever’s driving it. Do you?


“The car revealed today was last year’s championship winning Brawn car repainted in Mercedes colours”


Its only a new Livery (paint scheme) that was ‘launched’ today, the new CAR will be launched for the first test in Valencia next week or so.


this is the BGP001, 09 spec.


James, were you in the Q&A? Can you tell us who asked these questions so we can boycott anything they write in future…

‘In Brazil 2006, you said you were sorry for all the errors you made over the years. Is this return an way to show that you can win in the right way?’


‘Q. It was the manner in which you won them, now what you won.’


‘Q. The man sitting next to you’s father said after Rascasse ’06 that the sport could do without do. How do you feel now driving with the son of the man who described you in that way?’

I’m frankly astounded at the sheer arrogance of the reporter posing these questions. Michael almost certainly had dubious moments in his career, but this was a particularly shameless questioning of the guy.

Michael was quite appropriate in his response I must add 🙂


No wonder we have so many more Schumacher fans. ITs quite visible to see the anti-schumacherism that seems to be hovering round the British journalists. Maybe Schumacher should have replied that since the time he retired, F1 has gone through worse cases of cheating: Alonso, Briatore, Mclaren, Lewis. No one’s a saint in there.


this is shocking questions on such a place/occasion.

do you have link to the QA’s of drivers? i cant seem to find them. read the QAs of team boss already.


Get a grip guys! Journalists are there to get interesting answers. That part of the Q & A was by far the most interesting bit – the rest was all just dull corporate speak about the History of Mercedes – yawnarama central. Surely the most intriuging part of Schummel Schumi’s comeback is whether he will still live up to his moniker. I sincerely hope he does, F1 has had too many flaky anonymous non-entities trundling around recently (Fisichella, Trulli etc). Bravo Jonathan Noble for asking the questions the fans would ask themselves.


Here’s the link.

Surely he had his controversies but is it really their job to keep asking about them and rain on the team’s parade?

I think these guys deserve to be beaten up.


Q. In Brazil 2006, you said you were sorry for all the errors you made over the years. Is this return an way to show that you can win in the right way?

MS: Yeah, I’m sure 91 wins and seven titles you only win them in the bad way, absolutely, you are right.

Q. It was the manner in which you won them, now what you won.

MS: Yes, I know, I did mean I won all this in the manner that you were trying to ask questions. Let’s be sensible and think the reality and look forward to what we all might face, and learn and enjoy together. That’s what I’m looking for.

I think Autosport just embarresed themselves.

There is a time and place for everything.

I mean what kind of idiotic questions were they?

Michael was quite appropriate in his response I must add too 🙂


Apparently it’s Jonathan Noble and Pablo Elizalde.

Biased journos.

If it was an English driver, they would be like ‘give it to me Lewis’.


It was a journalist from the Daily Mail.


what? source please?


Surely we want journalists who ask interesting questions, and not just sycophants who look for the obvious, bland quote.

Hooray for whoever asked these questions, I say.


James, I definitely think you need to run a ‘Caption Competition’ for Picture 5 (Nico and Michael)!


Red helmet looks a bit strange with the merc logo on the front. Should have gone with a blak/dark grey colour scheme.


The idea to have lines of Petronas colour on the front wing and the outside of the wheel rim is very peculiar but effective.

I think the colour scheme works very well and the individual helmet colour for each driver will be very good if Rosberg will keep a similar design as last year.

Overall I think the Mercedes PR has done a very good job so far


I wonder how the green rims on the wheels will look once they get the green stripe tyres on there…


The nose star should be more prominent I think. Too dark IMHO. Play it up baby.


I wonder whether Martin Whitmarsh was there in a McLaren or FOTA capacity… James do you know?


James – please shed some light on why Martin Whitmarsh was at the Mercedes launch.


I like how the numbering is in a style reminiscent of the early silver arrows (red number, white roundel).


yep, that’s great. best part of the design 🙂

i think mclaren won’t change anything on their livery. though i’d be happy to see the orange cars again.


history seems to be very important to mercedes. Good for them.


Look! Schumi’s psyching Rosberg out even in front of the world’s cameras! Look at the poor innocent boy’s face as misleading and confusing information is fed to him by the wily old man…


he looks like a model. The old fox, is not concerned about him a little bit. When asked about his expectations for the year, he talked about alonso and ferrari. It is what he has in mind. Beat alonso, to give him back what he got in 2006, and ferrari, for pushing him out when he was still competitive, to give room to kimi.


I do like it, and it will probally look better on the track but – the green is awful!


It looks like more a choc bar or chewing gum packaging… McLaren’s silver color will certainly look better…


It works quite well with the colour scheme, but that red helmet is just god awfully out of place :rolleyes:


did you see the way schumacher dresses. He is not the most stylish guy. He likes white a lot. He is not good at matching colors.


Cool, I see in picture 26 (third from the bottom) the exact moment Michael told Nico “You know you’re number two right?” was captured.

Nice work!

They’d not spoken before hand so I guess it was his first chance.



Brilliant post Matt. Still laughing now.

You know you’re number two right! 😉


He should go back to his early helmet design, but with silver in place of where the white used to be!


The Petronas green/blue aqua actually improves it, now will Schu adopt a helmet that colour?


Anyone else still think it’s weird seeing Schumacher back? Especially in Mercedes livery lol!

Also, I do think that colour scheme is just going to make telling between the Mercs and teh McLarens even more difficult!

Still can’t wait for the new season tho!


That depends on if McLaren will still be runnning Silver… They are not the factory team anymore, so maybe Mercedes prefers they don’t and Vodafones corporate colours become the major influence… we shall see on Friday I guess. Could be a return to the old red and white McLaren…


I have a feeling you are correct. Button made a remark which says to me that they will have a differnt colour this year and I think they should as it wont look right to have such similar colours to Merc gp. I hope the red and white returns as it will brighten up the field.


Yep silver it is then. Who cares as long as its fast.


That still looks like the same chrome effect finish to me…then again that car looks very much like the MP4-24 anyway…


Back to orange maybe? Red and white was because of Marlboro sponsorship I think.


Check out Mclarens site as they have a darkened out picture of the new car i think. It does look like the silver may have been released with white, what do you think?


James, why do you think Schumacher kept the Ferrari red helmet? I’m actually pretty surprised he didn’t go back to his original pre-2000 helmet livery.


Didn’t he change it because it was too similar to Barrichello’s helmet? But seeing as they’re not in the same team any more I wondered why he didn’t change it back. His helmet doesn’t have the German flag on it anymore does it. It’s all just completely red.


Yeah, he changed it because of Barrichello.

I’m just surprised that it’s the same dayglo Marlboro red from his Ferrari days. Very odd, but maybe that’s a tribute and nod to his loyalty with Ferrari?

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