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Ferrari pull covers off new F10 and talk of the championship
Ferrari pull covers off new F10 and talk of the championship
Posted By: James Allen  |  28 Jan 2010   |  12:05 pm GMT  |  180 comments

Ferrari has become the first team to launch its new car in a ceremony at Maranello this morning.

The tone was of renewal; a team leaving behind the skeletons of a disastrous 2009 campaign and striding forward confidently with powerful new people and new assets like Fernando Alonso and Santander. Alonso upped the ante when he spoke of the pride the Ferrari supporters will feel when they win the championship, as he hopes.

Picture 38
Dubbed the F10, the new car has echoes of last year’s Red Bull car, particularly the nose. The sidepods are smaller than last year’s. The colour scheme reflects the importance of Santander as a sponsor; the front and rear wings and bargeboards are white with Santander in red lettering standing out.

The front tyres you see are the 2010 specification narrow Bridgestones.

Picture 39
Speaking as his team unveiled the car, team principal Stefano Domenicali said,

“This championship will be very important for us. We have two new drivers; Fernando Alonso, is a twice world champion.. He already appears among the big champions in F1, it is the right moment for him, for us, he wants to be successful and we want to repeat what the team concept is in our group.

“Felipe, we are talking of a new version of Felipe, but after such a dramatic championship like last year with the accident in Hungary and such a fantastic season, Felipe has all the assets to prove that he is a very successful one, he can prove that he wants to restart his pathway that destiny interrupted it in Hungary. Good luck to both of them.”

Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo said that he was as excited about this launch as he was in 1974 when he started with the team. He described Ferrari as a ‘renewed team’ , with new personnel coming in to invigorate the team. And said that that 2009 was the most negative year, like 2005 when they only won one race.

Felipe Massa, who will drive the car for the first time this afternoon at a shakedown at Fiorano said he was pleasded to be back in business,
“I had the accident and everything else that happened. I am proud and very happy and feel that I want to work more than ever, so I would really hope that this will be a very competitive car and we will be fighting for the championship and our Ferrari, the red car, will be in pole position.”

New signing Fernando Alonso said, “This is the first time for me, the first presentation for Ferrari, and it is a big emotion for me. We are ready to take this challenge and the responsibility to bring it to 100 per cent of its potential. Felipe and I will be a very strong team and we hope we will make all the Ferrari supporters around the world very proud to see this car winning the championship.”

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Are those tyres for sure of 2010 specification? Don't look that much narrower, maybe they put last year's one for the photos/presentation...


No, they are not 2010 spec tyres. This is just a promotional outing.


Same remark about the tyres: they don't look to be any narrower at all no matter which angle I looked at it.


There is an aerial view of F10 that clearly shows the width difference between rear and front wheels. Check it out at http://www.formula1.com/gallery/launches/2010/472.html. The narrower sidepods are also echoing this difference I guess.

Don't like the idea of white wings by the way. Santander's money talk loud in white. Even at Ferrari...


Marlboro wings were white too...


I think it's 2009 car with new colours - the 2010 will make its official debut at Valencia (I believe)


NO, it is definitely longer in the middle (bigger tank) and has the new (RB) nose.

James does know what he is talking about whe he reports these things...


Aye - I missed that paragraph and only noticed just after I posted it


they're only an inch or so narrower - its not enough of a difference to see unless you look at the two specs of tyres next to each other.


From the technical drawings I've seen, it was suggested that the top of the sidepods would be higher, to accomodate the larger fuel tank. I can't see any difference to the packaging around that area from last year. Have Ferrari packaged it diferently James, or have all the teams found a way to blend the new tanks with successful aero of the last few years?


the f10?

i don't like the name...

perhaps next year they will come up with something cooler sounding like the Ferrari Ctrl+Alt+Del... whenever the car's about to finish the race, there's a flash of blue and it ends up at the starting grid...


Haha good call I never noticed the computer key analogy. They have mixed it up a bit in recent years (2006 and 2009) but usually in the last decade they went with the year, so F2002, F2004, F2007 etc. I'm guessing that's effectively what they've done again but they couldn't be bothered with the "20" in 2010 this time.


I can take or leave the name, Ferrari seem to draw them out of a hat these days.

I'm wondering if Lotus will continue from where the old team left off with the Lotus 109.

But James, it can't be the first launch, have you forgotten Mercedes already?


No, but Mercedes launched a paint job, not a car. That was the 2009 car in 2010 colours.


Mercedes only showed us the 2009 Brawn contender with 2010 livery. Ferrari really is the first team to unveil the car they are competing in this year.


No, that was a 2009 car, painted up in 2010 colours - they seem to have really confused people with that. Today Ferrari was the first 2010 car to break cover


I'll go you one better:

Never mind a Brawn, an old Honda Earth Dreams chassis repainted silver, given an 09 rear-end, and presented at Petronas HQ today.


Ay caramba!


I think they should launch next year's car in last year's colours and fool everyone completely.


Whilst I like the look of the new Ferrari - that is the most advertising I have ever seen on a Ferrari. I think it was classier with the Marlboro bar code, shell and Magnetti Marelli.


What does Domenicali mean by "already appears among the big champions in F1" exactly ?

What is "big" about that guy apart from his ego ?

The way Ferrari and Alosno have been tip toeing around, scared of their own shadows, desperately trying to get it right, tells its own story.

Testing should show us more, but the Formbook says Ferrari will be the 4th fastest team, at best. Watching how the fragile egos and under pressure bosses react to this realisation will be one of the most interesting aspects of 2010.


Domenicali (Ferrari) clearly have decided who are there No.1 and No.2, therefore I hope that Felipe outrun Alonso this year, never mind where Ferrari is on the grid.


All teams talk up their chances and they all seem very motivated to do their best for 2010. I hope Alonso wins the championship!


He means the youngest double wc of all time and one of the few double wc's in history. Alonso is one of the more modest champions. if you want here check out Hamilton.


Wow! you have access to a 2010 form book?

Where and how did you get a copy of that!?!

I want one too!!!


What formbook? The only formbook that counts is the stopwatch, and that's not been set yet.

Ferrari may well end up being the 4th fastest team, but I'd imagine McLaren, Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull won't be a million miles apart.


Err... that Alonso has been champion twice? Not too many drivers can say that. I'm not a massive Alonso fan, but I admire his driving ability. Domenicali's got to say something to big them all up! The team, Alonso and Massa - it's an important year for them all.

The same "bumpf" will come from McLaren tomorrow, it'll be "2 world champions in the team, yadda, yadda"... it's all just "posturing" and unfortunate, but sponsors like it, as do some of the media.

Hmmm... what formbook is that then? Far too early to say yet Alex... but if Ferrari have a season like '09 then seeing "fragile egos and under pressure bosses react to this realisation" will be fascinating!!

The F10 looks mean from the front... and quel surprise, a Red-Bull-ish nose... looks like the usual conformity is beginning to happen. Next up the RedLaren, sorry McLaren 😉


Hi James,

Thanks for the info.

Do we know the dimentions of the car compared to last year yet - have they managed to handle the effect of the larger capacity fuel tank?


Nice looking car. I wonder if it has the Red Bull-type pullrod suspension too?


From the photos in the other link above in the thread it looks like both front and rear are push rod.

Last year's Red bull rear suspension was push rod, remember how clever it was, using only one spring and pushing the load over to the opposing wheel.


No I think it was pullrod, that was the unusual thing about it - pushrod suspension (running from the base of the upright and mounted higher on the gearbox) has been standard for many years now, so this was a different approach.


Those tyres don't look narrower at all.


Well, they aren't gonna put MotoGP tires on them if that's what you expected. 🙂


Sigh.. I feel so underwhelmed at the launch of a new car now. I mean it looks so unimpressive without the aerodynamic detail of the pre-2009 cars. The front wing for example, aside from being ridiculously wide as to make a mockery of F1 being the premier class motorsport, has few curvatures and bodylines that are stunning to look at.

How much more are casual observers who want to see a 'show' going to detract from the real sport?


Yeah, that front wing looks like some giant snow shovel. And is just about as attractive.


Its not just the casual fans that wanted those ridiculous flaps/winglets banned, many more diehard fans wanted them banned as well.

I've been an F1 fan since the 70's & thought the cars looked hideous with all these flaps, winglets, dumbo ears, frills etc.. all over the place.

I think the newer cars look miles better without all of those things.


Hi F1 Dave,

I agree with you to some extent. I've been following F1 for over 20 years and would say I prefer the purer design over 2008 spec cars.

The McLaren MP4/19B is for me the best looking car F1 has seen so far. Older cars do not look sophisticated enough for being the pinnacle of motorsport.

Newer cars still look ridiculous even after a year to get used to them. The front wing just look plain wrong.

I did think some


You know I understand people wanting them banned, I don't mind the winglets being removed, but on the whole the body shape of the car looks that much less impressive. It's very thin at the rear too, looks out of shape compared with history.

I don't understand why they didn't just remove the winglets, add that appalling rear wing and leave the front wing and body shape. I know it's going to detract from my enjoyment of F1 this year again like it did last year.


Well, I'm just saying it's been a year and I'm not used to the change. It's still aggrevating.

Overally, my strong opinion is that the racing was not improved last year over 2008.

I personally loved the aero bits they'd hang off the cars, I think it made the cars look extra aerodynamic and extra elite as far as racing cars go.

The cars now look like a year 10 science project or a scalectrix simplified model.

Anyway, we'll have to agree to differ. I would LITERALLY be happy for the teams to design a current GP2 car and run that instead of the current F1 mode.


Its because the front & rear wing were part of the package.

The Front wing was made lower to move it out of the dirty air produce by the rear wing as much as possible (Rear wing was moved higher to also try & raise the area the dirt air was coming off the cars), Front wing was also made wider to get the flaps which produce the downforce outside of the rear wing dirty air zone (Rear wing was narrowed in order to further aid this).

Since the front/rear wing rules were designed to work together they coudn't have changed one without also changing the other.

It also seemed to me last year that these changes did work. I noticed that cars did look to be able to run closer than in previous years (Martin Brundle also pointed this out on the BBC TV coverage). Seemed to me the more advanced the double diffusers got the harder it became to follow. I know some designers disagree that the DD undid some of the work but it did look like the cars became harder to follow as the year went on & DD design became more advanced.

Anyway, Im also someone thats glad the extra aero bits got banned as I always thought they were ugly & hated how the cars looked from about 2001-2008, I especially hated those horns on the roll-bar & the horrid dumbo wings that started popping up on the nose.

When I 1st saw the 2009 spec cars I wasn't too keen on the new look wings but they have grown on me as 2009 went on & I don't really notice the difference anymore.

I think the new look cars are just part of the evolution of F1. I remember how a friend's grand father once told me how he remembered been appauled at the cars of the late 60's when wings started popping up & then how he at 1st hated the cars of the Mid-70's when they started running those tall air-boxes.

His point was that when you become used to a certain look any change at 1st often looks ugly untill you get used to it. He said that when the cars start looking different again we will likely at 1st hate the changes & wish to get back to the current specs & the cycle repeats.


I think the cleaner looking cars look fantastic, it's just the front wing I think looks out of place.


excellent thanks. It might be an optical illusion but the nose and the after section both look longer?

from the side shots elsewhere you can see the return to 'proper' lovely alloy wheels - not those horrible covers. Also from the side it looks like the drivers feet will be pointing upwards above most of their body? - and that nose is so skinny! just a wrap around the feet - I hope its up to a big crash impact


You can really see the wheelbase increase in these pictures. Assuming the scale is the same


And this one in particular show the differences in lengths. http://www.f1fanatic.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2010/01/2010_ferrari_f10_split_t.jpg

But I don't really understand why they made the back so long, since the engine looks like it has moved forward by the same amount as the driver. The nose is much higher and there is now a transverse concave shape to the top of the nose. This should ensure that no air escapes over the sides and all of it blows straight into the driver's face.


I now realise why they made it longer at the rear.



I think its about the same height, the pics are from different angles unfortunately. Also there are no pics of the rear at all, so we will have to wait for pics from the test session.


Is the rear wing mounted lower on the new car?

Might be a slight difference in the angle from which the pictures are taken, or might be a Monza wing on the new car.

What do you think Rpaco?


if you read what james say

"The front tyres you see are the 2010 specification narrow Bridgestones."

But agree with you they dont look that much different. What is the acual difference in size? does anyone know?


The front tyres are 25mm narrower. They are 245mm wide, down from 270mm.


"Ferrari has become the first team to launch its new car"

...apart from Mercedes!


Technicallu, that was just a 2009 Brawn with a 2010 livery. The actual 2010 car is still to be revealed.


What he said ^^ 😉


oops yeah, missed that bit in the Autosport write up!


Looks brutally fast. It's a murder on the race track!!


What is this "shakedown" business? Surely they're not allowed to test outside of the official tests?



...teams will be allowed six rather than eight days of straight-line aero testing per season. They will also have the option of substituting any of these days for four hours of wind tunnel testing with a full-scale (rather than the normal 60 percent-scale) model.


I was wondering about that too. As far as I'm concerned 'shakedown' is another word for 'test'.


A shakedown, is literally just that: a shakedown.

I remember BrawnGP just firing the BGP001 on a small configuration of Silverstone last year. No one knew it was a good car then. I understand it is about ensuring the basics are working.

A test, by comparison, is seeking performance out of the car and how to maximise speed and reliability.


Shake downs are allowed.

less than 50KM.

I think they can do one between GPs as well.

Is written in the rules.


Is it just my perception or does the exhaust exit wider and further forward than last years car? They must have redesigned the exhaust header for a better balance between power and fuel economy.


they say the exaust is new, and out of the ordinary.


Aside from the obvious length increase, changes in the shape of the nose and side pods, the airbox is smaller than last years. (I did post about this issue in the first blog entry of the 'cars of the future' series of a while back.)

Also I notice the rear wing centre mount is swept forward (as apposed to last year, where it was vertical). They've also trimmed the black fin under the monocoque.

Its still not as pretty as the 2009 brawn, red bull or macca, and I don't think they've done enough on it - from what I can see - to make it a contender... unless it has a damn good diffuser. I'll give it another look when the new wings are on.


a red bull in ferrari red, nice copy paste work ferrari, shows how much u trust ur own people, lol.


Here in Italy someone is talking about a "triple" diffuser instead of a "double" one. Do you know something more about it?


I thought the double diffuser was banned this year ?


yes, it's banned from 2011, as the teams did already start to design the car for 2010, so it would have been too expensive for them to design them again without the diffuser


No it's banned from 2011 onwards


Also if you look at the front of the car from ground level, it more or less shows the Marlboro colour scheme with the white peak pushing into the red. Another subtle reference along with the customery black and white bars.



Haha, great find Adam, made it into a little animation:



That was awesome! Thanks! 🙂


If it wasn't for the awful Marlboro logo it would look good, how do they get away with the fag sponsorship?


Theres nothing to stop a cigarette company from sponsoring an F1 team, they just cant use their branding and logo on the car. Ferrari get round this by using the barcode which i think spells marlboro but doesnt explicitly use marlboro branding and logo.


Yes James how do they get away with it?


Its a 2009 spec Redbull sprayed Red...

The only problem I foresee with this car is that this is not a 'pure Ferrari Design'. Yes the Redbull was the fastest car at the end of the 2009 season, but that was Adrian Neways design, only he and his design team will be able to evolve their concept. It will be interesting to see if Ferrari start adding on Shark Fins to the rear and adopting 'Redbull-Esque' Upgrades during the 2010 season.


Yeah, this looks like a 2009 tyres


Looks like a Brawn/Red Bull mongrel... How can they be so sure that they will be competitive? 9 months to copy two other concepts is a bit of a long time, don't you think?

Similarly, it must be expected that the 2010 Red Bull and Merc will be a further inprovement on their designs. Could they maybe be a year behind in this aero respect?


You should work for Ferrari.


I was expecting to see noticeably wider cars this year with the re-fueling ban! How have they made a car so sleek? Looks like an 09 car! Will all teams have worked this out too, or have Ferrari stolen a March???


At first look it doesn't look much different to the 09 (aside from the RB nose). But look closely and you'll notice considerable differences: engine cover is bulkier and wider, especially near the top, sidepods are higher and continue almost in a straight line towards the rear tip of the engine cover. Exhausts, cockpit and front wheels all move forward as the F10 now has a longer wheelbase.

It seems like the larger fueltank affects not only dimensions but forces a compromise on aero (flow) efficiency as well.

We have yet to see the other 2010 cars but so far the Ferrari looks like it will be 'slower' than last year's.


This is because the have made them longer rather than wider as there is a limit on width


They have made it much longer, and if you look carefully, you'll also see the engine cover is wider.

I'm pretty sure the width of the cars is set in the regulations anyway.


you are right, i was expecting something more shocking, and it did't hurt my eyes as i expected.



Do you have much of a nose for picking a winner after launch but before testing? I remember many saw the Red Bull last year and instantly thought it could be something special. From this perspective at least, it’s a shame that Red Bull won’t have launched before the others have had their first test, otherwise it’d be great to have a feature on JA’s first thoughts about which cars are going to go best.


Do you have much of a nose for picking

Boy did I read that wrong first time.


Hey Keith, I can't seem to connect to http://www.f1fanatic.co.uk. I get this error message:

If you are seeing this page, please refresh your view by holding Ctrl and pressing F5.

What is the problem?


I think to be fair, people looked at the radical design and said it would either be great, or a distaster. But that's the Adrian Newey way! He doesn't do things by halves.


RedBull's car indeed...


I'm not a Ferrari fan, but last time I saw a picture of a Ferrari F1 being launched and thought that was a rocket, it was 2007... and they won the championship.

This time they really got to impress me. Let's see what McLaren, Mercedes and Red Bull have prepared for this year, though.

A bit off-topic, James, is Geoff Willis working for any team? I'm afraid Red Bull may miss him dearly.


That year the Mclaren was the best car, they didn't win the championship because of spygate and the little thing between Alonso and Hamilton


Well... one could argue that if McLaren was better it is because they could analyse in detail the Ferrari (and even copy it or get inspired from it, if necessary). Whoever is right, the fact is that Raikkonen won with a Ferrari (BTW, Alonso and Hamilton never crashed into the other one).

P.S. I'm a McLaren fan myself, though I'm a bit tired of its identity 'evolution' from McLaren towards LewisTeam. Let's hope Button gets it better than Kovalainen (who looked a much better driver with a poor Renault than with a fast McLaren).


Car looks very good, will it be fast ?

Only time will tell and the first test in Valencia will prove vital to see whick cars will be at the front at the beginning of the season.

I am a little bit concerned about fuel consumption for Ferrari, I believe their engine is a little bit thirsty than the rest of the pack.

Mercedes should have the best engine for power/torque/fuel consumption.

James, will the narrower tyre affect the flow of air in the side pods and to the rear wing ?

The wing mirrors suggest to me that Ferrari is trying to push air near the engine cover to use effectively the rear end of the engine cover, the rear wing and possibly the upper part of the double diffuser ???


This looks a bit bulky, doesn't it?


Hope the car goes better than the 'live' online launch.

Poor old Fernando, sitting there cross-armed while Luca Di M prattled on. Never give an Italian a microphone...


and even worse, an italian woman.


Well it depends, if it is Mina, you may let her sing.


This is a huge season for Ferrari, after the shambles of last year they really had better had gotten it right with this car - particularly as they've been designing it and allocating resources to it since July last year.

There'll be some serious head scratching and some heads will roll if it isn't up there and on the pace from the word go.

Roll on Bahrain.


Only time will tell. BMW essentially dumped a potential championship in 2008 and still got thier 2009 car wrong.


I prefer the old full Marlboro livery. I don't get the buzz about banning tobacco advertising. I've watched F1 for years and never seen the point of smoking. I couldn't actually believe the tobacco firms were throwing so much cash at my favourite sport to be honest! This new Santander livery doesn't really do it for me...be good to see Ferrari back in the mix, though!


As for banning tobacco advertising, F1 is just falling in line with a growing trend around the world. It has little to nothing to do with a concern for people's health. Taking a strong stance against a proven health hazard takes almost zero political guts (unless you're from a tobacco growing region). It's just a way for politicians (and anyone else with an image to either maintain or improve) to get free brownie points.


Crikey! James, the car certainly has a longer wheel base, do you think that 'bottoming' will be a new issue at any of the circuits, especially early on in the race with full tanks ?


I certainly hope so! I'm crossing my fingers we'll see the showers of sparks in the opening laps like the good old days.


Good point. I'll ask around about that.


It's not as impressive as I thought it'd be. The sidepods look really similar to last years car and the nose is as said like the Red Bull's of last year. I don't think it's going to be as fast as the Red Bull or Mercedes. I think those two teams will still lead the way.


Considering Ferrari sacrificed 09 development to work on the 2010 car, they look remarkably similar.


yup, i agree u know why? no more ross brawn and rory byrne, so expect the francing horse to be 4th or 5th this year


Not exactly going to know until they are all revealed?

As great as James is I don't think the teams are going to exclusively share their designs with him......


Having read of Williams testing at Silverstone today, will there be any pictures of the new car today?


Whatever happens, it's a beautiful car. My favourite! Although it is also the only 2010 car out, so we'll have to wait and see if things stay that way...


Ok, what is the point of having a press launch if the car is basically last years car, or it will change so much that it will be practically unrecognisable? I can't be the only one wondering this. Cost reductions? How much does it cost a team to parade two drivers we already know, who spout stock, PR sanitised answers (which will ALWAYS include the words "for sure", "positive" and "challenging"), and then, on top of all that, roll out last years car with new paint, all of which we've seen in pictures leading up to the launch. What are they launching? How much does this waste of time and money cost? Here's an idea...launch your car at the first test. At least it will be a bit more relevent!

Moan over. Just get on with the damned racing!


I've been wondering:

As fuel consumption is going to be so crucial, with any additional fuel weight being a terrible burden on lap times: what happens if they get it wrong and the car is too thirsty?

What are the options from there?



and get some blown engines in the process.


This is an area they've worked very hard on - to run as lean as possible in order to reduce fuel consumption. Any leaner and they run into engine reliability issues. A larger fuel tank would seem like the better option.


i think ferrari needed a revolution, and what i see is an evolution. I hope there is more to it, that what you can see. Otherwise, the italian media will get the knifes out, for some real sharpening.


This is a very impressive car, and it looks like Ferrari have taken many lessons from 2009 and applied it to the 2010 car. it's clear that already this thing will be faster than any of last years cars, but so will everyone else, we must now see how testing goes.

More upgrades are coming to testing as well, so with Fernando at the helm with his excellent development skills I expect the Ferrari's development to be very fast.

I'm really hopeful for Fernando's first year at Ferrari, it would be wonderful if he won a championship with them this year, I can not wait for this season.

Forza Ferrari! Forza Fernando!


"it’s clear that already this thing will be faster than any of last years cars"

what on Earth makes you say that? I think that they've got to pray that it's faster, but even Ferrari don't know yet. Mate, the first test hasn't happened. It might be an even bigger dog than last year!



Not a fan of the current crop of F1 cars, go back to the 2005/2006 design i say. The front and rear wings are hidious!


Why not drop wings altogether?

People keep promoting F1 designs as "relevant" to road cars and thats just rubbish because no actual road cars have wings. Only race cars or their near cousins have wings, so whats the point?

You could probably get rid of a lot of the wake effect that messes up following cars by removing them.


1. Get rid of the wings

2. cover the wheels

3. add a rooftop

4. add seats

5. ... 🙂


I say quit trying to be relevant to road cars. With only two manufacturer teams left just make fast race cars.


While you're at it, why not make them pedal bicycles around track. It could probably promote overtaking and put drivers input much higher.


In fact, let's take engineers out of the equation completely. Make the drivers run around the track; now its completely down to the driver and stupid aerodynamics and the other problems of stupid, technically advanced machines will no longer be present.


I agree entirely, the new-look cars are pug ugly


It's not what I was expecting. I expected a front wing similar to the Brawn, bodywork of the Red Bull and a rear wing like the Mclaren.

The struggle looks set to continue into 2010. I hope we get to see how Alonso fairs in a bad Ferrari. I don't think he will do a good a job as what Raikkonen did. He left the Ferrari mechanics dazed by some of the terrfic results last season.


I don't think you are seeing the wings that will be raced as they keep changing throughout the season. I think judgments before testing are premature, but I guess there is little else at the moment to comment on.


The main thing that surprises me about the car is that the area around the fuel tank doesn't look like it has changed significantly, or at least as significantly as many were predicting. I can tell a big difference in shots above the car in the area underneath the engine cover, which has gotten bulkier, and the mid-section of the car has a straighter, more "pushed-out" profile than the more rounded profile. Otherwise, it looks a lot like the 2009 car in this respect.

Regarding the F1, two things that stand out immediately to me are the RB5 nose and the sidepods. James mentioned that the sidepods are smaller, but if you notice the design of them, they also form valleys at the top, similar to the nose. This could be a nifty piece of aerodynamics having essentially the same effect on flow management as the RB5 nose.


It's an untimed set of laps... Essentially a promotional event.


A much tighter package than last year. Rather Rud Bullesq but nicely done. Last years car somehow always looked awkward whereas this years version looks sleek and narrower, which is suprising due to the extra fuel that needs to be carried.

I can only hope the other main contenders come up with eaqualy fine looking cars as last year was the year of the ugly duckling.

Robert in San Diego


Felipe will drive the car this afternoon???

Is that a straight line test? Otherwise surely they are 'testing' the car when a team isn't officially allowed too....


Surely, you shouldn't be so sure about things you aren't too informed about. 😉


It looks surprisingly great in my opinion. I really like the new look of the cars since 2009, they're much more streamlined and classy compared to the cars used in 2008.


I agree, isn't it funny how quickly you get used to the new shape. This time last year they looked pig ugly!


That really is a matter of opinion James. I can see there are still a lot of people disagreeing with that 2009 snowplough front wings.



From the photo looking down from above, it looks like it has a wider track at the front compared to the rear??


The fast that needed to copy Red Bull is not a good sign. They have taken diffusor from other folks, nose from RBR....not a good sign for Ferrari.


What's the difference between a shakedown and a test?


I'm not sure about the design, it just doesn't look 'right' like the Red Bull and Brawn designs did last year. This might be a simplistic view on aerodynamics but usually the cars that look 'right' are the ones that win the races. To me it looks like a bit of a frankensteins monster of the Red Bull, Brawn and McLaren aero details from 2009. I do like the longer wheelbase though it looks a lot more elegant than last years F60.


Last year's MP4-24 looked 'right' at launch but we all know how it performed in the first half of the season...


Not really, I always thought it looked fat and slow


Notice the absence of shots from the rear of the car?


They are hiding their new "revolutionary" diffuser...

Are we entering into a diffusers war?


Yep 🙁


It all seems a bit same, same to me. Higher Red Bull Type nose, smaller side pods and longer wheelbase...all stuff that was expected and even reported late last year.

A couple of things stand out from the photo's

1 - The Bridstone lettering on the tyres is very faded compared to last year (I know they are leaving F1 but it's surely better to not fade away)

2 - The wheel nuts look unusual, cone shaped?

My gut feel tells me that Ferrari will struggle again this year


Well it looks like a car that is more on-the-button than last year's, though perhaps anything looking like a Red Bull is going to appear quick at this stage! It doesn't look too bad anyway.

It is less likely we're going to see a top brass team way off the mark this year (a la McLaren), since this is less a revolutionary year in design terms.

I think any real indications of who will have car - and importantly race - performance will be difficult to identify from bodywork and aero sculpturing - they will all look similar (they'll likely be no butt-ugly, chunky Renault this year, or even a drooped Brawn nose).

Engine fuel efficiency and how a car handles its tyres are going to be the key performance differentiators I feel, and we won't be able to judge that till testing. Mercedes's (nee Brawn's) strong all round engine performance and over kindness to tyres (a characteristic which, though causing difficulties last year, may now be ideal for long stint performance) should stand them in good stead, assuming they have aimed to strongly evolve what was a top car as opposed to start from scratch like Ferrari needed to.

I expect Ferrari will be in the ball park from the beginning but I'm not expecting them to be front runners straight away. As others pose, a team that uses (reverse engineers) the best bits from other teams can't have as good an understanding such features as the teams that first devised them. Thus I am left thinking, what will Red Bull and Mercedes come out with!?

I predict team performance in Bahrain to be:


Red Bull



But it will be close. Regardless, as long as the McLaren duo are in with a shout of the championship then this season cannot fail!!!! 🙂


Apart from your last sentence I agree to 110% of what you said, Craig. Cheers! 🙂


All this talk of revolution seems a bit much when you look at last year's car beside this year's. It's clearly an evolution. The only large change is the wheelbase and the nose. Otherwise, everything looks inspired by last year's car. How does this bode for the car's chances?


Yeah, true. They should've made changes to the front wing's length - oh wait, can't - or the width - oh wait, can't - or the rear wing's dimensions - oh wait, can't - or at least the central section of the front wing - oh wait, it's standardised, or the wheeltrack - oh wait, can't.

Then they should just focus on modifying stuff like the interior - full tank size, gearbox arrangement, the whole rear end packaging, sidepods for no KERS, and the shape of the monocoque in general. Oh wait, they did.


What abaut those side boards? nobody seem to bother. They are against the spirit of the rules, and are still allowed. Will they be banned in 2011 like the double diffuser?


Hey to all,

as much as I appreciate this site and all the peoples' comments here I would like to point out that all the teams, ferrari maybe even more so have some of the best engineers of the world working for them.. top of the line aerodynamicists, mechanical engineers and so forth .. so for as tv-viewers or even occasional racers as myself for example to "criticize" or "judge" that this is a copy of that or they have taken that and copied it over, in my humble opinion, is, and i mean it in the most respectful way possible, wrong (to say the least).

F1 is a masterpiece of engineering, tons of data to study, innovative ideas to put forth and test. Surely each one of us has a profession and we really laugh when people outside of our profession act as if they know everything and put forth judgement while not knowing even the slightest.. or maybe having only a somewhat idea of what they are actually talking about..

excuse my english because it is not my native language, and again excuse me if I offended anybody here, it was not my purpose.



I completely agree. Copy & paste from BrawnGP and RB is easy but it doesn't make a car (least a F1) fast. Ferrari may not win the championship but for sure it's not a midfield car (I guess).

Plus, I think Tombazis knows something of aerodinamics...


It's Red Bull's smarter brother

wonder if Newley will out-fox them in 2010.

James, any news on what Adrian Newleys been up to with the Red Bull, don't want them falling down the field and getting left behind by the big boys.



Nice looking car. It looks like an evolution of the Red Bull from last year. Makes you wonder where RB have evolved to with the added experience and data from last year's car.

One thing that stands out from the overhead is that the front wheels look further out than the rear. This could be a nifty piece of aero to ensure the wake from the front wheels doesn't disturb the real of the car. Just speculation, as I'm not an aerodynamicist. I still think the RB, Brawn and McLaren will be a tad faster - I can't wait till testing.


this one is copied from the red bulls as well....

and it was on a track running this morning...

and it is a Williams.....



...but when will wee the cars go back to their pre 1997 blood red? I thought barge boards had been banned?


Yes also thought barge boards were banned. Must have found a way to attach them within the regs. Probably see banned winglets pop up also. They always find a way.

GLAD to see wheel covers are gone. Good move


Too much white... reminds me of the Dallara-Ferraris - hopefully it'll go a bit better than them 🙂


Hey Pat,

It may also remind you of the F93A in the glory days of Jean Alesi and Gerhard Bergers.

The last pre-Jean Todt Ferrari wasn't as bad as it's predecessor but it way off the pace pf the Williams, McLarens and Benettons.


This car is neat - they are using the top of the side pods to funnel air onto the rear wings. Very nice.


Those exhaust outlets look suspect from the top view!

I remember a few years back Ferrari having 2 cracked exhausts during races!


Does anyone know what the E in a white circle painted on the ferrari's mean?



The switch to isolate the electrics or the extinguisher activation for the marshalls. Can't remember which but I think it's the latter (the electrics is the lighting bolt) - it's on all cars


The F10 looks good from first glance but we have to see in testing. I recall the F60 was designed to fully exploit the double diffuser and the F10 was developed from scratch with the DD in mind. The F10 is an evolution but I look at there a few differences. I'm excited for the season!!!


The F60 never quite had a full double diffuser solution as it required a complete redesign of the gearbox which Ferrari didn't do last year. They have done that on the F10, the designers have talked about how the gearbox has been repackaged to take advantage of the double diffuser. Hopefully this should see them have more downforce this year.


Yes correct RAj - sorry I was suppose to put the F60 wasn't designed to exploit the DD.


I don't think the white is that bad. Well soon get used to it when Alonso is winning every race and Massa is riding shotgun.


Im glad that the hubcaps have gone, but BBS could have come up with a better design for the alloys, or even done them gold like they did with the F310 and F310b


Yep the gold wheels were great


The Ferrari looks very streamlined, taking a lot of notes from the Red Bull. The side pods look good with the higher outer sections. I expect the car to be better in comparison to the rest, but how much so I don't know.


I bet Massa's world fell out of his bum when it was announced 2 new drivers.


Hi James,

All photos I have seen of the F10 present side, front, angled and overhead views but none of the rear - the closest I have found is this http://www.f1fanatic.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2010/01/ferrarif10_launch_2010-7.jpg

Any idea as to why the rear is covered - have you heard of any rumours to suggest Ferrari have uncovered some secret to the DDD? Or is it more radical than that?


Unlike the vast majority here, I feel the F10 looks rather ugly. I'm not sure I like the look of the sidepods nor the paint job.

It's funny how you can look at cars and have a feel for who's going to be fast and who won't. The Renault and BMW looked awkward last year whereas the Red Bull(et), Brawn, Toyota and Williams gave an immdiate impression of being fast. McLaren had to be the exclusion to the rule.

I know it's too early to say who's going to be fast in 2010 but I'd rather bet on Merc, RB and Macca at this stage. Webber has some great odds on bwin (35/1?). Might be worth a punt.


I hope Phillipe goes well, I'm not a real fan of Alonso's.

Another thing, why the change of front tyres? Did they find with the silly front wing that they had too much front grip so had to go to a smaller tyre?

I realize I must have missed something!




Its not so much because of the front wing but more the return to slicks.

When they went to grooved tyres in 1998 they found the front tyres needed to be wider to balance out the grip level the tyres were generating as the grooves didn't generate enought front grip.

Now they have returned to slicks they have to reverse that as the fronts are giving too much grip compared to the rear so there narrowing them again & the width will now be closer to that of the slick tyres we last saw in 1997.

Its a change that was always going to have to be made when F1 returned to slicks.


Hi James,

Could you have a look into these comments still rumbling away about the car not meeting expectations & that a B spec is on its way. I can't believe this to be true given how different the car is from the 09 & how confident the tech guys sound?



Yeah James,

If you can find some info out on that or give us an update it would be great. There is a story on Autosport where Aldo Costa said that he is worried about the interpretation of the double diffuser of some teams.


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