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Vote: The Top 5 F1 Moments of the Year
Vote: The Top 5 F1 Moments of the Year
Posted By: James Allen  |  20 Dec 2009   |  4:35 pm GMT  |  190 comments

Over the Christmas and New Year period here on JA on F1, as well as monitoring the ongoing news sagas, like Michael Schumacher’s comeback, we will have plenty of easy-going festive content; we’ll be looking back at the 2009 season, running a short season of forward-looking pieces and a couple of public votes. So keep checking in, especially if you are snowed-in and bored!

The first vote is for the top five moments of the year. We had some great racing in 2009, some stunning passing moves and some dramatic moments both on and off the circuit.

I want you to put your top five moments of the year in one to five order, with a brief explanation of your reasons for choosing them – and I mean brief, please don’t write War and Peace..

You might have enjoyed Kamui Kobayashi battling with Jenson Button at Interlagos, Lewis Hamilton’s pole lap in Abu Dhabi, Sebastian Vettel’s pole lap in Silverstone, Giancarlo Fisichella’s battle with Kimi Raikkonen at Spa, the announcement that the British Grand Prix was staying at Silverstone – there were many great moments.

On Christmas Eve I will go in and choose the five best entries and the winners will each get a signed copy of “2009: A Revolutionary Year”, my book of the 2009 season through the eyes of posts from this blog.

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1) Button’s Brazilian GP drive – especially his fight with Kobayashi. The whole GP was a great spectacle, but have to choose one thing.

2) FOTA’s announcement of the breakaway series and reversal.

3) McLaren’s Hungaroring victory. It was just incredible how they turned around that dog of a car into a winner.

4) Malasian GP. It was short, but worth every moment.

5) The first test of the Brawn car. So many jaws dropped when the time sheets came out, it was funny.


1) The whole Brazilian GP. So many impressive drives here that it could fill up the whole top 5. Button, Webber, Kubica, Hamilton, all were ‘on it’ during the race, and proved to be a great GP.

2) Brawn’s first win in oz. The emotion and race win was great for F1, a team that nearly didnt race, came along from nowhere and claimed first and second. A great story, and one that will live long in the memory.

3) Hamilton, all season. Drove the nuts off a car that shouldnt have finished where it did. A few wins and podiums plus THAT pole lap in Abu Duabi, great season from the 2008 world champion – his commitment and driving ability came to the fore in 09 to show how good the kid is.

4) All the politics, break aways, crashgate, budget caps, lie gate, you name it, it all had us gripped as to what would happen next.

5) The change of order in F1, whether it was Force India taking pole, or Red Bull/Brawn dominating the season, F1 2009 was so unpredictable it made it the spectacule we all enjoyed.

Sorry if some of these points a bit vague, but I’ve taken the easy option of avoiding the specific points because 2009 was a great season on and off the track. The BBC did a great job, with Brundles expert commentary and Eddie Jordan running off and grabbing all sorts of people live on air, made it great for the vewiers, shame James wasnt commentating though….!

Wish James and everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, role on Bahrain in March!


1. Button hanging it all out with a gutsy drive in Brazil – and particularly that wall of death pass round the outside of Grosjean.

2. The Brawns crossing the line 1-2 in Oz with the low sun bouncing off the cars and the ecstatic podium celebrations – what an astonishing turnaround of fortunes.

3. Fisichella, on pole, in a Force India. They looked quick that weekend but that was something else. And they nearly went and won it!

4. Hamilton maturing – he was a broken man after Oz and learnt to live with a bad car. Watching him through the season, it’s clear he’s become a far more rounded racer.

5. ‘Felipe baby stay cool’ – best radio transmission of the year! Well, he did need a white visor.


Schumi back is a late top 5 moment for sure


Guess there’s still time to include my top 5…

1. Kimi’s win at Spa, being Ferrari’s one and only win for the season. He is certifiably the King of Spa

2. Kimi’s “tactical” (?) start and eventual overtake of Fisichella after the re-start at Spa.

3. Kimi continuing to drive despite being set ablaze by Kovalainen’s split fuel and petrol getting into his eyes. He lives up to his Iceman persona.

4. Kimi opting for ice cream & Coke in the Malaysian monsoon, while the other drivers sat it out in the wet waiting for the restart that never happened. Smart boy! I’m surprised Coke or Magnum (it looked like a Magnum) didn’t make the most of this advertising opportunity….

5. Ferrari and Kimi parting ways, allowing him to be the highest paid non-driving F1 racer!

James, I only wished I ordered your book earlier when the exchange rate was better…! But I’ll cop the hit since you promoted it so attractively here. Merry Christmas to all!


My top 5 are:

1. Jenson’s overtaking drive in Brazil to prove to all the doubters he was a worthy champion

2. ‘Crashgate’ which revealed the depths the sport had sunk to and the ironic fact that the person who caused the crash (Piquet) got off scott free.

3. The bloke at Ferrari who got spotted by the BBC showing a driver around the Ferrari garage as all the rumours of Badoer’s demise were rife, and the ear wigging he got from Stefano Dommenicali. Great timing!

4. Jenson’s win in Malaysia in the dreadful wet conditions where he kept an amazing pace. A class drive.

5. Kimi’s ice cream! The ice man cometh!


In order of occurence:

1. Brawn GP’s “phoenix from the flames” moment during their first test session of the year when, against all the odds but with help from Mercedes, they were easily quicker than all the other teams

2. Kimi calmly eating an ice-cream before the restart-that-never-was at the Malaysian GP… an event more likely to be his epitaph than his actual racing achievements!

3. “Crashgate” – when news first broke about this, I so wanted it to be true just because it was so unbelievable. Ruined the careers of three people and possibly helped Renault to decide to sell a big chunk of the team.

4. The Brazilian Grand Prix (the only race of the year that I was unable to watch live, arrrrrrgh!!) had everything – Barrichello’s pole at home, handbag fights, excitement from Toyota(!) in the form of Kamui Kobayashi, stunning drives from Lewis and Jenson, wet weather in qualifying, crashes galore, a pitlane fireball, and the clinching of both World Championships.

5. The announcement, after much media speculation, that Michael Schumacher would be making his return to F1 for Mercedes. As if 2009 wasn’t exciting enough, what will 2010 bring?!


1.Brawn GP’s first race in Oz

2.Kimi having ice lollies at Malaysian GP

3.Crash gate and Liar gate.

4.massa’s accident

5.Kimi’s race at Spa


1. BrawnGP turning up in Australia. What a story.

2. BrawnGP 1-2 in Australia. As above.

3. Brawn 1-2 at Monza. I was there and I had a brilliant view of the podium. It took away those dreadful memories of Michael’s retirement announcement in 2006.

4. Kobayashi’s appearance. At last a rookie with some some promise.

5. Brawn winning both championships. There will never be a story like it.


Highlights for me:-

1. Schumi’s on-off-on again fairytale comeback story in all its guises. Got my motor and my blog running. And as to all the poo-poo

‘Schumacher is the anti-Christ’ bloggers… Predictable, boring, ha-ha-ha.

2. The rise of the underdogs – Ross Brawn, Nick Fry (is it okay to include Nick in this equation?), Jenson and Rubens working their magic on the ill-fated Honda adding a Merc donk and creating an extreme future that brought two world titles, heavyweight’s Merc, Schumi and Brawn back together, healthy sponsorhip and rebirthed the hallowed Silver Arrows… WOW! What a year!

3. The “Who’s gonna win this week?” uncertainty as different cars were developed, updated, improved (or not) and apart from the first few races we just didn’t really have any idea which team or driver was going to win each race (apart from McLaren and Ferrari of course where only one driver was capable of winning if the car was good enough). Fantastic – even if I’d rather the cars were a bit more even.

4. The departure (finally!?) of Max Mosley from the FIA Presidency and his successor Jean Todt appearing to be his own man and quietly going about the business of improving F1 (by all accounts) without venomously attacking key stakeholders and bringing the sport into disrepute. See, it wasn’t so hard, there is life after Mosley and heated conflict is not mandatory between the FIA and F1.

5. Kamui Kobayashi’s sensational entrance proving that F1 cars are not as hard to drive as Badoer, Fisichella, Alguesari & Grosjean were making them out to be this year. Reprised memories of Senna, Schumi, Alonso and Hamilton rookie performances. Great stuff that made for riveting viewing as Jenson did his damndest to pass the debutant. Glad he’s on board for 2010.

Sorry James, if this is just a little bit War and Peace-ish… And it wasn’t just on-track moments for me obviously.

But thanks for asking.


It was a horrid moment, but I think the year’s most historic milestone was Massa’s accident which got Michael Schumacher thinking of a comeback, one he is now in the process of confirming. If Schumacher does indeed shine, then the tragic Massa accident will forever be remembered as the catalyst that made a retired driver decide that he really wanted to race again.


1) Brawn 1-2 at Melbourne. We’d seen the raw speed in testing/qualifying, but could the bodged Brawn make it through the race? Yes, and it set up the winner for a good season…

2) Crashgate. The sacking of Piquet. The rumours and the rebuffs. The story lingers. The mood changes. The FIA step in. The realisation; the shock. The loss of two ever-present characters. The damage to F1’s reputation. The manifestation of a desire to win, at *any* cost.

3) Massa’s accident. A reminder that beneath the bitching, feuding and rivalry, the concern for the safety of the drivers and marshals is paramount and shared by everyone working in the sport.

4) The Belgian GP. First for the shocking speed of the Force India. Even on Sunday morning the talk was of Trulli or Heidfeld, not Fisichella. But also for what maybe the last great drive from Raikonnen. Even with KERS, he caught, passed and held off a faster car.

5) Rubens’ wins at Valencia and Monza. There was a real sense of joy from all the teams to see the elder statesman get what he deserved, if not for Brawn, then for his time as the faithful servant at Ferrari.

That was more difficult than I thought; and I’ve managed to leave out Hamilton/Vettel/Webber, and the clinching of the WDC/WCC!


1. Kobayashi debut and drive in abudhabi, overtaking Button in style.

2.Hamilton’s maturity when he had the dog and his masterclass of a pole in abudhabi.

3.Webber first win

4. Force india taking 2nd in Spa with Fisi.

5. Button and Webber duel in Abudhabi.


“Eh bien, mon prince. Genes and Lucquas ne sont plus que des apanages, des estates, de la famille Buonaparte…”

just kidding

5-Kimi buying a Choco-ice

4-Nelson Piqute Jr. getting canned

3-Mosley surviving a nazi-theme orgy and finally retiring the following year after what seemed like a millennium

2-Hamilton spinning 247 times in the GP of China

1-Kobayashi’s debut


5 Button’s Barca pole lap – last guy on track, all eyes on him, delivers.

4 Button’s monaco jog

3 Fisi’s spa pole / hounding down kimi in the race

2 Webber’s radio post-victory

1 Button’s Brazil Drive

special mentions to:

JBs various overtakes (remember JB on kubica in suzuka!)

Aus 1-2 for Brawn; the fairytale

Vettel’s GB/suzuka dominance

Kimi and his choc ice!


Lots of things to think of this year. So here we go:

1) Brawn 1-2 in Oz – After the winter drama there could not have been a better start to the year….

2) Lie-gate – Then Hamilton and Ryan (if i remember his name right) lying to the aussie stewards

3) Fisi on Pole!!! – Huge pole position for Fisichella at Spa in one of the biggest performance surprises in recent years!

4) Crash-gate – More scandel with last years Singapore GP crash involving Piquet coming out that it was planned and the subsequant departure of Briatore and Symonds

5) Brazil GP – It had everything. Dodgy weather during quali, crashes, on track fighting (trulli and Sutil), great overtaking and a champions drive by Jensen to clinch WDC and Brawn contructors title.

A very memorable season. Lots of ups and down. I could have done a top 20 easily. Lets hope 2010 is just as good.

Great website James (and team), have a great christmas and new year!!!


these are my top 5:

5- Lewis & Trulli incident in Australia and the consequences of it.

4- Brawn’s 1-2 in melbourne

3- Kimi’s Win in Spa.

2- Webber’s First win in his career.

1- Massa’s crash (it is what led to shcumacher coming back to F1 isn’t it?)

Greetings from SaudiArabia


1. Brawn’s one two in Australia. A fairy tail comes true

2. Jenson Buttons amazing drive in Brazil and taking the championship a race before the end of the season. His overtaking was the best I’ve seen in years – a true world champion’s drive.

3. Giancarlo Fisichella’s pole and second place in Belgium. All the more amazing as it was due to pure pace and not the attrition of others.

4. Hamilton’s and McLaren’s come back. His win in the Hungarian Grand Prix was pure magic, even though we were all saddened by Massa’s horrific crash the day before.

5. Kamui Kobayashi. A truly spirited drive in the last two races. What a relief after the other stand-in drivers had all failed to impress.


1 – BGP001 topping the timesheets at first test in Barcelona – it got everyone talking.

2 – Brawn GP’s 1-2 in Australia – the march is on.

3 – Singapore crashgate – not because this is good for the sport but more to prove the point that ANYTHING can happen in F1.

4 – Webber’s first win – long overdued and well deserved.

5 – Jenson’s champion drive in Brazil – it was good to see race again instead of protecting his lead.


1. Lewis Vs. Stewards

2. Massa Crash

3. Button WDC

4. Mclaren – Mercedes Divorce

5. Kimi’s F1 exit


1. Mercedes’ agreement to sell engines to Brawn – Allowed Ross to save the team and the creation of a championship-winning package.

2. “Liegate” – A signal that McLaren had a hard slog coming, and drove Ron Dennis off into the sunset, making him the first domino to fall.

3. FOTA’s breakaway decision – The Big One, a 6.0 on the Richter Scale, caused everyone to admit that the Unthinkable is Thinkable. And knocked over Max Mosley, the second domino.

4. “Crashgate” – The Unthinkable IS Thinkable. And doable. Knocked over the third domino, Flavio Briatore – with a side order of Pat Symonds and a garnish of Nelson Piquet.

5. The departures of Honda, BMW, Toyota and Renault (surviving in name only, at least for now). Dominoes all fall down.

A Revolutionary Year indeed.


1.-Brawn Pole and victory in melbourne, we all got the certain that the car was supreme!

2.-Button pole in monaco, he was struggling over the weekeend but progressed steadily and put together a stunning lap in the end.

3.-Barrichello beating button in monza.

4.-Fisichella pole at spa

5.-Raikkonen taking the win from him!


In no particular order:

1. The Brawns with 1-2 finish in the season opener

2. Massa’s accident.

3. Schumi’s comeback that never was.

4. Piquet’s damning controversy

5. Lewis Hamilton’s pole lap in Abu Dhabi

6. Button leaving it late to win the championship in Brazil.


Haha what an idiot. Cheers guys and quite a good mix in the video aswell!


My top 5 moments of the year are as follows:

1. Brawn scoring a 1-2 finish at Melbourne. Such a triumph after not existing at the start of the month.

2. Victory for Webber in Germany. After his leg break in the winter, he was so dominant in Germany to score one of the most popular victories. He skill and speed he showed were fantastic – especially after the blow of being given a drive through penalty.

3. Victory for Lewis Hamilton in Hungary. Never has a team improved so much in a single season to win a race. He showed how much he wanted to win, and it was dominant.

4. Victories for Rubens Barrichello. They meant so much to him and his family. The Brawn car no longer had dominance, yet Rubens managed to win. It was fun!

5. Fisichella in Belgium. Pole position, and had the speed to win if it hadn’t have been for that restart. Stunning shock.

I seem to have only chosen poles and wins. But it was a varied season, one which I’ve really enjoyed.

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