TAG Heuer celebrates 25 years with McLaren
TAG Heuer celebrates 25 years with McLaren
Posted By: James Allen  |  03 Dec 2009   |  7:23 pm GMT  |  15 comments

The McLaren Technology Centre hosted a celebration last night of TAG Heuer’s 25th anniversary as a sponsor of the McLaren team. And today they announced an extension to one of sport’s longest sponsorship deals.

From McLaren’s side Lewis Hamilton Martin Whitmarsh and Ron Dennis were there, from TAG Heuer’s side, CEO Jean-Christophe Babin and Honorary Chairman Jack Heuer. This year is also TAG Heuer’s 150th anniversary as a watch maker.

TAG Heuer CEO Jean Christophe Babin with Lewis Hamilton

TAG Heuer CEO Jean Christophe Babin with Lewis Hamilton

Hamilton drove a 1986 F1 McLaren race car, once driven by world champion Alain Prost, down the long driveway alongside the lake.

TAG Heuer has worked closely with the team and its drivers over the years, creating some memorable campaigns. The “Don’t crack under pressure” campaign featuring Ayrton Senna being a favourite with many people.

The company revealed two new watches, the Silverstone and the Calibre 1887.

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I am lucky enough to have one of the Ayrton Senna Special Edition watches, which has a proper movement, and also one of the Special Edition watches that was issued when Mika Hakkinen won his first WDC title in 1998, although that has a basic quartz movement. It’s almost more of a McLaren watch because the signatures of Mika, DC and Ron Dennis are engraved on the back. McLaren must have won the Constructors’ title as well that year.



I wish the pictures on your site could be blown up into a bigger resolution , ie: when you move your mouse over the picture the arrow changes to a hand kind of thing.

This is 2009 not 1909.


How long have Tag sponsored your site James? Any plans on a party of your own?? I for one am free next weekend!



Since July


Ah the dream…to own a Tag Heuer Monaco and an Omega Seamaster… One day!!

Until then I’ll have to make do with my (very nice) Seiko Titanium which I did not buy because they sponsored HondaF1 but I didn’t like the official “team” watch…honest..!!



a quick question i was wondering what Tag Heuer you wear? I have a Carrera Day Date, the same kimi was wearing all year.


Monaco in Gulf colours, Steve McQueen retro style.


25 years with McLaren, but still never as cool as this:


Let’s not forget who brought Heuer to F1.


Tag Heuer do make some nice watches & they certainly make the most of their F1 connections, I do find it funny that their most coveted watch was made famous by Steve McQueen – from the film LeMans.

Personally a bit of Tag Heuer signage on he Macca would be nice.

I also miss the Longines signage round the edges of the Ferrari & Reanualt cockpits as they sported in the early -mid 80’s

Nice to see a new watch co in F1 with TW Steel sponsoring Renault….lets hope Renault stay in F1.

Brawn last year were backed by Graham Watches..although I doudt this deal will carry on with Mercedes ?


I think the blog is brilliant, my fav read of the year and I am looking forward to santa bringing me a copy of your book.

However I think this story could have been greatly enhanced with the words ” … sponsor of the McLaren team and kind sponsors of this Blog …”

I don’t mind reading the odd advert, but please flag them up.

p.s do i get a discount on a watch if I mention your blog!


It’s great that a company like Tag Heuer are still so passionately involved in F1. I loved when they were the official live timing partner and the tv graphics timing. I still have yet to adjust since the late 90’s.

Just a shame the watches are so expensive. Came within 2 minutes of buying a Tag 1 year ago, until I realised what the hell, I’m not rich and settled on the purchase of a replica/fake Ayrton Senna Tag instead.


It would be nice if Tag Heuer did a special edition ‘McLaren’ watch in silver and red to celebrate their 25 year partnership.

Mind you, I wouldn’t be able to afford it if they did, but would enjoy looking at it through the jewellers window! :o)

Paige Michael-Shetley


Could TAG possibly have a better situation than sponsoring F1’s most glamorous team with the most beautiful cars and perhaps the two most photogenic drivers? They must have gotten pissed with glee the night after Button was confirmed.


Well they do sponsor F1’s most glamorous blog.


Nice one James, were they dishing out samples? A pic of each here may have got you one!

Just bought myself a new watch on Tuesday from “The Works” stationery, art supplies, books etc shop. It cost a whole £5. Still ticking, brand Citron. Unlikely to become an F1 Sponsor.

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