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Mercedes boss: We won’t know Rosberg’s team mate until New Year
Mercedes boss: We won’t know Rosberg’s team mate until New Year
Posted By: James Allen  |  18 Dec 2009   |  9:57 am GMT  |  73 comments

Dr Dieter Zetsche, the CEO of Daimler AG, which owns Mercedes has said that the team will not know who will partner Nico Rosberg until the New Year.

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With speculation raging about Michael Schumacher making a comeback at the wheel of a Silver Arrow and suggestions that he may do an extended test in a GP2 car at either Abu Dhabi or Bahrain shortly to evaluate his recovery from neck injury, Zetsche said that, “We are struggling to announce a second driver. Who the second driver is, we will probably not know until next year.”

Zetsche was speaking to German magazine Auto Motor und Sport and although the notion of Team Deutschland is a powerful one, he said that it was “not a necessity” that the second driver is also German, “We are certainly glad to now be able to go with a silver arrow for our homeland, in Germany, too. Because it is certainly attractive when a German driver is at the wheel.

“It’s nice after so many years now without a German driver Nico Rosberg is driving for us. This is a great thing.”

Meanwhile today at a media lunch in Maranello, ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo revealed that he had spoken to Schumacher this week and that the German had revealed that there is a very strong possibility that he will take the Mercedes deal,

“He phoned me and he told me that there is a very, very, very strong possibility [of racing for Mercedes-Benz]. Having said that, it is not 100 per cent decided. But that is what he said yesterday morning,” said Montezemolo. Using a turn of phrase he coined for an off form Kimi Raikkonen in the past, Montezemolo spoke of a different Schumacher from the one he thought he knew,

“The real Michael Schumacher always told me he would finish his career at Ferrari,” said a clearly disappointed Montezemolo.

Schumacher’s arrival as a driver and brand ambassador for Mercedes would be a huge boost for Mercedes and although he has done some racing for Mercedes in the early 1990s, at the wheel of a sportscar, his F1 legend is built mainly on Ferrari. A season behind the wheel of the Silver Arrow F1 car, its first season in F1, would set the tone for a very strong ongoing partnership. At the same time it would be quite a loss to Ferrari, with whom Mercedes plan to compete in the road car market place.

Zetsche said that Mercedes is very pleased with its move to acquire its own team, “On the one hand, we have control of our motorsport involvement, which we have pursued in the past but not reached. Secondly, we have an outstanding base, both sporting and financially very cheap way to achieve great success for Mercedes.”

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Willi Weber today said Schumacher is totally fit for racing.

James what do you think of it?Has Schumi already passed the medical checks?


this game has gone on long enough! At this stage it has gone on so long that there will be ALOT of disappointed fans if it all turns out to be marketing exercise – it mzay well backfire when its alll over. I think ay yjis stage ut gonna happen now for sure – pending schumis test.


I hope they give the seat to Kubica. Him and Rosberg would be some team and one for the future. Michael Schumacher will only come back for a year or 2 and he’s had his chance. Time to give someone else chance.


When you have drivers like Jaime who comes in with Repsol backing and does nothing else but crash every other time. Its better to give Schumacher the chance.


But with Kubica he has over 3 seasons of experience and he has had no way near as many crashes as Michael Schumacher. Kubica for me. Chance to snap him up before Ferrari do in next few seasons.


Kubica has been matched by Nick more often than not, which makes Kubica’s value a tad bit hyped. Unless he pulls something special at Renault, he will not be in the same league as the likes of Vettel.

Kubica has much to prove.


hehe looks like schumacher’s arrival back in F1 is making some haters nervous.

Look guys,only a fool would bet against Michael Schumacher. Hope he does not end up with a winning car in 2010 cus or else its curtains for the rest of the field.

Plus, I am amazed that people still think Ferrari will be a top team from now on ??

When you take out Brawn,Byrne,Todt and Schumacher what is there left at Ferrari??

The italian team will be lucky if they finish in the top 5 next season. I am totally serious when I say that !

The Ferrari dream is over, even with the arrival of Alonso. well lets hope he (FA) can bring his 6 tenths next year becuase the team will defenitely need it !

Like JV, Damon Hill and Irvine have recently said : ” Schumacher can start winning again where he left off in 2006 ”

and if rubens Barrichello of all people can still win races in 2009 well then Schumacher can obviously win in 2010 , no question about that ……

Go schumi ! your the best and will always be no matter the age …


Such wonderful fanboy talk there, excellent post.

I agree Ferrari may not be title contenders next year but its not down to some people leaving, its because there are smarter minds at rival design teams and that got their technical equalizer in 2009 from which its very hard to overthrown them again.


I’ve been a Schumacher fan since his Benetton days but this story is so tedious. Sign or don’t sign just get on with it.


Schumacher joining MB GP makes absolute sense to me. Ferrari have Alonso now, and its not the same team as it used to be. He started his career with Mercedes sports cars and can have some fun in a “new” team without risking to much of his reputation. If he doesn`t win at 41 is not a big deal he still will enjoy driving. The move would boost the team PR/financially and from technical point of view in the same time they will be able to evaluate Rosberg and offer a drive to Kimi or Vettel when Schumi is gone. It will be a huge blow for Ferrari`s “family” spirit though. Merry Christmas!


James, if this happens (and I’m still hoping that it doesn’t) what are the chances that we will know Michael’s salary..?


Its perfect timing for Schumi to reenter the sport. He’s got Ross Brawn at Merc and Jean Todt in FIA. And he is in a German team. What more could he ask for? 🙂


2010 Mercedes will not be competitive versus the Red Bull and McLaren cars. Schumi gets his butt kicked by Rosberg, and moves into management at year’s end. Vettel comes to Mercedes in 2011 and becomes a fixture at, or near the top of the championship standings at year’s end. Kimi stays in Rally and becomes a legend to the Finnish people!


Errr no.

I’d take Heidfeld over RSC.


To me all those latest development makes a lot of sense.

Regardless if Schumi is racing in F1 next season or not, he is on his way out of Ferrari by the end of this year. And from all the comments Montezemolo did, there is no way back for Michael. And to be honest, Ferrari can do without him. They seem to think Alonso can fill the spot Michael left.

Sabine Kehm, who worked at Michael’s spokeswoman for many years, has left Ferrari (which Ferrari have confirmed). That leaves her room to either work only for Schumi or move with him to Mercedes (I’m sure Mercedes would have a role for her).

As for the delay in announcing the driver until 2010, either Schumi needs to complete more tests or (probably more likely) he still has contractual obligations to either Ferrari or their Sponsors, which will expire by the end of this year.

Until this happens, he can’t sign and Mr. Mustache can’t announce the deal. Simple, isn’t it?


That is one impressive moustache!! Is he wearing that as a means of testing Mercedes 2010 front wing whilst not floting the testing ban?

Mike from Medellin, Colombia

James, fascinating interview with Montezemolo today.

Any thoughts about the interview regarding his comments about Alonso and Schumacher?


Are they dragging this out for maximum exposure or are there still lots of I’s to dot and T’s to cross???

Whilst I would love to see MS back, racing against Alonso in a Ferrari and Lewis in a McLaren, I have to say that I’m getting borred with the hype.

It will be such an anti-climax if we end up with Heidfelt in with Nico.


Didn’t this guy write some children’s books? Cat in a hat?

It will be a bad decision for the team in terms of race wins, but good in terms of sponsorship and publicity. Schumi’s been away too long.


Schumacher “a driver and brand ambassador for Mercedes”

Sounds good does it not? I’ve read the many comments on previous posts but IMHO won’t happen. Even if Brawn has another technical loophole up his sleeve [most probably the case] IMHO Hamilton and Alonso are more than a match for the old legend, even in inferior machinery, and will have his ass.

And that’s even before Killer Koby has taken a bite out of the Merc’s tail.


I have my doubts about there being another double diffuser situation. The aerodynamic rules are relatively static. A large section of the design team is gone too due to the downsizing. I saw one statement/quote suggesting the Brawn would look more like this year’s Red Bull, which probably means just a higher nose. Changing the wheelbase and weight distribution to match the fuel tanks and tyres won’t help in retaining the current car’s mechanical grip virtues. The same thing applies to McLaren (which used KERS to combat average aerodynamics).


Well, something must be giving MS the sniff of an advantage…He’s not coming back to fight with Rosby for the odd point…..


Schumi is coming back. Great news. Vettel is going to win championship. Alonso beats Massa, and Hamilton beats Button.

Then in 2011 if Kimi is back he’ll win.

See you next year. And don’t forget my predictions. It’s all gonna be true ;).


Just like Takuma Sato in a US F1 winning the Championship.


You forgot about Villenueve in the Renault getting a couple of podiums..


…but Ferrari know, don’t they!


Wow, he’s like Dr. Theissen with a mustache upgrade.

I still cant believe Schumacher would leave Ferrari, surely it will be a big loss to his brand to move away from the team he was most successful with (think about him standing next to a Ferrari sports car compared to a Merc), nevermind the damage that could be caused if he has a poor season, which is very possible considering the competition next year.


What a moustache!


That is a brilliant moustache on Zetsche…


Yet more ‘dangling’ by Mercedes. I keep thinking that they will announce Schumacher as Rosberg’s team mate when the unveil the 2010 car. I hope it is before then, because it seems to me that they are milking this story for all it is worth.

The Spirit of Rob Walker

Scumacher won’t be able to dominate like he did in the past,

if he does actually end up driving again. The competition is

too strong now, and there are several drivers who can take

Schumacher on and beat him in a decisive manner. Even worse, after the messes of last year, Schumacher would be

under close scrutiny where his conduct ( read : cheating )

is concerned, so there would be precious little chance of

him getting away with any maneuvers such as he used in

his past ( any such attempts would reflect poorly on Mercedes, and as such would probably be frowned on

by management ).

A clever CEO will install Schumacher in an “advisory” position, rather than as a driver, and will use him to best effect in that capacity. I expect this will be the outcome after the dust settles, and that there will be another driver instead of Schumacher ( Kimi comes to mind ) at the wheel of the Silberpfeil.


Zetsche MUST be German for “Excessively massive Moustache”


I nominate Shumacher. Ralf Schumacher.

Come on F1 faithful, you’d roll on the floor laughing if that happened, wouldn’t you?

He is an F1 winner.

And drives a Mercedes already.

And is a Schumacher.

They could do a lot worse. Honestly, Ralf or Nick? You know you’d go for Ralf. 🙂


Ralf won a few races in cars that were capable of winning, and at his best he was probably a very good driver. But he was rarely at his best; sometimes he looked like an unskilled amateur on the track. Heidfeld has always been effective and consistent, but he is also an unspectacular (and boring?) driver, which is why he never drove a potentially championship-winning car. But maybe, given the chance, he could deliver for Mercedes what Ralf couldn’t over the course of a handful of seasons at Williams.


Button also falls in the same driver category as Ralf… just proves talent is unrelated to WDCs now… any old clown can claim it now… just need the hand of the FIA on your backside.


Quick Nick everytime buddy.

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