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Mercedes to announce F1 future plans this morning
Mercedes to announce F1 future plans this morning
Posted By: James Allen  |  16 Nov 2009   |  10:29 am GMT  |  19 comments

I’ve just been invited to take part in a conference call later this morning with Dr Dieter Zetsche, the CEO of Daimler which owns Mercedes Benz and Norbert Haug the head of Mercedes Benz motor sport.

The subject of the call is to discuss the future of Mercedes’ engagement in Formula 1.

Discussions have been ongoing for Mercedes to buy a controlling interest in Brawn GP and to leave McLaren at the end of the existing contract at the end of 2011.

McLaren has been seeking to extend its engine supply arrangement to the end of 2012, the final year of the current engine formula. In 2013 a whole new engine formula will come in, based on fuel economy.

As Mercedes has been a player in the current driver moves involving Jenson Button Nico Rosberg and Kimi Raikkonen we may get some answers about what line ups they would like to see at Brawn and McLaren.

I will post on this soon after I come off the call.

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Hmmmmm I wonder if McLaren would have the nuts to paint their car RAF Spitfire colours during pre-season testing ? to start the mind games and psychological war off with a bang 🙂


Best suggestion ever!


That would be priceless. Not exactly Ron Dennis’ stye though methinks.


Pre-empting things a little ahead of any announcements and sticking my head over parapet…..

Button to McLaren – I for one can’t wait !!

As long as the team can give him the car he needs in the “balance” area (slightly understeery which narrower front tyres might help next year ) which is in contrast to Hamilton’s requirements ( a loose rear end ;)) – not sure if that is intrinsically built-in in the fundamental design of the car or whether set-up changes can give both drivers what they need – I think the regs next year will suit Button down to the ground and he will beat Hamilton 🙂

I’ve loved & supported BrawnGP this year mainly due to the Button factor – but I am looking forward to Button & Hamilton collectively whooping Mercedes GP’s butts next year.

The results in the last quarter of this year show to me that Mclaren have clearly caught and overtaken Brawn.

P.S. James if Jenson does go to McLaren what do you think a certain Anthony Hamilton will make of it ? I think it’ll be a bit of a poke in the eye for him 🙂


I’m not normally a Daily Mail reader, but I like the conclusion at the end of this article:

“[Button] should act like the true champion he is, sign now and test himself against the best.”

I agree…


Hi James, so what’s your theory as to what will happen to Renault? I’ve heard that there is a possibility that they may offload the engine operation to Red Bull?


Come on James! Eagerly awaiting your insight on todays’ developements!!


Will McLaren make their own engines?


No. Not before 2016 at least


Brawn GP: first and last year in Formula 1 and they clinch the Drivers and Constructors titles… What a story! Very poetic indeed.

I do wish that BMW was not pulling out however. That would have been epic.


Muahahaha! Complete joke! Merc are shooting themselves in the legs. They will for sure, end up like BMW or Toyota. Manufactures imho must stick to supplying engines & leave the real racing to the real guys.

Poor McLaren 🙁 🙁 were supplied with engines suffering from asthma, but now after all these years of sputtering & coughing, merc finally deserts them, just cuz they have somehow managed to manufacture reliable engines?? Until 2006 merc engine was the most unreliable engine in F1. Kept blowing up every few feet. It is cuz of mercedes that mclaren potentially lost the titles in 2000,2003,2004,2005!!

I have proof to substantiate my (some would call it) “OUTRAGEOUS” claim

The McLaren Mercedes partner ship began in 1995, since then this is what has happened:

1995: Agreed that mp4-10 was “The” most horrible looking,handling car ever built. It was supposedly designed by a supercomp! That needle nose was horrible & Mansell couldn’t fit his ass into its cockpit! But you can excuse mclaren, cuz this was post Senna. People were trying out differnt noses, front wing, safety elements etc. But Merc kept blowing up.

1996: Saw some instability, Marlboro was leaving, DC came in, chassis was decent but no match for Adrian Newey’s FW18. But merc still kept blowing up.

1997; Stunning livery. Initial chassis was designed by Neil Oatley, later in the season it was improvised by Newey himself. Won 3 races, but lost at least 7 races due to merc blowing up! Most notably at nurburgring with Mika in the lead.

1998: Superb chassis, Won bot WDC & WCC. But had a fair number of blow ups. So did ferrari, so it was nullified.

1999: Remember Melbourne ? Both Mika & DC retired whilst leading a 1-2, that too on consecutive laps

merc let them down on numerous occasions that season.

2000: How can you ever forget US Gp!!! It was a death blow to mclaren. Mika was leading both the championship & the race when the merc blew up!! McLaren never ever recovered from that.

Another Case of merc letting down mclaren again.

2001: Remember spanish gp? make retired on the last corner with a blown engine, painful.

merc let down mclaren in crucial situations that year.

2002: Kimi blew up on numerous occasions, most notably in spa. But that Merc was underpowered compared to BMW & Ferrari.

2003: Can we ever forget that merc blowing up during the race at nurburgring?? It was such a crucial race for Kimi, but merc blew up again. kimi never had a chance since then on, even though he finished only 2 points behind schumi in the WDC.

2004: I won’t even talk about it 🙁 just see for yourselves. ( after his engine had failed)

Also blew up at nurburgring, spain,monza

abysmal season. totally blame merc

2005: That year was destined to be McLaren’s & Kimi’s year.They had the most explosive combination in the form of Kimi & JPM. But merc had other plans 😛 Most of the time, Kimi started with a 10 place grid penalty & was always compromised. That MP4-20 was a monster. But Merc….

2006: One word- UNDERPOWERED

2007,2008&2009: Merc find a cure to their engine related problems & decide to dump mclaren! Traitors!

In 15 years of their partner ship you can fault McLaren at most 2 times(95 &96) but even then, merc was probably underpowered & unreliable.

I think mercedes leaving McLaren would be the best to to happen to them in the long term.

Only three teams exist to race in Formula One:




the rest are noobies 😛

Thanx James 🙂


Mp419B – You have accurately chronicled Mercedes Engine and its lifestory in F1. Do you know what changed after 2006. Cosworth withdrawal from F1 meant lots of Cosworth Engineers were on market. Norbert Haug owes his job to those blokes who joined Mercedes after 2006.

One small piece that you missed was even the McLaren camp was so elated on signing WDC and loads of sponsor in winter after 2005 that they went around 2006 season like bunch of rookies, team not able to prepare car till Qualifiers (Imola), Non engine related gremlins. Not able to come to terms with new qualifying format, Invariably always the McLaren drivers were released in traffic and not able to post decent laps.

In recent years only other display of non professionalism from team that comes to mind is STR and its duo of Tost/Berger and their demands from drivers unproportional to resources they offered.

Even the team that I don’t like that much viz Ferrari, was professional in its dealing with Kimi Raikonnen when it declared Alonso signing, though it stopped car development for 2009, Kimi’s season was not jeopardised by tactical/strategic blunders in recent races. And Kimi’s resume looks nice clean and tidy unlike the way it was looking in 2008 season, when Kimi had lost focus.


wow you are a true macca fan eh? 😛


Miguided – with respect – you’re equating teams with personnel… For instance, is Ross Brawn to be considered a ‘real guy’?… I think wherever RB rests his hat is where strong performance will come from and he’s now committed to Merc for an undisclosed length of time. Full circle from his previous employers – he’s gone to the arch enemy.

McLaren need to get long-term planning – they have leaned on Merc a lot in recent years – it will be interesting to see how they revert back to being a much more solo effort.


Jensen is doing the sensible thing I think. If he stayed where he is he’d be soundly beaten by Rosberg. If he goes to Mac he can be soundly beaten by Hammy whilst enjoying a fatter salary and the excuses of it being a new team built around Hammy.

Personally I’d like to see Hammy vs Kimi with Button being left out in the cold like Hill was when he won it.


Mercedes-Benz acquires Brawn GP team German car giant Mercedes-Benz has taken over Brawn GP, it was announced on Monday. Mercedes engines powered Brawn to victory in both the 2009 drivers’ and constructors’ championships. The team is expected to be rebranded Mercedes GP for next season, with Ross Brawn remaining as team principal.

Mercedes will also continue to supply long-term partners McLaren with engines until at least 2015, but the company’s 40 percent shareholding in the team will be reacquired by McLaren over the next two years.


Planet-F1 has gone even further, repeating claims that Button has been frozen out of the team in favour of an all-German line up.

But by far the most explosive piece of news within their article is the line that says “former F1 driver turned commentator, James Allen”!!!

Something we don’t know James? You’re not The Stig are you?


Weird. No idea where that came from.


I’m scared.

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