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Glock confirms Manor move
Glock confirms Manor move
Posted By: James Allen  |  17 Nov 2009   |  12:55 pm GMT  |  48 comments

Manor GP has pulled off a great coup by signing up Timo Glock, as we foreshadowed here last week. He becomes the second driver to be named by one of the four new teams. Lotus has signed a driver but has yet to announce his identity or whether he is a race or reserve driver.

Glock has had some impressive drives in the last couple of seasons, with podium finishes in Bahrain and Singapore this year and at Hungary last year. He ended the season on a bit of downbeat note with injuries and illnesses and a monstrous accident at Suzuka, but he remains one of the more dependable drivers in the field and I can totally see why Manor prioritised him.

“It has always been my recommendation that we have at least one driver with experience of the 2009 cars to help our development programme, but to get a driver that has not only achieved podium finishes in 2009 but has such proven talent and the potential to take us forward for many years is very exciting,” said Manor designer Nick Wirth.

“The fact that he has come and seen all aspects of the project before making his decision speaks volumes about what we have achieved so far. Now we just can’t wait to get Timo into the new car once track testing begins next year.”

During the Abu Dhabi weekend Glock was reported to have signed for Renault, but it seems that he’s pulled back from that and has committed himself to building a team up from scratch. It will be a long hard toil, as Jacques Villeneueve will tell you from his BAR days, and you don’t always stay around long enough to enjoy the fruits when they come.



Red Bull





Force India

Toro Rosso

de la Rosa?

Di Grassi?




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IMHO,I put my money on Chanduk to fill in Force India’s 2nd seat..


Good point Steve W.

How about Mercedes GP giving a chance to one of their team who have been held in Tintop hell for the last few years ?

Why not Paul Di Resta ? F3 Euroseries Champion – the year after Lewis. It is worth reminding ourselves how dominant the UK was in that 3 year period.

Go on James. Ask Mercedes GP why they are not going to give a chance to one of their loyal inhouse team ? Quick Nick has had his chance at BMW and to be honest has not been that exciting …


Why is Adam Carrol not mentioned as possible F1 driver. Has done very well in the lower series (including winning A1GP last season) and deserves a shot at the big time.


I agree that Adam Carroll deserves a chance. There are drivers making into F1 that have done far less than he has, he has won races in GP2 after all. Unfortunately money plays as much a part as talent, and there are several drivers missing out on deserved F1 opportunites as a result. There’s also the likes of Paul Di Resta, Gary Paffett, and Jamie Green, who should have been given an F1 chance by now but, despite being contracted to Mercedes, have not been given the opportunity.


Just heard on xfm that Raikkonen is not going to race in 2010 as his Mclaren deal has fallen through. This is a shame, if true. I prefer his no nonsense style.


Have Toyota given up their place on the grid next year, or do they still hold it pending a sale of the team? I didn’t think Sauber were back in yet?

No rumours about USF1 drivers, are they going to make it?


They are out. Sauber still hasn’t been awarded the place yet, though


James what do you know about the chances of the argentinian Lopez joining USF1?


Manor have done well to get Glock; I can’t see why he hasn’t been snapped up by one of the established teams. That begs the question, who is going to be #2 at Renault, if Renault come to mind? No-one obvious comes to mind… who do you think, James?


has Alguersuari been confirmed at STR? (hope so, he deserves another season)

I heard Klien had a race drive at BMW Sauber for next year, after all thats happened with the team does he have a chance at the seat?


I personally think Timo has made a very bold move. He has seen what Nick Wirth and the Manor guys are up to, knows of the impending rebranding to Virgin-F1 and has decided to give it a go. Fair play. I’m sure they will not ‘do a Brawn’ next year but if the CFD-designed car is driveable, Timo will get the best out of it and give them a true idea of where they are in the pecking order. Villeneuve and BAT/BAR fell on their collective ars#s because they promised too much from day one instead of building the right infrastructure/personnel and spent 3 years fire fighting their earlier mistakes. A new team from the ground up, could be the ideal opportunity for a driver to get noticed by a bigger team or lead that new team on to great things.

Timo, I salute you!


I notice the second seat for Force India is left blank.

Now I understand that while Sutil has had the option taken on him, the team will let him go if a larger team comes asking.

But as for Liuzzi there has been a lot said that he has a long term contract in place and that 2010 he was said to have the race seat (be it this info came from one of you paddock colleagues).

Also seen a quote from Piquet JR saying he is talking with F-I as well, thinking he may have a chance there. Anything been heard about this?


I notice from your list James that Heikki Kovalainen isn’t included anywhere. He seems to have become a forgotten man, and I haven’t seen his name connected with any teams recently, which is surprising given that it’s widely accepted he won’t be in a McLaren next season. With Kimi Raikkonen’s F1 future in the balance too, could F1 really have no Finnish drivers next season, or is Heikki still expected to slot in somewhere?


James I’ve found a report where Piquet Jnr names Force India as a possibility for next year? Do you know anything? Is it possible Piquet could return for 2010?

I read a report that USF1 had at least lodged their entry fee but as for drivers I have no clue. Lotus I’m thinking Jacques V.

Thanks very much for an excellent blog!


This is such a step back for Timo, he’s not old but he isn’t exactly young as well. I just hope his stock will rise next year and he can join a better team. I also hope Manor do well next year because I doubt Timo would be able to show much if he’s just fighting at the back.

He must have become scared of Renault pulling out, but surely another team would have picked him out? Sauber? Force India..? It’s not like he’s been poor these past two seasons, I can see Kovalainen ending up at Renault now despite having a worse reputation. Hopefully he does, assuming Heidfeld gets the Merc seat 🙂


Hi James,

How serious are these new teams. People have been hailing the privateers but to be honest when did we have a privateer minus the backing of a manufacturer (Brawns operation this year was effectively paid by Honda and McLaren cant be called a privateer) do well in F1 last?

Are they just going to fill the places vacated by Super Aguri, Arrows, Prost and similar teams? or do they really have it in them (resource and talent wise)to give the Ferrari’s and McLarens a tough fight?

Secondly how does the new Mercedes strategy affect Force India? (I remember they had a tech collaboration with Mclaren and used Mercedes engines)


Force India relationship continues


I wouldn’t be surprised to find he was either not wanted at Renault as Kove could end up there or that Renault will end up out of F1 by the end of the year. My money would be on the first as I think Renault would have left right away if they were going to.

I really hope that Davidson gets a drive and still don’t know why Paffett hasn’t been given a chance by F1 cars yet. Do they simply not have the sponsorship backing they need? De Grassi isn’t good enough for F1 at the moment, other drivers deserve a chance ahead of him.


I’d be disappointed to see Heidfeld at Mercedes. No disrespect to Nick, I’d just rather see Paul Di Resta, Jamie Green or even Gary Paffett get a shot, having served Mercedes so well for so long.

If I was Martin Whitmarsh or Ross Brawn I’d be closely watching the Renault situation (I’m sure they are); if Kubica suddenly becomes available I’d snap up him over Button


It looks like there is more in this for Manor than there is for Glock. I thought he was quite well regarded in the Paddock, OK so he’s not Alonso, and was on his way to Renault.

Rereading Ghosn’s announcement of November 5th, he’s announcing that there will be an announcement by the end of the year, not a promising sign. If Glock has figured out that Renault may not be around much longer, and he’s correct, what happens to Kubica?

On another point, the new teams have all been criticised recently for not communicating any of their plans. Lo and behold, we get a rush of announcements from Manor (Glock and Di Grassi?), Lotus (Fernandes says he’s signed a driver but won’t say who, Gascoyne says optimistic of being best of the new teams, expects to challenge some of the existing teams fairly soon), Campos (Senna, Dallara progressing well, De La Rosa needs to bring sponsorship if he wants the drive), USF1, nothing apart from announcing it’s European base.

I think it was you James, who said recently that Peter Windsor had assured you that all is well with USF1. Is that still the case?


Always nice to see a good Irish lad doing well, I like his style and whilst I dont think he is a world class driver he’s dependable and you can see him nicking results in a nice motor. Hope he does well, even if I am going to be supporting Campos out of the new teams!


Quite a lot of empty spots, there, James. I tried to fill in the blanks like I’ve done on the forum.


1. Button (?) / Räikkönen (?)

2. Hamilton


3. Rosberg

4. Heidfeld (?) / Button (?)

Red Bull–Renault

5. Vettel

6. Webber


7. Massa

8. Alonso


9. Barrichello

10. Hülkenberg


11. Kubica

12. Montagny (?) / Sutil (?) / Kovalainen (?) / Di Grassi

Force India–Mercedes

14. Sutil (signed, but may leave to top team) / Piquet (?)

15. Liuzzi (has a 2-year contract)

Toro Rosso–Ferrari (?)

16. Buemi

17. Alguersuari (not yet signed, but highly likely)


18. Senna

19. Petrov (?) / Maldonado (?) / De la Rosa (ever more unlikely) / Piquet (?)


20. Glock

21. Di Grassi (?) / Davidson (?)


22. Villeneuve (?)

23. De la Rosa (?) / Montagny (?)


24. Trulli (?) / Davidson (?)

25. Sato (?) / Kobayashi (?)


26. Heidfeld (?) / Klien (?)

27. Fisichella (?) / Petrov (?)


To me, Manor actually seems a better option than Renault. There’ll be no pressure for results, and Glock will be able to influence the design to something more like he prefers. Not only are Renault still doubtful for next year, but the car looks even worse than the Ferrari for being able to drive, the team is in transition and shows little sign of breaking into the current top 4, and anyway Kubica will be the big boy there. If Kovalainen is out of a seat next year, he could do worse than follow Glock instead of Kubica.


This is a big risk for Glock. Although he’s had some great drives over the past couple of seasons, he’s yet to establish himself as one of the really big names in F1. If Manor don’t perform, Glock could get left behind. That said, if his team-mate is a newcomer Glock could look good.

As for his anticipated move to Renault, I don’t think it necessarily means that Glock knows something the rest of F1 doesn’t. My guess is he thought he couldn’t aford to wait around to find out, which would be understandable. Also, with Alonso gone, Renault have turned to Kubica to lead the team. Maybe Glock, at this stage of his career, didn’t much fancy going up against a talent like Robert’s in a team which could be rebuilt around the Pole.

To me, it’s more interesting that Glock’s opted for Manor now, rather than waiting to see the outcome of the Mercedes and McLaren line-ups, or even contemplate a move to Force India in place of Fisichella, given its technical partnership with McLaren (though I admit an all German line up in an Indian team would not be ideal for VJ Mallya)

Overall, a great coup for Manor, less so for Glock. Barring a freak result, it’ll be a very long time before Glock returns to the podium. Treasure the memories of Singapore, Timo!


James, some of the questionmarks aren’t surprising, but what are we to make of the blanks against USF1?

I remember your post about the tean’s facilities and the design and fabricatioon work that was taking place, but I also recall that surfaced after questions were asked about the project’s apparent lack of progress.

If the team really is serious about getting on the grid next year then surely someone is in the frame?


There should be a question mark behind the Renault team as well.


This should be good news for Heidfeld and Kovalainen, both of whom will probably be in contention for the 2nd Renault seat now.

Quite a surprising career move from Glock, maybe he knows something we don’t about Renault’s future, because that seemed a much better drive to have. Even if their future was only secure until the end of 2010, he would be better off signing a one-year deal, and then go back on the market, maybe then to a new team after they had had time to develop a bit.


James – love reading your posts and this is now my home page, but why is it that I can access your latest posts if I follow your links posted on twitter, but not when I go directly to your home page?


Try emptying your cache. It’s all working fine now.


Do you now have this on cut & paste, James? 🙂

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