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Webber wins race, Button wins world championship in style
Webber wins race, Button wins world championship in style
Posted By: James Allen  |  18 Oct 2009   |  7:31 pm GMT  |  132 comments

A fantastic Brazilian Grand Prix ended with Red Bull’s Mark Webber taking the victory, his second of the season, but Jenson Button won the world championship, ironically finishing the race in fifth place, the result that did it for Lewis Hamilton last season. He becomes the tenth British driver to win the F1 world championship.

Jenson Button: 2009 F1 World Champion

Jenson Button: 2009 F1 World Champion

Robert Kubica finished second with the drive of the day and Lewis Hamilton had a storming drive from the back of the grid to finish third.

Brawn won the constructors’ world championship in their first season as an F1 team. The team, formerly Honda, almost didn’t survive the winter and was saved at the last minute by Ross Brawn and his management team. To win the world title from that position is fairy tale stuff.

Button needed to sprint, rather than crawl across the finish and he did so today with a great drive.

Starting 14th on the grid, Button was helped greatly by a series of accidents at the start which brought out the safety car. He was up to 9th at that point, with a long fuel load and that was the platform for winning the title today. But he had to go out and attack, passing Grosjean, Nakajima, Kobayashi and Buemi. All were bold moves, of the kind he has put in all season. After some poor races lately it was the swashbuckling drive he needed to make himself feel good about clinching the title.

The pass on Kobayashi in particular was really important. The Japanese on his race debut proved a stubborn competitor and at that point Button needed to get past him as Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton were threatening from behind and the cars ahead which he needed to pass, like Buemi, were getting away from him.

Rubens Barrichello, his main opposition, started from pole position, but after his first pit stop he rejoined in traffic and was passed by Sebastian Vettel. A battle with Lewis Hamilton cost him further time and he lost places to Mark Webber and Robert Kubica as a result. He looked set to finish third but a late puncture dropped him down to 8th place.

Vettel, Button’s other championship rival ended up 4th after a strong drive from 15th on the grid.

After a lot of talk recently about whether Button would make a worthy world champion, he was justifiably proud of his drive today and his world crown,
“It’s amazing, I’m world champion and I think that race deserved it, ” he said “That was the way to do it. I had to make it work. Kobayashi was crazy. It took a while to get past him. It’s the most amazing day today. After qualifying I felt sick because of how tough it was. The last few month have been stressful. But it was a great race, really enjoyable.”

Ross Brawn was in tears after the race. “It will take a while to sink in. It’s special. He’s (Button) made it hard work the second half of the season. He had a great race today, he know what he had to do. We have lost a little bit compared to the other teams lately, but he’s stuck with it and he deserves it.”

I remember so vividly that day in Barcelona in March when they put this Brawn car on the track and it was so obvious that it was a rocket ship. That first test was such a revelation and the opening races of the season went Button’s way, he won six times in the first half of the season, but then a combination of the Brawn losing the development battle against Red Bull and McLaren and Button making heavy weather of the races, made the situation stressful.

Jenson Button, World Champion – Get in there!

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Very sporting of the Brawn boys to pull thr hose of Heikkis car, but is there a rule about that?


Hells bells, in tears twice during that race – going throught the last few corners with JB and seeing Ross Brawn choke up. Superb season from Jenson although qualifying has left me in tatters several times, not to mention the increaased alcohol intake.

I was fortunate enough to see Jenson’s debut for Williams during testing in Kyalami and have supported him ever since.

Massive kudos to Rubens for giving valuable input to Brawn throughout the season and also for being the first to congratulate Jenson.

Two negatives – the fools calling Jenson an unworthy champion and the idiots throwing things at Hamilton after the race. Six race wins, leading the championship since the first race and only one DNF is the mark of a champ.

Roll on 2010!


Interlagos has always been spectacular as it’s usually the last race of the season. There’s always a rush to gather the last final points to where drivers and teams stand. If only every race is like the last there will be more overtaking and mayhem which suit the fans perfectly. The Brazilian GP is the best by far this year. No more iffys for Jense. JENSON BUTTON, F1 WDC 2009.

Driver of the Brazil GP – KOBAYASHI!!!


So glad i didn’t have to hear you scream when he crossed the line, good old BBC


Well done Jenson! Thoroughly deserved. Great to see Rubens so gracious in defeat as well. Two gents the pair of them! Get in there!!!


Tough not a fan of JB, I am glad that he clinched the WDC in style by fighting all the way to the front. I guess the low grid position was a blessing in disguise to motivate a drive of class.

A driver who scored the most points and got the most wins is a worthy champion no doubt, regardless how he scored his tally. Moreover, I think JB is one of the drivers in 2009 who has more passing moves on track.


any database to check drivers’ overtaking statistic? Thanks.

Lastly, seeing Kobayashi reminded me of Takuma Sato at his best …… The Japanese simply made Fisi looked like rookie. I hope he will get to drive in Abu Dhabi.


Forix does it, I believe


Vettel is still better than him


Excellent result and a fully deserved championship.

The race reminded me of Schumi’s final race in Brazil – a proper charge with uncompromising overtakes, full on, “I’m coming through – your choice if you take us off”… more like these please Jenson.

And to Bernie – more tracks like Brazil please – that actually allow overtaking, less of the bland stuff. Seems to be nice big hills (spa, interlagos) and a nice mix of the flowing stuff that allow it!

Kobayashi looks like a fighter, though his move on his countryman was a little er, adventurous….. deserves at least another race to see if it was a one off.


I think that some of the nay-sayer need to take into account that, due to Ross Brawn’s sporting policy, Jenson, quite rightly, had to fight his team mate all of the way.

How many WDCs did Schumacher win that way? Jenson didn’t have a team mate dutifully moving out of his way. Plus this was an unusual year with so many different teams being competitive. No Ferrari or McLaren style domination this year.

I’d say that his Championship was much more deserved that many others we have seen recently, for the above reasons.


Congratulations to Jenson – WBC 2009! Fully deserved and a stunning drive yesterday to win it in style. Rubens is great also and I think young Seb’s time will come – he is a WDC in waiting. Let’s hope next season is a cracker also.

I was also impressed with young Kobayashi. Easily the best rookie and his late pass on Fisi – in a KERS Ferrari no less – was great.

One thing spoiled my day. Jonathan Legard. James, please come back and commentate. Apart from the usual inane comments, and interrupting a techincal explanation from MB to tell us somebody was coming into the pits – which we could see for ourselves on the telly – it was the usual football commentary. I was fully expecting him to say Button was over the moon and Vettel was sick as a parrot. Come on BBC, you have it 90% right now. Just hire the correct commentator.


A great race from a true champion. I can only remember shedding tears 3 times as an adult. JB is responsible for 2 of those!

It feels great to be able to say that he is world champion particularly after todays performance. In terms of actual racing that drive goes up there with MSC in Brazil 2006 and Barichello at Silverstone 2003.

I know there will be people saying that it isn’t deserved, but hopefully today’s performance goes some way to silence those critics, and to anyone still in doubt, go back through the records and you will see that quite a few champions have won with less points and less wins and quite a lot less overtaking.

Well done JB and Brawn GP!


Well done Jenson – a fellow local yokel from Somerset! I have been following him since he started, but he did exasperate me for a few years.

6 wins, point in EVERY race except Belgium where he was taken out by a rookie, and surely more overtaking moves than any other non-KERS

Paige Michael-Shetley

“Jenson Button, World Champion – Get in there!”

+1 to you, James. I always knew you had a sense of humor about yourself.

BTW, have you caught Kobayashi fever like the rest of us by now? 😉

Paige Michael-Shetley

Button’s a guy who seems to need confidence and reassurance to take the next step. You mention how his podiums in 2004 and win in 2006 really gave him a jolt to think he can go to the next level.

After the problems he’s had in qualifying this year, he’s probably had some self-doubt creep in. Well, now he can rest assured that he is what he’s always wanted to be: Formula One World Champion. And there’s nothing that anyone can do to take that and everything it means about Jenson Button the racing driver away from him.

I suspect we may now see a more relaxed and aggressive Button who will think only of giving it the beans out of nothing more than the love of grand prix racing. Tire warming problems in qualifying? Issue with getting a low ride height to work with his braking style? Big deal; he’s a world champion, and if he can put on the kind of drive he did today after such a setback on Saturday, he can surely figure his way through.

Anyone who thinks this is a one-off may be in for a huge shock. The technical regulations seem written by Button himself: no refueling and skinnier front tires, weighing smooth driving and tire management as much more significant in determining performance than for probably the last decade and a half in F1. I don’t know how much Brawn have been working on next year’s car or how many resources they have at their disposal for developing the car. But the team have done found the key this year to tire management in the design of the car, and Jenson Button is absolutely your man for the new regulations.

Whether it’s next year or 2011, I suspect he’ll be back in a championship battle in the very near future. If Rosberg is in fact set to take the other seat at Brawn, then he better be ready for a fight.

Button’s work this year probably isn’t done. Abu Dhabi looks like a circuit designed just for him: point-and-squirt technical driving with hot weather making tire management vital. He’s got to be a favorite for victory there, along with Hamilton (who is vocally hyped about the race) and his own technical prowess with KERS special. In fact, we could be set for a really nice duel between the past two world champions at F1’s newest circuit!


I don’t get the people saying Ruben’s deserved it more than Jenson.

Rubens is a great driver and deserves a shot at the title like the next racer. But he’s pretty much had the same car now as two WDC and still not won it.

In today’s race he had no excuses up until the puncture and at that point he was already out of contention.

The WDC was won by the WDC, not the guy with less points and a lot less wins.


Aside from Button deservedly winning the WDC, the star of the show was Koby! Great determination, speed and skill to fend off Button et all.

There should be battles in F1 and I disagree that he was wreckless he was entitled to defend his position. Great job a star for the future no doubt


After my decade and a half of watching F1 I thought I would never see a Japanese driver who can drive F1 car.

But what do you know, today I did.


What a great race! And nice to see when Kovalainen’s car had the fuel hose stuck that the Brawn mechanics helped out and sent him on his way. Great sportsmanship.


You call that winning it in style? No wins in 10 races? Come on James, Button has been poor overall and we all know he won 6 races only due to the diffuser advantage and Barrichelo having brake problems



Button has been poor overall

Hardly. I’m not a great Button fan but how do you even begin to arrive at that conclusion? He has, after all, won the championship with a race to spare, and it’s not like it’s been an uncompetitive season, is it?


King_Alonso, you should be rename yourself King_Edward to go with that enormous chip on your shoulder :0)


Read the post again. I meant he did the job today in style


Well since no one has mentioned it yet, amazingly after so many comments, well done to Mark Webber on winning his second F1 GP.

Plus congratulations to Jenson & the Brawn team on their Championships.


All the best to Jens and his fans.

Sorry to strike a slightly low note but Kovy was only given his penalty for unsafe release in the pitlane late this evening. And what about Webber’s illegal move on Kimi at turn 1? If a driver is already alongside, you can’t move a second time to block them. He was sheepish to say the least when asked about it.

Should Webber have been penalised James ?


Well in the context of some of the decisions we had this season, you could argue that the stewards should have taken a look at that Webber incident and also Kobayashi’s chop on Nakajima.


Indeed, Martin even said it was a ‘slam dunk’ of a penalty.

This inconsistency has got to go – it’s obvious and toxic for the integrity of F1, which even by its normal standards has taken a battering this year (lie-gate, crash-gate to name the 2 highest profile examples).


I saw a great race today. Lots of excitement which isn’t always the case, and the way JB drove today, he put the cherry on the cake. Going into this race I feared that JB would take the title at the end of a bland race, but his overtaking today was great.

A big thumbs up as well for Kobayashi. First race in F1 and he proved he’s a gutsy ballsy racer the kind of which I would like to see more.

Thumbs down for McLaren/Kovalainen (whoever was at fault) for trying to BBQ Kimi though. Tsss…

As for Vettel, he was clearly disappointed, but I’m sure he is Championship material. I wouldn’t be too surprised if he gets the WDC, or close again next year.

Possibly thumbs down for Jarno as well, though I’d like to see the images of the incident with Sutil again first whether the whole thing was really Sutil being ‘crazy’.

Now on to Abu Dhabi, which I’m actually excited about. The track looks great, and that back stretch should see some interesting action. And to see where Kimi heads off too for next year so I can adjust my cap to the right team. Ferrari cap is off to the bin after this year it seems..

Paige Michael-Shetley

“Thumbs down for McLaren/Kovalainen (whoever was at fault) for trying to BBQ Kimi though. Tsss…”

That’ll teach him for wanting too much money/too few days for sponsors! 😉


A great drive from JB today to secure the WDC, really really pleased.

Bring on 2010!!!!!!!!!!!


I think Jenson ultimately earned it. Yes, his second half was not so hot, but no one else was too hot in either half. And his drive today was pure class.

I would spare a thought for all those who worked on the car at brackley who were then let go early in the year. Ross & Co. didn’t have much choice about that, but it must be very bittersweet for them and I hope they have been able to move on and re-establish themselves.


Jenson has proved himself a worthy champion. And one can’t help but feel sorry for Rubens. Next season looks like it might even top this season. Bring it on!


Great to see a fired up Button win the championship with a fighting drive, rather than just falling over the line. He’s had a lot of luck this year, and in my opinion has not been the best driver in the second half of the year. But I would say the same of Mansell in ’92 – and the fact is that championships are measured over a full season, not half, and the guy defending a points lead does not stir the passion of the fans like the guy chasing it.

Congrats and thankfully his championship clinching drive will be remembered as a great one.


I am over the moon! Been supporting Jens through thick and thin right from the start. This is awesome!


Well done to Brawn and Jense, what a superb race. Is there anyone left at Brawn from the Tyrrell days James? I’m sure old Ken will be looking down with a smile tonight.


I read an interview of Ross at the beginning of the season in which he revealed he even considered naming his team Tyrrell.

As a life long “Elf Team Tyrrell” fan I would have loved that. Tyrrell too won a World Championship in its first “full” season as a team running its own car in 1971. We could have had Tyrrell versus Lotus again in 2010 like in the good old days of the 70ies.


Not too many! That was a long time ago. Great bunch of guys at Brackley, really delighted for them.


button showed class and consistency. he remained calm even when the chips were down. he kept his focus when Vettel (eg yesteday’s strop) and Barrichelo (mid-season pop at his own team) lost their cool.

Button was a the king of overtaking this season, and thats one of the main reasons for loving F1. he WAS a worthy champ, and I really enjoyed watching him all season – yes even the second half when the car wasn’t quite there for him.

also I wanted to register a big congratulations to Ross Brawn. That man is a winner. I wish Brawn good luck with their next car.

Mike from Medellin, Colombia

Kobayashi and Hamilton were the starts today. Well done Button for finally pulling it off.

2009 has to be the oddest Formula 1 season since the championship began. Next year it will be great to see Alonso vs Hamilton vs Raikkonen vs Massa vs Vettel.


Congratulations to the worthy WDC of 2009.

Great drive but analysis of his season shows excellent race performances in all bar Belgium. No-one else has raced as well this year. Qualifying was the issue in the second half.

For me the race overtakes and racecraft have been masterly by JB. No-one else comes close and that is the mark of a champion.

I wish Rubens well and applaud how they have both led that team with Ross at the helm. For Ross some of that emotion must surely have come from HOW the team achieved their championships. By open racing. There is a wonderful ‘Britishness’ in this and they should be proud of how it was achieved.

JB will be a great world champion and ambassador for F1.

Jenson Button OBE and Sir Ross Brawn should unashamedly follow this. Truly GREAT BRITONS.


A great race and the championships went to the most deserving driver and team across the whole season. Congratulations to both.

One of the old circuits has produced another cracker, doing far more for F1’s image than any number of fancy pit complexes and VIP/media centres.


That’s a good point. I was thinking the same myself, after that fantastic race.

It’s ironic that dear Max, when talking about the teams and cars, likes to say “no one cares about how high-tech they are, it’s the racing that counts”.

Well, 99.99% of the F1 audience don’t care about how swanky the media centre is at some new, dull, circuit. And that is why circuits like Interlagos, Spa and Silverstone will always be tops. Even if the toilets are overflowing.


Yes, I agree, yet more proof that the circuit needs to provide the overtaking opportunities, not the boffins.

No more mickey mouse tracks please!

Let have circuits like this all the time!


good point here!


From the trio Button-Barrichello-Vettel, I was hoping Button to win the title, but would have been better if he would have done it on last race. Very good overtaking manouvers from him today, deserved title.

Star of the race must be Kobayashi. On his 1st race he was already showing better quality than rest of the rookies after many races.

After seeing todays accident on the pits with Kovalainen and Räikkönen, maybe it’s really safer to ban refueling? Altough looking at replays it shows it was not Heikkis fault, but still would have waited better race from him, if I was the boss of McLaren, I would take Kimi instead of him.

Talking about Kimi, he mentioned that he wants to get past of McLaren in constructors’ championship. Reading between the lines it could mean that he’s going to RedBull afterall.


I never was a fan of Button but he made me clap my hands in excitement with his absolutely superb drive at Interlagos. What a great quality driver he is. Congratulations Jenson, congrats Ross and the whole Brawn GP team.


Absolutely fantastic! What a fairytale after the winter the Brawn team had! Jenson and Brawn are worthy champions, they have led the championships all the way this year, and what a great drive from Jenson today! Lewis and McLaren last year, Jenson and Brawn this year, it’s a golden era for British motorsport!


What a crazy race…!

The FIA really should look at reverse grids. I know it’s not really feasible, but having fast cars at the back always brings over-taking and mayhem to the party; plus the nature of Interlagos helps – esp turn 1

Congrats to Jenson (a bullish drive once again making passes when he needed to – loved the yelp of glee) and Brawn GP – as others have mentioned, Ross’s tip to absent parties was wonderfull and shows the class of the man.

Respect to Rubens, Webber and Vettel too.

Has anyone ever seen Trulli lose his cool like that? He was livid; normally he’s pretty cool.


A reverse grid as in Speedway eh? It would certainly make things interesting to have the drivers start in reverse points orders and only have qualifying sort out those who have equal points. But, then there wouldn’t be anyone at all watching qualifying any more… It’s not the most interesting part as is already.


Hence why I said “it’s not really feasible”… 🙂


Thank you Ross Brawn, thank you Jenson Button and thank you James Allen. A £25 punt at the start of the year has delivered £500 from the bookies bank to mine.

Hopefully today will silence the critics, truly a magnificent drive, and what a fairy tale.


a very worthy champion in a fantastic season – and also some great inside information from James throughout the season…..but how gutted am i that i didn’t follow hisadvise and put £100 on Button winning the WDC back in March


Get in there indeed!!!

A very stressful day, but, in the end, a fairytale.


Get in there indeed! That race had me in tears ans so did today!


I think that Button definitely put it a World Champion’s drive today – he fought for his position and pulled off some superb overtaking moves when he could have played the percentage game and taken it to the last race.


Kudos to Ross Brawn too, for acknowledging the massive contribution to both world championships made by the people he subsequently had to make redundant.


Congratulations to Jenson and to Brawn GP. A great performance today.


Congradulations Jenson, I think you absolutely deserve this crown. Now marry that little beauty and have a great life.



great.simply great.he drove a fantastic race today and she showed the whole world he’s a worthy champion.well done jenson!


Does anyone remember who was the last WDC not to win a single race during the second half of the season?


i’m just getting ready for some important trivia. some time in the future, i might need to know this to win a million bucks lol


On the flip side; Can anyone name some other drivers who won six out of the first seven races on the way to becoming WDC?

1. Schumacher,

2. Erm….


If you exclude Indy in 1954, then Fangio won six of the first seven (he didn’t race at Indy). In 1965 Clark won six of the first seven, but didn’t start Monaco as he was winning the Indy 500 at the time. Michael did 6 out of 7 in 1994, but this hardly compares to 12 out of 13 ten years later.


wow! Well, I don’t know about you, but, even if I wasn’t the best driver in the history of the sport(I may be a big JB fan, but I’m not delusional!), I would be chuffed to bits to be able to share a statistic like that with such exalted company.


There haven’t been many winning 6 out of 7 races either


And the last driver to win 6 out of the first 7 races? MS i guess, who else? Button is a deserving champion, congratulations Jenson.


Why would any racing fan care about that?

The guy has won SIX grand prix. More than Hamilton did last year. Why do you want them spread evenly across a season?

He’s won six grand prix.

He’s led from day 1.

He’s maintained his composure while other teams have caught up in the development cycle.

He had most points at the end of the season.

It’s a championship winning drive and a well deserved title.


Well, to counter-argue, Button:

– has scored less points in 17 races than anybody since 1999. If he doesn’t win at Yas Marina it will be the lowest score since Schu’s 16 race tally of 93 points in 2003.

– has been beaten by 3 team-mates in his career (Ralf, Fisi, and Rubens last year).

– scored 6 wins from the first 7 races, in the next 10 he’s scored 1 podium. Consistency?

– has been out-qualified by his teammate this year, for the 2nd year running.

… Finally, do you think Button on the same day in the same car can beat the man he’s replaced as champion (or Alonso or Massa)?


@ Steve Mc, I think Hakkinen was a great champion overall, but I don’t think 1999 was his best year even if it was still good enough for the title.

@Phil, well the others have not won the title this year because they didn’t benefit from a Honda research project which donated 2007 and 2008 to the scrap bin in search of 2009 success.

Don’t make the mistake of taking Niki Lauda seriously either. He will say things like that because he knows in 1984 he won it fortuitously. For example, he only won one race in 84 where Prost finished and that was the one in South Africa where Prost’s car stalled before the start. He spent the season stroking it home.

@ Martin P, all the more reason he shouldn’t have been beaten by Ralf, Fisi, and Rubens. They’re not exactly champion opposition.

Also, clearly the Brawn hasn’t been that uncompetitive in the 2nd half of the season because Rubens has won twice in that time.


Shhhh…. there, there…

Go and give someone a hug Paul – Life’s not so bad.


Some good points, Paul.

I’m not sure that I agree with what you are trying to say (Hakkinen, for example, won the WDC in 1999 with only 76 points – what a rubbish driver, eh? ;0)), but I’m trying to look busy at work so I can’t really spend the next 15-20 minutes writing a lengthy response with some well thought-out, incredibly well written and witty retorts (well, alright, maybe just a lengthy response!).

Does anyone else think we should all be in a pub with pints in hand having these discussions? I imagine the debate would coninue long in to a lock in and would be great fun – James, do you fancy organising the Annual JA.F1 pub quiz and driver debate? :0)


Fair comments, but to counter-argue the counter-arguments;

– Scoring less points in 17 races than anyone since ’99 is great news for Formula 1 fans. It just shows how competitive the field has been with so many drivers able to run at the front. When was the last time we saw so many names and teams fighting for podiums and wins in one season? Button, Barrichello, Alonso, Raikkonen, Massa, Hamilton, Vettel, Webber, Rosberg, Kubica, Fisichella!! A mega-year for competitiveness and it’s to his credit that he came out on top in such a competitive year.

– Beaten by 3 team mates? Funny how none of them have gone on to be world champion though. Tortoise and hare springs to mind.

– 6 wins from first 7 then only 1 podium? It clearly shows the car was far from dominant for two-thirds of the season. Just highlights how well he’s driven to consistently bring it home in the points especially when you consider all the names and teams that did become competitive and able to steal points (even Force India!).

– Out-qualified by team-mate. Yep, but if you ask Rubens which battle he’d rather win I suspect what the answer would be. Quali is one thing, racing is another.

And finally, on the same day in the same car set up to suit Button yes he’d win. In a car to suit Hamilton, probably not. But you could ask the same about Hamilton & Senna or Hamilton & Schumi in which case he’d get trounced. But it’s a pointless debate seeing as it’s not a one-chassis formula.

I’m actually not a Button fan and of the challengers he would have been my last “choice” as champion. But he did the best job, won the most points and he’s a worthy champion. Just because my man didn’t win I’m not going to take anything away from him.

Well done Jenson and thank you for your part in the best season I can remember for years.


“Finally, do you think Button on the same day in the same car can beat the man he’s replaced as champion (or Alonso or Massa)?”

What a red herring. It matters not who is the best driver – I would name several who have greater raw talent than Button, but they have not won the title this year, have they?

Well, have they?

Lauda put it best: Button is now one of the World Champions of F1, and if you’re a World Champion of F1 then you undoubtedly deserve to be so.

And one other point: JB has done it without deliberately crashing into anyone else – which is more than can be said for at least two other World Champs, whose worthiness has never been questioned!

Well done Jenson. F1 World Drivers Champion.


Err no. And today no one cares.


Looks like Mike Hawthorn in 1958, although there have been more recent cases with only one win all season, but always in the latter half


There’s still one race to go and with the title decided and the pressue well and truly off I wouldn’t bet against Jenson signing off this season in style by winning in Abu Dabi…


Probably not.

But in ten years time Jenson Button will still be 2009 world champion and very few people will remember in what order he got the points.


Champions drive today. Well done Jenson!!!


The whole race was fantastic. Jenson has done everyone proud.

I did like how you were calling the result in favour of Button early into the race on twitter after the early incidents!

Get in there indeed!

P.S. It would be great to see that amount of overtaking and excitement at every race.


great for Button.

what a drive from Lewis Hamilton.


Great dodging by Lewis in the interview with the BBC after the race – I don’t know what it was that was thrown at him, but he handled it with class. Hopefully whoever threw the item at him got a good kicking behind the pit garages afterwards…


When the incident happened, one of the production team said off camera that it was nuts [peanuts]. Lewis Hamilton’s face said it all. Good on him for putting a smile back on his face, ignoring the idiot and getting on with the interview.


Today was a day to enjoy. This was a hell of a race. There was not much in terms of action but the tension was unbelievable, and I loved every minute of it. I believe Button is a worthy champion, he won the races he had to and kept his cool after that. He always made key overtaking manouvres in the opening laps of the races in which he had everything to lose, including today. I feel sorry for the three guys in the podium today, they drove fantastic races but the spotlight was somewhere else. Rubens, as expected, was graceful in defeat. Vettel was in tears after the race, proof of the high hopes he still had after a disastrous qualifying. A great day for the sport, for a change.


Not much in terms of action !? 4 overtakes was it by the World Champion elect, and plenty else going on (last years WC trying passing manoeuvres on the main rival, pit lane flash fires, 2 cars spearing off the track at high speed and having a barney).


Ruby and Seb were worthy opponents and would have been great World Champions too. It might be too late for Rubens now but for Seb it is just a mater of time as he is star material

and a nice guy to boot.


Completely agree SV will be a WDC at some stage. If Brawn recieves the expected backing of Mercedes, that’s where he’ll be in 2012


Jenson Button, World Champion – Get in there!

Spot on James.

Well done Jenson, screw the doubters and nay-sayers, you deserved it!!!


Hats off to everyone at Brawn i bet there’s gonna be a big FAT meeting in Japan tomorrow morning.. and the guys that decided to pull out will be asked some serious questions

and James, would have been great if you were commentating like in Hungary 2006 🙂

Jenson Button, World Champion – Get in there!


Hi James

That was a great race, JB took the bull by the horns and proved he had the bottle … get in there!

Next season, do you think Brawn will be weaker without Ruben’s input, he’s the best driver at set-up do you think Brawn and JB would be champions without him.

I kinda feel for RB he deserves a championship and some home town luck.



Yeap JB took the (Red) Bull by the Horn(er) 🙂


Well done Jense. Was very much deserved after that drive (a huge Ferrari fan!)


“Jenson Button-World Champion, get in there!”

Nice to see you’ve brought back the famous phrase (slightly modified) that entertained so many in Hungary 2006 by infuriating the minority [mod]

Ive enjoyed this season, made a little better with this blog so thanks there :). Todays race was an utter thriller, compared to the dormant two races in Japan and Singapore, a carnage feast and some great racing.

“Jenson Button winsssss! Get in there!” All we needed is you alongside Anthony Davidson and it would have been perfect….


Beside Anthony or Martin.


Not the best choice to win the title. But who got more points wins. But this year again reminds that good car is more important than good driver because you can only drive as good as car gives you.

FIA did choose the champion because they did allow diffusors. Only thing to stop Brawn for getting both was mistakes and they did make only few and their worst competitors did have bad luck more than them.

I feel sad for Rubens because he was more worthly champ than Button.

Great car for first part of the year and average driver. But have to be happy that next year this won’t happen. 3 teams got good car and awesome drivers and we can see real battle for the win. Honda money won’t save Brawn for season 2010. It’s back to being average again for that team.


Retro, please read the following text: “JB’s always been incredibly consistent, but the problem was that at the beginning of the season, he was also blisteringly quick. They were running really well and he was really on top of the car, and a bunch of other drivers had a shopping list of excuses why they weren’t getting results. At the end of the day, they weren’t and JB was, and that’s what made the difference. He’s a deserving champion.”

Mark Webber’s words, not mine, enough said!!!


First part of the season it was the car not the driver. Rubens did blow it up with his mistakes but again Button didn’t. He did just drive solid race because they didn’t really have any1 who could beat them. He wasn’t showing anything special but consistent and that’s easy when second driver is doing mistakes and you got fantastic car under you. No pressure no mistakes. And when every1 else did get more speed mistakes started to happen and panic. Lucky enough Red Bull did have problems even more.

I’m really sorry to see how FIA have made two champs within 2 years. And when 2007 FIA did say they don’t want to decide WDC and did give immunity to 2 drivers and let McLaren be in F1. Kimi was a best driver and lucky enough to get the title. But FIA was after something else, not the finn to be champ.

Now 2008 they could have give WDC to Massa if they would have done anything to crashgate and made the results as they were before accident. They did have all the same evidence than they did have now but they didn’t do anything about it. Massa did loose the title because FIA didn’t do anything they they should have. Again they believed that this case doesn’t come to bublic but again 2009 it did and it was too late to nothing. Massa is right to be angry for Piquet or FIA for stealing his WDC title.

Again 2009 FIA decide who are the champs but they main reason and biggest mistake was that they believed that Toyota and Williams did have as good cars as Brawn. They wanted to give these teams advantage so they wouldn’t leave F1 for 2010 and believed also that other teams can quickly catch them. Sadly Brawn was too good and now the results are bs. Red bull in other hand did made car that was within rules without bending them. Vettel and Webber was robbed because FIA was thinking something else than fair play.

Biggest problem in F1 is FIA. This isn’t attack against Button because he did gain more points but more or less attack against FIA. We need a change and fast. Todt isn’t helping things because all we need is a whole new system.

Rules aren’t made for bending. How can FIA made rules that can be bend and still they can do mixed results. Ferrari 2007 floor. Was banned because it was bending the rules same way as this diffusor. It wasn’t illegal but sadly McLaren got data and FIA didn’t have any choice but ban it. Now diffusors did have same thing. They did bend the rules and was still ok to have it, but only because some teams did have it, i would say unfair advantage for the good of the sports but it was only good for brawn. All because FIA did again show of badly organized they are. There isn’t any rule that FIA would mean that it would stand. I would say 2010 will be mess because of this.

Hamilton lying to stewarts and bad penalty. Piquet and no ban? These are just sad examples how badly FIA have done things now, past and future.



Thank you so much for clearing that up for us…?

See what you can read into this…

‘My Opel Runs On Nitro’! 🙂


Retro, you forget that the Ferrari floor was banned, but they were allowed to keep their points allowing Kimi to keep his points.


Really? Why is RB more deserving? During the first part of the season when Button was winning where was RB? He was finishing 2nd, 5th, 4th, 5th, 2nd, 2nd and dnf. What did Jenson do in the same period he won all but China. RB’s results in the second half of the season have been little better, his victories in Spain and Italy lifted him. He’s no more deserving than Jenson.

Jenson has been the more consistent driver and in my eyes a fully worthy champion.

Yes next year will be different, Ferrari and McLaren will not falter. This season has been magnificent and had some memorable races. I hope Jenson can go on and win more, however I know this was his only shot, he’s taken it whilst others have failed.


It is very sad to see the continuing tide of anti-Button comments. It is hard to understand how you think him an “average driver”?

His record in the lower formulae was terrific. His consistency and smoothness in F1 have been exemplary. He have been badly advised, but nobody can take away from him that he has made the best of the equipment he has been provided with.

All I can say to him is a damn good well done!


You bitter bitter man, one thing and one thing only states who is deserving of the WDC and that is the table and when I looked tonight Jenson was top by some margin and Rubens was third. I like Rubens as much as the next man but come on get over yourself.


How do you figure Rubens would have been a more worthy champion. Jenson won 6 out of 7 races at the start of the season in the same car as Rubens. Jenson was sensational and pretty much unbeatable up until Turkey, and since then he has been the most consistent, maintained his championship lead and pulled off some amazing overtaking.

Jenson thoroughly deserves the crown, more so than any other driver or team this year and he showed that today in Brazil with a true champions drive.

Brawn wont need Honda’s money next year either. Budgets are being slashed through out the pit lane and they have a title sponsor and also a few major sponsors for next year too.

F1 is changing, form now on I think most seasons will see many different drivers and teams taking wins, and I wouldnt write Brawn or Jenson off so quickly.


Congrats Jenson

Retro No Comment Goodbye :::


Superb Result for Jenson – so many years plodding round at the back in dogs – so pleased for him and the team 🙂


If I may be so bold as to borrow a phrase from you James… GET IN THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!


well done jenson, i am releived to see it capped off in style, this should silence the silly nay sayers. On another note sad to hear the whinging about Kobayashi. He had a stunner of a debut.


Was Barichello’s left tyre REALLY punctured? What a coincidence? Everytime Button is behind Barichelo and catching him, Barichelo’s car has few problems or the team lets him down. One can’t help but to question Brawn’s strategies toward Barichelo…

Am really happy for Button (great drive) but am definitely breaking up with the Brawn team.


Bridgestone might have had something to say about it if their tyre was intact when it came off of Barrichello’s car.


It don’t think you can blame the Brawn team for Barrichello getting hit by Hamilton. His right-rear was clearly deflated when he came into the pits, so can we leave the conspiracy theories alone?

Brawn have been impressively impartial to their drivers throughout the season and I dare say their example is not followed throughout the pit-lane.


Given that Button would have taken the WDC even if Rubens had finished where he was prior to the puncture, then I think it really was punctured. There was absolutely no reason for the team to move Rubens down the finishing order – it wasn’t necessary.


The whole thing was pre-planned by Mercedes. A small amount of Semtex was secreted in Barrichello’s tyre valve which, for safety reasons, could only be activated by a light touch from Hamilton’s front wing.

Good grief.


What nonesense –

he was clipped by Hamilton’s wing. I think Rubens would have known whether he had a puncture or not (and I’m neither a Brit or a particular Button fan)


It didn’t matter that he had a puncture.. even if Rubens finished 3rd…. the title was still lost


The Frome Flyer triumphs!!


“Frome Flyer to Eternity” 🙂


A beautiful piece of driving, some of the overtaking was absolutely stunning. Points in every race except the one where he was punted off by Grossjean.



Fantastic result. The world champion should always be the person who scores the most points over the course of the season. He finished it style against the odds and with the kind of over taking we used to see from a certain Mr Mansell.

P.S. Where the bloody hell did Kobiyoshi come from.


Excellent race, Button deserved it today. Shame for Barrichello, he just doesn’t have the luck at home does he?


Yeah good drive today from JB. Would have liked to see it go down to the last race and to be honest I would rather Rubens or SV had won it but there you go, got to respect the numbers in the end and he made it happen.


well done Jenson a trully championship winning drive feel a little bit sorry for reubens though but you’d have to say glocks replacement showed the other new boys how to do it


What a great way to finish off the drivers’ championship! Button struck the balance between aggression and caution perfectly – and this shows the difference experience can make (witness Hamilton in 2007/8, playing too aggressively/cautiously respectively). It probably helped that this wasn’t the final race of the season.

Jenson’s year has been all about great racing. In the first part of the year we saw great qualifying too, but even in the latter half (when the qualifying results were not good) he has almost always extracted the maximum from the car without making mistakes. Calm, consistent, classy.

Nice one.


One can’t help but wonder if the people at Honda responsible for deciding to leave F1 this year (but still funding Brawn) aren’t now kicking themselves VERY hard.


The ironic thing for Honda is, they probably wouldn’t have won the WC if they’d stayed in because their engine wasn’t as good as the Merc engine.

Honda still deserve a lot of credit for this victory though.

Well done to Jenson and Brawn GP. Wonderful stuff.


Cracking drive, an amazing race to watch and a thoroughly worthy world champion. Congratulations Jenson and well done Brawn.

Commiserations to Rubens, in a way it would have been nice to see him win his own GP.

Finally is it just me that thinks Kobayashi will be great for F1. That’s what we need rather than the blandness of Grosjean and Alguersari.


Oh no Nik you were not the only one who found Kobayashi amazing! He is comfortably the rocky of the year.

He was immediately good during the toughest qualification session of the year and also during the most important race of the year fighting a soon to be world champion in the process, all of that with next to no preparation beforehand.

What a way to make an entrance into F1. Let’s hope Toyota signs him for next year as he deserves a chance to show what he can do over a full season. Hats off to Jenson for another great drive with perfectly judged and beautifully executed overtaking manoeuvres. He silenced all his doubters with the best possible answer today. I am so pleased for Jenson and his dad John, non intrusived Champ’s dad No1 bar none 🙂


Just wish Koboyashi was allowed to race in Suzuka Being Japanese he would have known the track like the back of his hand and with a competitive Toyota he could have worked miracles


I think with the natural talent he showed, and the need for strong Japanese drivers, we’ll be hearing a lot about Koboyashi. TO out qual his team mate in appalling conditions was something very special, and I was cheering him on during the race. Apart from when button needed to pass, obviously 🙂

Michael Grievson

I agree kobayashi was great today. A shame he took out nakajima but he showed he’s a good racer. I hope toyota keep him on and not nakajima next year


Congrats Jenson, a brilliant drive to win the title in style! Who says you can’t overtake in F1!


From my point of view he can overtake only newcomers who doesn’t have much expertise in F1 or car that much slowly than his one. His car could allow this and he understands this. He never overtook the car fighting in the race for P1-P4 places even he caught someone at the end of (or at the middle) of a race.

kenneth mulvaney

I have been subjected to many comments about what a great drive that Button had in Brazil and that it was the “drive of a champion”.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t 2 better drivers start behind him in Brazil and finish well in front of him?


Well, both drivers were in cars that, according to Ross Brawn on Friday’s Chequered Flag podcast from Radio 5 Live, were looking to be the ones to beat over the course of the weekend.

Plus you had one driver whose team used the safety car to enable them to change to an optimal-one-stop-with-no-need-to-run-the-suboptimal-tyre strategy, and you had another driver in the fastest car of the weekend, again on a better (longer first stint) strategy.

I think the point of the whole ‘Drive of a Champion’ thing is that Jenson aggressively, and cleanly, scythed his way through the field – overtaking every man and his dog out there, inside at turn 1, outside-inside-outside of turns 4-6, mega-late braking and so on.

It was eminently more entertaining than watching Vettel sit behind cars (apart from a heavy Barichello when he came out after his first stop, of course) all afternoon whilst waiting for them to pit so he could use the benefit of his car’s speed and his team’s strategy to finish fourth.

The same could almost be said of Lewis, except that he also made good use of the technology at his disposal to do a spot of overtaking (note that Jenson didn’t have the benefit of a KERS button to do his passing).

…And I’m not trying to take anything away from Lewis or Vettel as they both did outstanding jobs.

I don’t think you had a barrage of responses to your previous post because loads of poor, deluded and slightly simple Button fans feel the need to defend a sub standard performance when compared with other mighty drives on Sunday, I just think they get a bit tired of people, like your good self, who continually play down the fact that the guy can actually drive a car, and actually stepped up to the plate, after making a balls up of qualifying, to win the Championship in the way that his critics have been saying he couldn’t do because he is ‘average at best’.

If Lewis drove that kind of race to fifth place last year you wouldn’t hesitate to call it the Drive of a Champion, would you?


Well done, Jensen! An inspiring, well-deserved world championship! All the best for 2010 and beyond!

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