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Webber wins race, Button wins world championship in style
Webber wins race, Button wins world championship in style
Posted By: James Allen  |  18 Oct 2009   |  7:31 pm GMT  |  132 comments

A fantastic Brazilian Grand Prix ended with Red Bull’s Mark Webber taking the victory, his second of the season, but Jenson Button won the world championship, ironically finishing the race in fifth place, the result that did it for Lewis Hamilton last season. He becomes the tenth British driver to win the F1 world championship.

Jenson Button: 2009 F1 World Champion

Jenson Button: 2009 F1 World Champion

Robert Kubica finished second with the drive of the day and Lewis Hamilton had a storming drive from the back of the grid to finish third.

Brawn won the constructors’ world championship in their first season as an F1 team. The team, formerly Honda, almost didn’t survive the winter and was saved at the last minute by Ross Brawn and his management team. To win the world title from that position is fairy tale stuff.

Button needed to sprint, rather than crawl across the finish and he did so today with a great drive.

Starting 14th on the grid, Button was helped greatly by a series of accidents at the start which brought out the safety car. He was up to 9th at that point, with a long fuel load and that was the platform for winning the title today. But he had to go out and attack, passing Grosjean, Nakajima, Kobayashi and Buemi. All were bold moves, of the kind he has put in all season. After some poor races lately it was the swashbuckling drive he needed to make himself feel good about clinching the title.

The pass on Kobayashi in particular was really important. The Japanese on his race debut proved a stubborn competitor and at that point Button needed to get past him as Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton were threatening from behind and the cars ahead which he needed to pass, like Buemi, were getting away from him.

Rubens Barrichello, his main opposition, started from pole position, but after his first pit stop he rejoined in traffic and was passed by Sebastian Vettel. A battle with Lewis Hamilton cost him further time and he lost places to Mark Webber and Robert Kubica as a result. He looked set to finish third but a late puncture dropped him down to 8th place.

Vettel, Button’s other championship rival ended up 4th after a strong drive from 15th on the grid.

After a lot of talk recently about whether Button would make a worthy world champion, he was justifiably proud of his drive today and his world crown,
“It’s amazing, I’m world champion and I think that race deserved it, ” he said “That was the way to do it. I had to make it work. Kobayashi was crazy. It took a while to get past him. It’s the most amazing day today. After qualifying I felt sick because of how tough it was. The last few month have been stressful. But it was a great race, really enjoyable.”

Ross Brawn was in tears after the race. “It will take a while to sink in. It’s special. He’s (Button) made it hard work the second half of the season. He had a great race today, he know what he had to do. We have lost a little bit compared to the other teams lately, but he’s stuck with it and he deserves it.”

I remember so vividly that day in Barcelona in March when they put this Brawn car on the track and it was so obvious that it was a rocket ship. That first test was such a revelation and the opening races of the season went Button’s way, he won six times in the first half of the season, but then a combination of the Brawn losing the development battle against Red Bull and McLaren and Button making heavy weather of the races, made the situation stressful.

Jenson Button, World Champion – Get in there!

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Very sporting of the Brawn boys to pull thr hose of Heikkis car, but is there a rule about that?


Hells bells, in tears twice during that race – going throught the last few corners with JB and seeing Ross Brawn choke up. Superb season from Jenson although qualifying has left me in tatters several times, not to mention the increaased alcohol intake.

I was fortunate enough to see Jenson’s debut for Williams during testing in Kyalami and have supported him ever since.

Massive kudos to Rubens for giving valuable input to Brawn throughout the season and also for being the first to congratulate Jenson.

Two negatives – the fools calling Jenson an unworthy champion and the idiots throwing things at Hamilton after the race. Six race wins, leading the championship since the first race and only one DNF is the mark of a champ.

Roll on 2010!


Interlagos has always been spectacular as it’s usually the last race of the season. There’s always a rush to gather the last final points to where drivers and teams stand. If only every race is like the last there will be more overtaking and mayhem which suit the fans perfectly. The Brazilian GP is the best by far this year. No more iffys for Jense. JENSON BUTTON, F1 WDC 2009.

Driver of the Brazil GP – KOBAYASHI!!!


So glad i didn’t have to hear you scream when he crossed the line, good old BBC


Well done Jenson! Thoroughly deserved. Great to see Rubens so gracious in defeat as well. Two gents the pair of them! Get in there!!!


Tough not a fan of JB, I am glad that he clinched the WDC in style by fighting all the way to the front. I guess the low grid position was a blessing in disguise to motivate a drive of class.

A driver who scored the most points and got the most wins is a worthy champion no doubt, regardless how he scored his tally. Moreover, I think JB is one of the drivers in 2009 who has more passing moves on track.


any database to check drivers’ overtaking statistic? Thanks.

Lastly, seeing Kobayashi reminded me of Takuma Sato at his best …… The Japanese simply made Fisi looked like rookie. I hope he will get to drive in Abu Dhabi.


Forix does it, I believe


Vettel is still better than him


Excellent result and a fully deserved championship.

The race reminded me of Schumi’s final race in Brazil – a proper charge with uncompromising overtakes, full on, “I’m coming through – your choice if you take us off”… more like these please Jenson.

And to Bernie – more tracks like Brazil please – that actually allow overtaking, less of the bland stuff. Seems to be nice big hills (spa, interlagos) and a nice mix of the flowing stuff that allow it!

Kobayashi looks like a fighter, though his move on his countryman was a little er, adventurous….. deserves at least another race to see if it was a one off.


I think that some of the nay-sayer need to take into account that, due to Ross Brawn’s sporting policy, Jenson, quite rightly, had to fight his team mate all of the way.

How many WDCs did Schumacher win that way? Jenson didn’t have a team mate dutifully moving out of his way. Plus this was an unusual year with so many different teams being competitive. No Ferrari or McLaren style domination this year.

I’d say that his Championship was much more deserved that many others we have seen recently, for the above reasons.


Congratulations to Jenson – WBC 2009! Fully deserved and a stunning drive yesterday to win it in style. Rubens is great also and I think young Seb’s time will come – he is a WDC in waiting. Let’s hope next season is a cracker also.

I was also impressed with young Kobayashi. Easily the best rookie and his late pass on Fisi – in a KERS Ferrari no less – was great.

One thing spoiled my day. Jonathan Legard. James, please come back and commentate. Apart from the usual inane comments, and interrupting a techincal explanation from MB to tell us somebody was coming into the pits – which we could see for ourselves on the telly – it was the usual football commentary. I was fully expecting him to say Button was over the moon and Vettel was sick as a parrot. Come on BBC, you have it 90% right now. Just hire the correct commentator.


A great race from a true champion. I can only remember shedding tears 3 times as an adult. JB is responsible for 2 of those!

It feels great to be able to say that he is world champion particularly after todays performance. In terms of actual racing that drive goes up there with MSC in Brazil 2006 and Barichello at Silverstone 2003.

I know there will be people saying that it isn’t deserved, but hopefully today’s performance goes some way to silence those critics, and to anyone still in doubt, go back through the records and you will see that quite a few champions have won with less points and less wins and quite a lot less overtaking.

Well done JB and Brawn GP!


Well done Jenson – a fellow local yokel from Somerset! I have been following him since he started, but he did exasperate me for a few years.

6 wins, point in EVERY race except Belgium where he was taken out by a rookie, and surely more overtaking moves than any other non-KERS

Paige Michael-Shetley

“Jenson Button, World Champion – Get in there!”

+1 to you, James. I always knew you had a sense of humor about yourself.

BTW, have you caught Kobayashi fever like the rest of us by now? 😉

Paige Michael-Shetley

Button’s a guy who seems to need confidence and reassurance to take the next step. You mention how his podiums in 2004 and win in 2006 really gave him a jolt to think he can go to the next level.

After the problems he’s had in qualifying this year, he’s probably had some self-doubt creep in. Well, now he can rest assured that he is what he’s always wanted to be: Formula One World Champion. And there’s nothing that anyone can do to take that and everything it means about Jenson Button the racing driver away from him.

I suspect we may now see a more relaxed and aggressive Button who will think only of giving it the beans out of nothing more than the love of grand prix racing. Tire warming problems in qualifying? Issue with getting a low ride height to work with his braking style? Big deal; he’s a world champion, and if he can put on the kind of drive he did today after such a setback on Saturday, he can surely figure his way through.

Anyone who thinks this is a one-off may be in for a huge shock. The technical regulations seem written by Button himself: no refueling and skinnier front tires, weighing smooth driving and tire management as much more significant in determining performance than for probably the last decade and a half in F1. I don’t know how much Brawn have been working on next year’s car or how many resources they have at their disposal for developing the car. But the team have done found the key this year to tire management in the design of the car, and Jenson Button is absolutely your man for the new regulations.

Whether it’s next year or 2011, I suspect he’ll be back in a championship battle in the very near future. If Rosberg is in fact set to take the other seat at Brawn, then he better be ready for a fight.

Button’s work this year probably isn’t done. Abu Dhabi looks like a circuit designed just for him: point-and-squirt technical driving with hot weather making tire management vital. He’s got to be a favorite for victory there, along with Hamilton (who is vocally hyped about the race) and his own technical prowess with KERS special. In fact, we could be set for a really nice duel between the past two world champions at F1’s newest circuit!


I don’t get the people saying Ruben’s deserved it more than Jenson.

Rubens is a great driver and deserves a shot at the title like the next racer. But he’s pretty much had the same car now as two WDC and still not won it.

In today’s race he had no excuses up until the puncture and at that point he was already out of contention.

The WDC was won by the WDC, not the guy with less points and a lot less wins.


Aside from Button deservedly winning the WDC, the star of the show was Koby! Great determination, speed and skill to fend off Button et all.

There should be battles in F1 and I disagree that he was wreckless he was entitled to defend his position. Great job a star for the future no doubt


After my decade and a half of watching F1 I thought I would never see a Japanese driver who can drive F1 car.

But what do you know, today I did.


What a great race! And nice to see when Kovalainen’s car had the fuel hose stuck that the Brawn mechanics helped out and sent him on his way. Great sportsmanship.


You call that winning it in style? No wins in 10 races? Come on James, Button has been poor overall and we all know he won 6 races only due to the diffuser advantage and Barrichelo having brake problems



Button has been poor overall

Hardly. I’m not a great Button fan but how do you even begin to arrive at that conclusion? He has, after all, won the championship with a race to spare, and it’s not like it’s been an uncompetitive season, is it?


King_Alonso, you should be rename yourself King_Edward to go with that enormous chip on your shoulder :0)


Read the post again. I meant he did the job today in style


Well since no one has mentioned it yet, amazingly after so many comments, well done to Mark Webber on winning his second F1 GP.

Plus congratulations to Jenson & the Brawn team on their Championships.


All the best to Jens and his fans.

Sorry to strike a slightly low note but Kovy was only given his penalty for unsafe release in the pitlane late this evening. And what about Webber’s illegal move on Kimi at turn 1? If a driver is already alongside, you can’t move a second time to block them. He was sheepish to say the least when asked about it.

Should Webber have been penalised James ?


Well in the context of some of the decisions we had this season, you could argue that the stewards should have taken a look at that Webber incident and also Kobayashi’s chop on Nakajima.


Indeed, Martin even said it was a ‘slam dunk’ of a penalty.

This inconsistency has got to go – it’s obvious and toxic for the integrity of F1, which even by its normal standards has taken a battering this year (lie-gate, crash-gate to name the 2 highest profile examples).


I saw a great race today. Lots of excitement which isn’t always the case, and the way JB drove today, he put the cherry on the cake. Going into this race I feared that JB would take the title at the end of a bland race, but his overtaking today was great.

A big thumbs up as well for Kobayashi. First race in F1 and he proved he’s a gutsy ballsy racer the kind of which I would like to see more.

Thumbs down for McLaren/Kovalainen (whoever was at fault) for trying to BBQ Kimi though. Tsss…

As for Vettel, he was clearly disappointed, but I’m sure he is Championship material. I wouldn’t be too surprised if he gets the WDC, or close again next year.

Possibly thumbs down for Jarno as well, though I’d like to see the images of the incident with Sutil again first whether the whole thing was really Sutil being ‘crazy’.

Now on to Abu Dhabi, which I’m actually excited about. The track looks great, and that back stretch should see some interesting action. And to see where Kimi heads off too for next year so I can adjust my cap to the right team. Ferrari cap is off to the bin after this year it seems..

Paige Michael-Shetley

“Thumbs down for McLaren/Kovalainen (whoever was at fault) for trying to BBQ Kimi though. Tsss…”

That’ll teach him for wanting too much money/too few days for sponsors! 😉


A great drive from JB today to secure the WDC, really really pleased.

Bring on 2010!!!!!!!!!!!


I think Jenson ultimately earned it. Yes, his second half was not so hot, but no one else was too hot in either half. And his drive today was pure class.

I would spare a thought for all those who worked on the car at brackley who were then let go early in the year. Ross & Co. didn’t have much choice about that, but it must be very bittersweet for them and I hope they have been able to move on and re-establish themselves.


Jenson has proved himself a worthy champion. And one can’t help but feel sorry for Rubens. Next season looks like it might even top this season. Bring it on!

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