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Massa will not race again in 2009
Massa will not race again in 2009
Posted By: James Allen  |  11 Oct 2009   |  7:00 pm GMT  |  18 comments

Ferrari has put out a statement confirming that Felipe Massa will drive an F2007 Ferrari tomorrow at its Fiorano test track, but has stressed that together with the team, Massa has come to the conclusion that his best interests would be served by not trying to race again this season at the final event in Abu Dhabi.

I have to say that this looks like a smart move. Prior to flying over to Europe a week ago, Massa was reported by Brazilian colleagues to be determined to drive in the final race. But having undergone some training and two days of medical examinations in Paris, it looks like he has accepted that it would be better to come back next season 100% ready, rather than risk his reputation by coming back too early. A poor performance in Abu Dhabi could have raised questions and added unwanted pressures.

“Tomorrow’s event is significant but in no way does it signify a return to competition in the near future,” said the statement. “In fact, based on a previously taken decision and after an informal medical examination in Paris a few days ago, which proved rather positive, but not enough to endorse a return to competition in the next two months, Felipe and the team want to proceed gradually and without any hurry to recover as well as possible from the effects of the accident that happened in Budapest back on 25th July.

“Therefore talk of a proper return to Formula 1 can wait until the start of the 2010 season and only at that time will the medical checks be carried out, as required by the FIA in order to allow someone who has been injured to return to racing.”

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First: I think Alonso will have the same problem beating Massa in qualifying as Kimi had. The brazilian is very very fast.

Second: It would be stupid let Massa race this season. What if there would be another crash? Ferrari would have serious problems defend the decision let him race if Massa get another serious head injury.


I like Felipe and am glad he’s going to be able to return to the grid, I’m also glad he’s being sensible and waiting until 2010 whenhe can be sure he’s fully healed and fully race fit.

I really do wish he’d stop saying that the championship was “stolen” from him due to Singapore though. Yes the events of that race probably did rob him of the win. But what no-one can know is how the following races would have panned out…


James, with regard to the other side of the garage, what is delaying the announcement from McLaren?

Is Kimi upping demands or is Whitmarsh playing hard ball?

I note that despite being dumped by our Ferrari friends Kimi’s stock is currently close to sky high and apparently he is in discussions even with teams “who have already confirmed their drivers”.

Personally, I for one will feel more easy once we know for certain that:

A- KR is still in F1 next year

B- he is with MM

If you have any news on this James please feel free to divulge


at last he’s back driving!!!

Forza Massa



I hope he makes it back, for obvious reasons. But the noises about Schumacher wanting to return for a season or two won’t go away, and if Massa isn’t up to the job, I can’t see Fisichella, even if he is the team’s official reserve driver for 2010, getting the nod over Michael. The prospect of Alonso v Schumacher v Hamilton v Raikkonen v Vettel v Webber v Button V Rosberg is one to be relished.


I think it´s the best decision for Felipe, there was nothing to gain and possibly some risks.

He has 4 months before February to workout and be fited. He´s place at Ferrari is garanteed so no need to risk.


That is a shame, from a drivers point of view we want to get back in the car as soon as possible and get “it” behind you, and not sit a winter wondering, testing is different than a race, it is easy to understand why he wanted one race.


I agree james. His position within the team is safe, so he doesn’t need to push.

He’ll start next year 100% fit, and we’ll see if it’s enough to beat alonso.

Have you heard the coment Adrian campos made about hamilton in the spanish press?

i think the fia should punish him in some way, for lack of respect to a fellow pilot.

This anti-hamilton culture that has being created in spain, it’s getting out of hand.

Paige Michael-Shetley


Any new news on Raikkonen?


I’m glad he wont race until next season. Have always liked Massa, he had that little bit of crazy when racing, you never knew what he would do next. And I really like that in a racer.

Although he mellowed under Schumacher, he’s a very likeable character with passion and aggression.

As you said, if he came back and had a poor race, it would only lead to doubts and more questions, whereas now he can rest and prepare.

Good news, and good to see him recovering well.


An excellent and pragmatic decision for all concerned: Massa, Ferrari and us, too, as any judgement of Massa will be much more meaningful next March.

I am really looking forward to seeing how he shapes up against Alonso. Prior to Hungary, I would have said without a doubt that he would sometimes (how often?) be faster but Alonso’s consistency and relentlessness, in and out the cockpit, will be formidable indeed.


This also strikes me as sensible thinking. I can see why the F2007 is being done now rather than (say) in January, but starting afresh in 2010 means that Felipe can concentrate on being his absolute best when the new season comes.

Best wishes to Felipe.


I cannot see Massa surviving beyond 2010 with Ferrari myself. Alonso will eat him up and spit him out.


That’s what everyone thought when Kimi came.


Kimi lost his seat and may not wish to put his bum on a F1 car again, because of the beating he got from Felipe.

let’s see who is next.


Yeah, we’ll see.


There really is no need for him to come back now. Fisi should be able to finally deliver some points in final (2) race(s), he might even be the safer bet right now.


Why is he still testing the F2007, there is no need to risk anything now, as he has enough to recover till the first tests in 2010

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