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Massa wants justice for Singapore ‘robbery’
Massa wants justice for Singapore ‘robbery’
Posted By: James Allen  |  02 Oct 2009   |  12:51 am GMT  |  94 comments

Felipe Massa has hit out on Brazilian TV, claiming that he was ‘robbed’ of last year’s drivers world title because Renault cheated.

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“All of what happened was robbery – but regarding the race nothing has happened, the result remains the same. This is not right. The robbery changed the outcome of a championship and I lost (the title),”

Massa says that the result of the race should be annulled, which would mean that Lewis Hamilton would lose the six points he gained for his third place finish and Massa would be world champion.

Massa compares the situation to the Italian soccer scandal of a few years ago where Juventus were found guilty of bribing referees and were demoted out of the Italian premier football league, Serie A.

“I have seen in football how a referee took money to throw a game and all the suspect results were annulled. In Italy, Juventus were relegated. But here (in Formula One) they just sent Briatore home. I don’t get it and I don’t think it was right.”

I can understand his anger and I think most people will be sympathetic, but at the same time, he would probably not be saying this if he had won the race, as he was on target to do and Fernando Alonso had finished second as a result of the Renault ‘fix’.

Massa lost the race because when he pitted under the safety car, his pit crew messed up his stop and he was released from his pit box with the fuel hose still attached. That could have happened even if the safety car had not been deployed for Nelson Piquet’s phoney crash. The traffic light release system, as the team accepted after the race, had a human flaw.

On Massa’s recovery, team boss Stefano Domenicali said yesterday that, “He is recovering very, very well, because he is already in the second step of his training progress. He is doing now some karting activity and everything is running very smoothly and he should be back in Europe next week in order to do some activity on the simulator and then we will see after that what will be the next step.

“But at the moment to make something clear, I saw some speculation that Felipe could possibly come back in Brazil, but I can exclude it categorically.”

That does not exclude a return at the final race in Abu Dhabi. There is a suggestion from a team source that he may test a car shortly, maybe a 2007 Ferrari, as Michael Schumacher did in July or maybe a lower category single seater, to see how he is progressing.

There are risks in him coming back too soon, as a below par performance could cause doubt about his fitness for 2010. There are many people in the paddock who feel that Ferrari is taking a risk by dropping Raikkonen and hoping that Massa will be at 100%. But Ferrari seem very confident that everything will be fine.

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Massa may well believe that looking at the points, but it does seem a little egotistical when you look at what Hamilton did at Interlagos, he didn't go for a win, he went for the number of points he needed. I have read that Felipe confronted Flav at Singapore about what had happened, but just let it go; perhaps he should have said more then. It is a difficult situation for the guy, but it is coming across as sour grapes on his part. Had the scenarios been reversed, I am sure many Lewis supporters would be making the same complaint. The fact remains that the final races were run in the context of the championship, Altering the results now would make a mockery of the sport, and Massa complaining about it is loosing him a lot of credibility, in my eyes at least.


This guy is unreal get over yourself, people

prayed for your health and you come back complaining about a race that happened last

year, Renault cheated Mclaren did not.Your pit crew messed up and your drove away with the fuel hose attached to your car.Or this is sour milk because Ferrari sign Fernando and you know you wont smell another championship

any time soon. You cried like a two year girl when you lost the championship last year and

now you come back from injury crying. Grow up jerk.


Why the anger? I see your point, but...


Yes, the 2008 Singapore GP was grotesquely affected by illegal manipulation of race control's decision-making. The order of finish was not one that allowed a simple removal of an underweight car, for example. The entire finishing order is nonsense which exists because of a fraudulent act. If this fact had been revealed and addressed before November 28, 2008 there should have been an annulment of the results. Consequently the gains Hamilton made that night would be wiped out. So a better shot at the title was stolen from Massa by Briatore et al. But Massa cannot say that the title was stolen because the rest of the season would have played out according to the demands of a different points spread.

The party that must answer for whatever he has lost is the FIA beginning with Charlie Whiting who could have set into motion a process resulting in a timely investigation.


This is ridiculous. I understand Felipes frustration BUT at the end of the day the fact his pitcrew screwed up had nothing to do with the Renault thing. He claimed earlier in the week he pitted when he did because of the whole accident and it wouldn't have happened if he'd pitted on time which is BS.

If anything, Lewis would of won the race without the fix going on. After the pitstop incident with Massa, he'd of been in the prime seat for victory!!


"Massa lost the race because when he pitted under the safety car, his pit crew messed up his stop and he was released from his pit box with the fuel hose still attached. That could have happened even if the safety car had not been deployed for Nelson Piquet’s phoney crash. The traffic light release system, as the team accepted after the race, had a human flaw."

Hi James,

Perhaps, you have overlooked the fact that it was pressure that forced someone to make a mistake like that. Everyone was getting panic as all the cars were coming into the pit stop.

If it was a scheduled pit stop and Massa was leading the race by a comfortable margin, which he should have, I don't think they would have made the same mistake.

But thanks for updating us.

Paige Michael-Shetley

It's not Hamilton's fault that Renault did what they did. He shouldn't be punished for Renault's actions. He approached the final three races of the season based on the result of that race. So while Ferrari may not have screwed up the pit stop under less pressure, Hamilton may well have taken a different approach in the final three races based on a different result in Singapore.


Indeed, so if you annull the results from Singapore '08, then you also do it for the remaining races of the season which were affected by the outcome (and still Hamilton is the champion by 1 point).

Of course, since there are then fewer races whose results count to the 2008 championships, then annull the whole thing as every driver and team expected a longer championship in which to win!


I don't think you can say that with any certainty at all


James, surely it can be said that the human flaw in the traffic light system was triggered by pressure. The eagerness of the mechanic to release the car was the prime factor in him pressing the button earlier then he should have.

Admittedly this 'eagerness' does not disappear when pitting from a comfortable lead, but it is reduced.

Whilst we cannot say with complete certainty that the mishap would not have occurred had the race panned out differently, it doesn't take a complete leap of imagination to understand why it was less likely.

That being said, there is very little basis to Massa's grievances here, his comments are wholly inappropriate and inaccurate. He didn't win the championship because at the end of the year he didn't have enough points, end of.


F1 is all about pressure, all the time. You should try standing in the pit lane for any racing stop - it's pretty full on


Of course, but then how many times we have seen a top team making a pit stop error in normal conditions, in the past 5 years.

I was just calculating the probability.

But for sure, we never know and that's what Renault robbed from us.


"Of course, but then how many times we have seen a top team making a pit stop error in normal conditions, in the past 5 years."

With alarming regularity. Don't forget that wasn't the first time that season Ferrari/Massa had made mistakes during the pit stop. Only a few weeks earlier had Massa been lucky to avoid penalty for an unsafe pit release.

One of a million things could have happened differently if Piquet hadn't crashed. Calculating the outcomes of an infinite number of variables is an impossible task. This isn't as simple a case as Soccer or Rugby where just two teams are on the field and the result is boolean.

Felipe's best bet is to concentrate on getting fit for next season. Alonso won't allow Felipe to have the run of the park like Raikkonen did.


Because there's no pressure during a "normal" pitstop is there...


If that is the case then the whole pit crew should be fired. If they can only bring optimum performance to a scheduled stop then they aren't nearly good enough for F1. A well trained pit crew is able to respond at the snap of a finger, and I am willing to put my money behind the Ferrari crew's competence under pressure. They screwed up, sure, but that would have happened in a regular stop as well.


I have expected Massa to say this much earlier. What a good way to start the Ferrari 2010 line up when Alonso has insisted that he won Singapore 2008 on merit.

I just hope both Ferrari and Massa are not pressured to prove a point by bringing him back prematurely and risk his life.


Alonso should be gratefull to Massa & Ferrari as he will be the youngest world champion again …

Matthew Villari

maybe, while theyre at it, they can nullify the results of the 07 australian grand prix when ferrari won with an illegal floor i think it was? And hence hand mclaren that title? This is why i dont like massa, he wasnt dignified when he lost last year, it was all about himself, and then he was arrogant enough to go and brag that he had all the support from the other drivers. Not very classy.


I find his comments rather unfortunate. Though his popularity capital has been sky-high since his accident, this type of bizarre comment makes him look like either a sore loser or a fool.


Well this is good...Alonso is not even his team-mate yet and the tension has begun. I feel for Massa from that scandal, would that 1st pitstop have been such as mess if everything went according to planned.


That's ridiculous, if the result had changed then Massa's and Hamilton's approach to the final races would have been different, there is no way of knowing how the championship would have played out.


Murray Walker (a good friend of yours James) used to say that F1 was IF spelt backwards. I can sympathise with Massa on this point, but, the crashgate scandel was not the reason why he did not win the championship. On the day his team messed up and sent him away with the fuel hose connected....that is why he did not win the race.

Other IF's in 2008

If the stewards at Spa had not given a rediculous penalty against Lewis.

If the stewards had not not given another rediculous penalty to Bourdais at Hungary and let Massa get an extra point


It goes on on, the point being Massa didn't win. Yes, he was mighty in his efforts....but is all this talk coming from a man who knows that now that Alonso is on board he will have no real shot at the WDC?


Whatever Murray said is not always gospel. F1 stands for Formular ONE, not Formular I. F One reversed is not IF. Work it out.


One thing to note about Massa in his post-accident recovery period is that he's probably not going to "be himself" for a while. If you ever read any interviews from Richard Hammond after his jet car accident, he talked at some length about how unstable his emotional state was, how in some ways he went back to work way too soon (and you can see some flaring temper on camera during the following season), and basically how it takes a lot longer to get back in shape emotionally than it does physically. And for what it's worth, I took a shot to the temple once that left me on the edge of tears (for no reason) for a week, and that was minor in comparison.

Felipe's already a "fiery Brazilian" type, so far as I can tell, so it'll be interesting to see if he changes in that aspect...more, less, or otherwise. But I do hope that he's not being rushed back into the fray without an adequate period of stabilization.


Massa is forgetting he was gifted Spa. That may be some consolation.


He was robbed, but this is one of those awkward situations where it's impossible to find a fair solution, so all you can really do is leave things as they are.

James, sure - he may have had the same pit troubles if he had of done his pit stop as scheduled, but the problem is he wasn't given the opportunity to and no one can 100% say that it would have also happened if he did make his pit stop when he was scheduled to. From the point where Piquet threw the car into the wall the race ceased to be a legitimate race and should have been called off.

I really feel sorry for Felipe. All the conspirators should be banned from competing in any FIA events for the rest of their lives. It's a farce that any of them escaped with immunity and that only Briatore gets a life ban. Leaves a bad taste in your mouth.


While I understand Massa's frustration at missing the WDC by a point, I don't understand how he can overlook his pitstop mishap like you mentioned James. Without that he would have won the race. As with Rosberg, Massa tries to paint the effects of the Renault cheating with too broad a brush.


He needs to sue Ferrari for messing up his pitstop, or himself for messing up and spinning off in Malaysia earlier in the year.... fact is, lots of things make up a title and other than Alonso's free win everyone else had the same circumstances out there to deal with....

Paige Michael-Shetley

Oh, and let's not forget that Massa was gifted a win and only in the championship picture at the end due to a VERY questionable ruling by the FIA over Spa.


IMO...Hamilton deserved the WDC more than Massa that year. Lewis single-handedly won without much help from his teammate while Massa obviouly had help from Kimi...China being the most obvious!


Hamilton had a number 2 driver put in the other car, not a champion...


I'm sorry for Massa but the guy controlling his traffic light made the mistake and that possibly cost him the championship but he was gifted the win at Spa. Anyway is what Renault did at Singapore worse than the blackmail Ferrari foisted on the FIA by demanding the right of veto of any rule change? Both cynical manipulative acts of teams - just one was done at the "commercial/political" level and the other performed in a "sporting" context.


It's a shame, but it is what it is.

Hopefully it will add to Felipe's motivation for 2010.

The 2008 season deserves a big asterix in all the history books.

If you delete Singapore/Japan/China/Brazil.

Hamilton beats Massa by a point.


All that sympathy and goodwill for Massa evaporating in 5,4,3,2

Anyways, did he not just get through telling us all that everything's pre-ordained and "everything happens for a reason".

Surely then it's the same mysterious-ways movin' force which launched that spring at his noggin that was responsible for switching on the green pit-light. No?


While i thought that massa handled his lose to Hamilton at the Brazilian gp pretty well, this is just plain dumb. im sure that the knock on his had something to do with this ridiculous statement and i urge the doctors to double check on him.

as for what would have happened: one could ever possibly know. there are all these possibilities but we can ever be sure and thus better to leave the results as they are. one of the allures of F1 is that it is very unpredictable and has alot of drama and this should be bunched together under that category.


Massa could easily have won last year if it were not for car problems and team mistakes. Let me remind you that Hamilton has never had to retire from a race due to a mechanical failure in nearly 3 seasons.


I thought he lost it at sepang 🙂


Its nasty to be a casualty of what happened. Championships are very long and complex affairs. There are many many "ifs" and "buts" and "woulda, coulda shoulda's" but the fact is Lewis won.

Kimi won when Lewis and Alonso made too many mistakes or things did not go their way.

Stones anybody? "You can't always get what you want..."


Natural that he'd be upset but, as others have mentioned, there seem to be as many controversial incidents from which he benefitted last year as there are where he was the victim. There isn't really anything to suggest that the Ferrari team wouldn't have had the same pit stop problems under different circumstances.

I'm sure there's a great deal of frustration there but I'd be concerned in Massa's shoes about my reputation and standing in F1 changing from that of a gallant, admirable and likeable championship runner-up to that of a bit of a whinger and slightly petty. Maybe there's a degree of frustration there now that FA is on the team that his best chance of a title might well have passed him by.


This is a pretty rediculous comment from Massa, but he tends to overthink a lot of things (remember him suggesting shortening races earlier this year?), I would guess the Brazilian press nudged him into saying this anyway.

As Michael S said above, everyone apart from Alonso was under the same circumstances, and in any case it's too late to change the result now (after Spa there was an outcry after the result was changed on the same day after the race, let alone changing the championship results after nearly a year).

I think Felipe needs to spend more time on recovering and less time making mountains out of molehills.


That hit to the head must have done more damage than thought. Very nice how he left out his rookie errors at Melbourne, Sepang, and Silverstone. Also have to mention the gifted win at Spa and the gifted points from Fuji. What a crybaby. Alonso and Massa were meant for each other. I'll enjoy watching Lewis and Kimi rape them next year.


if massa stopped to think about what he was saying... it's just plain stupid. would the same things have happened at the following races had the singapore result been annulled at the time? of course not. hamilton would have gone for the win. as to if he'd have got it, we can't be sure, but to suggest that one result should be annulled and the results retrospectively changed accordingly is ridiculous.

is this a misquote, or does he genuinely believe he should have the title?

massa, if you are so keen on people getting back what was robbed from them, how about giving lewis back his win from spa?

Paige Michael-Shetley

If Massa's complaining like this about an event that happened more than a year ago, one has to wonder how he's reacting to the news of Alonso in the team, as well as how he would react if he gets the sense Alonso is designated the number one driver.

He needs to stop moaning about the past and get down to the business of beating Alonso next season.

Mike from Medellin, Colombia

Felipe lost because of the pit-stop failure. in my book, that team failure is the same as not putting on a wheel nut correctly, running out of fuel, or putting the wrong tyres on.

Hamilton "won" at Spa and the FIA, if they had any sense, would probably have awarded him the win if the issue could have gone to appeal.

The one corner rule did not exist at the time of Spa 2008 and was thought up after to justify the fact that they could not overturn the stewards' decision.



The one corner rule worked against Fernando Alonso in Japan 2005. FA attempted a pass at the final chicane on Christian Klien and missed the corner. FA allowed Klien through and the passed him again before turn 1. Two or three laps later he was asked to let Klein through again...he lost 7 seconds whilst allowing Klein through. As for Massa, he should let it lie and concentrate on getting fit for 2010. I suspect the that LH would have approached the race in Fuji with a different mindset if Massa had indeed won the Singapore GP.

Mike from Medellin, Colombia

Thanks Cliff. I think that both the Spa 2008 and Japan 2005 were deemed as "gaining an unfair advantage".

Spa 2008 was viewed differently by the public because it was so obvious that Hamilton was much quicker in the wet conditions and Raikkonen was a sitting duck.

I believe that the actual one corner rule was introduced after McLaren's failed appeal.

James, could you clarify on this please.


It was a clarification


James - knowing both men, do you think this is going to become a bone of contention between teammates? Alonso has clearly stated he thinks he deserves the Singapore win on merit; Massa clearly believes the opposite.

We've already seen Alonso in one extremely fractious relationship that basically tore a team apart from the inside. I'm concerned that we'll see something similar happen at Ferrari, which is why I was hoping the rumors of Alonso's move would be wrong.

Well, obviously the rumors were true - and I think I may be having to reconsider my long-term support of Ferrari. I'm not hugely happy with seeing Kimi forced out against his will, and I personally find Alonso grates on my nerves. Perish the thought, I may have to follow Kimi to McLaren next year. As somebody who despised Ronspeak on every level, I never thought I'd even slightly consider supporting them!


I think this reaction is probably Felipe just wondering 'What if?'.... I mean if it was you in the same situation you would think the same and you cant say it wouldnt make you just a little bit angry to think well actually maybe this wouldnt have happened to me? what if things had of been different? could i be champion? Im confident that he will put it behind him now and move on. He will know there were other factors involved in them losing him the championship. In that globo interview (i dont think you have the comments up there) He does say that he doesnt want to be handed the championship he just finds the situation a bit unfair. He also doesnt deny that Ferrari made the error he just wonders would the events of the race been the same had the safety car not had to come out.


he also makes mention of talking to lawyers but not getting very far. i actually don't know what he wants - first saying that he lost the WDC by a point, that this result shouldn't stand and the result from singapore annulled, then next sentence that he doesn't want his name on the '08 WDC.

is he just trying to get himself some press inches when most of the world are talking about alonso and kimi?


Well, in all honesty the fair, but expensive, verdict would have been to dismiss the Singapore race results completely: When a race is fixed, you should scrap the whole result...Especially because the way the race was fixed impacted the whole grid.

I'm uncertain what the impact to both of the F1 championships would have been as I haven't done the maths.


Sure we can do that...but we'll need to give Hamilton his win back at Spa.


I also think that would have been the best of all bad solutions.

There will always be somebody not happy about that no matter what. To all of you who are slamming Felipe here, just put yourself in his shoes for a minute. What would you do in his place? His reaction is only natural and also he is in Brazil were the local press and brazilian public are putting a lot of pressure on him to stand for himself as they feel he was robbed.

For many people Felipe remains the moral victor of the 2008 season even without bringing the Singapore issue into the picture.


Massa would have won, because you would be taking away 8 points from Hamilton for his 2nd place finish, thus 'robbing' Hamilton of the title.


Massa is quite correct. No Nelsoninho crash, no safety car, no pitlane foul up. This is how time travel would work if you were to go back in time and stop Nelsinho from crashing.

I'm quite sad to read this from Massa, really, because it might suggest that he was having difficulty in his first day in a kart and knows he won't be able to challenge for the title again. 🙁


That's why we have to take this seriously. Massa's career might actually be over, while Lewis has plenty of world championship battles ahead of him.

Massa did actually win more races than Lewis in 2008.

I can't believe I am all over this forum speaking in favour of Massa. I am not a Massa fan, but I hope justice will prevail and the Singapore GP result will be annulled.


And how many points did Lewis lose through FIA intervention (manipulation)?


More of Massa's comments here:

"It was an ugly attitude for a team to tell a driver that he had to crash to have his contract renewed," he said, "Piquet knew he was going to be fired, so he was vulnberable.

"[His actions] created a lot of things, as the safety car meant that most of the cars had to go the pit. We had ten cars going in, and my stop went wrong [when] a mechanic pressed a button in a situation that would never have happened in a normal pit-stop. That's why it bothers me, Renault stole the win."

While he accepts that Piquet's revelation of the truth was a worthy act, Massa insists that he should not have waited so long to do so, especially as it meant that there was no chance of having the result - and the outcome of the world championship - adjusted.

"He only told the truth because he was fired," the Brazilian insisted, "Everything that happened that day was robbery, but the result remains the same and that is not right. It changed the outcome of a championship and I lost.

"I have seen referees take money to throw a game in football, and all the suspect results were annulled, but all they have done here is sent [Flavio] Briatore home. I don't think it is right."


Is this an example of too much time on his hands, or did the knock on his head dislodge his better judgement? He should take a lesson from his soon to be former teammate, KR, and just let it go.


This could have happened even if the safety car wasnt released, and probably would have, knowing how terrible the Ferrari pit boys are.

Equally, Lewis would have been robbed of the title if Massa HAD won, because of the 174 controversial penalties he got. Spa springs to mind almost immediately.


As far as I'm aware, the fuel hose disaster was a fairly direct result of Piquet's crash.

The automated release system was supposed to turn the light to green after the fuel hose was safely detached.

Because the pit lane was so crowded, and/or because the two Ferrari drivers pitted consecutively, the team turned their automated system to manual.

Then it all went pear-shaped.


Sorry Felipe, I think most of the world admires you for the way you carried yourself at the end of the Brazilian Grand Prix and everybody wants to see you return as good as before. On this one, you are wrong. If we are correcting errors from past seasons, then I think we should start with Spa and Hungary from last season also...


I am a bit surprised at the strength of his words on this. He actually benefitted from some other very dodgy stewarding decisions including those mentioned above, but also not taking penalties for unsafe release in the pit lane, which has been punished more heavily before and since.

It is an interesting comparison to Hamilton's comments after the 2007 season when the BMW cars (I think) were accused of fuel irregularities. Hamilton went on record as saying that even if the cars were found to be illegal he felt the WDC for Kimi should still stand as he wouldn't want to win a championship that way. And people criticise Hamilton's attitude as arrogant 🙂


I don't think that Ferrari are risking a lot. They have Fernando for next year to lead the team, and an unfit Massa would calmly take the Nr 2 driver in the team. If he would end up being fit and back to his previous level, then it would be a plus.

I guess Fernando would not be to upset if Massa was not up to speed straight away. It would give him time to assert himself as team leader until the young Brazilian is fully back to his own level.


Regardless of the pit stop. The race was corrupt and the end result should have been annulled.

Massa does have a point.

In Italian soccer they did annull the SUSPECTED games. FIA knew about Singapore at the Brazilian GP and yet refused to act due to politics.

I am not a Massa fan, but I find this harsh to take in for him.


It is a shame what happened in singapur. But let's try to put this behinde us. Rosberg wants the victory, and massa wants the title. come on. They robbed us all. I watch f1 for 30 years, and i don't remember feeling so bad about the sport during this period of time. Even during the dominant years of schumacher i didn't have this feeling that i have being cheated.


If the FIA had investigated in 2009 when they were first alerted or if they had been vigilant at the time of the race and looked at the telemetry, would the race result have stood?

I think, given that the race was faked, the result should be annulled ... even as late as now.

Yes, Lewis might have driven the last races differently ... and in doing so he might have crashed or had a pit lane error or a failure.

I think the Singy result should be scrapped and the points adjusted .... and the drivers (all the drivers) just have to accept that that is the fairest and only thing that can be done. If it changes the result of the WDC, it changes the result of the WDC. (But that's never going to happen!)

People asked Alonso if he thought the Singy win was 'real". I wonder if Lewis has doubts about the WDC title. Would have been nicer for him if he could have won by a comfortable margin and put the question beyond doubt.

The last 2 WDC titles have both looked unconvincing.

Close but unconvincing.


In Hamilton's mind he did win by a comfortable margin as he still thinks he won the Spa Grand Prix. I would say he is more than comfortable with the GP win after how he was treated by the stewards throughout 2008.

And what about China 2008 when Massa was gifted points by Kimi who was leading him at the time. How can Massa give it the biggen' now

Massa needs to grow up, and show some maturity that he appeared to develop in recent years.

All he wants to do is try to make himself the 'moral victor' which of course is complete rubbish. Take it on the chin (pardon the pun) Massa, take it like a man. Look at at how Hamilton took the title loss in 2007! Might learn summit!


Safety car deployement bribngs surpris, we can argue too by saying that it's the safety car that caused hamilton to crush into the back Raikonen in Canada last year...


Please remind me, did Massa leave the pit without getting a green light in Singapore last year, or was he given the green light erroneously?

Massa's point only makes sense, assuming that the pitstop would have been uneventful if it had happened in the course of a normal race. That it wasn't, in the Safety Car situation, simply shows that Massa and/or Ferrari had trouble handling a... challenging situation.

That this particular "challenging situation" should not have happened, is immaterial - the other teams had to face the same challenge as Ferrari. Massa's woes were attributed to their ill-fated innovation. We might have felt some sympathy towards Massa and Ferrari if the system had only failed them on this occasion, but this wasn't the case.

In any event, he can't possibly make this stick. McLaren kept Hamilton on the defensive in the last few races, simply because this was all they needed to do - and they were criticized ferociously for it. They would have certainly approached these last GPs very differently if Massa had another win in the bag.


It was a manual override of the system by the chief mechanic


He might have had a case had he finished ahead of Hamilton but if anything Hamilton should have been promoted to second with Alonso's victory wiped off.

I'm surprised at the decision to release Kimi, he's been brilliant in a poor car this season and Massa has been with Ferrari a long time and still not won a championship. Last year might well have been a hard luck story i.e. engine failure when leading with a few laps to go and fuel hose issues, but winners win and he hasn't done this.


Maybe this gives insight into why Ferrari chose to hire Massa over Kimi. His reaction shows his temperament, outward passion and dedication to the team. Kimi doesn't seem to clutter his mind with 'what ifs' or seeks to emotionally bond with his team.

Simply put, Ferrari want more than just a quick driver.


In the same vein (and in hindsight!), I think Kimi's stock would have risen within the Ferrari team if he externalised his emotions. Taking Canada 08 as an example, he should have shown some Piquet Snr kung fu to Lewis, or at least followed Schuey's distainful gestures when he was bumped out of Spa by Sato. Although not morally right, it would have rallied the troops!


There is something in this, Declan. But he is the way he is. I think the key thing about Alonso as far as Ferrari is concerned is that he is a leader, in and out of the car.


Felipe is realizing 2008 was the closest he will ever get to winning the Championship and is just crying over spilled milk.

Go tell that to Piquet Jr., as you are driving karts and laughing around with him these days.


Crybaby. That's what Massa is. He is probably already afraid by Alonso!


Well, if this race's result was annulled, handing Massa last year's championship, then that joke of a decision to hand Massa the win at Spa would be what tipped the balance in his favour.

I don't know what you feel about that decision James, I can't remember what you said at the time. To me, it was unfair towards Hamilton. And in any case, Raikkonen put himself out of the race!

What's done is done, so we can no more undo the decision at Spa than we can undo Piquet's crash. Felipe may have a point, but sometimes life's a bitch. And when I say 'bitch', I mean it must be really hard work driving the fastest cars in the world and spending that huge salary.


Hmm - having read some more about this interview on other sites, I feel that Felipe has been a little under-quoted here.

He does say in the full interview that he would not feel like a champion if given it retrospectively.

That seems to be more in keeping with the dignified character we saw at Brazil last year.

(I expected better of you James!)


If Massa wants the Singapore results annulled then the rest of the 2008 season that followed that race would have to be re-run as what followed was drivers arcing within the points given at the Singapore GP.

I used to like Massa, and hold him in high regard, but this is as low as low can get. Maybe he should remember the comedy show he performaed at Silverstone that cost him valuable points.

Really is pathetic point scoring realy.


James Allen and a whole bunch people that comments here seem to assume that the same kind of mistake could just as well have happened in a normal pitstop. This is FALSE. And by this I don't take subjective views about stress into account but the simple FACT that Ferrari operated their "light lollipop" system in a DIFFERENT WAY due to the nature of the pitstop. In a NORMAL pitstop the system would have made it impossible to release him as the fuel guy would have to press his own trigger in order of the light to become green. But in this pitstop they put it in manual mode where it was controlled by one single engineer (hence, the possibility of human error).

So now you can all stop with your incorrect assumptions that it would have happened anyway.


Having read what Massa is saying, I think Alonso should be stripped of the win and it given to Rosberg. Hamilton then finishes the grand prix second. This means Hamilton wins the world championship by 3 points and not one.


I think a lot o people are missing the point here, why do you think Massa's been so vocal just after the announcement of Alonso at Ferrari?

Well the man is already under pressure, he knows with the arrival of Alonso, having a crack at the title like he did last year will no longer perhaps be possible, he knows very well while Kimi came short in leadership skills, Alonso will relish that role at Ferrari, my guess is Massa is already starting to see number two on his car, couple to the fact that he doesn't even know if he is going to get back to his best.


I don't really understand the rant against Massa. He is making a valid point.

Whatever happened in the race, Francorchamps and the rest of the season is irrelevant. Everyone knows, even Lewis.

Massa deserves to be World Champion of 2008 just as much Lewis does. Both did silly mistakes during the year (Lewis crashing into Alonso & Kimi).

It seemed at the time that winning a world championship in the last race at the very last corner was far more appealing than putting the World Championship result on hold and starting a Singapore investigation …

Ahmad Albashrawi

Wait a second, isn't this the same Massa who few weeks ago was talking about believe and faith and that everything happens for a reason? Well that is your faith man, and it would have happened whatever the situation was.

That is why I love Kimi, he never speaks this kind of BS. Massa wanted ppl to be emotional with him at the time, so he turned out to be a spiritual person. And once he felt he might loose his preferential status at Ferrari, which is his only chance to fight for championships, he suddenly became the victim of a big plot to rub his championship!!


Lewis also suffered from the cheating. He ended up on the podium though. That's exactly why HE deserves to be champion and Massa not.


I think the bump on the head must have seriously affected Mr Massa's mental health. Concussion perhaphs. I do not particularly like Mr Hamilton but this like him saying he would have won before Brazil if the stewards at spa last year hadn't unfairly taken away his win. I admire Mr Massa for his dignity in defeat at Brazil but this is going to affect his reputation. It is particularly galling that he forgets the pit stop that cost him any chance at the race. If I read this correctly what he is saying is that he must retroactively be made champion because if Renault didnt fix the race, the FIA must make him winner on account of him leading the race prior to his pitstop and use their imaginiation to figure out that he would have won and deserved to win it. What a load of . I would like to see Mr Alonso wipe the floor with this gentelman next year and make everyone realize he is just another Eddy Irvine- a person that was lucky to be in a title fight and for most part a decent chap but not really on par with the best.


If it's true that Felipe went to a lawyer, then I'm very disappointed with him. Felipe seems to forget that he was given a win at Spa in which he wasn't even in the picture for a win.

Felipe also seems to forget that he wouldn't have won at Valencia last year, if he had received a drive through penalty which he deserved, instead of a $10,000 fine for a pit incident. During the GP2 race on the previous day, a driver was given a drive through penalty, not a fine for a similar incident.

Felipe seems to forget the safety car ruined Hamilton's race in Canada. Hamilton clearly had the race in hand, and probably would have won if there wasn't a safety car, which led to that disastrous and infamous pit stop.


James, this statement from Massa is embarrasing and he should be disciplined by the world council for this. His victory at Spa was daylight robbery but he was very happy to collect the points there. Do you think he seriously wants them to take the title off Hamilton and give it to him? The guy's out of his mind. I also seem to remember him purposely driving into Hamilton at Fuji ruining Lewis's race while he went on to score 2 points. This smacks of desperation and just goes to show that in his own mind he will never get close to winning the title again.


F1 is all about looking forward!

Simple as!


Massa's comparison with the match-fixing scandals in Italy are flawed. The results of individual matches deemed to have been fixed weren't annulled, the punishments took the form of bans for people involved and relegation/points deductions for teams involved. In that context, this case has been handled similarly, with bans for Briatore and Symonds (and Piquet would have been but for immunity) and a suspended ban for Renault.

Massa's always struck me as having a bit of a chip on his shoulder and not quit the classy guy many have stated him to be. As someone else commented, interesting contrast between these comments and Lewis' after the 07 season.


It's been reported that team bosses knew something was amiss right after the Singapore race. We wouldn't even be having this discussion had Charlie Whiting and the FIA looked in to it post-haste.


Today out of curiosity I looked at Markku Alén's biography on Wikipedia and found this:

"(Markku) Alén narrowly lost the 1986 World Rally Championship to rival driver, Peugeot 205 Turbo 16 pilot Juha Kankkunen. Late in the season, Alén had been victorious on the San Remo rally only after Kankkunen's Peugeot team was excluded by the organizers on a controversial technicality. Peugeot subsequently appealed the exclusion to the FISA, which eventually annulled the results of the rally, stripping Alén of the World Championship title which he had held for just eleven days, which lead to Alen famously boycotting the 1987 Monte Carlo Rally. "

This is interesting. In this case the full result of a rally was retrospectively cancelled 1) after the last few rallies of the season were run and 2) 11 days after Alén had been crowned WC, giving the title to Juha Kankkunen.

So the FISA (ancestor of the FIA) did then exactly what Massa is requesting now: Retrospective cancellation of a race result.

I imagine that back then quite a few people sided with Alén and other with Peugeot and Kankkunen.

I am not here siding with Massa or against him on this but found it interesting to spot that in one occasion in the Rally World Championship a result was overturned In a way similar to what Massa wished had happened at the end of Last year.

The funny bit in that story too is that in 1986 the FISA (now FIA) gave the title to Peugeot then run by a Mr Todt, Jean Todt 🙂

I am sure people back then would have argued that if they had expected the cancellation of the San Remo rally Markku Alén and Juha Kankkunen would have driven the last rallies of the season differently.

Can you imagine the endless debates on rallying blogs if such technology had been available in 1986!!!

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