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Hamilton hopes for 1-2 with Button in Abu Dhabi
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Hamilton hopes for 1-2 with Button in Abu Dhabi
Posted By: James Allen  |  22 Oct 2009   |  11:24 am GMT  |  72 comments

Lewis Hamilton handed his champions’ crown to Jenson Button last weekend and in Abu Dhabi will race with the number one on his car for the last time. He is determined to win it back again, as soon as next year, but in the short term he thinks that he and Button could finish 1-2 in the final race – and I think that is a distinct possibility.

Photo: Darren Heath

Photo: Darren Heath

“He will make a great champion, ” said Hamilton on his website. “I’m proud of what he’s done – both him and his team – and I think he’ll come to Abu Dhabi with that weight off his shoulders and ready to make a real race of it. It would be fantastic for Britain if we could get a great double result at the last race of the season.”

Looking at the Abu Dhabi circuit, it will encourage the KERS cars, with its 1.2 kilometre straight, the longest in F1. It has some fast corners, but it looks like a point and squirt circuit and one on which braking is going to be important. The feeling I get from talking to engineers is that this track will suit Brawn and McLaren the most. On that basis, Hamilton has to be among the favourites, especially if you look at how well his car went in Singapore.

And I also think that Button will drive with great freedom and aggression in the final race, because the psychological burden he has been carrying around this last few months has been lifted. Jenson fell into that mental state sportsmen get into sometimes where they are afraid to lose and so they tense up and make losing seem even more likely.

He fought against it in Brazil and drove the race he wanted to and it paid off for him. Now free of tension, I wouldn’t be surprised to see his best performance of the year.

He will want to sign off in style, to leave a positive impression over the winter, rather than leaving people to recall his struggles in the second half of the season.

Behind the scenes the wrangles continue over next year’s contract, which might weigh on his mind a bit over the weekend, but I still think he will be very strong in Abu Dhabi.

As for Hamilton, he looks back positively on 2009. It started badly for him with a slow car and then there was the issue over lying to the stewards in Melbourne. He admitted in the spring that he had fallen out of love with the sport, but he’s turned it around impressively and the impression have got from him in the last few months is that as a man and as a driver he has taken a big step forward this season, through adversity, which will make him a stronger competitor in 2010. It seems that he feels this to be the case too,

“It’s been a fantastic year for me,” he said. “It’s been very tough and demanding at times, but I think I’m actually a very different person now than I was a year ago – and some of that comes directly and indirectly from being world champion. I think this year has helped me to understand and appreciate more the challenge and thrill of Formula One. I’d like to think I’m a more rounded individual as a result of my season, and I definitely think I’m a better driver.”

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- Hamilton is one of the few "people" in Formula 1. Unless he has a very skilled PR man (which is possible) his quotes appear genuine and sincere. Nevertheless, watching Alonso at Ferrari versus Hamilton at McLaren is going to be epic. I believe you said, James, that it had a "poetic symmetry". Well put.


He's changed this year, found some humility and grown up a bit. There is no pr man behind these quotes


I agree with you James. He lost some of the unbearable arrogance which used to be his trademark until this year.

I always rated him as a driver but disliked the guy for that reason. I guess he learned a good lesson with the lie-gate affair at the beginning of the year and is now a more mature guy. To have a tough season also was probably good for him.

I remember when Prost started in F1. I did not liked him either as I found him arrogant too but with time he grew on me and you could not help but admire what he was producing on the racing track on a regular basis.


I would agree. The tough year has shown him the otherside of F1. Being mid-pack has made him realise how fortunate he has been.

06 GP2 Champ

07 F1 Fighting for wins challenging Alonso

08 F1 WDC

09 Now the reality has struck and he's all the better for it.

Bring on: Lewis vs Kimi vs Alonso vs Massa and Kimi vs Ferrari!

10 should be an epic year!


I don't mean to be a wet blanket but I think Lewis has been well trained from the PR perspective and has always been natural in front of the cameras...

I have long said that he would have made a great children's tv presenter if he hadn't been a racing driver as he loves and feels comfortable in front of the camera...

The only time that doesn't apply is when he is clearly in the wrong and then he handles himself badly...

When the going got tough his gloss and shine didn't carry him through this year...

So I await his next tough challenge to prove that he has really really learnt his lessons of 2009....


I couldn't disagree more. He's Mr PR. If you're looking for real people quotes I think Kimi, Jenson and Mark Webber have that all sewn up and we're unlikely to see many replace them the way things are going with manufactured F1 drivers.


I'm not sure if it is my old bias receding or just Ron Dennis moving on, but I actually am getting to like and admire LH race by race!

The whole entourage and media hype behind him has stepped back a bit so I think we have really seen the real Lewis of late!

He seems very open in interviews post race and less of a corporations dream selling point, and as much as I love Kimi and will have to come to love Alonso, there is no better raw racer out there in my opinion.

Like Schuey before him, he is the only driver I can look at on the grid and fear him beating my man no matter what - rain/sc/grid penalties etc...

So for what it is worth Mr Hamilton, well done on changing my perspective and I hope you have a great racing year next year - just dont beat the Scuderia!


Ofcourse, now the british press will be all over Button instead of

Hamilton (until LH wins again - at which point you wont see too much of JB).


Ok Ross Brawn - ditch Button, use the excuse of budgets, let him go off to McLaren... then you grab Kimi!!!

That would be fireworks all over the shop with teams not knowing how to manage the talent!

ps. Ross Brawn is such a top guy, when I was 16 I was lucky enough to get in the Ferrari Motor Home at Monza 98' and I asked for Eddie Irvine's autograph and for Lisa Stansfield's...

I didnt even have a pen so turned to a short guy and asked him (turned out to be Jean Todt) and he just pointed to a big guy with glasses.. that was Mr Brawn who at the time was unknown to me! Wish I had his signature now.... such a nice guy... even let me keep the pen! Good luck next year Ross

Non Molare Mai


I'll be glad to see the end of the session from Ferrari's point of view! Its not been a great year for the Scuderia. That said its the first year I've enjoyed watching the racing and enjoying F1 becuase I haven't got stressed about winning the championship.

Can't wait for next year with Alonso vs Hamilton again. I hope its 2007 all over again! and by that I mean Ferrari re-gaining the crown.


I agree - it's going to be an awesome rivalry.


Interesting that Hamilton suggests a GB 1-2, rather than a McLaren 1-2... the former is indeed more realistic, of course!


Think it would be good for JB to win ... as you say, the second half of his season hasn't been as glittering as the first half.

Expect a lot of the drivers will feel in an end-of-season mood. Similar to Japan a few years ago when we had those great moves by Alonso and Kimi when they were racing without the WDC/WCC hanging over them.

Though Macca and Ferrari are still trying to tie down third place ... which Macca should take given that Fisi doesn't look like he will get into the points in a Ferrari.

Think Vettel and Webber will also be pushing hard ... maybe the track isn't Red Bull territory, but I'm sure they will both want to end the season on a high.

I'd like to see Alonso drag the Renault to a final win .... would be a nice way to say thank you to all the team who have worked so hard for him in the past.


He may also get a team mate who gives him some real competition. I would like to see Rosberg rather than Kimi though, although clearly McLaren see him as a known quantity.

The bookies clearly think Lewis will be there, he's 5/2 favourite with Alonso 7/2, Vettel, Kimi and Massa 6/1 ! (At a well known UK bookmaker).

Kimi would be a mad bet seeing as he doesn't officially have a drive yet. Vettel each-way seems good value to me (but I'm no expert, seriously.)


a quote on F1-Live.com today mentions that some german newspaper is speculating that Nick Heidfeld could bag either a Renault or McLaren drive.


I would love to see Nick bag a drive for a major team and finally have a proper shot at the World championship. I like many of the current drivers (Alonso, Massa, Vettel, Button, Kubica and rate many more) but Nick is the one I would like most to see succeed. For me he is one of the best drivers around and consistently delivers when given a good car.

Many people should remember that Nick was test driver for MLaren in 98 and 99 (both years when Mika won the world Championship). Since then with different test drivers (Panis, Wurtz, De La Rosa) McLaren only managed (just) to win a World Title last year with Lewis. My point is that Nick is simply a great development driver (on a par with Alonso and Barrichello) and also a good racer as he is - like Jenson - one of the few regular overtaker left in F1. On top of which he is the best finisher. Not bad for the most underrated guy in the paddock. He might be hugely underrated by the public but not by the professional I think. It is about time a top team gives him a proper chance and I am sure he could deliver.

I witnessed him taking the Goodwood FoS track record in 1999 (which stands to this day) and will never forget that! I found a clip of it on Youtube


With the skills displayed on that day at Goodwood on such a narrow track I wonder what Nick could produce in a rally car 🙂

Finally from a PR point of view Nick is as good as expressing himself than DC was. An ultimate pro when answering questions, always giving smart and well considered answers.


I agree entirely. If I remember correctly, Nick was being groomed in the McLaren junior team until someone (RD?) pushed aside.

I stick by my previous Richie Ginther comparison, because the man can develop a car, steadily score points and he makes few mistakes. Mind you, I still think he'd be an ideal pick-up for USF1 for exactly these reasons.

Oh, and I think the McLaren lineup will by Lewis and Jenson. Contract talks stalling with the World Champion? Ross may have spent too much time around Sir Frank. Here's hoping he doesn't make the same mistake.


"Finally from a PR point of view Nick is as good as expressing himself than DC was. An ultimate pro when answering questions, always giving smart and well considered answers."

Except when he's talking about "ranking".


A 1-2 is possible, but I guess Vettel and Webber will have a thing or two to say if their engines hold up for the weekend.


HI James,

as always very good analisys of the 2 drivers for the last race of the season.

Brawn will be the up there with the best in Abu Dhabi, traction has been one of theri forte with breaking.

McLaren will be up there as well with the Kers, I think they have an enourmous advantage this year out of it, definately better than Ferrari.

I think Red Bull will struggle, lost both championship, Vettel and Webber will be without the usual racing mind.

For the rest of the grid, I think Toyota might do well if they will be abl;e to set up the car, Williams could be a contender for points and maybe Sutil will give us some surprises if Force India will decide to use a low down force and go for overtaking at the end of the straight.

Regarding LH and JB, I think both had fantastic season.

LH came through a difficult time, re-grouped and I think it could be the final article now, even better than Alonso.

JB has fulfilled the long time ambition to become World Champion and I hope he will still feel the motivation to win again, I am not sure about it.

But on the other hand he might want to win the last race and with that he will want to do it all over again next season.



Any chance of Button ending up at Mclaren next season? What with things being unclear at Brawn in terms of how much they're willing to pay him and Mclaren seemingly determined to go their own way without the influence of Mercedes, could they see Jenson as being the ultimate Team Britain?


I don't see it happening. From a marketing point of view two british drivers is doubling up a bit. there's also the issue that LH and JB like very different handling bias in their cars. Kimi would be a better fit for Lewis as a team-mate as they both like an oversteering car.

Actually, when was the last time a team had two drivers from the same country? Hill + Coulthard @ Williams in '94?

Mike from Medellin, Colombia

Hmm hmmm ... wiz qvite a bit of Deutschland mixed in


I have been wondering about this one too... no-one has really speculated, but it could make sense all round for Merc/Button/Kimi etc.


I hope so, James. It's the one thing the season has been missing, a fight between Hamilton and Button (Monza was a bit messed up with the strategies), and for the victory at that.


It's been a big year for Lewis, I think he needed this year to happen the way it did as daft as that sounds. He needed an 'off the pace' car to understand that in Formula 1 the oppurtunity to fight for a world championship cannot occur year in year out. I'm glad it happened, he needed to be humbled to an extent in which case he can savour each 'individual victory' and podium. What impresses me most is the persistance of both the team and driver to make amends for a lacklustre performance at the beginning of the season, they definately needed to salvage their reputation and here they are looking to consolidate third in the constructors championsip. Its been a fantastic season for Mclaren if the second part of the seasons anything to go by and i'm very much looking foward to service as normal next year Ferrari vs Mclaren. Hamilton vs Alonso.


James, I think it's like you talked about Alonso, Hamilton's mellowed this year but with both him and Fernando the pressure has been off by and large. What will it be like when it's on for the championship again?

Hamilton in 2008 especially seemed to hide amongst his loyal in-house people in a kind of "us vs them" way because he believed that people hate him because "he's the best". I think that created more pressure on him than necessary.

We'll see how it shapes out next year.


Hamilton is the bestest everest


I'm afraid you may have to climb down from that assertion...


Boston - I doubt there is a PR svengali behind such utterances by Lewis.

When he's in McLaren-Mercedes-Vodafone-Santander PR-speak mode I am sure every word is scripted, but when discussing things such as this it's Lewis the young guy talking.

He's done a lot this season to endear himself to many more people - since Ron D left he's become a lot less robotic and is as natural and charming as Jenson always has been. Coincidence ...? 😉

A 1-2 by Lewis and Jenson (in whichever order, frankly!) would be great and have a nice symmetry about it, for sure. Two of the best ambassadors for sport you could wish for, and both Brits. Wonderful!

Thing is, where will Jenson be next year ....? Whatever, let's just savour this last race of the season, for now!

Great work, James. Excellent web site/reportage.


I'm very tempted to put a tenner on a Button-Hamilton 1-2 in Abu Dhabi, but then I doubt I'd get very good odds so maybe not!!

I know it will never happen, but I would love to see Button and Hamilton both at McLaren. It seems like they really get on well with each other and are both genuine sportmen who would push each other to even greater success.

Anyway, am I the only one looking forward to a Brit driving "Red 5" next year (assuming, as seems likely, that McLaren beat Ferrari to 3rd in WCC)...


When, at this point in time, we look at how 2010 is shaping up for Lewis one has to consider what Kimi is going to do.

Is it true that Lewis is lobbying hard to not have Kimi as a team mate?


Be a great British podium if they both come 1-2. Followed by...Kimi. Looks like he has turned down Toyota,cough, good. At Brawn he wouldn't have the sponsor or media commitments like at Mclaren, so my money is on Brawn.

Exchange and Mart

Nice article James. Great Result and brilliant for British Motorsport in general. I appreciate the fact that Jenson funded his own flights to and from the races and was only given a private jet (ironically Rubens’) after Brazil in order to come back to England and celebrate with the team.http://bit.ly/1WmpXt I hope they get the contract extension signed pronto…


James, how can Button's position with Ross be anything but insecure, if he still remains without a drive despite declaring yesterday that he does not mind how little they decide to pay him. Why is Ross not keen to keep Jens?

Button said he's not like those drivers "who are asking for lots of money.." Could he be refering to one in particular, I wonder?

While we're on the subject there's this other ace besides Hamilton who also >"turned it around impressively"< this year. He started further back than LH and was ahead before Brazil. ..


They are negotiating. It can get quite tough.


The BBC reported that he may join McLaren. Is this wishfull thinking on behalf of the British press or a possibility?


Mercedes have denied this.


Any chance of a McLaren British superteam of Button and Hamilton? And who would prevail?


How do you rate Brawn's chances next year, assuming Ferrari and McLaren are back on form? What do you hear from the people at Brawn regarding less-than-ideal salaries?


Well they could have been on the dole, so to be world champions with the prospect of being taken over by Mercedes looks pretty good, I reckon. For most of them (not Jock Clear) it's the first time they have won a championship. I rate Brawn's chances over the next 5 years very highly


Part of why I follow F1 and drivers goes down to my wanting to understand the secret behind their successful lives. Just look at them, people like Lewis or Jenson seem to have everything one may think is of value; namely they are mostly happy, have thrilling jobs, beautiful, smart girlfriends and bags of money. Is just like if they were born to have adventure... and it makes me wonder is that sort of thing available to everyone or just to a chosen few?

This blog, with it's every now and again insightful, helpful reviews of drivers mindset make me ever closer to the unlocking of the mystery of the factor X I have just mentioned.

Much appreciate James.


Hi James,

I read somewhere that apparently Button has used the same chasis in all sessions of every Grand Prix this season, is this true? Quite an achievment if it is...


Yes it's amazing, I recall Ross talking about it a few times, they were very tight for cash and so they ran the risk at every race! Luckily they didn't have a major shunt. Amazing really.


Even more so if you consider the late changes that were made to accommodate the Mercedes engine


Another nice connection between BrawnGP and the Tyrrell team then. Tyrrell 003 was and probably remains the most successful chassis in F1 history. Read


Jenson's Brawn chassis must rank pretty high in the list of most successful chassis too.


Just out of interest does any one know who used the most chassis this year? I'd guess Adrian Sutil or one of the Torro Rosso drivers!


same for Rubens as quoted from Andrew Benson on BBC site.


>>Just as incredibly the team, tight on budget, made only three chassis all year - one for Button, one for Rubens Barrichello, and a spare - when a big-money outfit such as McLaren will typically make seven or eight.>>>


So Hamilton would rather Button come 2nd than Kovalainen!


He's a realist. Unfortunately, poor Heikki rarely troubles the podium.


Hi James,

Interesting stuff.

With HK getting interest from Renault & Kimi looking possible at Toyota. If Jenson can't reach a settlement with Brawn could McLaren be on the cards?

Which team do you think he'd have a better future with? I have to say though that having Lewis as his team mate would be tougher than Rosberg I feel. Then again, with tyre management a key issue next year, I wouldn't want to bet against Jenson Vrs. any of his rivals!


I think he should stay where he is.

Paige Michael-Shetley

Abu Dhabi will be very interesting, and McLaren and Brawn will certainly have the edge. Having grid under braking looks like it will be everything there, and those two cars are the best for that.

Which of them will be better? There are certain factors going in each's favor.

McLaren have KERS, which will be a big advantage in the race and qualifying on the long flat-out portions.

But Brawn will have the heat in their back pocket, allowing their tire management advantage to come through.

Just looking at lap times in Valencia, I think Brawn's tire management advantage ultimately gave them the race, and the options really wore off for Hamilton late in the first two stints and didn't allow him to set the kinds of laps he needed in order to hold off Barrichello. Brawn probably had McLaren beat on race pace, anyways, but the tire management factor is what really cost the ability of Hamilton to will his way to the win on the strategy they had.

But Abu Dhabi has longer flat-out portions than Valencia, which will make KERS a bigger advantage for them there.

It will be very fascinating and should be quite close between McLaren and Brawn for the win.


To slightly veere off the subject---In 2011 when they are all encouraged to use KERS, will the teams' fuel allocation for the race be reduced? If not I can't see the point of KERS.

Seems to me if a car has 80bhp extra when the button is pushed, over a car not using KERS, it's an unfair advantage, so the cars without KERS should be able to tune, or increase the size of their engines to equal the output.

For 2011 I don't see the point of KERS when all competitors have it, unless fuel available is reduced, although I supose it will speed up development of KERS for future road vehicles so they will use less fuel.

Go Ari.



HI James

any truth in the rumors that Jensen had a major financial bet on himself taking the championship. would love to know how much and at what odd. Are we going to see any book makers weeping ;-0


I think Martin Brundle made a point in commentary (when he could get a word in edgeways) that the drivers jump in a car and after 2 or 3 laps know if it is a rocket-ship or not. I would imagine that after that Barcelona test, Jenson jumped straight out of that car and ran down the bookies to get good odds.

I also read a comment where somebody read James' comments on the car early season and took a punt and now stands to collect 500 quid! So next year around testing time, I will be watching the James Allen Tipster Services website very carefully!


I backed him towards the end of that first test week at 14-1... was kicking myself that I didn't a) back earlier and b) back heavier. Must have been some really big winners out there


Well if I had been a betting man I would have put a lot on Button to win on that first test day in Barcelona in March. Wouldn't be surprised..


We will see what Button results will be next season when all the teams will get a fair chance regarding regulations...


Hi James,

I would really love to know what you think about Heidfeld moving to McLaren. I try to look at it in a neutral way(but seriously, Heidfeld deserves a good drive ...) and think that would be the best move team-wise!

First point would obvious be 2007. Ok, Kimi is quiet, but I already see the tension in the team.

Then, very simple: Heidfeld is German. Something Mercedes really want. Also i don´t think he wants that much money like Kimi.

And well, as far as the driving goes, Nick is no Hamilton, but we all know his big strength: Reliability.

I seriously think Heidfeld would have had a very good shot at the WDC with Brawn this year.


He usually matches and sometimes beats Kubica, so he deserves a shot. In a god car he could score a lot of points and help towards winning a constructors championship. Would depend whether being alongside Hamilton would do to his head what it has done to Kovalainen's



Moving on from your comment, there seems to be a groundswell of opinion (mainly among Kubica fans) that Heidfeld will "match and beat" Hamilton too. Is Nick really that good?


I think very few times in the history of F1 we have seen drivers in the same team to battle it out at the same level, such as Senna-Prost at McLaren.

In the mind of any driver, is worst enemy is the person on the other side of the garage.

He has the same chassis, same engine and same tyres.

Moroever with today technology, the team can see where one driver is better than the other, data from engine managment and so on, and therefore the scrutiny that any driver is under is much greater than before.

in todays F1 the weakest part of the car-driver partnership is definately the driver.

This year Kovalainen lack performance has been magnify by 2 very important factor.

The car at the beginning of the season was not performing and he knocked his confidence, same for Lewis.

However Lewis decided to fight his corner and try to turn the season around, Heikki did not

Second important factor of the season was when Heikki was at the front of the grid with much more fuel than the cars around him and failed to win the race or to go on the podium.

Heikki is not a bad driver but it is not a top class one, he needs to feel confident and confortable in the cockpit and with Lewis in the team he did not feel that at all, Lewis demonstrated once again that he is a top class driver.

Heidfeld has the quality to have a good year ay McLaren and don't forget he is German, he will not give up too easy.

Will he be at par with Lewis?

Probably not in all races, so far he hasn't showed raw pace like Lewis but I think he could match him in circuit like Monza and Brasil where you need to find a good pace and keep it during the gran prix.


Nick drove alongside some big guns and was at least as good as them so could handle Lewis (Alesi, Villeneuve, Massa, Raikkonen, Kubica, Webber). He is more experienced than Heikki so probably less likely to be affected by the Lewis effect.

Although he last drove for McLaren in 1999 as test driver he already knows the organisation and probably quite a few people so could adjust to the team quickly.

As for Heikki I am convinced that out of Lewis' shadow he would perform better. He should be much better in a few years.


Button-hamilton 1-2 in Abu Dhabi yes possible, was he talking about this year or next year with a Mc Laren 1-2....


With nothing to lose for Brawn and Red Bull, I can see both of them at the top for this race. Hamilton will be fighting with Raikkonen to secure third and fifth in the constructors and driver's championship respectively.

I have great respect for Raikkonen, but do think that Hamilton will be able to pull through as he has much more motivation. It's clear to me that Raikkonen was being pushed out from the start of the year.

This is going to be a great race to watch! The winner will have a place in history as the first winner at this circuit. I'm going with Vettel, Hamilton, and Button on the podium with Kubica, Webber, Raikkonen, Barrichello, and Rosberg in the points.


Ross Brawn is a shrewd operator. Is Jenson really worth £8m per season given his performances in the second half of the season? I think not. Maybe Kimi would drive for less with the promise of a championship winning car? I guess if Brawn wanted Jenson the contract would have been signed by now.....

Paige Michael-Shetley


Just wanted to get your take on a thought I had the other day with a grand prix coming up on the Arabian Peninsula.

It would really seem to me that Hamilton would be very popular in non-western countries, obviously being the first really high-profile Formula One driver of color and not to mention F1's first champion of color. Given how difficult most non-western countries have it, he has the potential to be a very inspiring figure in such parts of the world with whom young fans can identify, especially given the difficult times he's faced during very vocal displays of racism directed his way.

How much do see this phenomenon playing out in reality right now? Do you think some of the commercial power players in F1- i.e. Bernie- recognize this potential and are keen to utilize it?


For sure - as the saying goes.


So far this year Heidfeld has scored 15 Points (2 fewer than his teammate)

He is only ahead of the Force India and the Toro Rosso drivers

Doesn't seem like a fantastic driver to me


Hi All

Is everyone forgeting the straight line speed of Force India? I'm sure they are going to feature in this race. Their super quick in a straight line.

I'm looking forward to 2010 but this year has been fantastic, plenty of variety at different tracks, I hope 2010 doesnt revert back to the two horse races we've had in the past.

As per the previous comments I hope Heidfled finds a good driver next season. He's a great racer.

I'd like to see Button at McLaren and Kimi and Heidfeld at Brawn, excellent pairing for both teams.

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