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Winner of Fisi qualifying competition
Winner of Fisi qualifying competition
Posted By: James Allen  |  12 Sep 2009   |  5:30 pm GMT  |  31 comments

It’s been great fun and we had over 300 people contributing ideas as to how close Giancarlo Fisichella would get to Kimi Raikkonen in qualifying for his Ferrari debut at Monza.

Thanks to everyone who took part and I’m sure we will do this again soon.

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The prize is a signed copy of my biography of Michael Schumacher, The Edge of Greatness.

I’m very proud to say that we had lots of really good estimates with over 30 comments being within five hundredths of a second – it’s even more competitive than the F1 grid itself! It shows that we have a very knowledgeable and well informed readership here.

Pujan was close with 0.470s, Ronnie Mirza guessed 0.454, Raunaq went for 0.487, Juan had 0.486, Roberto 0.485, as did EGC.

The actual figure was 0.475s and the winner, I believe, is Richard Dreyer, comment number 265, who guessed 0.478s.

If he would email his address to editor@jamesallenonf1.com I will make sure that a signed copy of the book gets to him. Well done, Richard!
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Hooray I don’t think I’ve won anything before! In reply to The Conspiracist, yes me and Fisi did have radio contact, but we had to be sly after the ongoing Renault controversy!

I thank Fisi but also Raikkonen, without his support I wouldn’t have achieved this victory.

I’m looking forward to reading the book, I hope I can dominate these competitions like the great Schumi himself!

Good race, shame about Hamilton at the end and I wish Sutil had got the podium, but looking forward to Singapore.

Racing not politics

many congratulations Richard

I’m looking forward to Singapore too – I fly this Friday and have seats right on the apex of Turn 1


Many congratulations, Richard. I look forward to getting your address and I will post the book off to you.


Congratulations to the winner (and close followers). Amazing how close they got 🙂

I wasn’t too far off myself. I said “about half a second” and that he would not get through to Q3.

I wonder how many people thought Fisi would make it into Q3 though. I was really surprised so many people though that would happen. Even Raikkonen got through to Q3 by only a few tenths in Spa and here again.


Could it be given the current situation in F1 that the driver was asked by the winner to qualify at a certain pace, thus allowing him to win the book!


How about you auction a few off for charity James? I can start with a bid of £25 🙂


That’s a fine idea. I clearly need to do something like that. I’m a patron of Clic Sargent children’s cancer charity so maybe we should get something together for them. McLaren do a lot for Clic too.


When/where was the competition? Obviously not in the blog pages, why didn’t I see it? Even a search of the site does not reveal it’s hiding place.


Read the post about Tifosi backing Fisi last week.


It was the blog with the most comments which proves to you James how many lurk here but don’t comment(normally). So you must be doing something right lol.

Although i notice the Renault / Piquet post was popular.


Thanks for that. Yes we had over 200 comments for the first Renault story and over 100 for the second. I’m very proud of the comments and the level of debate on this site. Thanks to all of you for contributing to the community.


Congratulations to the winner!


I was near!!! 🙂

Why my comments doesn’t appear with my other email adress????


Well I didn’t win but it was an excellent competition. I’ll be brave and say Alonso isn’t going to ferrari for 2010, what prize would you put on that? An autograph? I own your latest book on Michael Schumacher, great read.


Well done to Richard! Enjoy the book mate, well deserved.


Congrats Richard!!

Maybe next time,lol


Congratulation to Richard! I am sure my turn will come as well.



James how about doing a deal to buy a signed copy of your book for the rest of us?


I’ll look into a way of processing that


Re James’s book “The Edge of Greatness” – I bought this when it first came out in 2007 and would recommend it to any fan – very well written and researched. James when’s your next book out and who/what is the subject matter?



I’ll tell you very soon, hopefully


That would be stellar!!! James thanks and we look forward to finding out about this…


Congrats! Nice guess. I was way off!


Awww Fisi!

You cost me a book! Hehe!!

Congratulations to the winner!! 🙂 Let’s hope Fisi has a bit more luck in the race tomorrow! 🙂


I second Mark’s comment. How do we get a copy of an autographed book as well?


OMG! I had forgotten about this. So close and… I guess I will have to buy the book! It cannot be worse than betting, where I always guess who the fastest is but they never get pole!


Grats Richard!

Damn it Fisi you’re too slow 🙁


No – he was too quick! 😉



how can the rest of us obtain an autographed copy of your new book?



Yes, yes I would like a signed copy of it…

Itd go well beside my Murray Walker (unsigned) autobio

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