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Hamilton on that Monza crash and Singapore updates
Hamilton on that Monza crash and Singapore updates
Posted By: James Allen  |  24 Sep 2009   |  6:42 pm GMT  |  23 comments

This is a good short video I spotted of Lewis Hamilton talking about his last lap crash at Monza and looking ahead to this weekend’s Singapore Grand Prix.

I like it for the body language; Hamilton is standing in the race bay at the factory while his mechanics toil to repair his damaged car. “How bad was it?” Hamilton asks, rather bashfully. “Pretty bad, ” grunts the man lying under the car.

Click on the link below:

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Most of these comments are well thought out and justified. It is awesome to see the high tech lab, but yes – the scripted nature of the whole scene is a bit much. The 110 % cliche also needs to be dropped. Is Hamilton really that polite and team focused or does he have a group of PR handlers that give us a cookie cutter image?


Hamilton, with nothing to win and about the same to lose, pushes so hard on the final lap that he bins it.

I’ve got to say I see no justification for criticism, just the reverse. We need more like him. How many times have we sat in the stands half a dozen laps from the end with everyone satisfied with their position?

Good on yer, Lewis. You might have dented one of my beloved McLarens but given the circumstances, I forgive you.


Absolutely! If only the others were as racey as lewis. He may talk the corporate line but his driving makes up for it.


Enjoyable video, even if very corporate.

I wish Lewis would avoid using sporting cliches. I hate that overused expression “I was giving it 110%”. Perhaps if Lewis had performed at his optimum of 100% then he wouldn’t have lost the car on the last lap. 😉


As a Ferrari fan, the thought of Lewis and Kimi together in Mac’s… nothing short of terrifying….especially if it rains.


Maybe now we all can say it was dull of him to try and pass Button.

But those final laps where for me still the best part of the entire Monza race. I got a kicks to see a slower car to catch a 0.5s a lap, faster car. Great fun and great drive until just the final lap.

If more drivers where like Lewis, F1 would be the greatest sport in the world, perhaps even better than football.


The pit wall must accept some of the responsibility for the fiasco that occurred at Monza. Lewis was purple in the first sector, on the last lap, and with Button nearly 2 seconds uo the road. Somebody…somebody on that pit wall should have slowed Lewis down a lap or two earlier.


I have to say, I find McLaren’s marketing videos a bit blah, personally. Nobody really believes Hamilton’s standing around at the factory days later, chatting with the mechanics about whether the car’s okay and he has any after-effects, so it just comes across as a scripted and rather lame-duck attempt to seem cool and edgy. I’d rather see them stick with the interviews, and drop “The Office”-style fake-documentary stuff which we’ve seen a million times over already.


Is there a “How bad was it?” video of Piquet at the Renault factory?


He’s a racing car driver, pushing 110% is what hes supposed to do, sometimes he can goto 111% and then he crashes.

How many times do we hear on the team on the radio telling him “Lewis you need to keep pushing”.

High downforce circuits like Monaco, Valencia, Singapore are more suitable to Mclaren’s aero package.


Great video – Lewis is so nice when he’s relaxed. I love it when he says he lost a few brain cells in the Monza crash.


Great spot James. I realise this is a ‘sponsor’s video’ but it does show a natural and humble side to Lewis Hamilton his post-race interviews rarely catch. That gold-plating is pretty trick too!


I was amused between the last sentence “Next year you are going to see an impressive season” which cut straight to the Vodaphone “Make the most of now.” The joys of corporate messages… 🙂

But what a lot of shiny car bits. Worth seeing for that alone.


Nice little find, that video. For me, more interesting than Lewis is the insane workshop they’re standing in, it’s like something out of a sci-fi film. And the inside of that car with all the gold heat shielding is just incredible. Truly a different world.


Thanks for the link. My main reaction is that Hamilton appears much more comfortable and natural on camera than when I’ve previously seen him interviewed.

Yes, the de rigeur corporate buzz words were there “it’s all about the team”, “We’re going to be competitive”, etc, but the delivery didn’t come across like he was checking off a series of “Ron asked me to say these four things”.


Thanks for that. I just like the awkwardness of the guy who’s smashed up the car and the ‘blokes’ are having to fix it. He looks like a kid here


Lewis will be back next season at the very top, where he deserves to be .




Any chance of getting this onto YouTube? Am away from a pc and my iPhone cannot play it!



I still think Lewis pulled a real bone-headed move at the end of Monza. I understand, and respect, that he’s a racer. But, under the circumstances it was very unlikely he was going to improve his position by pushing beyond the limit. A podium would have been a very good finish. Instead, he put it in the wall trying to do the improbable.

I guess with Lewis, it boils down to “live by the sword, die by the sword.” It has to be a bit frustrating for the team sometimes, though.


It’ll be interesting to see what the real cost of the crash is at the end of the season, will it be the difference between beating Ferrari in the Constructors and Lewis beating someone in the drivers championship? Then and only then will the total cost be realised.

I think people seem to forget that even in Hamiltons championship winning year most of the errors were made by him, whilst Massa for example drove a better season but had a team who made more errors. So it’s the not the first or last time he’s made an error. That’s why I suspect most people I know who are true F1 fans think Alonso is the best guy on the grid by some margin.


That’s funny, most people I know who are true F1 fans think Lewis is the best driver on the grid.


Bone-headed sums it up nicely John.


Hmmm, I already posted this link at the time, but it’s always worth another look.

Real nice onboard comparison, just to show that “pushing beyond the limit” isn’t as totally clear-cut as all that.

I enjoy that it looks like there is a piece of string tied to his top and bottom gloves.

I also enjoy that there was only a tiny sliver of a chance that Button might get fractionally baulked by that back-marker halfway down the road, and that was all the rationale Hamilton felt he needed.

I like the fact that we have drivers willing to push right up to, and walking the line at 100%, for an extra minor place.

Let the accountants worry about constructors points and overtime in the paint-shop, we want Racing Drivers to race.

video hat-tip:

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