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Fisichella: Monza is the perfect place to debut
Fisichella: Monza is the perfect place to debut
Posted By: James Allen  |  10 Sep 2009   |  10:09 am GMT  |  18 comments

Giancarlo Fischella spoke to the Italian media the other day ahead of his Ferrari debut at Monza this weekend.

Fisi with Rob Smedley

Fisi with Rob Smedley

It’s been a great week for the 36 year old Roman, who will become the first Italian to race a Ferrari at Monza for almost 20 years on Sunday.

He said that of the current drivers only fellow veteran Rubens Barrichello rang him when the drive was announced, saying “Us old guys will be around forever!”

He also revealed that he had called Felipe Massa from Stefano Domenicali’s office. Massa wished him well and Fisi told him, “The car is yours and you can take it back whenever you want.”

He added, “Any result I get I will dedicate to him.”

On being released from his Force India contract by Vijay Mallya he said, “To start with it was tough because we were coming off the back of a fantastic race, then he understood that I had the chance to realise my life’s dream.”

Asked whether he would be emotional at Monza, he said, “Yes, but it will disappear as soon as I select first gear. There will be pressure but I will turn it into a positive force. I won’t just have the extra power of KERS but also of the tifosi.

“Monza is the perfect track to debut in a car you don’t know because the long straights give you plenty of time to think about what to do at the next corner.

” Getting back together with Rob Smedley, my engineer at Jordan, gives me security.”

Meanwhile Domenicali confirmed yesterday that Fisichella would be allowed to race for another team next year while performing a role as third driver for Ferrari, should the need arise.

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Fisico first hour of testing was very good.


yes, i was going to say the same, you forgot that Capelli raced for Ferrari @ Monza in 92.


All of a sudden everything is all sweetness and light at Ferrari. Domenicali sounds bullish, Fisi is smiling and Kimi is awake!

Have just been reading in the Gazzetta about the Ferrari, Santander, Alonso combo for next year. Young Hamilton was quoted as looking forward to the duels with Alonso but it can’t be easy watching it all unfold from Woking’s boardrooms.

To think McLaren had all of that (money) way back then & Santander is now an even stronger since the crash.

Ron really cocked that one up. In fact, as far as mistakes go it Dennis’s call on Alonso must rank right up there with p**ing off a little Piquet …


You think that was a mistake, take a look at Ron’s new Super Car…looks just like a Ferrari…shame he could not come up with his own design.


Think there is a risk that Fisi will find it hard to cope with the pressure and make a fudge of the whole weekend by qualifying badly or getting too emotional and ending up with a broken wing in the race.

I HOPE he can cover himself in some late-career glory, but I’m not confident of his prowess. Could easily go either way.

Was it Germany one year when he was leading and then just spun the car close to the end of the race?

An Italian making their Ferrari debut in front of the Tifosi has got to be a sizeable challenge.

Think the excitement and the expectation could be banana skins that he will need to drive round carefully.

Think there’s a 90 percent chance he’ll wreck the weekend at some point.

Hope the 10 percent chance of doing well will come good for him.


I’m so happy for Fisi! He deserves, could Ferrari get him a race seat in exchange for cheaper engines to keep him sharp? Possibly the team that comes out of BMW? He would be familiar from it under its sauber guise…


It would be great to see Fisi act as a mentor for the drivers on the Ferrari young driver programme next year. He comes across as a thoroughly likeable chap who enjoys his racing but doesn’t take it too seriously. A lot of the current crop of drivers could stand to learn a thing or two from him.

Would be even better if we saw him at one of the new teams as an old hand guiding them.


He is free to race for another team while serving as the reserve driver? Does it hint at Ferrari either starting a B-team (Abarth/Lancia/Alfa Romeo/whatever) or supplying a new team with engines?


All he needs to do is stay within sight of Kimi….he will be near the front of the grid…stay within one or two spots he will be OK.


‘all he needs to do..’


James. You’re desperate to forget that Ivan Capelli drove for Ferrari in 1992, aren’t you?! He drove at Monza, qualifying seventh and lasting a dozen laps before retiring.


I will eat our pet hamster if Fisi can out-qualify Capelli.


Could be risky for the hamster. Capelli was 7th in 1992 (it says here); with only 6 KERS cars expected (and Grosjean is still difficult to rate), if that advantage is as strong as some predict … I’d order the garlic butter now.


new F60 replica from the Ferrari shop to ride about in plus he gets to stay in one piece [for now]


What’s in it for the hamster if Fisi can’t do better than Capelli?


I don’t like the hamster’s chances either.


Haha, I can’t even believe we are talking about the FIs challenging the Red Cars in the final flyaways. Just goes to show how fast the development rate is. Makes you wonder how well the Ferrari could have been developed. Could really raise Fisi’s stock for next season as well, maybe one of the new teams will peg him as the experience they need in the #1 car.


It’s very exciting for Fisichella – but only as long as he can beat the Force Indias. And that could be tough later in the season.

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