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Ferrari driver situation ‘has changed’
Ferrari driver situation ‘has changed’
Posted By: James Allen  |  25 Sep 2009   |  11:13 pm GMT  |  97 comments

Things are moving quickly now in the one key move in the driver market which will unlock the others. Today Ferrari boss Stefano Domenicali said “In the last couple of days the situation has changed, so we will keep you updated as soon as we can say something. At the moment nothing to add on that.”

Photo: Ferrari

Photo: Ferrari

What did he mean?

Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo was in Madrid on Thursday and took part in a question and answer session with the readers of Marca, the leading daily sports paper. He was collecting one of their awards. He allowed himself to get a bit carried away, as he does sometimes, and said the following,

” I’m happy with the five year deal with Bank Santander. I’m happy to have a Spanish sponsor and I’m pleased with my team with Alonso.”

He was toying with them because he then said, “Next year we will have Massa, Raikkonen and a Spanish sponsor.”

It’s almost as if he is enjoying the moment, the speculation and is feeding it. However he did say get serious and lay out the plan, “Up to now the priority was to confirm Massa was okay in himself. Then we needed to get some certainty he would be okay as a driver. We’ve got that and Felipe will be with us. In these last few days we have cleared up a few things and when Domenicali returns from Singapore we can decide some important things. All the great driver have passed through Ferrari apart from Clark, Stewart and Senna. I consider Alonso a great driver.”

So it seems we are possibly a week or so away from knowing whether the Alonso Ferrari move is on or not, nine months after it was first mooted in Gazzetta dello Sport.

What has changed? Perhaps on his visit to Spain, Montezemolo got some kind of assurance from Santander that they would be willing to put up the extra funds needed to make the early transfer of Alonso to Ferrari in place of Raikkonen.

Perhaps Alonso is more keen to distance himself from Renault and the cheating scandal, just as Michael Schumacher was in 1995, with the same team when it was Benetton. The parallels between Alonso’s career and Schumacher’s are amazing, both had early opportunities with Flavio Briatore’s team, both won back to back titles then had a fallow period. Maybe the pattern continues with the move to Ferrari.

Raikkonen said on Thursday, “I believe that they want to speak to me about this. But it hasn’t happened yet.” Indeed, Italian colleagues tell me that Raikkonen has been seeking a meeting with Montezemolo but has yet to get a date from him. His name continues to be linked with McLaren but the team denied that there was a pre-contract in place.

As for Massa, Domenicali gave an update on his condition today, “Felipe makes steady progress: he started a programme of physical exercise and preparations to drive. The next step will be the simulator and then he can drive a kart. When he can get back behind the wheel of a Formula 1 single-seater, we’ll decide when the next steps have been completed.”

A final note on Montezemolo, he was asked whether he felt he was ‘Mosley’s next victim’, to which he replied, ” In life you must have a clear conscience and fear nothing.”

This weekend looks like being a tough one for Ferrari, with many of their rivals having brought upgrades. Ferrari stopped development of the car over a month ago to focus on 2010, “Clearly, when evaluating today’s free practice times, one has to consider the various unknown factors, but it is equally clear that our situation looks pretty difficult,” said Domenicali.

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the countdwn its almost over soon welles know the future of Fernando and Kimi and begin the hope of gr8 battles on track!!!


I just wish they would announce it one way or another so the market can open and move.... Alonso to Ferrari and Kimi to McLaren sounds good to me


Hilarious. They don't know yet how Massa will get on with karting but they're certain they want him for next year.

It's a kick in the teeth for KR in payback for his hard work of late. Can Kimi switch to McLaren now? With him and Lewis they could get ahead of Ferrari in the WCC.

He can afford to lose 4 races pay surely.


for $45 mills, someone better work hard and a thank you would be a courtesy not an obligation.

Paige Michael-Shetley

He's won them a World Championship, and he's got them them a race and five podiums in a dog of a car this year. Raikkonen deserves a hell of a lot better treatment than he's getting.

Ferrari didn't have to offer him a $50 million/year contract. But they did because they knew how quick he is.


Imagine if you were a business owner. Would you announce somebody in your team that you didn't even know was going to be 100% allright let alone drive again, or would you have 2 proven world champions who have great respect for each other and could probably form one of the best working relationships let alone by far the strongest driver line ups ever in the sport. Seems like a no brainer to me.


Hi Lola, just to say, I wouldn't pay anyone $50m to 'work'. I'd pay that because they have a talent that others don't have. And I'd thank them profusely for taking my money!!


C'mon! Get it over with and make the announcement already.


I'm glad Kimi seems not to let the typical Maranello intrigue and mind games affect him. They could show a bit more humanity and class, but that would be expecting too much. Perhaps they think the fortune they pay him entitles them to do as they wish. He has demonstrated that, given the proper support, he is still one of the elite. Hope he has a quality drive next year.


A bit more humanity....give me a break a driver that earns 49m and can't get it up for a race...he only drives quick when he wants to....maybe HE should have a bit more for Ferrari when they pay him quiet well..

Ferrari needs a person that will drive ALL the time ...even if the wheels are falling off.. 🙂


Maybe Kimi is paid more than any driver should be, and maybe after his WDC for Ferrari, he lacked motivation at times. Still, he has never gone public with any complaint about the notorious Ferrari hierarchy, and that is class. If the management in Maranello think Kimi broke any contract, they should pursue it in a court of law, not like jilted prima donnas in front of the world media. And corporations are not entitled to a show of "humanity", that is reserved for human beings.


Where have you read, heard, believed, or thought that he had any complaint about the notorious Ferrari hierarchy,...that comment comes out of left field.

This is about he has a reputation to ONLY drive when he wants......not for the time he has been paid...stop parting and get in the damn car and drive 140% ALL the time not when you want.

That is what 49m buys...


This comment is not related to this article, but I would like to hear posters comments on what Im going to mention.

Listening to the audio recording of the WMSC hearing available at


listening to the audio at 21:30 to 24:00 minutes into the recording, what is Max Mosley defending Nelson Piquet Junior for, isnt that the job of either Nelson Piquet Junior himself or his lawyer, why on earth is Max Mosley making any kind of comments in defense of Piquet at all, isnt he and the council supposed to be impartial in these circumstances, just listening to evidence and testimonies and then making a judgement.

I smell a rat!


Very Nice, that's a movie right there, U've got to luv F1 🙂


"It’s almost as if he is enjoying the moment, the speculation and is feeding it."

Luca di Montezemolo might be enjoying himself but his behaviour is becoming unprofessional and disrespectful.

Kimi himself has never said anything bad about Ferrari, he has been conducting himself impeccably. How would most people feel or react, to being speculated about in such a fashion by your employer in public? Kimi deserves better treatment then what he has been receiving. It is alright if you want to fire somebody, but do you have to speculate about it in such a manner in public or drag it out for such a long time?

At the same time, how clever is it for a team boss to speak about his driver in such a way just before a race? Especially considering the fact that Kimi has been the only point scorer for the past few races. Or is he perhaps trying to destabilise Kimi on purpose?

Hopefully the announcement will be made soon, so that Kimi can move on to another team.


It looks more and more like a personal ego trip for LDM to have every top driver driving for Ferrari at some point. Still smarting that Senna, RIP, passed away early. If his stories about Senna are to believe that is. Probably realizing this being his last chance to grab Alonso he's going all out to get him. Poor behaviour though for sure and any respect I managed to build for Ferrari because of Kimi has gone right out the window. I really hope Kimi goes to McLaren so LH and Kimi can make the limp horse look like a donkey! Mouse ears are in the mail for SD already!


Alias, I totally agree. I don't know who advises Ferrari on their PR but every time they get it wrong.


I agree totally with you. I have lost my respect for Ferrari with the way they have hadnled the situation! They should not be handling a great driver like this given the way he has conducted himself so well.

I only wish more and more now that they get Alonso and Massa in and have trouble like Mclaren in 2007. I hope kimi gets a good drive next season. The kid deserves more championships than one for his talent and character!


Agree 100% with what you have said, Alias. Becuase Ferrari think they pay Raikkonen a huge retainer, LDM has arrogated the right to ridicule Raikkonen. Completely un-called for and unprofessional. Kimi is a great driver, a WDC, a much better driver than Massa.


Interesting note on the parallels between Alonso and Schu. I just finished your book on Michael Schumacher yesterday (the Edge of Greatness) btw, and I thought it was really well written. Thanks for going through all that trouble to get that info :).


A BBC journalist said tonight on TV that he thinks the deal is made and quotes "reliable sources".

Maybe is he reading the blog?

Mike from Medellin, Colombia

Please don't tell me that the journalist was Leggard.


'All the great driver has passed through Ferrari apart from Clark, Stewart and Senna.I consider Alonso a great driver.'

He forgot Hamilton, perhaps because Hamilton is the only driver out there who is not the slightest bit interested in driving for Ferrari and Monty knows it.

As for Riakkonen, he's in the box seat if they want him out they pay up in full, no ifs and buts, apparently Robertson really knows how to play hardball, Ferrari don't stand a chance. Despite the increasing desperation of his fans Raikkonen won't be at Mclaren next year, nor Rosberg for that matter, they're not about to upset the balance of the team when they know that Hamilton provided with a half decent car delivers a WDC.

Paige Michael-Shetley

Well, if you believe the reports that came out in 2007, Ferrari offered Hamilton a seat while mess with Alonso was occurring at McLaren. As far as I can tell, Hamilton is still driving for McLaren.

I can't imagine Hamilton will ever leave McLaren. They're perhaps the best organization in F1 from top to bottom, and they rarely go more than a season without a car capable of challenging for the world championship. The indications are they're looking to turn the company into the British Ferrari on the sports car end that could see them turn into a manufacturer team in F1 (building chassis and engines), so we could be looking at a big transformation of which he would surely like to be a part.


Probably he thinks Hamilton is not a great driver (yet?).


Hamilton is not a great driver yet, he might not even get to that catagory.


So he's won in every class he's driven in, WDC in his second year in F1, youngest WDC ever, highest average points taker to date, Alonso's equal in the same car, and you don't rate him. What's your criteria?


As far as the greats who never drove for Ferrari go, I think Hakkinen deserves mentioning. Hamilton, though a great driver, can't really be considered in this category, if only because he is on his third season and will have plenty of time to go to Ferrari still


Loulu said he would drive for ferrari one day.


Maybe Jean Todt can assign Max as his F1 representative after he gets elected, wouldn't that be fun...


He's already said he won't do that!


Yeah I was just having a Luca moment and feeding speculation =)


With the results that Kimi has been achieving lately even though they have stopped development on the car, if Ferrari don't retain him they'll probably regret turning him loose to McLaren.


So it appears Kimi will be out of Ferrari next year. The only question is which team will he go? McLaren looks most likely as Nico seems to be going towards BrawnGP (from the media reports).

Alonso and Schumacher's career are strikingly similar - besides the points you mentioned, both are known for their controversies also.


i dont get the love afair with Alonso.A good driver yes,a great driver i dont think so.


i always enjoy this kind of comments.

you must be an expert, right?


I'm sorry but you are wrong. Alonso has just told us that he won Singapore'08 on merit. You must have missed that.

PK's career thrown to the dogs, Briatore banished to Siberia for ever, Symonds banged up for five years, and Renaults reputation completely trashed, all for nothing.

If only they had involved dear Alonso in the plot, he could have told them not to bother, as he would win regardless. At least we now can be absolutely reassured that he must have been totally unaware of crashgate.

This most complete driver deserves Ferrari, and Ferrari deserve him.


‘Mosley’s next victim’ - wouldn't that be something like Godzilla vs. King Kong?(!)


Must be a remake - assuming Mosley is the lizard-like Godzilla, surely Briatore was Kong!


Imagine the situation where alonso joins ferrari and kimi lands up at mclaren to go onto win the championship. That would just be a bad joke on ferrari.

Also ferrari have shown in the past that the pairing of kimi and massa has worked very well, with each driver minding his own business. I doubt that will work with alonso and massa. It would work with kimi and alonso though.

Honestly i dont think kimi has driven that badly that he deserves to be chucked out by ferrari. Keep massa and kimi for 2010.kimi and alonso for 2011.


Or at the worst Kimi and Massa 2010, Massa/Kimi and Alonso 2011. That is the fairest way of doing it. Maybe whoever gets most points/wins in 2010 keeps his place in 2011, that would almost be a good as the championship!


Hi James,

I don’t understand, why so much speculation?

If Alonso has a pre contract why all the waiting & toying?

It’s something to do with the negotiation about the amount of money Ferrari will pay to Alonso?

Please give me some light about it.


The problem is, I don't really care anymore. It's all politics.

Renault deliberately crashes a car and Ecclestone and Mosley imply that banishing Briatore was too harsh - a driver could have been killed for goodness sake.

Now we have Ferrari playing games with their drivers - one minute Schumacher's going to have a third car, next Alonso's not joining next year and soon the ghastly Todt is going to foisted on the sport - a man so palpably unfit because he doesn't understand the concept of sport.


It's been bugging me for a while but I finally figured out who Luca di Montezemolo reminds me of...Little Lord Fauntleroy


Hi James,

Do you think its a possibilty, as a result of crash-gate that Alonso could stop racing for Renault after Singapore and finish off the year with Ferrari?

Do drivers have such clauses in their contracts?


Ferrari have already used their four drivers for this year. They couldn't use a fifth unless there were exceptional circumstances.


What? No speculation on the likelihood of someone having their legs broken?!


No that is unlikely to happen


I’m not sure I would place a bet on Alonso’s career going the same way as Schumacher’s.

The sport is a team event. Ferrari was probably the most complete team in F1 history during the Schuey years. Not only were there no weaknesses – unheard of – but there were significant strengths in addition to the Schuey/Todt/Brawn trinity. And we could all add a fourth to that, couldn’t we.

Alonso is not walking into such a situation. Whilst they will be quite comfortably the richest team in the pitlane, this has never really helped Ferrari in the past over and above glossing over their weaknesses.

Spain, for some reason, has become the F1 Eldorado despite not having much of a fan base pre Alonso. Santander’s lack of sub-prime investment has left it with, in comparison to many other banks, money to burn. For reasons which escape me, this seems to have got the FIA all excited. But will it be enough for Ferrari to be able to dominate again?

There are those who suggest that there are tensions between Ferrari and Mosley. With Alonso on board this will provide a bit of a buffer. Mind you, I’ve got to accept that it didn’t help Renault.

Whether Ferrari would have been quite so rampant without any of the big four being absent is a matter for discussion around a pub table. Whether Alonso will be enough to bring the team forward remains to be seen.

Ferrari seemed to be unable to get the best from Kimi. I don’t see him as the type to pour over the Italian press – there can be few who have the time and he didn’t have the inclination – so might have found it difficult to accept the new lifestyle.

I reckon Kimi. He lacks application but when he does concentrate there’s none better.

Alonso and Massa! There will be politics.

Massa has shown himself to be a mature and reasonable chap who doesn’t become bitter or resentful when things don’t go his way. I’ve got the feeling that anyone so totally unsuited for hard line politics will suffer.

I like Massa. The way he dealt with his defeat at Brazil last year, despite winning, made me warm to him. There’s few in the pitlane, and even fewer sitting at this computer, who could have handled it so well. After his accident I really hope it doesn’t all turn sour for him.

The suggestion that there would be yet another scandal came as a big disappointment for me, although not a surprise of course, as I was hoping for a season that would be remembered for all the right reasons. Tell any fan today that we used to talk about the racing and they wouldn’t believe you.

Alonso and Massa head to head, Kimi and Hamilton head to head and, we deserve some luck so let’s hope for a Button/Rosberg battle. It’s an exciting prospect.

It would require ineptitude of genius level to ruin 2010. But I bet he manages it.


Well McLaren would ruin the Kimi vs Lewis battle. It will be Lewis + McLaren + Stratagy vs Kimi and McLaren bad luck.


I think there's mileage in the the recent decision by Santander to sponsor both Ferrari and McLaren.

Think some of that is to do with the marketing of Lewis.

Think it is also to do with moving Alonso to Ferrari and then moving Kimi to Macca.

Santander pick up the bill ... get Alonso in Ferrari as their primary goal, but also get Lewis and Kimi ... 3 WDCs all sponsored by the same company.

That's a coup.

Also Mutua Madrilena will bring extra money to Ferrari with Alonso ... expect other money (thanks to Renault's faux pas) will also follow Fernando.

No wonder Luca is happy.


Ferrari show again what they're worth, this time off track. Luca di Montezemolos comments seem just as out of touch as Ecclestones and Mosleys. These are the 3 men whom you can never trust, they say whatever suits to them, they make the lie sound like a truth, they even start to believe their own lies as a truth.

As for Kimi I hope Ferrari ain't screwing up his career. If all goes well, then I think Räikkönen and Rosberg will take the 2nd seats at McLaren and Brawn team. I don't think Kimi would go to any other team.


And james can you please tell us what you would do if you were in Luca's shoes ?

retain kimi or go for fernando ?


This whole driver issue is being managed very unprofessionally by Ferrari. The only one who still has the integrity and professionalism is Kimi. I just hope if he goes to Mclaen gets the same support as Hamilton in terms of strategy etc. but somehow I doubt.


Keep Kimi!


I can understand that Ferrari want a more complete driver with Alonso, but I'm completely taken aback by their treatment of Raikonnen. Shameful!


F60 is a twitchy car and for Kimi to have done so well in the last 4 races is not the car... Ferrari should have more focused on him, they cant offer same treatment for two drivers. (After that famous call on the Melbourne podium in 2007 lot of things have gone wrong). Schumacher is one who was always turning team in a direction of Massa. Now, what ever they do with Kimi it would more speak about Ferrari and how they do things. To loose such a driver is silly. And to drowe comparison between Kimi, Alonso and Schumacher, if he was half as greedy and conditional, like those two, he would have at list half the score of Schumacher titles.


How about over 40 millions a year greedy?


Its not about money... they make more than enough. Its about team preferential treatment. As you are aware I'm sure...


James, I miss your commentating....

I think its really terrible the way Ferrari is treating KM. What if they release him to Mclaren or somethor team and next year he wins the WDC?


How bout how KR treats them...keeps the money and does not drive until he feels like he has to.....


Tim... Who has scored the most Ferrari points this season with a really lousy Ferrari?

I think he has done the best he can given the performance of the car!!!!


Right and he gives it all ....all the time....and of course we know how it would have turned out because FM got to finish the season ...so yes you are correct KR did get the most points


A shame if they loose Kimi. Alonso is good, however Kimi has proved to be an excellent driver. I agree that his attitude is not always the best (the popsicle and Cola incident).

Anyway, for me it's a shame that F1 is now more about politics than what happens on track. If Ferrari wants Alonso, then make Santander pay for Kimi's money and everybody happy. Even Montezemolo said that Kimi is a loyal driver, then show some respect and if you're going to fire him, do it but with class.

Hope Kimi lands a seat in a good team so he can show (like in the past races) what he can do. For me, as a Ferrari fan, I will support Massa and Kimi wherever he goes.


This was going to be Massa's year, so I thought. What class he had shown, in his home race no less! On to 2009 and...........it's Jenson and Rubens! Such are the fortunes of Formula One. I remember my skull fracture. When passing from heat into cold or vice versa, you sense that the bone is contracting at different rates, an odd sensation for the first year. You are sensative to reinjuring it, we are talking your head here. Ferrari wants to give Felipe his due, then release him and hire Fernando Alonso. Maybe Massa can get that crown one day, wouldn't that be something? But right now he is damaged goods, and cannot possibly drive well enough to deserve that seat. I hope he proves me wrong. The Scuderia is bailing on him, Alonso is available. And this delay is out of respect for Massa-who deserves a lot of it.



Too much detail about your head. It was like nails on a balckboard.


"The Scuderia is bailing on him." The Scuderia are bailing on him, poor chap.


It is funny... 2 years ago Alonso's stock was rock bottom. He had lost out to a rookie(yes Hamilton is great but he was a rookie that year) and worse he acted like a spoiled brat.

Flavio takes him back and gives him a horrible teammate to make him look all the faster, rigs a race for him, and the next thing you know the press is a buzz with..... "Alonso needs a top drive, he is great"

Hamilton and Kimi at Macca would be the buzz of the off season for sure


Don't agree it was rock bottom. Hamilton gave him a wake up call, but he still drove very well that year, on the whole and would have won the title if McLaren had cut him some slack. He lost some cred over the emails business with the spy scandal, but there was never any feeling that he wasn't top drawer as a driver.


My thoughts exactly James - and let's remember he didn't lose out to a rookie. They scored exactly the same number of points, in spite of the team being focussed on Hamilton. Also, let's also remember that Alonso lost out on the championship because Massa moved over for Kimi at Brazil. Fair enough, in my book, but many people come up with this "Alonso got spanked by a rookie" stuff and it's simply not true.

I was disappointed that Alonso's spell at McLaren didn't work out; what might have been? Hopefully his move to Ferrari will provide us with 2 closely matched drivers who will push each other.


I am so put off by Luca's game and play of words. I think decision is already made that Ferrari will bring in Alonso in 2010. So be it and please pay Kimi then everybody can move on.

Hopefully Kimi will go back to McLaren in a good car next year!

James, can you please shed some light how's a driver's "performance clause" like? It is relative to one's team mate, or by setting a target of certain number of points? Thanks.


A friend who works for a marketing company that has connections with Ferrari says Kimi's reaction (lack of a reaction) to Massa'a accident has put Kimi firmly "outside" of the Ferrari family. He's just not seen as a Ferrari man.


All this family stuff is very heart warming. Is this a racing team, or shall we get mummy and daddy and lovable uncle michael and the rest and turn the whole thing into a tv sitcom instead?


That's been going on for some time, in fairness.


I'm told it was the last straw.


F1 used to be about the fastest cars with the fastest drivers. Now it is just about the Primadonna Team leaders and F1 bosses. They are more in the headlines than the races.


Alonso and Massa in Ferrari against Kimi and Lewis in McLaren would be a killer.

Mike from Medellin, Colombia

Will be very interesting to see how the team atmosphere develops at Ferrari should the Alonso move take place.

Massa is heavily supported by Schumacher. Kimi managed to ignore Schumacher's ever looming shadow. Is Alonso cool enough to do the same?


Kimi is upset about performance, maybe he is moving on. Or maybe he is pushing team for improvement because he's staying there for next year.




From the picture, it looks like what's changed is that the Spaniards have given Luca a gold brick to take on that dirty cheat Alonso.

I wish Kimi would land at Brawn, but McLaren will do, I guess.


FM & KM. Thanks but no FredEx please.


Oops. Delete KM, add KR. Sorry.

Mike from Medellin, Colombia

Surely given the way he is being treated, Kimi should have a case for constructive dismissal.

LDM is not giving him the respect that he deserves while focusing on luring Alonso.

Funny....given that he did exactly the same in 2006 when he was luring Kimi.

Mike from Medellin, Colombia

I mean did exactly the same to MS.


I guess the $40 million dollar question is how Massa and Alonso fair at Ferrari. No doubt Massa is loved, but Alonso can be very Schumacherish and I think he will beat Massa at the mind games. We all saw how Massa over reacted at the Euro GP two years ago when Alonso passed him in the rain. His emotions were all over his sleeve as he chased Alonso around the back room yelling and Alonso just smiled.

I can't see Hamilton or Kimi letting Alonso know how they felt even if they were mad. Massa has got to learn to control his emotions a bit and soon.


Luca has been a big proponent in what the fans want to see and filling up those seats at Monza. And with all the bad publicity this year, a marketable persona is very important to Ferrari. Does Massa fill those seats on his own?

Kimi is a bullet proof, fast driver, but I think there are more people wanting to Alonso in red. To me that, and Satander money, is what seals the deal.


I never supported Ferrari until Kimi came on board. It is bcoz of many unprofessionalism of them handling any situation. For example they way they handle team order of Schumacher and Rubens. The way when they wanted to bring Kimi to the team and how they force Schumacher off (even he is so called the VIP to the family). Now, when they wanted Alonso, they did the same to Kimi.

F1 is not about hooha when you win, jump up punching the sky like nobody biz (Ferrari culture likes this), and its also not about showing how many races you have won with your fingers......I just hate this show off gestures that fits into Ferrari culture. Kimi dont do that, I think that is the reason he is labelled as not part of the family.

Shame on you Ferrari, Kimi - you should just move on (after they pay you back salary). There are other great teams that deserve you more than Ferrari



Lewis Hamilton

Kimi Raikkonen


Felipe Massa

Fernando Alonso


Robert Kubica

Lucas Di Grassi


Nico Hülkenberg

Rubens Barrichello

Red Bull Racing

Sebastian Vettel

Mark Webber

Brawn GP

Jenson Button

Nico Rosberg

Campos Meta Team

Bruno Senna

Jaime Alguersuari

Force India

Vitantonio Liuzzi

Karun Chandhok

Toro Rosso

Jarno Trulli

Sebastian Buemi


Juan Pablo Montoya

Scott Speed


Heikki Kovalainen

Timo Glock

Manor GP

Nick Heidfeld

Kazuki Nakajima

Toyota are off this list because they're clearly not going to arrive in Sakhir for the first race, but if they do expect it to be Adrian Sutil and Timo Glock doing the driving.

Mike from Medellin, Colombia

JPM will not come back to F1 unfortunately. He can't keep off the hamburgers.


I have just seen a poor copy of an email or document of sorts that suggest Brawn will be letting go of Button to have Nico and Kimi Raikkonen on board should Kimi will inded accept leaving Ferrari.

Mercedes has the say in the matter as I understand it, they are not very keen on button or Rubens, they feel this year's car would have given even more results if it were two divers drivers like Nico Or Kimi for that matter. Ofcourse we all know Rubens has not a lot of years left in him and Button while being solid is not title material or a great prospect for the long term.

Cant say much about Renault of Ferrari line ups, but from what I have seen I can say this pretty confidently about Brawn's plans for next year. I do believe the document/email I have seen is truly genuine.


Kimi's championship is one of my favorite. I don't have favorite drivers or teams. Just years to look back on. And Formula One will never see a come from behind like that one again. It was accomlished by a Ferrari driver from Finland. So, an end to an era. And I expect Kimi to push right to the end of season.


"And I expect Kimi to push right to the end of season."

NOT going to happen he is done and no desire, the only way he does have desire....he only drive quick when he wants too.


You obviously haven't been watching the races right after massa was out of the way. Your bias awfully obvious.

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