Video: Hamilton explains where the speed came from
Video: Hamilton explains where the speed came from
Posted By: James Allen  |  19 Aug 2009   |  6:02 pm GMT  |  7 comments

Another video from McLaren and this one is quite interesting. Lewis Hamilton won the last race in Budapest and was quick all weekend. He had a last minute front wing arrive from the UK on the Saturday morning and this seemed to make the car more stable and here he reveals that they also had a new rear floor on the car.

There are more updates for Valencia this weekend and we’ll find out what those are tomorrow.

He talks about coming back from holiday and getting ‘back to the grind’, which is pretty hilarious – his idea of grind is pretty different to most people’s, I imagine.

McLaren are now pushing hard in a race to finish third behind Red Bull and Brawn in the constructors. Ferrari and Toyota are also in that fight. It will be interesting to see if McLaren can hit the sweet spot with the tyres again in Valencia, something Red Bull and Brawn didn’t manage to do in Budapest.

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Many bloggers would offer a link (to the video) to their terminally lazy readers (that’d be me…)

Crid [CridComment @ gmail]

Bah humbug! Notice how the grain changes with “zooms”? Bogus handheld. ANNOYING handheld. It’s McLaren for freaks’ sake… Can’t these people buy a couple tripods?

Grumble grumble…..


At least the run to the first corner in Valencia is fairly short.

I don’t blame McLaren and every team is eligible for using KERS but having KERS vs Non-KERS at the start is surely a negative situation for F1. And I say that as an Alonso supporter who saw him vault from 9th to 3rd at Sepang.


McLaren were at a clear disadvantage at the start of the season so why should they not benefit from kers now. Kers adds a good element to F1 just like the turbo boost did in the 1980s. The only negative side is the cost.

I would say that McLaren having kers is no more negative than Alonso’s light fuel load at Hungary which gave him a very easy pole position. Next year’s new qualifying rules will eliminate these anamolies.

That aside I agree that it’s difficult to see how Kers will be beneficial at the start of Valencia and it could be a very interesting battle between Alonso and Hamilton.


You can’t really call that 1st corner in valencia a corner though as it’s flat out.

I like KERS as it’s put the cat amongst the pidgeons and made starts even more exciting.

One thing though, don’t know if it’s the stress of this season, but Hamilton looks older (and I notice his hair line is starting to recede a little).


I must say that I’m impressed with McLaren doing these videos… in countries outside of Europe where F1 coverage is little more than the race on TV from warm-up to chequered flag, often delayed, it’s a joy to be able to follow the sport online with video.

Well done McLaren!

Paige Michael-Shetley

The rear floor modification was part of the package introduced to Hamilton’s car at the Nurburgring. Kovalainen got the rear floor at the Hungaroring. Both got front wing modifications at the Nurb, and Hamilton got the rushed-out front wing modification in Hungary.

According to Autosport, McLaren is bringing more modifications to both the front wing and rear floor to Valencia. Clearly, improvements to these two areas have made a huge difference to the car previously, so it will be interesting to see just how much more they can get from them.

McLaren are also adamant that KERS will now be a significant advantage for them at the front of the grid, and they’re probably right. Clearly, they get the boost on starts, but we finally saw KERS used to set up an overtake in Hungary when Hamilton used it to get a power boost by Webber.

If McLaren win two or three more races very soon, we could see a rush by some other teams to get KERS on their cars. Williams are already signalling that their flywheel system is going to see the light of day before the end of the year. I’m sure Vettel would love to have it given the hell he’s had to put up with on multiple occasions this season with KERS cars nipping him on the start.

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