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Massa phones Barrichello to congratulate him on victory
Massa phones Barrichello to congratulate him on victory
Posted By: James Allen  |  24 Aug 2009   |  2:54 pm GMT  |  18 comments

Ferrari’s official website has a nice story today about Felipe Massa contacting his friend and fellow Brazilian Rubens Barrichello after his emotional win in Sunday’s Grand Prix in Valencia.
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Massa replaced Barrichello at Ferrari in 2006 and the older man carried a get well message to Massa on his crash helmet all weekend and after the race dedicated the win to him.

Although it was not in any way Barrichello’s fault the spring which hit Massa in the head in Budapest fell from the rear suspension of Rubens’ car. He said over the weekend that he feels no responsibility for it, but regrets his connection with the event.

As for Massa, he is said to have phoned Barrichello after the race, “My first attempt failed because he was debriefing with his Brawn GP people, “said Massa. “But later I could manage to talk to him and congratulated him for his fantastic victory. Of course, I also thanked him for everything he’s done and said about me during the whole weekend. In fact, I felt very emotional when I saw his helmet with a design intended to homage me.”

To quote the Ferrari website; “Felipe watched today’s race at his São Paulo home. On a cold Sunday morning for Brazilian standards (15 degrees), he was on bed along with his wife Raffaela. “I followed the race also by my notebook, taking a close look at the live timing”, said Felipe, who also provided comments for TV Globo narrator by SMS. It was quite a different sensation for the Ferrari driver. “The last time a saw a Formula 1 race on TV was the Japanese GP back in 2003. It was the race that closed the calendar and I did not travel do Japan because I was Ferrari test driver at that time.

“I was with my fingers crossed all the time. Rubens did a fantastic job today. I was checking his lap times and I’m sure he could win even without Hamilton’s McLaren problem. He was amazingly quick in his second stint and did not commit any mistakes.”

Massa has some medical checks this week in Florida with leading US motorsport physician Dr Steve Olvey, the man who worked on Nigel Mansell when he was injured in IndyCars in 1993.

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Two good racers and also country men but that bit would not really be needed. Class all the way.



It’s easy to forget how close F1 drivers must be despite being rivals on the track


Interesting that Felipe says the last race he watched on TV was the Japanese GP in 2003. Remind me, who won that race….?


The Rubens-Filipe stuff serves as a nice accompaniment to what was generally a feel-good F1 weekend. I must say, I find all this theorising on whether Kimi is in touch with Massa or helping Luca Badoer a little over the top. Not having a bash at the article or this site, more the comments that generally seem to follow. Kimi has been busy scoring podiums that, for most other drivers in that car, would be out of reach. Let’s give the guy a break and let him get on with what he’s paid to do. I’d personally love to see him back at Mclaren next year. Let Lewis be the face of the team and let Kimi do what he does best – drive.


A good example of how F-1 drivers should treat each other. This should be normal. I hope the story I read about Kimi not even bothering to contact Felipe is a false one.


It is!


Oh yeah and before I forget, as an ex-CART fan I can confirm that Dr Steve Olvey is an absolute legend!!


onc again – massa; simply a class act all the way



Why did Massa not say Kimi did a great job these last two races? I thought you said Ferrari is a family James….? Instead he just talks about calling his country man on another team.


I don’t think Massa was obliged to mention Kimi in his phone call, I can only imagine why he felt he should call Barrichello as the man had a “get well soon” message on his helmet.

By the way did Kimi visit Massa after the accident? 🙁


But this post is about the Massa/Barrichello story- and has nothing to do with Kimi?? No doubt he said plenty of other things besides but these are not relevant to the post at hand…


He did. “Today Kimi did a good race. For sure, he had not the same speed to try and catch Hamilton and Rubens, but at last he managed to stay ahead of Kovalainen with the other McLaren.”



Yes, but did Massa phone Kimi or send him SMS to congratulate?? No?

I guess someone could be able to write an article about Massa not being a team player..


“why would you send someone a text for 3rd when he never went to see you in hospital. Would You????”

No I wouldn’t and I personally don’t think Massa should have either, but why then should Kimi be obligated to go and see someone, who is not exactly his friend, to a hospital when he has other thinghs like rally-testing scheduled.

(to my knowledge Kimi did go to see Massa on sunday after the accident with other Ferrari members. I dont know if Felipe was still in coma then)

I was relating to that earlier story with accusations that Kimi is bad team player and doesn’t understand that Ferrari equals a family. I don’t know if it tells much better things about Massa that he’s publicly supporting other team’s driver to succeed at the expence of Ferrari drivers. He could have been cheering Kimi for win and send Luca some tips how to drive an F1 car fast at Valencia. After all, like he remembers to mention in he’s modest style “Don’t forget that I won the race in 2008, after starting on pole and setting the best lap”.

To be very clear: I have nothing against Massa and what have he done or not done. I’m cool with him supporting Barrichello and not giving a rat’s ass about Kimi, if thats the case.


why would you send someone a text for 3rd when he never went to see you in hospital. Would You????

Doubt it.


I don’t see anything in your article about Kimi… Did you save that part? you quoted it hear but not in the article…


thanks James missed that one….. With Kimi getting crushed of late we fans get a little defensive


And I’ve been one of the crushers, but full marks for his last two races. He did the job.

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