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Brawn says Schumacher can win again
Brawn says Schumacher can win again
Posted By: James Allen  |  06 Aug 2009   |  4:10 pm GMT  |  9 comments

Ross Brawn has given an interview to La Gazzetta dello Sport today, from his holiday home in Forte dei Marmi, on the West coast of Italy.

ROSS B-thumb
He says that he would put money on Jenson Button to win the drivers’ title and Michael Schumacher to win a race before the season’s end and discusses his team’s recent problems, which have lost them ground in the title fight.

Brawn was the architect of all of Schumacher’s seven world titles, one of the most unique and successful partnerships in F1 history.

“Michael has simply responded to the passion and the bond of loyalty he has for Ferrari,” says Brawn. “A passion I continue to feel myself. There is an important aspect to bear in mind; his comeback is only for a limited amount of time. We can imagine that Michael is coming back with his usual determination and seriousness, but he also wants to enjoy himself. I can’t wait to see him at work.”

“I’m convinced he will [be strong], I still remember the great race he did in Brazil in 2006. Of course it’s obvious that he has to familiarise himself with the car, but I’m sure that if he doesn’t win one of the remaining races of the season it will not be his fault, but because Ferrari is not in a winning position.”

As to his own team’s chances, Brawn highlights the fact that the team has recently lost the ability to get the tyres working and it’s chances of winning the title rest on fixing the problem,

“At the start of the season we were able to make the most of the tyres. Unexpectedly we have had problems. It’s certainly linked to some modification which we introduced during the season, and so we are analysing carefully every step we’ve made to understand what has caused this problem. This is a challenge with this year’s rules in the absence of any testing.”

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The 2010 title fight will be won and losted over the next 7 races. I think Mark Webber will beat Sebastien Vettel and Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton will have a great chance to take the title. I’ll put my money on Hamilton. Loren Lorinyenko


I think Schumacher will continue to struggle to the end of the year. I can’t see him getting on the podium as Rosberg continues to improve. Red Bull, McLaren and Ferrari will finish top 3 this year.

Its going to be even more difficult for him next year as he gets older and young driver have youth on their side. I think Eddie Jordan will be right that Schumy is just to old. Sean Lorinyenko


He has nothing to loose, even if he were crap he could chuckle and say I was the best but now I am having fun.

However he has always had that killer streak the will to win, sometimes it go too strong, but now he will be a delight to watch. His car control was always so far ahead of anyone else that finding the edge of adhesion and staying right on it was just a natural thing for him, driving only took up 80% of his brain power leaving 20% to be thinking about that film he saw last night, or even about tactics, tyre wear, fuel load, changing track in different places later turnins; positions and points, the whole game, not just driving.

But now he can revel in his status, he just has to be there. The crowds/tiffosi will go potty!

Bernie must practically be having orgasms at the extra revenue Schumi will be bringing in and phoning round raising the circuit and advertising fees for the rest of the season.

But as Niki Lauder says I bet he has got the bug back, the need to prove he can still do it, the need to win.

If nothing else it will give Ferrari an injection of bravado and we should expect smiles from the home of the prancing horse.

I wonder if he will be able to impose the same leadership upon the team that he used to, it has been lacking.


Great team spirit Ross, saying crescent moon

face (Michael Schumacher) can win now, I bet

Jensen Button feels really warm and fuzzy about

his chances.His boss cheering on Schumacher.

Proves one thing you can take the boy out of

Ferrari but you cant take Ferrari out of the




I bet Ross Brawn is praying for Schumacher to come in and start scoring big points, and to nobble some points off of Redbull.

You also have to wonder whether Schumacher will hold some loyalty to Ross, should he ever get in the mix of a Redbull/Brawn fight. Schumacher was always the master of making his car wider than it actually is.

It wouldn’t surprise me if Ross has been on the phone to Michael wishing him luck, and giving him some helpful words of advice!

Ted the Mechanic

Michael may be a bit out of shape and unfamiliar with the latest Ferrari beauty-babe, but…

To quote that old sports maxim:-

“Form is temporary, class is permanent”


Of course he can win a race so long as the Ferrari continues to improve at the same rate it has recently. And I’m picking the brains at Ferrari will be putting an extra special effort into ensuring that they do give him the best package they possibly can. Simply because it is Michael, and didn’t he always extract that little bit extra from his team for exactly that reason? He always delivers his best, so they always deliver their best… for him. That extra 5% or maybe even as much as 10% was always his secret weapon that all of his competitors would have been deeply jealous of. Jacques Villeneuve thought he could emulate it at BAR…

Of the current drivers, probably only Fernando Alonso at Renault and Jenson Button at Honda/Brawn have come close to emulating Michael’s ability to extract this mystical extra advantage from their teams.

The whole Michael resurrection thing is so fascinating for so many reasons. I can’t wait!


My wife and I were sure Michael would race again, but for Brawn next season as a replacement for Frasier Crane (aka Rubens). I was looking for odds on Schumacher returning to F1 but couldn’t find any. This lead me to believe, I’ve missed out on a fortune!

James, do you know what odds there were on Michael returning to F1, regardless of which team he would be racing for? And before the announcement of his return, the odds of him winning a race???

Hans joergen Stroem

Schumacher can win again??

is he really that good, or are the other that bad?


ofcorse he is….where have u been dude?mars?

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