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Watch: The drivers’ messages to Massa
Watch: The drivers’ messages to Massa
Posted By: James Allen  |  30 Jul 2009   |  12:20 pm GMT  |  62 comments

I posted on Sunday that the F1 drivers made a DVD together with SKY Italia for Felipe Massa’s race engineer Rob Smedley to take to him in hospital.

Massa watched it soon after being woken from his chemically induced coma.

Here it is. It’s interesting to see the body language of the drivers as they deliver their messages. Check out Webber in particular who doesn’t sugar the pill about being in hospital.

Click on the link below:
Get well soon, Felipe

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I think many people here are completely unfair to Kimi. Why would he choose to speak to Massa through a commercial stunt by a TV-channel, when he 1) Just had visited him at the hospital 2) Surely can and will talk to him in person at any time.

Speaking to a injured friend through TV – would you?

I think what Kimi is showing is great integrity, something severely lacking in this post-MTV world.


People are not understanding Kimi’s personality, but whose fault is that?

To the people who are regularly complaining about Kimi’s personality: if you are not understanding him then why don’t you just shut up? You would sound smarter that way. Don’t talk about something you so completely don’t understand.

Stephen Russell

For those who still slag Kimi

“After yesterday’s race at the Hungaroring, Massa was visited by Ferrari team principal Stefano Domenicali, team-mate Kimi Raikkonen and Brawn GP’s Rubens Barrichello and boss Ross Brawn.”


Check out Kimi being interviewed ahead of his WRC debut, very relaxed, joking and most telling of all, he looks like he wants to be there, which he will be either next year or the year after if Ferrari don’t buy him out of his contract.


Kimi is…well…Kimi.

I find Hamilton insincere. I think he’s just trying to hard. I mean, fair enough he mentioned Massa in the post-race press conference, but he had to do it again even though he was asked about Michael Schumacher. And when he said “we all miss you”, his eyes darted to the left. If you study NLP, that’s a sign that he’s creating an auditory thought, i.e. lying.


Here’s to Massa getting back on the race track ASAP and to Hamilton getting more wins 😉


Just couldn’t help yourself, could you?

Grinder N Bandler

What? You mean when talking about the paddock, he looked at the paddock? Eh?

It is probably you that needs to better study NLP, an eye-flick to the left is usually associated with Ar, Auditory Recollection (of past event). You would need a flick to his right for Auditory Construction to suggest an imaginary event. Or lying as you graciously chose to put it.

But that’s all beside the point isn’t it, you had already decided to slam Hamilton, thought you could dress it up in pseudo-psychological [nonsense- mod], and get away scott-free …

Is that really what it has come to, you actually need to disect a friendly message to an injured driver looking for reasons to hate? Ask yourself what the psychologists would make of that sorta churlish behaviour?


Vince, far be it from me to distract you from your cod phsycology and yet another chance to pan Hamilton for the audacity to be black and articulate (and successful) but he glanced to his left as that’s where the other drivers and teams where.


Funny, I don’t think I’ve mentioned anything about his racial background. It is a highly sensitive subject that I will not touch. Perhaps you shouldn’t so readily stir the pot with such sentiments, especially when it’s utterly baseless.


About NLP, you are probably aware that this “thing” with eyes isn’t 100% accurate and that not everybody has the same “pattern”, and that it depends from person to person…but I agree it’s the most common “primary representational system”.

Back to the topic>>

I think that everybody (drivers) are quite honestly about their messages, primarily because they are all racing together and because they know that it could had happen to anyone of them.

About Kimi, it’s already know that he is not expressing his emotions in front of the camera, so it’s not a big deal for his short and “cold” message, because, like somebody already told, he went to see Felipe in hospital, and no one except Rubens did that.



perhaps you should assess the other drivers eye movements too in detail and stop the obsession with Lewis……pathetic


Wow, now i really hope Schuey wipes the floor with Kimi.


Kimi’s message certainly was short and appearing very cold. On the other hand, he and Rubens were the only drivers to visit him personally in the hospital, as far as I know.

Everybody knows how Kimi is in public appearances (withdrawn and hard to approach), but the word is he is quite the opposite behind the scenes. Just because he doesn’t feel the need to wish all the best to Felipe in the most sympathetic way via a TV crew doesn’t mean he wasn’t genuinely worried about his condition and wanting him to get better soon. At least he didn’t try to win any PR points with nice sounding but empty cliches.


well, all of you who are bashing Kimi … he went to the hospital after the race to visit Felipe. You all know he is not a man with many words in front of a camera.

And in the press conference, I think it was a request from Ferrari not to make to make too many comments as the situation was not very clear about Massa’s condition. I did noticed that the journalist didn’t ask too many questions about this.


it would be interesting to see how this would look if we turned the clock back to say 1980 or 89′. The current crop, not quite the same mettle. I don’t expect them all to have the charisma of a Senna or Hunt but many of them come across pretty badly.


Can’t quite see Senna or Hunt doing a video like this anyway!


Some people will just never understand Kimi, he is shy he is never going to express his emotions in front of the camera, you would think people would have known that by now. What does it matter, it is just words in any case. Actions speak louder then words, and at least Kimi did went to visit Felipe in the hospital.


Yup. I wonder how many of his critics were at the hospital to see Felipe.


Nice to see Kimi could spare all of 2 seconds for his teammate!


This is directed at all the raikkonen haters here in general..maybe (being his team mate an all) he has alreADY been to the hospital first hand and spent time with massa, and so he saw this as a bit cheezy and was all awkward?? ..then again maybe he’s just a..

on a lighter note, I love the way button saw fit to actually introduce himself as jenson, no doubt due to his sudden arrival at the top of the grid this year 🙂

or maybe he was thinking maybe philipe wont remember who he was :0


great to see so much support, he is a nice guy and a good racer now.


Kimi short and to the point as per usual! I think a lot of the drivers are multilingual with Spanish and Italian being the favourites. Interesting how quite a few drivers touched on how LUCKY he is/was i.e. it could have been so much worse. I think it reminded them all how close to mortality they all are.


None of them spoke spanish, its portuguese (massa is brazilian himself)


Actually Kubica was speaking some Spanish although it was curiously mixed in with Italian and even some words of Portuguese, a bit odd but I suppose he gets an A for effort. The only drivers to speak Portuguese were the fellow Brazilians, all the other ‘non English’ messages were in Italian.

Anyway well done to those who put that together – a nice gesture – interesting to see which of the drivers actually have some empathy.


Nice to see Raikkonen being sympathetic..


Kimi, Alguersari, Alonso, and Glock looked very disingenuous with their messages.


on the contrary, i thought alonso looked quite sincere in his delivery


Thanks for that. Very cool vid. Nice idea by Sky Italia & Smedley … and how good was Rosberg’s Italian?! I wonder, is it better than yours?

If I try to imagine you reporting for RAI-TV it sounds my reference point is Fabio Capello after a game. Am I right? You should post one of your Italian reports for us.


I thought it was funny to see Adrian struggling with the “the” loud.

And Vettel´s english is superb – no wonder all the journalist like him!


I enjoyed Lewis’ contribution, “Keep your head up”. That was classic.


Thanks for posting James.

Interesting that a few of them looked a bit awkward, nice to see Jenson and Lewis sounding both eloquent and genuine.

I wonder if anyone could post a transcript of what the non-english messages said?


I can’t believe (yes I can) that Kimi’s was the shortest message and he’s Felipe’s team-mate.

James – does Kimi ever get excited or show any emotion away from racing?


Please understand there are different personalities and you do not have a right to say which ones are the correct ones. If you do not like Kimi’s personality that is fine, don’t like his personality. But understand that his personality can also be his biggest strenght in F1. You may not like it, but it can be very good for him when he goes racing, which is what he is there to do.


When he’s told there’s no more magnums left?


Once again Kimi is as expressive and eloquent as ever. The great orators of this world could learn a few things from Kimi when he’s in full flow. It’s a thing of wonder to hear him expressiing his fear and worry and good wishes for such a great team mate.

“get .. well errrr …soon …. errrr … Philip”

It brought a tear to my eye, i can tell you.


Hamiltons messages was very good.

Get well soon, Felipe!

You’re the best brazilian driver!


A great effort by Sky Italia to organise this and a nice gesture by all the drivers to send a message. Isn’t it nice to see a little solidarity in F1?


Kimi’s message was just about as non-existent as his comments about Massa were during Sunday’s post-race press conference.


OK, maybe spanish and italian then …


I bet Massa really felt better after seeing his team-mates’ warm words of support and encouragement!

On a more positive note, is is great to see how many drivers sending Massa messages in – what I presume is – portuguese …

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