Hamilton joy at return to winning ways
Hamilton joy at return to winning ways
Posted By: James Allen  |  26 Jul 2009   |  5:05 pm GMT  |  13 comments

Lewis Hamilton has spoken of his delight at winning a race, the first time he has been on the podium since China last year.

It was the 10th win of his career and the first for a KERS car. This is a source of particular joy for engine builder Mercedes, who seem to be building up quite a marketing campaign around the KERS hybrid on their road cars. KERS was certainly a big part of the secret here, with an electric getaway from the start and a great boost when overtaking the Red Bull of Mark Webber.

McLaren have pushed very hard to get this car on the right track, with particular emphasis on the front wing.

I travelled out on the same plane as Pedro de la Rosa on Thursday an he was bringing three huge boxes of parts including a new front wing for Hamilton’s car.

“It is an incredible feeling to be back here after all,” said Hamilton. “It feels such a long time away, such a struggle with me and the team but as I said on the in-lap I am so proud of the guys.

“I go to the factory and see how hard everyone pushing, they never gave up and it is something very rare to see in a large group of people.

“We didn’t expect to win this weekend. It bit didn’t feel we had pace to win but the car felt fantastic. It’s incredibly special to be back up here, not just on the podium but just to get this win.

“The car was fantastic. The team asked me to look after tyres, and through experience I was able to do that, so thanks to the guys and fans, and my family.”

There is no reason why he cannot repeat in Valencia, but I think Spa will suit the Red Bulls. Nevertheless McLaren are definitely doing to be a factor in the final part of the championship and this will complicate the battle between Red Bull and Brawn.

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I am not the greatest fan of Lewis but well done to him! I think it would have been a shame not to see the reigning world champion at least once on the podium this year. Maybe eating the humble pie by not winning “every” races did him good as he comes accross as more likeable and less arrogant. But please, can we avoid shots of his “famous” girlfriend during the race anytime he does something on the track… This is extremely annoying for real racing fans, there is enough media devoted to the cult of celebrities if this is what people are looking for. Don’t spoil the sport… Rant over..!


Surely the end is nigh for Heiki? Sure he’s a great wingman, but when the chips are down he fails.


The BBC commentary mentioned how good the tyres looked on the McLaren and that, by contrast, Brawn were having all kinds of trouble. Tyres, tyres, tyres – the story of the (very dull) race.

It was a good, intelligent drive by Hamilton (who usually drives the wheels off his cars, and, yet again, made his team-mate look hopeless), but it was nowhere near as good as some of his other wins – or other drives this year. Brawn had tyre trouble. One Red Bull went AWOL, the other had a different strategy to most for some reason.

Spa and races after that will be a better indication of how McLaren are going.


It is amazing to see how much the performance of some of the teams have changed. McLaren and Ferrari back to the front and Brawn struggling. How could have thought that about 4 races ago. I’m glad to see Hamilton back to the circle of winners. Now the million dollar question; can Button still win the championship with this car? I hope he does but we shall see.

David P Domino

Mr Allen, can i ask when why when Alonso won last year, or does anything remotely good you say that he is “so canny”, or eulogise over his amazing talent. However when Lewis pulls off a fantastic when you simply talk about the amazing effort made by the McLaren team? Please be gracious. Alonso was fortunate in Singapore, though made good decisions in Japan. Lewis is a star, please recognise this.

I would say however that i actually do miss your well informed commentary, and your general ability to spot the key decision points in the race (to my surprise!). Not however your reference to the code breakers in the second world war. I mean no offence, just honesty.




Now this really made me laugh, David! When I think about the abuse I got for being ‘pro-Hamilton’ in 2007/8!! Just shows how differently people see things…


Great to see Lewis back where he belongs.


I think that Lewis and McLaren drove a solid race…not spectacular. With all the problems with the main contenders it was easier. Definatly not easy, the Ferrari and Williams’ were also quick. I think Kimi drove a great race because the Ferrari doesn’t suit his driving style and you could see him wrestling the car all weekend.

The track suited Ferrari and McLaren more than most other tracks so they would normally be behind the Red Bulls and after this race i’m not sure where the Brawns are.

I think McLaren will not win another race on outright pace, but will challenge in races that have changing conditions, or safety cars or lots of problems for the main teams (like today).

Next race in Valencia will show us some interesting points:

How close are McLaren and Ferrari to the front?

How far behind are Brawn?

and Will Red Bull back one driver instead of the other?


Most galling sight of the year, a Lewis Hamilton victory. Grr, I’m off to the pub.


….do us a favour and stay there!!


Get used to drowning your sorrows Paul cos Maclaren should do well in Valencia too.

Well done Lewis we all knew you could do it. Like Alonso the best drivers are able to win in a car that clearly isn’t the fastest on the grid.


Excellent to see Hamilton win and what a great victory as well. Okay problems with competitors did help (Vettel retirement; Webber’s pitstop and strategy)but it’s difficult to see how Hamilton would have been beaten.

This victory reminds me of Alonso’s of last year. No matter how difficult a season may be the very best drivers seem to pull out a win from the bag from somewhere. Hamilton could go on and win a couple more now and salvage his season. Is it safe to assume that McLaren’s rate of progress will be greater than Red Bull and Brawn’s from now on?

There has been a lot of talk about Vettel but once again I would question his racecraft. He was on the front row of the grid albeit on the dirty side but still had a poor getaway (compare to Alonso with no Kers). He does seem to get tangled up in a lot of incidents, not just this year but previous years as well.

Ultimately it could be the fight between Vettel and Webber and the re-emergance of McLaren that saves Button from losing the championship.


YEAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HE DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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