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Ecclestone sure Mosley will quit
Ecclestone sure Mosley will quit
Posted By: James Allen  |  11 Jul 2009   |  6:52 am GMT  |  11 comments

Bernie Ecclestone has come out with the strongest indication yet that his old friend and colleague Max Mosley is in the final months of his FIA presidency and will stand down.

Speaking to his favourite journalist, Ed Gorman in the Times, the same paper to which he gave the fateful ‘Hitler got things done’ interview, Ecclestone says that Mosley will follow through on his promise when his current term is up in October,

“I have no doubt in my mind, as long as I’ve known Max, he’s always done what he said he would do. He’s an honourable person. I’ve always said Max can have a cheque signed by me, without any name or amount on it, because he’s a trustworthy guy. So I have no doubt that he will honour all the things he’s ever said he will do.”

Ecclestone also underlined the reasons for Mosley’s change of heart  after the peace deal was agreed in Paris on June 24th;  his pride was hurt  by the Ferrari president painting himself as the knight who slayed the dragon,

“He was a bit upset after agreements had been made  to be quiet and not throw stones at each other, and then remarks were made which upset him.”

The problem, as pretty much everyone close to the situation agrees, is that egos caused the situation to flare up again, which was always a risk.  But behind the scenes the businessmen have had enough of egos and are pushing hard for resolution. The current situation is hurting everyone. Ross Brawn was saying yesterday that they have sponsor deals ready to go but cannot get them to commit at the moment because they don’t know what series they will be racing in. Apparently Sir Martin Sorrell, the advertising guru and non-exec board member of F1’s commercial rights holder, has been making his presence felt in the background this past couple of weeks. He also got Ecclestone to use his pr company to try to repair the fallout from the Hitler comments, hence the Peter Mandelson connection, as the firm also acts for him.

At a cold and windy Nurburgring the various parties are moving slowly towards a conclusion to this lengthy and painful dispute. Team bosses tell me that the subtstantive issues are quite close to resolution, but that some details remain to be hammered out.

The teams are working closely with CVC to finalise the Concorde Agreement. One thing I have learned which is quite interesting is that the FIA never did manage to get the written commitment from the manufacturers behind the teams to stay in F1 until 2012. This was something Mosley was insisting on during the Silverstone weekend, but apparently it was not on the table in Paris. This leaves open the possibility that not all the manufacturers will remain in F1, despite playing key roles in the course of this dispute.

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So aside from the threat of a GP1 switch the FIA are facing legal action regarding the 2010 selection process from one of the rejected teams:


FOTA could have encouraged this action and even funded this. Perhaps.


Perhaps CVC and FOTA have Max cornered and Bernie knows it. Max can either resign or as I posted in another topic, the FIA can lose the premier open-wheeler series & owe $300m. Perhaps.

C’mon James, I have a feeling you know more about what’s going on at the minute than your revealing. 😉



I was very interested to hear your comment that the Teams had not commited through to 2012.Wont this be part of the Concord Agreement that they are all close to signing?With Toyota pulling the plug on FUJI it looks to me like they’re going!


So now Bernie is reduced to getting digs in with Dictator references and effectively pleading to Max’s totally non existant decency and honour ?

Oh God we are in trouble, truly F1 is up a well known Creek and the missing paddle is probably being used by Max, for something rather unpleasant….

Max will not let go of his FIA power base and slip quietly into oblivion, so we need a FOTA breakaway and it is really a breakaway from Max Moseley and his Rotten Borough FIA, not Bernie Big Pockets and his greedy CVS Money Men friends.


Hes sharper than a weightwatchers toothpick Paul, never bet against a man with the huevos to wear a haircut like that. He may be a little bit off the wall but hes a very estute power broker and he knows when to back a different horse. Ari was quite a statesman like chap on the Beeb this morning too, so it seems he has found a decent option to back I would say.


What a brilliant line! Must save that one away for future use..


“I have no doubt in my mind, as long as I’ve known Max, he’s always done what he said he would do. He’s an honourable person.”




“He’s an honourable person.” “….he’s a trustworthy guy.”

Is Bernie really talking about Max Mosley here, the same MM who appears to ordinary, innocent, naive people like us to agree a deal and then wriggle out of it?

Spot on PaulL.


“as long as I’ve known Max, he’s always done what he said he would do”

“He’s an honourable person”

“he’s a trustworthy guy”

“I have no doubt that he will honour all the things he’s ever said he will do”

Words fail me!


Do you think Ecclestone comes across as quite zig-zag in his views and comments these days?

Last year he said he was “one million percent sure” Mosley would stand for re-election, he’s made these crazy Hitler remarks. I don’t mean it as a putdown, but is he still mentally firm and with it?

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