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Motorsport business forum latest
Motorsport business forum latest
Posted By:   |  10 Jun 2009   |  5:47 pm GMT  |  12 comments

Details of the 2009 motorsport business forums have been announced.

There will be three events this year, the traditional event in Monaco in December, the Middle East event in the days before the Abu Dhabi GP in October and a US event in Orlando in December.

The forums have evolved over the past five years into the leading event for discussion and debate on the major issues around the world of motorsport business. The wide ranging programme covers every area of commercial activity in the sport from sponsorship acquisition and exploitation to championship management.

I have been asked to host the Monaco and Abu Dhabi events and I’m proud to do so. Sponsorship finder par excellence Zak Brown is hosting the US event.

The line ups are being put together, but championship promoters, F1 teams, global sponsors and circuits have confirmed participation.

There are some exciting speakers from the world of F1 business including team members like Brawn CEO Nick Fry and Bobby Rahal as well as representatives of major sponsors like Hilton, UPS and LG.

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James, I'm really pleased that your talent is recognised enough to keep you at the sharp end of F1 and that you are still so enthusiastic and willing to pass on your interpretation of the news.

What is the real purpose behind these business for(ums/a)? for instance what does 'championship management' really mean?


Congratulations James.

I look forward to an interesting insight...


Is this an industry insider oriented type forum or is it open to the public? I'm near Orlando and would make the trip if it's interesting.


Congratulations on your new role James.

That probably makes you the biggest winner this week 😉


Well done on the hosting James. I think you should use the contacts you've got to elevate this site to a new standard of global motorsport portal - you could make this the no 1 online motorsport destination, totally eclipsing Autosport etc. Of your rivals used to be excellent, but no longer is. Pitpass has a nasty tone to it, and is saved only by the very exellent Christian Sylt's 'Formula Money' contributions. PlanetF1 is fun and light, and although now and again their editorial has a quality feel to it, it's mostly driver-oriented fluff. Autosport has the reputation but not particularly the content, except for Roebuck's columns, and the only great parts of is your features!

So there's an opportunity for you to create a site that retains this column as its core, but has other regular contributors, a dedicated forum that would surely cause a mass migration from the other sites' offerings, email newsletters, insider interviews etc etc.

Put it this way - I don't subscribe to ANY news sites, but if I tried logging in to this one tomorrow and found I now had to pay a tenner to get a password...

...I'd do it.


Well done James, all the bigwigs of motorsport must be reading your Website.! the Cream always comes to the top.


Hi James,
As you would well know the prestigious Le Mans 24 Hours is this weekend. I have a keen interest in it and certainly want Peugeot to do it this time even though Audi is still the favourite.
Luca Di Montezemolo will start the race. Some people say its a gesture to the FIA that Ferrari is prepared to look beyond F1 and has other championships to compete in. Luca had some very good words to say about the Le Mans, about how its a true technological competition or something to that effect. Can you shed some light on how much does it take teams like Audi, Peugeot or even Aston Martin to put the team on the Le Mans Grid. If it is less than the average F1 teams budget then aren't Bernie and Max Mosley wrong in saying that manufactureres just want to spend, spend and spend since Ferrari are prepared to participate if things don't work out?


There are also some Ferraris entered in the LeMans Series in the slower classes
A great pity we don't get proper tv coverage of the LMS.
Things are a lot safer fire wise now since my one time tutor James Weaver is no longer racing. Any car LMS he drove usually burst into flames at some point. Good luck to Ant this weekend, he is also an asset in the commentary box.

If the rumours are true about Red Bull/Torro Rosso breaking ranks then FOTA is finished effectively. I hope they pay up the $50M (+$50M) to other members as agreed, though I doubt Frank Williams will pay his dues or VJ.

Big day tomorrow!!


I have to dissagree. Not with the quality of this blog, not with your assements of the other sites and even not with the thought of paying, although that would as ever be done reluctantly. As a blog, this works perfectly. The content is instructive and well written and a cause of real dissapointment when I pop in and find it hasn't been updated.
The bit I dissagree with is expanding the site too much. Jimbo is obviously a prolific writer, but it's only possible to do so much. I'd worry that the content could get watered down and that would be a great shame. Forums etc yes, other contributers (especially the mole, who is clearly unhappy on, but let's not lose the intimate feel of this blog. I love the way James answers comments inline, it's a real personal touch that no other place has. Gorman tries to do it, but misses the mark, James has it spot on.
It's a great formula James, don't change it!

Oh and congratulation, that sounds like real industry recognition to me. I think you're moving up now and frankly, commentating is quite probably beneath you. Well done mate, you deserve it...


Pssst. Don't give James any ideas. 🙂

But seriously, great work James.


I believe that agreement was between the manufacturers, not all the teams. So Williams and Force India did not agree to that.


It's a place for people on the business side of F1 to meet, that dreaded word network and discuss the issues of the moment. Clearly wit all that has been going on lately in F1, this year there is a lot to discuss. Sponsors present their experiences to potential new sponsors, it's all very joined up and functional

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