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Mosley furious at FOTA jibes
Mosley furious at FOTA jibes
Posted By:   |  25 Jun 2009   |  10:38 pm GMT  |  84 comments

Looks like FOTA may have got the tone wrong with their triumphalism over the deal agreed on Wednesday to avert a breakaway in Formula 1.

Max Mosley has reacted angrily to the tone of messages coming out of FOTA and about what he sees as misleading briefings to the media. Having cast his eye through the morning’s papers, some of which we reviewed here on JA on F1, he sent off an angry letter to FOTA prior to their meeting in Bologna,

“Given your and FOTA’s deliberate attempt to mislead the media, I now consider my options open. At least until October, I am president of the FIA with the full authority of that office.

“After that it is the FIA member clubs, not you or FOTA, who will decide on the future leadership of the FIA.”

Mosley is not saying that he’s changing his mind about standing again in October, but he is saying that FOTA should be careful and treat the FIA with the respect it claimed to have for it in closing the deal.

Mosley is furious with the tone of messages like Luca di Montezemolo’s jibe about no more ‘dictators’. He is also angry that FOTA representatives have claimed that FIA Senate president Michel Boeri is now in change of F1, rather than that the Senate itself, of which he is, and will remain, a part. He has also bridled at suggestions that he was forced out of office.

“We made a deal yesterday in Paris to end the recent difficulties in Formula 1. A fundamental part of this was that we would both present a positive and truthful account to the media.

“I was therefore astonished to learn that FOTA has been briefing the press that Mr Boeri has taken charge of Formula 1, something which you know is completely untrue; that I had been forced out of office, also false; and, apparently, that I would have no role in the FIA after October, something which is plain nonsense, if only because of the FIA statutes.

“Furthermore, you have suggested to the media that I was a ‘dictator’, an accusation which is grossly insulting to the 26 members of the World Motor Sport Council who have discussed and voted all the rules and procedures of Formula 1 since the 1980s, not to mention the representatives of the FIA’s 122 countries who have democratically endorsed everything I and my World Motor Sport Council colleagues have done during the last 18 years.”

Mosley makes it clear that he wants them to change their tone and be more respectful,
“You must correct the false statements which have been made and make no further such statements. You yourself must issue a suitable correction and apology at your press conference this afternoon.”

No such apology has been forthcoming so far.

It’s hard to imagine that the situation will return to what we had prior to Wednesday’s meeting, but Mosley’s pride has been hurt and FOTA know that.

There is no need to be provocative, they have what they wanted and Mosley is not staying on after October. But clearly they couldn’t resist it. In Italy in particular, Montezemolo is being painted as St George, who slayed the dragon.

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"I am president of the FIA with the full authority of that office."

Sounds nothing like a dictator to me.... 🙂


I did say he would try to go back on his word.


I have been concerned reading the tone coming out of FOTA today. This was the inevitable result from Max. He is too proud a man to let it go without response.

The dictator comment was equally as bad as the Loony comments from Max. Stupid and unnecessary.


Why am I not surprised that Max Mosley cannot keep his word.

I dont know why the teams bothered to negotiate in the first place when it was obvious that Max was never there in good faith


Wow am I done with this drama...


Dragon wounded, p**d off, still smoking.


I have to agree with Max here, some of the comments coming out of FOTA, from di Montezemolo in particular, in recent days have been anything but magnanimous.


Dear Mr. Mosley:

Pot. Kettle. That is all.

Your "adoring" public, who've put up with your nonsense for quite long enough now.


Provocative? So it's okay to call someone a loony or a halfwit, but not a dictator?


aaaarrghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! this thing will never end!!!!!


why oh why oh why oh why won't max mosley just go away and leave us all alone?


Love him or loathe him the guy has a brain the size of a planet and, if we hadn't already seen the photos, I'd have suspected even bigger b***s.

FOTA has been naive here. If you were a member of the FIA Senate or the World Council, their triumphant statements would give you pause to consider the character and presence needed to control the teams in the future. I can only think of one man with balls that big.......

Without that single minded approach the sport could still very easily descend into unimaginable chaos. It's fine while FOTA are in good mood and celebrating, but can you imagine how the diffuser situation would have resolved itself under a weaker President/FOTA's new strength? (Presumably Brawn would have been kicked out just as Williams have been now for not toeing the FOTA line). FOTA could very easily pull itself apart in a flash. I'm not convinced yet that we've seen anything but a swing too far.


Ahhhhhhhhh. Vanity, vanity.

Under the weight of these heavy manners, let the power fall.

An' it fall, let it be to us, the fans.

Perhaps the ACO has the scope; maybe the ALMS knows best. Together, may they put things to the test someday soon, and for the rest of our lives, put us (the fans, that is to say) first. Let Them Answer All Our Queries! May they grant us (NOW) a New Series!

Unlike the others we see and have seen: Thrashing, scheming, screaming -- nay, dreaming of, hungering -- for only power in this infirm hour. That quest places them in a high tower. Too far away to see, unable to hear, the pleas from us -- the fans.

Mayhap we (the fans) shall yet, with joy and song, receive welcome from new hosts at the Formula 1 feast, hosts with humility, and anxious, too, to please us, the fans.

Mayhap we shall help them hoist the banner (over the rubble and muddle of this present struggle, which has been overlong, should have been over long ago) of a New Championship, recognizing that this cannot go on, that what was wrong remains wrong, that no deal's a deal until the deed is done. Deeds, not words, will end this battle, though the combatants prattle of peace. In our time? I think not.

A grand jest indeed, in word, and in deed -- to think the problems all solved, when ego still holds sway in this play, the players upon the stage having played us, the fans, for fools.

Despite what we say,

Does the FIA care, anyway?
Will CVC, see?
Will FOTA advance, or retreat?

Mere tools have we been to them.

Tyrants and jesters all. Vanity, vanity.

Let the power fall. And let it fall to us, the fans.

The Flying Finn

Its interesting to contrast the response from Flavio and di Montezemolo on their 'victory'. I bet Flavio would have loved to rub it in to Max after being branded as a loonie and singled out as trying to take over as the new Bernie, but seems to have resisted the temptation, in public anyway, and merely said he wishes him well in retirement (although he probably could not contain his laughter when he said so). Smart, knowing that he can wait 3 more months and open up then. Di Montezemolo on the other hand couldn't resist having a couple of digs now. Not so smart to put himself into a position to be singled out, and Max sensing an opportunity, has opened fire to get the teams to turn on him. Would love to see what happens if di Montezemolo's huge ego prevents him to acknowledge the communication and retract the comments, and see what Max can do to single him out as the villain. Would the other team bosses leverage this opportunity to oust him and take his spot?


So, let me get this right.

He is angry for being called a "dictator". And in retaliation to that, he is threatening with staying on power indefinitely after his period is over.

Hmm... ok. Sounds fair enough.


Maybe this is FOTA way of payback in relation to the "loonies" comment and all the crap the FIA has been putting f1 teams through for the last 3 years.

Max cannot dispute he is not a dictator. He's comments over the past 2 years confirm it.

FOTA should tell him to bugger off. FOTA still haven't signed anything and dont have to.

This issue will arise in 3 years time. FOTA are better of starting there own series. The FIA does not even have enough teams to start a rival series. F1 will be dead.


After all this he is still throwing his toys out of his pram because FOTA aren't bowing before him... what an arrogant miserable grumpy old man.

When will Mr Mosley stop treating FOTA like a bunch of kids... if he wants respect surely he should respect others. Is he really so out of touch that he can't see how much FOTA dis-approve of his method of governing the FIA.

Joaquín Correa

Damn Max is like the meanie from a sad "b" class horror movie. You think he's dead and everything's over but he just comesback again...
Please let us celebrate and get back to your grave!

Craig from Canada

Sounds like Max is being a bit of a loonie. Haha... Just kidding.


Dump Mosley


I imagine I have to be careful due to UK libel laws, but let's
just say that I think Max is lacking an "external perception"
gene, as he's unable to understand the hostility he engenders.

I think it may come down to his being an utterly *******
man, both in private and public, with an ego larger than the
observable universe (probably not bound by time, either...).

[For "*******", please substitute any negative word or
phrase of your choice]

Krzys Wolyniec

Dead man talking


Further evidence that this has all been about egos and face-saving.



"In Italy in particular, Montezemolo is being painted as St George, who slayed the dragon."

Not really : this battle was followed in quite an ordinary way by Italian media, but he definitely was the one to push for it and risked a lot, so now he's in a stronger position and can take advantage


If MM can still instist on bossing the teams about, dictating what they can and cant say to the media, then nothing has changed. It was this attitiude of "im the boss, do what i say" that got us into this situation in the first place.

I hope there wont be any appologies made from fota, just a letter to the fia saying "we spoke to the media and gave them our honest opinions of the situation"


I'm no Mosley fan, but he's a lot smarter and more dignified than the "other side" in this argument. The public mudslinging shows the team/FOTA "leaders" especially Briatore and Demontezemalo to be a bunch of idiots, at least in their public behaviour.


Mosley should just bugger off. He calls people half-wits and loonies and then has the nerve to throw a tantrum over this, risking to restart the whole row? Come on.

@James: thanks for the great blog.


Max, obviously, overlooked the fact that it's not just the teams that want to get rid of him. We, the fans, also want to see him go. I mean look at that "winner takes all" system that he attempted to introduce.

It has flaws in it and a kid could have worked it out, which was so embarrassing. How can we trust a president with that level of competency?

Max, don't go away mad, just go away.


Threats, threats and more threats.

FOTA's press conference was positive, forward looking and for the first time in a year or more there was the promise of better things to come. It wasn't about Mosely. He was noticeable only by his absence. It was about F1, 2010 and the concorde agreement, the one which looks a bit less likely after MM's rants.

If, as he reckons, the FOTA jibe was an insult to the senate (doesn't Luca Di have a seat on it?) then it is up to the senate to reply.

It is quite plain that all of FOTA's suggestions of this Jan have been agreed with the additional sweetner of MM going. It was a dramatice defeat for the man. Take it on the chin and move on. But remember, now the agreement has been reached, not much will be about you, Mosley.

What F1 needs, and maybe the FiA as well, given the pressure it has been under from the major manufacturers, is a period of positive publicity. And I thought I saw the green shoots yesterday but along came the weedkiller.

The FiA itself, via the senate probably, should act to calm matters. If MM carries on damaging both it and F1 then who knows what will hapen? The FiA is a monolith but we all know what happened to Ozymandias, king of kings. He ended up surrounded by the rubble of his empire.

I had a ferret called Kevin. Because of 'inappropriate' behaviour we had him emasculated. But sometimes he made out he could still do the business but we knew, and I think at the back of his mind so did he, that all that had gone forever. It was just a pose, a memory of when he used to have all his bits.

I couldn't help thinking of Kevin when I read Mosley's press release this morning.


I would imagine that if Max says he will now stay on because his feelings have been hurt, then the FOTA guys will say he has broken the agreement and go back to organising a separate series, fairly and squarely putting the blame on MAX. I think the public would see it this way too.
His comments seem to contain some hint of threat to the teams, but if as he said the WMSC have to vote on everything and it's not a dictatorship they may well vote for continuing peace and not back Mosley, so the threat may be a bit hollow.
May you live in interesting times Max.


FOTA's triumphalism yesterday was unnecessary - they have what they wanted which, given the opposition, should be enough.

However, some of Mosley's remarks are an insult to the intelligence. No doubt he has much pride to salvage and can indeed look back on a very successful term as FIA president but it's pretty clear how the FIA has been run in recent years.

Thank you Mr Mosley. Now please go quietly. And you, Mr Montezemolo, shut up and get back to the racing cars. I'd like my sport back please.


Good on FOTA someone had to say it the guy is mad.He nearly single handily destroyed F1 and expect's people to show him respect.Respect is earned not given!

Alistair Rumbold

What did Max Call The Teams at Silverstone? One rule for Max... Kids, what do you do!!


Mosley continues to make a mockery of himself and the FIA. He tried to play a tough game with FOTA and he lost. If he had any sense of dignity (and clearly he doesn't) he will leave quietly.


I really find it hard to believe that this has happened just because FOTA have "got the tone wrong" of their comments. Isn't this exactly like Max; get an agreement, wait for the FOTA meeting where they would have decided to break away, then immediately throw their plans in to disarray again.

I would not be particularly surprised if FOTA have planned some kind of Max side-show after their agreement and now proceed with their breakaway plans. We certainly heard that they won't believe he is going until the moment he goes.


Does Mosley not have access to the internet? I struggle to find any one in favour of MM, in fact JA is one of the most neutral and possibly sympathetic to MM.

I was surprised at journo's coming out and starting to announce what they thought of MM and had done for years but feared to speak about it as they could lose their passes. THAT is the mark of an over authoritative leadership (some would say dictatorsip).

If I were a journo I would keep it inside until the man was out of the office and someone had taken the keys from him. I was going to put a few quid on him reneging the deal and wish I had now, quickest money I would have made.


Poor bruised Max.
The ink hasn't dried on the break-away plans and Bernie knows it. Back in your box old boy.

Forget about it - it's over; enjoy your remaining years and forget all about F1 - it's a load of nonsense anyway, cars going round in circles etc. who needs it!?

; )


A pity to stir things up just when peace seems to have broken out. Mr Mosley is understandably offended by the latest inflammatory statements from FOTA, but let’s not forget he was the one who branded them as ‘loonies’ and singled out Flavio Briatore as an extremist. It’s time for everyone just to cool down and focus on what is best for the sport. There are too many egos around in F1. Let’s have some statesmanship for a change.


God will it never end?
A phrase comes to mind here " do as i say, not as I do"!!

Max calls JYS a certified half wit ( do not think he has ever been certified for it :-)), then calls FOTA Loonies but when someone calls him a dictator out come the letters, writs etc..

I like Max, he has done a hell of a lot for safety in F1 but these childish outbursts will only have him remembered as a petulant and spoilt individual.

Lets hope it is all over and back to racing, I can but hope!!


Seriously, what will stop Max re-standing for election in October? Is there a written agreement to that?

Max may well give ground on budget caps and regulations, but how can they stop him changing his mind, as he has form for doing, come August/September?

Personally, I think this whole 'deal' was a play for time by Max.

He will be president again in 2010, of that I am pretty sure.


he just needs to leave quietly now, it's embarassing. [mod]


I'm really not at all surprised that Max is Welshing on the agreement. Nothing is ever what it seems with him, it's all smoke & mirrors where he's involved.

The man has no grasp of the concept of making an exit with any shred of dignity, it's now become a case of everyone pointing at him and sniggering behind his back.

He should have resigned the instant the sex scandal blew up, we'd have forgiven and forgotten long ago. As it is his massive ego has turned him into a complete joke.


One last rattle of the sabre



Bah, how silly of Luca, everyone knows what a big ego Max has, was it really necessary to go poking him with a stick after winning?


Reading the posts left on differerent threads on this blog it is quite clear that nearly everyone expected some type of u-turn from Mosley regarding his "retirement" ... we just didnt expect it to happen quite so soon.


Max, for god's sake, give it a rest.

And I thought the drivers had the biggest egos in F1.


If, by calling Max a "Dictator" FOTA have been "grossly insulting to the 26 members of the World Motor Sport Council" then can I please add to this insult by saying that all 26 members of the World Motor Sport Council should be equally insulted for being Max's henchmen in the Banana Republic of FIA [mod].

[read the rules of the blog - mod]


He called them loonies didn't he? Deal with it, Max.


Obviously no-one knows what went on behind closed doors to arrive at an agreement. As I see it Bernie simply outlined to Montezemolo what the cost of proceeding with the breakaway series would be. He would have the shirt off their backs, Ferrari and the other teams, if they didn't capitulate and he had the legal means to do it. At that point common sense prevailed for the first time, and Bernie outlined his compromise plan that would give everyone something to take home. Of course his plan didn't involve Bernie giving the teams any more money, but then you'd hardly expect that it would.

As we know the teams gave up on the charade of a breakaway, Max would leave as he always intended in October, the FIA got recognition of its primacy in running F1. The ruinous KERS fiasco was quietly laid to rest without due ceremony, no doubt to the relief of all concerned, and will probably never see the light again. Most importantly of all, the teams committed to reducing the insane level of spending which has grown up over the years, a fantastic achievement for Max Mosley, however it is eventually implemented. CVC avoided meltdown and the disastrous outcome of two competing race series was averted. An eminently sensible solution to the whole issue was achieved. Just a pity it had to be so messy, and needed F1 to make a laughing stock of itself in public, as ever.

It was noticeable that Max and Bernie kept discreetly quiet about the means by which the deal was reached. Why indulge in triumphalism when you got what you wanted? Unfortunately as we have seen, FOTA couldn't resist the temptation to scream their imaginary victory from the rooftops.

I believe that this assessment of the deal flows logically from one simple fact: Bernie is in an unassailable legal position to get what he wants.


For me it's clear. FOTA has succeeded, whereas Mosley has lost. Now it seems Mr. Mosley cannot accept the reality, that he was wrong and that he had to accept all FOTA's points in the way things had to be done (he could have done so before with much lesser damage for him, but he must prefer giving orders to negotiations).

James, the other day you said Mosley was thinking on long term. I cannot agree with that. I think he just improvises. He has done so these last years and more visibly since the creation of FOTA. In order to try to "save" his public image he now threats to opt for re-election, neglecting that after the deal the FIA cannot and will not re-elect him. It's over now.

One more thing, I do not see anything wrong about Montezemolo's comments about the "dictatorship", he was completely accurate (at least, concerning last couple of years).

Maybe we should not focus anymore on a person that he alone was on the verge of flushing F1.


What should we expect from the FI MAFIA.....One dictatorship replaced for another, this time Ferrari led. People are blinded by this FOTA nonsense when its clear one red team and 2 italians are now in charge...thanks god we do still have an FIA GOVERNING the sport.

People should be very careful what they wish for..........

Montezemolo's ego know's no bounds...be warned....


Max has clearly got fed up with being FOTA's whipping boy.


Am I alone in thinking I've seen this all before somewhere...



what's the deal as it stands for next year - have FOTA now signed up, and is it on the condition that max leaves? i think i read from di montezemolo that FOTA didn't specify exactly that max had to leave his position? can FOTA still go through with their breakaway series if max decides to come back, or can all their demands be met with the guy still in charge. (obviously, transparency in the FIA is going to be a major stumbling block there...)

i think this is a nice excuse for them to do what they should have done all along and dropped the FIA from F1. even with max gone, he's made it perfectly clear that he will appoint someone even worse than him (just because he can, and seems to be inherently obtuse), and that FOTA has no say in the matter.


In horror movies, you always have to kill the villain twice...

Kevin (not harveyeight's ferret)

Luca di M simply said FOTA doesn't want F1 to have a dictator.

He didn't say specifically that Mosely was a dictator.


I am hopeful that the sniping will end very soon. I'm finding F1 tiresome and I'm really not enjoying reading the posts coming from a lot of F1 fans.

Everyone seems to be on the FOTA bandwagon at the moment. There doesn't seem to be a lot of respect paid to the FIA or Max. F1 fans are calling for Max's head like they are fit to judge his performance when their only trusted information source if FOTA.

I'm not trying to say either side if perfect, but I don't think many F1 fans are reading between the lines at the moment. There's a lack of balanced opinions. So I definitely appreciate reading your thoughts on the issue James thanks to the great balance you provide.


Let's look at what Max has achieved...

- Future commitment of all FOTA teams for three more seasons.

- Agreement to reduce costs, making it easier for the smaller teams to compete viably.

Let's look at what FOTA have achieved...

Nothing. They're still in Bernie's series, presumably on the same terms, and are still governed by the FIA.

It seems to me that Max put FOTA in a position where they'd relent and accept pretty much whatever he wanted so long as they could oust him.

He was prepared to sacrifice his own position to achieve that. I think is very clever - Especially as he was perhaps ready to retire anyway!!


Bernie is smiling and counting the money while everyone else
fights with each other, in accordance with his plans.
Lets leave Max alone.


Break away now. They haven't signed anything yet. Be done with this idiot, the puppets at the FIA and their questionable (some would say crooked) tribunals that gave us the TMD movable aero device ans Spa 2008 decision among many others. Who needs the FIA, Max or Bernie? Be done with them all. Enough drama.


Max is clearly a vindictive hostile man. But he made a blunder here...

FOTA "not schmota" are done with Max. Nothing is signed yet. Max will only add to his humiliation. Now I am sure FOTA will required Max's head on a platter in the form of a signed document agreeing to his immediate departure before they ink any deal for 2010 and beyond. Max should just have absorbed the comments and disappeared with what little dignity remains. Now it will be a formal beheading or no deal. Stupid Max, real stupid.


As well as following this blog I do keep an eye on a number of F1 message boards. Nowhere have I seen anything more that 1% in support at all of Max and his bullying and posturing, mostly none at all.

I guess us 99% are just loonies.


It's a disgrace. Deliberately leaking information to the media is common practice at the moment by both parties: Mosley and FOTA.

Mosley is an intelligent man and an excellent manipulator. Word has it that Luca di Montezemolo is equally manipulative.
Mosley's "divide and conquer" tactic did work in the past (how did Ferrari end up with a veto right on F1 regulations?, GPMA), but this time the tactic didn't work as the FOTA stood their ground.
I'm still a bit wary of Ferrari because of their past behaviour and privileges (beto right and more money than the other teams!), but Max is responding as Max and not as the president of the FIA.

I don't think Max will ever be gone from FIA or F1 for as long as he lives. His arrogance is beyond my imagination and hasn't and still doesn't serve the F1 at all.
Another sad they and it's far from over yet.


Surely this is more a case of Max Mosely over reacting to the media over reaction. I don't know why he thinks FOTA are trying to take over the sport? FOTA have acknowledged the right of the FIA to govern F1. What more does he want - for FOTA to get on their knees and sing an FIA are the masters chant?

Max, get over it. What ever scathing artlicles are written about you are the opinion of the writer not what FOTA has thought or said.


Max Mosley must be a big fan of that air-head Hazel Blears - not only he doesn't know the meaning of going quietly without causing further damage but he still puts his "rocking the boat" badge on before doing so.

It's all ME, ME, ME with these people... had enough of him moaning and seeking attention. Enough! The day we never see or hear from him again will be a great day for F1!


The last desperate thrashings of a wounded pride, Max is behaving like the bully who gets the inevitable bashing and then runs away on to start screaming "I'll get you back for that" when he's comfortably out of range.

Public support for FOTA was massive, public support for Max was weak and practically non existent, Max reads the press, Max see's the figures quoted therein and Max's pride takes a beating.

Max should take it like a man, instigator of his own downfall Max has ensured that he'll be remembered as the man who did most to destroy F1.



"Shut the Front Door!"


I can imagine that the more intelligent and less strident members of the F1 circus quietly view characters like Montezemolo with total disbelief. Gross strutting inflated egocentrics who do untold damage to F1 with their big mouths and little sense of timing.

If you win conclusively over a clever, dangerous adversary the very last thing you do is crow about it before any apparent agreement becomes a reality. You have the intelligence and patience to wait until enough time has passed for your victory to become an established fact. Then you can quietly demonstrate your new powers to the world.

Did these men seriously believe that a man with the staggering powers of drive and grit harnessed to extraordinary intelligence who virtually created the F1 world we know today would allow lesser fools get away with their premature ejaculations ?


God save us, even the President of the US can only serve two terms!

Max, you had a deal ... now shut up and don't spoil it!

(and don't let the door hit your backside on the way out!)


Sam, surely there is nothing wrong with teams lobbying for the regs they want. It happens when trade unions, business leaders and other interested groups tell the government what they would like, in the budget for example.

Agree that ultimately the FIA decide the regs after all the consultation is done, MM completely ignored FOTA's proposals, he rubbished them in fact, back in the early part of the year.


The diffuser controversy was the result of a very badly written rule, the responsibility of the FIA. A genuine leader would not encourage writing rules that are vague and confusing. A genuine leader would have acted as soon as questions were asked about the legality of the DD. A genuine leader would not have let the situation degenerate all the way to the first race. A genuine leader would not have left amateur stewards decide the outcome.

As for FOTA - before the celebrations - the outlook was somber and the pressure on the member teams was extreme. Mosley and Bernie tried to apply their old divide and conquer tactics but finally failed. FOTA, by its definition, is made up of smart, business people who make decisions based on logical objectives. Mosley is a bored rich kid who doesn't need to work for a living. He's been doing this to massage his ego, nothing more. Isn't it obvious today?


The vast majority used to think the world was flat, and a majority voted Labour in the last election.

And did you ever hear of something called the silent majority? That is, people who didn't say much, just kept their own counsel while quietly disagreeing with the noisy ones? I seem to remember an old saying now, something about empty vessels making the most noise.


Thank you for your comment, Snail.

What is indisputable is this. Shortly before the agreement was reached, according to FOTA they were pressing ahead with the breakaway, an agreement wasn't close, and it was too late to compromise. For just one example, Ross Brawn rejected Max Mosley's claim that the teams would eventually come to their senses and there will only be one Championship."No, that won't happen, the decision has been made by FOTA...."

Then suddenly FOTA performed a somersault and everything in the garden was lovely. A very sensible agreement was reached which could just as easily happened weeks before without all the ridiculous amateur dramatics.

The teams agreed to:

Slash costs to 1990's levels
Permanent governance by the FIA
Drop the breakaway series
Committing to F1 until 2012
Assisting the new entries for 2010 by providing technical assistance
Upgraded 1998 Concorde agreement

What did they get in return for doing a 180 degree U-turn? Virtually nothing. Bernie gave them nothing, not a brass farthing (as usual), Max would retire (he was going to anyway). The only thing of substance may have been that everyone very quietly agreed to consign KERS to the dustbin of history, having all had their fingers well and truly burnt by a truly idiotic foray into the world of political correctness.

Just remember that FOTA could have vetoed KERS anyway, but as usual they couldn't agree. FOTA simply cannot agree on anything because their individual needs differ so greatly. and that is precisely why they need a firm hand to get them to agree to anything, whether they like it or not.

So we come back to the reason for FOTA's sudden, complete, U-turn, for FOTA suddenly, belatedly, coming to their senses, for FOTA rolling over. There is only one possible reason for such a complete, immediate, policy reversal that I can think of. Bernie quietly told Luca who was boss and what would happen to Ferrari if he didn't belt up and shut up. And Luca caved in, because he had to. That's a victory for FOTA? No way.


Whatever Mosley achieved in the 16 long years at the helm is up for argument. However, in the present situation all he has achieved is allow FOTA to have their own way. He has given them everything they asked for in January, and a bit more.

CVC has a contract and there is little FOTA could do about it other than opt for their proposed breakaway series. But it runs out in 2012. Mosley wanted the teams to sign up until 2014, a critical difference.

But the critical part has nothing to do with Mosley. It is the new Concord Agreement. We won't know what has really happened until the details, or at least those which we are allowed to know, are published.

But even then, even if very little goes for them in negotiations, then FOTA have still 'won'. They've hit their original targets.

And perhaps for the security of F1, there needs to be something to knock FOTA off the pinnacle. At the moment they are too powerful, if not for their own good, then for the fans'.

What happens to Mosley now is of no consequence. he can thrash around all he wants. The real deal is with the Concord Agreement.

When you look back and consider what was possible a couple of months ago, a couple of weeks, or even days, then you've got to accept things haven't turned out too bad.


Max achieved nothing. That's what FOTA offered on their own. Everything that was "agreed" upon was from FOTA's position. Afraid you've read it wrong, mate.


We've witnessed his performance for 18 years, thank you very much.


I believe that this assessment of the deal flows logically from one simple fact: Bernie is in an unassailable legal position to get what he wants.

Its not a fact. Its a supposition.

Bernie has no hold over 5 of the member teams in FOTA and it's debatable for the other 3 teams. Only those 3 stand any risk of ending up in court.


And if FOTA were any better at all that they'd have taken up Ross Brawn's point several months before when he went to their meeting and exposed the potential loopholes in the rules.

But the point about FOTA's triumphalism has nothing to do with Max now - celebrate him going in private by all means, but all of their talk was about new rules and a new order. New rules and new order are the job of the new President, not a group of team bosses.


LOL! Maybe that is why he wants to stay a bit longer!


This may well be true but nationalistic papers will always vaunt their own. How is it FOTA's responsibility for some foreign journo?

And the "dictator" comment is fitting and we all know it. It wasn't even that strong of a denunciation, it was even tangential and indirect. I guess Monte was loonie for making it.


Well said. Max has done some very good things in F1 and some not so good things. He shot himself in the foot with the loonies remark (and did FOTA a favour as a consequence) but that is no excuse to be overly triumphalist and rub his nose in the dirt now that what appears to be the main thing that FOTA wanted to achieve has been accomplished.

Just be big and let him go with some dignity whatever people consider his faults to be.


This is all posturing on everyone´s part.

The only winner is CVC. All the rest are happy to eat the crumbs that fall off the table. If anyone gets to eat a little more crumbs than usual, they claim victory.


Excuse me? Did you read Gazzetta dello Sport yesterday?

Headline: "Victory for Ferrari, Peace returns to F1"

Lead story: "Before the peace, there was the total surrender of Max Mosley. For Ferrari a crushing victory..."

Second story: "Victor and vanquished; Luca di Montezemolo and Max Mosley.."

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