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FIA enters Ferrari for 2010 championship
FIA enters Ferrari for 2010 championship
Posted By:   |  12 Jun 2009   |  10:16 am GMT  |  50 comments

After all the talk, the speculation and the drama, the FIA published the 2010 entry list shortly after 10am today.

The key point is that the FIA has gone ahead and listed all five of the teams who signed up in 2005 as unconditionally entered into the world championship, including Ferrari, which it has placed top of the list. This is likely to provoke a strong reaction from Italy, after comments from team boss Stefano Domenicali earlier this week.

Mosley: Adamant Ferrari contract to race is binding

Mosley: Adamant Ferrari contract to race is binding

Williams and Force India had already entered, but the two Red Bull teams join Ferrari on the list despite being part of the FOTA ‘conditional entry’ group, who wanted to see major changes to the rules before making their entry unconditional.

Ferrari will have little choice now but to legally challenge the validity of the contract, which means a test case in court.

Of the many new teams who made an entry only three have had it accepted, Peter Windsor’s USF1, Campos and Manor Motorsport, whom no-one has been talking about. Manor have been immenselly succesful in categories up to Formula 3 and Lewis Hamilton once drove for them in Formula Renault.

Cosworth is back on the grid, with all three of the new teams signed up for engines. There is some suggestion that USF1 are thinking about switching to a Toyota engine.

Prodrive is not there, but a note at the bottom of the list suggests that other new teams may be given an entry if negotiations with FOTA before June 19th should fail. It is also believed that there are some ‘reserve’ teams should any of the manufacturers take this opportunity to quit the sport, Toyota and Renault being the ones whose participation is still in doubt in F1 circles. The FIA world council will meet a few days later to ratify everything.

Also catching the eye is the fact that Red Bull, Toro Rosso and Brawn have no engine deal for 2010 in place at this time.
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Yes, the budgets are too high, but that’s not something you fix with some hastily rewritten rules that ignore things like contract law, labour law etc.

F1’s in this mess not just because of the current recession, but because of dodgy governance for years. Irresponsible governance that failed to make allowance for precisely this possibility. And who’s been in charge all that time?

Anyway, money talks, so why don’t the teams just bypass Max and Bernie and go straight over for a chat with CVC? Bet this could be sorted out in the time it takes to eat a cucumber sandwich…


Was really looking forward to Prodrive, Lola, maybe even Litespeed getting in there. Very disappointed 🙁


I would imagine Prodrive was left out because it has left the FIA at the altar once before. Once bitten, twice shy?

Similarly Lola, particularly as it was not Lola Cars entering but a subsidiary.

I think that the damage done to Ferrari and Red Bull corporately if they were to just mess about next year means it is a non-starter. All Max would do would charge them with bringing the sport into disrepute and fine them millions.

The fat lady has yet to start clearing her throat regarding the FOTA eight and so we shall just have to wait and see what happens by the next deadline. Good move that from Max. Another deadline means less time to set up a rival series.


so can i just get this straight?

The teams that entered conditionally have been conditionally accepted onto the conditional entry list on the condition that their conditions are unconditionally withdrawn from their conditional entry papers.?

Can the last one to leave please remember to turn out the lights?

Peter (the other one)



Does the nod for Manor mean a possibility of Hamilton making the move? Surely they will closely watch their progression and possibly try to sign for 2012 when his McLaren deal is up, or if the antics continue internally, opt out for as early as 2011 if they make a big push.


I don’t think Mosley has acted in the interests of the sport, so I can barely use the word clever – devious might be more appropriate.

By splitting the FOTA teams, he’s made sure that if everyone holds to their current positions, Ferrari, RBR and TR will end up in protracted legal proceedings for quite a long time after next Friday. If they win their case, by that time it might be too late to organise a breakaway series. If they lose their case, the other five will be on their own with not enough teams to organise a breakaway series.

The risks for the FIA are that if Ferrari and Co win their case, and the other FOTA teams have been replaced by new ones, then their 2010 grid will consist of a couple of also rans (to put it mildly in Force India’s case, much though I love them and their very well updated Twitter feed), and a whole stack of new teams with no fan base whatsoever. Formula 1 would have been pretty much assassinated for no good reason.

To lose one immediate past world championship winning team in McLaren could be considered unfortunate, to lose this year’s potential champion in Brawn in addition would be careless and to lose great names like Renault and Ferrari on top of that is sheer lunacy.



I don’t get it…..
First, Max says that F1 can survive without Ferrari and also said they are free to leave if they are not willing to come under budget cap…
And now he forcefully signs them for 2010….

Does that imply that F1 does need Ferrari???


so what’s easier… to get some circuits signed up, some tv companies interested, and teams commited to super racing ™, all within 8 months, or for brand new companies incentivised by the promise of a cut price F1 to design half way competitive cars, and cosworth to develop their V8 again, within 8 months.

and which would i rather watch…

well, if the drivers stay contracted to their teams as they appear to be, and we get great cars at the pinnacle of technology, racing on decent circuits like silverstone, with reasonable hosting fees allowing reaonable ticket prices and full grandstands, in countries where people actually cared about racing, i would be a *very* happy fan 🙂


What a complete can of worms…… !

You can bet your last dollar that what’s in print ( from FIA, Ferrari, RBR etc, etc… ) is just the tip of the iceberg.

The E-mail servers will be in meltdown for the next few days and Ecclestone and CVC will be seriously p*ssed off !

Next friday will be a bit like the Gunfight at the OK Corral….bodies everywhere and just two men left standing in the sunset ! ….wow !

First one to blink ?


Just seems to me that for the first time in a long time, Max truly seems to have lost control of the political proceedings. It also seems to me that Bernie, despite his occasional threat to sue everyone asunder, has been relatively quiet in all of this.

Surely the money men, the ashen suits of CVC are going to start getting uppity. The teams may not want a breakaway series, but with every deadline Max imposes (which later prove to be irrelevant anyway) the 8 rebel teams get pushed further into a corner.

At this point, and certainly as the regulations stand, the rebel 8 would be vastly better off biting the bullet and going and starting their own series. Maybe using Dorna, maybe back it off A1GP. Max might usually be quite clever, but I mean what is to stop Ferrari and Redbull sending tonka trucks to fail scrutineering at F1 races next year (to meet their entry obligations) while sending its real mcoy single seaters to it’s breakaway series?

Max has had a good run, but this has shades of Balestre to it, when he finally pushed people too far (thinking himself impervious).

The Flying Finn

Have to say that leaving out Prodrive at this point is another genius move by Max. One has to assume that they are probably the best qualified of the new entrants, having already been previously accepted a couple yrs back. This coupled with the forced entry of RBR/STR puts real pressure on FOTA to cave in as those who don’t submit an unconditional entry now faces the real threat of having the spot taken by a REAL credible and ready to go outfit. Max owns these guys and totally deserves it.


So let’s assume that there is a breakaway series, the FIA win a court case compelling Ferrari, RBR and STR to compete in the FIA F1 championship.

My question is – what’s to stop these 3 teams going through the motions of competing in the FIA championship? Send 2 cars, test/reserve drivers (with the appropriate licence), skeleton staff, no hospitality etc. They could practice, qualify, and race for one lap. It may be cheaper than the cost of legal action and/or fines, and they will receive payment for points won this year from Bernie to help offset the cost of doing it.

I for one would pay to see the look on Max and Bernies faces if that happened.


Dear James,

In advertising there is a say the all news are good, and even if there is a lot of uncertanty and “chaos”, all teams, sponsors & drivers have received more coverage than usual in the media which at the end increases awareness, recall among other key ad measurers.

What the FIA is trying to do is bringing the top brands of the actual teams with some new who porbably will clail compete loyalty to the FIA or in this case Mr. Mosley (Ferrari as the powerhouse in F1 and Red Bull as the leading brand in energetic beverages, one of the most profitable companies in the world by volume with a loyal target of 16+ years which follows them everywhere), Mclaren is great with Mercedes but not as powerfull as the other two and them on goes BMW, Brawn, Toyota, etc.

If they are unable to find an agreement this will go to court and up to this date the Paris court ruled that Ferrari contract is valid and the same probably will apply for Red Bull so unless they pay a huge penalty they won´t be able to go with the other FOTA teams.


Can someone explain why in the world was Prodrive left out in favour of Manor and Campos?

I’m really really amazed that the FIA decided to take that route.

The Red Bull team just announced that they’re sticking by FOTA, which is pretty suprising too considering Dieter and Max are good friends, didn’t expect that.


Its crazy of max to get the backs up of Ferrari and Redbull by entering them against their will. Contracts or no contracts… you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.

We all know drivers have contracts as have footballers… as have F1 teams…. but in the end you can’t make any otf them compete, so in the end the contract is ripped up.

Imagine this scenario, you force 3 teams to compete, they take up 3 spaces on the grid ( 6 cars ) only for them to no bother to try to race, in fact they deliberately lie to the stewards so they get fined ( which they don’t pay ) or get thrown out – horray! now Max has just lost 3 teams and 6 cars, where he could of just put 3 other teams who wanted to be on the grid instead.

The man has lost it… ho does he answer to James, why in the FIA are there no other who want a non confrontational resolution?


The whole concept of compromise does not seem to register with Mosley these days. This is yet another pointless attack on FOTA, which achieves very little apart from infuriating them.

Mosley took the FISA Presidency in 1991 promising an end to the Balestre era, but increasingly this just feels like history repeating itself.

As an aside: James, when the dust – hopefully – settles on this, could you do a feature on what is known about the agreements from 2004-2008 signed by Ferrari, Williams, Red Bull, STR and Jordan/Midland/Spyker/Force India?

Confusion continues to reign supreme in this area on what exactly the teams committed to.

From a sporting point of view Ferrari’s unique veto is of particular concern. Seemingly all the teams essentially had a veto with the previous Concorde Agreement until it expired in 2008. Does this mean that Ferrari only enjoyed their unique veto for one season, or did some deal mean they had it from 2004 onwards?


To quote the Crocodile Harris’ song, “Give me the good news”:

“If I accept (your) word tomorrow, can I file away my sorrow, and not be scared to watch the late night news? You can’t use force to sell a promise; dictatorship was never honest “.

So, please, Ferrari and FOTA, give us the good news! Roll out Formula Ultimate (or whatever). We’ll be waiting for you at Kyalami . . .


ok i understand why the FIA have included ferrari, as they believe the team are under contract to race until 2012. but why RBR / STR? i have never heard that they signed up to the same agreements as ferrari so are not obligated to compete.

USF1 ok that was pretty much a given, but i’m quite surprised that campos and manor (wirth) got the nod ahead of lola and prodrive.

so the manufacturers have a week to lodge unconditional entries, and i assume ferrari have a week to argue that the FIA was wrong to include them. basically it’s a total non-result for max’s totally arbitrary non-deadline. how long will this drag on for? it was pretty idiotic in the first place randomly demanding this mad scramble for entries next year before anything approaching unity of the rules was reached, but now the FIA have got everyone to this position, stability and formalisation of the rules is essential, or everyone will be left with 4 months to design new cars!


I guess Ferrari had little to lose since it already had a guaranteed entry. Manor and Campos are two successful racing teams, so no problems there. I wonder what happened to Prodrive – all talk and no action?


RBR RENAULT is listed as the constructor. So its only STR and Brawn that are missing engine deals.


No surprise that the big boys are still listed, despite their ‘conditional’ entries – I just hope the new teams who said they were ready don;t lose heart with this decision.


Great news for USGPE, Ferrari will throw up a s**t storm!

Although an error I think James – Red Bull Racing entry clearly states “RBR RENAULT” as the constructor.

Oh, and any news how much money and work Cosworth are willing to put in to get their engines up to spec? You can bet, as Frank Williams said, that those engines are nowhere near the engines being manufactured by the current teams.


I guess on the plus side the FIA avoided the worst case scenario of publishing 8 new teams + Willaims and Force India with just 3 slots for the remaining manufacturers but… Campos? Manor Motorsport? How on earth do those two get the nod over, say, Prodrive? I’m sure it has nothing to do with Nick Wirth’s previous relationships with Max Mosley, no, nothing in the slightest. After all his track record in F1 (Simtek, Chief Designer at Benetton in the late 90’s, evaluating aero regs for 09) is just perfection when compared to, oh, say, Dave Richards isn’t it?


I do admire the negotiating prowess of the Max and the FIA – this is really well played. The ball is now firmly back in FOTAs court, _and_ Max has lobbed some division and distraction into their court just to liven things up.

Lots to learn from this whole saga. But let’s hope F1 as a sport is not too compromised in the process.


Well, the real powergame is about to beginn. The entry list from FIA looks like Max Mosley trying to brake up the unity
of FOTA. Ferrari has stated that they will not race unless the demands in their conditional entry are accepted.
At the same time the FOTA teams have written to the FIA Senate and the WMSC in an apparent attemt to make them intervene and bypass or unseat Max Mosely in order to find a solution.

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