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Buy real F1 parts online!
Buy real F1 parts online!
Posted By:   |  09 Jun 2009   |  9:31 am GMT  |  45 comments

Toyota, the world’s largest car company, has become the first team to start selling real parts of its F1 cars online.

A complete rear wing is €2,000 a plain front wing a snip at €800.
Picture 15

Apparently the parts have all been used at some time on the F1 cars either in racing or testing and come with a certificate of authenticity.

The parts are on sale on Toyota’s official website at

If things don’t get resolved in the next few days between the teams and the FIA over next year’s championship then there could a lot more of this kind of thing going on..

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I have a 1998 Jordan nose complete used by R. Schumacher. If there is someone interested please write me back


I have a wheel from Fisi’s 97 Jordan (makes a nice coffee table) and also a 10ft plank from the underneath of the car.

The Mrs quite likes the table but is none to impressed with ‘plank’ which has so far survived 3 house moves despite protests to ‘bin’ it. I keep meaning to make a shelves out of it but can’t bring myself to saw through it!

If all else fails I’m sure some of the entries for next year (March, Brabham) might be able to use these and save a few quid.

Alistair Blevins

I think it would be cheaper to take a long weekend in Monza, go to the race and once it’s over, storm the track and asset strip any retired cars in the vicinity.

I seem to recall this tactic being used in the past with great success.


Renault and Ferrari have been selling real F1 parts for some time, so this piece of news took me a bit by surprise.

Congrats for your site, it’s a must read for every F1 fan


You can buy a ferrari f2002 T cars for about 2mil, they fit you into it ,keep it at maranello and have race weekends. Go to there web site all the info is there.
I think the 2005 model is a bit cheaper as it was a dog .


I think a quick lick of red paint and nobody could tell them apart from “say” a Ferrari 🙂


There is a shop near where I live that sells F1 car parts like theese.


If I had enough money to buy part of an F1 car it would NOT be from Toyota! lol Who on earth would want to buy from them?!

If you’re gonna buy part of an F1 car, get it from a team that have really achieved something. I find toyota wasteful in their spend in F1 compared with results, its a shame.


“Rearwing compete with crasher” only 2500 euros?

I didn’t realise Trulli was that cheap!


Excellent – my Birthday is coming up in 3 weeks!


I can’t imagine the shipping charges all the way here to Australia!


I sent an email last week to the sales team last week requesting the double plane front wing, but they have not got back to me. I reckon this stuff would be snapped up very quickly at these prices. Each part has it’s own beautiful story.


There will be a lot of teams getting rid of dusty KERS units next year, if FOTA get their way, so if you want to fit one to your supped-up XR3 better start saving the dosh now!

Just stay well clear of the Ferrari and BMW units – they’re a bit heavy and not very reliable… 😉


Now we know where McLaren’s “rushed through” Silverstone update is coming from! Let’s hope Halfords has plenty of dayglo red and silver spray paint in stock…


Jordan used to do this years back I have a wheel nut
from a 2001/02 Jordan! All I could afford at the time.


I reckon I could field my own entry with all of that gear too! I’ve a two car garage so I’ve got the basics right I think!

Oh hang on, Max hasn’t called yet to coax me into lodging an entry to pile pressure on the existing teams!

On that note, has anyone thought that Max might have been quietly suggesting to these new teams that they should lodge entries? It would be a convenient way of creating the public perception that there wouldn’t be space for the big teams if they procrastinate.

Just a thought!


Yup, Jordan were doing this years back. I was lucky enough to get one of the rear rims from Brundle’s “flying” Jordan in Melbourne. It was bashed and scraped, and covered in Aussie gravel dust and had some bits of carbon fibre lodged in it. I managed to get hold of a picture of the car in mid-air, and you can clearly see that it’s my wheel. A nice buy, and at £75 it seems like more and more of a bargain…


Are these the aero bits used in Barcelona and subsequently ditched for their earlier aero bits?

Clearly too slow on the car… maybe they’ll go faster on eBay…

I would love to buy something (I still treasure my authentic Jordan wheel nut) but the freight cost to Australia for a rear wing would be more than the cost of the wing itself!


BAR used to sell old parts and race suits on their website. Shame they were so expensive!


well, better value for money than those little 1:43 model cars i’ve been looking at over the last few days – that plain front wing is quite cool… just a shame i don’t like toyota


Thing is Ferrari, usually sell their car parts over an auction, on their offical website, as far as im aware any money they make, goes to charity, Where as this is going straight into Toyota’s back pocket!


As Mark says, Ferrari have been doing this for at least 5 years, if not longer, in their high street and online stores. Not cheap though.


In all seriousness, why on earth would I want one?

As Top Gear demonstrated a few series ago you would look like a right k***-end if you attached it to your car. Where else would you put it, on top of your telly? Think your wife would let you? If you’re single do you think that improves your chances of impressing that girl, or decreases your chances?

I would like to see a Reliant Robin fitted with a front and rear wing, but nothing else, well maybe a lawn mower for the 12 hour endurance race.

I thought the F1 silly season was for drivers, not teams selling stuff that no one (besides another team) has a use for. Bizarre, truly, bizarre. Probably the weirdest thing all season so far.


Interesting. I wonder if they’ll sell me Timo’s TF108 on the cheap… 😀

There are certain F1 parts that I’d actually consider buying if they were put on sale, but Toyota’s selection isn’t tempting as it stands. A front nose and wing assembly, for example, or a car’s steering wheel. But not a plate from a wing 😛

I think it’d be nice if teams sold season-old cars (although who could afford them?!). Then again, until the next big regulation changes, that could reveal certain secrets…


Hi James,

Which parts would you buy? I’m keen on the Frontwing but I have no idea where I’d put it 😉

Love the site and keep up the good work 😀

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