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Who's the F1 heavyweight?
Who's the F1 heavyweight?
Posted By:   |  08 May 2009   |  9:22 am GMT  |  23 comments

Picking up on the story yesterday about Fernando Alonso losing 5.5 kilos in bodyweight during the Bahrain GP, I mentioned that Nico Rosberg was telling us yesterday that he feels the rapid weight loss the drivers have undergone over the winter is contributing to them not having the reserves of energy and strength at the end of races.

I spoke to one of the leading driver trainers and he agrees with Rosberg’s point. Apparently, though, the important thing is how you lose the weight. If it’s too sudden then you lose the reserves and your energy patterns go all over the place. If it’s controlled and planned then it’s no problem.

Out of interest here are the weights of some of the leading drivers in F1, as compiled by one of my Italian colleagues,

Webber 75kg – he gained 2kg over the winter while nursing his broken leg
Kubica 70kg – he has lost 8 kilos since the 2007 season
Raikkonen – 69kg
Alonso – 66kg
Rosberg 66 kg – he has lost around 5 kilos over the winter, I’m told
Trulli – 64kg
Vettel 62kg
Heidfeld/ Massa 59kg

One of my readers posted a question the other day, could I imagine Juan Pablo Montoya coming back to F1?

Looking at the above table and what is required from drivers today in terms of weight control, I think we all know the answer to that..

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Since he's missing from that list, Hamilton said in the press con yesterday that he weighs 67 kilos.


Kimi weighs 66 kilos according to this site, last paragraph:
It does make sense after his weightloss over the winter.


haha, good old JPM

i think i would be a great F1 driver, all i would have to do is chop myself in half an i would be right there weight wise.


"F1 Drivers in size Zero model row" Haha.


James, when drivers loose some kilos during the race, how do they get them back?


So of the leading drivers why is Button not on the list, surely he is THE leading driver?!

Hope he wins it again this weekend, is looking good so far.

Can't wait for qualifying!


Don't know about F1 - but having a good laugh here at Lucas di Grassi and Dani Clos having to driver for Fat Burner Racing Engineering in GP2...

That's an apposite piece of sponsorship if we ever saw one...


I'm fairly slim (no moobs or beer belly to be seen), but I'm looking at Rosberg for instance, and despite being a couple inches taller than me he's 13kg's lighter than I am. now that can't be altogether healthy surely?


So if we follow this to it's natural conclusion we should see more women driving in F1... not a bad idea at all.

I read something years ago that NASA found it would be far more efficient to send women into space because of their lower body weight and lower requirement for oxygen but sent men instead because it was politically more acceptable for men to die than women.


It's amazing how light some of those drivers are. Massa and heidfeld look like some of the heaviest but they're the lightest. I'm skinny, but I pretty much weigh the same as those guys.


I knew I should be in F1, I weigh the same as Kimi!!


Webber is 13Kg's heavier than Vettel??!
Given how close they are in pace, Webber really is very quick indeed.


Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought cars+drivers weigh something very similar, presumably a bit over the minimum weight. Vettel would make up the extra weight with more ballast...


They are both very small.


Highly unlikely. Women's body contains more fat tissue and less muscular one, which makes it pretty much impossible for a woman to have a better power to weight ration if they both have the same level of fitness.

brown eyed girl

true but before you get any ideas they wouldnt be the women with bodies like the pit girls.
think more paula radcliff physic, boobs would just get in the way in a tight cock pit.... as JPM found out 🙂 (he was chunky so im implying moobs for those that dont get my bad joke)


Its also worth noting that women have better power to weight ratio than men (sorry can't find a reference for that, but I remember it from quite some time ago as it surprises lots of people). But then again, most F1 drivers are shorter so that brings them closer to the height (and thus weight) of women.


Yes - we've always quoted NASA in support of the argument that more women should be racing drivers.

Apparently it's to do with the ability to deal with G-force. The taller you are, the worse it affects you, which means the optimum height for an astronaut was judged by NASA be 5ft 4ins. (Of course, I am only quoting from memory so apologise if I have not explained this clearly or indeed got it completely right.)

Presumably also for a racing driver...

Of course, you may recall the idiotic row about Danica Patrick (5ft 2ins) gaining an unfair advantage due to her lower bodyweight in the IRL.

brown eyed girl

that's cause BMI is balls. being a curvy woman (no that does not mean FAT i am size 8/10! uk) i can loose a over a stone and still be a healthy bmi because im not tall. But honestly i start to look like something that has spent time in a refugee camp. Not a sexy look

brown eyed girl

i thought the 'association' already existed by them dating each other? 🙂


I know the usefulness of Body Mass Index (BMI) is debatable, but anyway...

Rosberg is 1.78m tall, so that makes his BMI 20.83. He could lose another 7 kilos and still be in the healthy range according to the BMI chart [" rel="nofollow">link ]

I think he'd look seriously unwell if he lost that much weight though!


My thought exactly. I said to Rosberg that the drivers should form an association with Size 0 supermodels.


By drinking fluids. It's all fluid loss.

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