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Hamilton backs Button for world title
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Hamilton backs Button for world title
Posted By:   |  14 May 2009   |  5:08 pm GMT  |  15 comments

Reigning world champion Lewis Hamilton has today backed Brawn GP’s Jenson Button, the runaway championship leader, to finish the job off and take his title.

“I think Jenson’s got a great chance, a great shot at it so I wish him all the best,” he told Reuters’ Alan Baldwin today.

“I think if I were to wish anyone (else) to win, it would be him.”



It’s quite an exciting prospect for British F1 fans to have two consecutive world champions. This used to happen in the 1960s when British drivers dominated the F1 scene. In 1962 to 65, we had Graham Hill, Jim Clark then John Surtees, then Clark again. And a few years later Graham Hill won the 1968 title and Jackie Stewart won in 1969.

Ferrari’s Felipe Massa said to a group of us on Sunday that he believes it is impossible for him to catch Button now, with only 12 races to go and a 37 point gap. He would have to outscore Button at an average of 3 points a race to get in front and he doesn’t see that happening.

Hamilton also appeared to rule himself out of the equation,
“We’ll keep pushing to try and win races in the year but clearly defending the world championship is out of the question, ” he said.

And looking forward to next Sunday’s Monaco Grand Prix, it looks very much as though the track will suit Brawn, perhaps more than any track we have visited so far. The Brawn was easily the fastest car in sector three of the lap at Barcelona, which is all stop and start and traction out of slow corners. Button and Barrichello must start favourites there,

“I think it’s a great story, so I wish him all the luck,” said Hamilton. “They (Brawn) are going to have a great car there (in Monaco) so to beat them will be very tough.

“I don’t think he has ever won there … it will be a very special one for him to add to his list.”

Special doesn’t cover it. This is a fairytale season for the almost ‘forgotten man’ of F1. The championship beckons, but if he could win Monaco along the way…

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Well I don't think that's much of a surprising world shaking statement from Lewis.
Monaco will probably see off a good few front wings, with the bumpy roads, gutters and kerbs. Going into Mirabeau hooking the front right wheel into the gutter as is the custom, may this year be a no no.


This type of politically correct statement below makes Lewis look self-serving. He doesn't mean it. If I was Lewis I make sure Mercedes does supplied the enemy (Brawn) with amunition to beat him on track. Senna would not let that happen.



Ooh my gosh the season already decided by monaco.Bernie will by happy,he must be thinking thank god that MAX has upset the whole motoring world otherwise everyone will be turning off.Could Jenson be the last F1 champion ever.
History could be made made in more way's the one at Monaco.Jenson secures the title unassailable lead and THE LAST F1 RACE EVER IN MONACO.Remember all the teams must have to confirm there applications for 2010 by the end of the month .


Whilst it might not be earth shaking, in an F1 world dominated by Ferrari and it's prima donna posturing, it's refreshing that simple British decency reminds us that F1 is a sporting event - not an Italian carnevale.


Lewis has been conspicuously congratulatory of Button for a few races now. They could just be friends... Or;

1) Hamilton wants to get into the Brawn. They've stolen a march this year, but can they keep it up for the future? Tactically they're well ahead of Mclaren, but would the cars bearing the 'Senna' name he passes on his working trips to the Mclaren Technology Centre remind him he's following in his hero's footsteps?

2) He wants Button in the Mclaren next year. Jenson has been loyal while his stock has been low, but will the doubts over Brawn's future pace and the speed of Mclaren's come back (as well as the Mercedes family links) tempt Jenson into a silver arrow? Hamilton must feel like he carrying the team on his own, as Heikki struggles for another race. Hamilton could relish the chance to have another great driver alongside him, with experience of car set up and development.


You compared this season to 1992 before. Should we therefore anticipate Button having tyre troubles towards the end and Massa/Hamilton/Alonso? sneaking ahead and keeping a far faster car behind with half the marshalls waving blue flags at him?

Honestly, I feel it is a shame that, already, last season's contenders publicly admit to standing little chance (it's all well and good for bloggers to opine, but for them to give up is a shame).

Any tips for dry Monaco/wet Monaco (different beasts, entirely, I'd say)?


As far as I can remember, the earliest Michael won the WDC was in France or was it Hungary?
Given the present status quo, when will Jenson have enough points to be unbeatable?
Maths are not my strong suit but even with several DNFs [which do not seem very likely, the Brawn being very reliable to date] this must be the very last thing Max and Bernie wanted with their new rules?
The only reason to watch now is for the politics and maybe the first corner.
How sad.


its not fair to compare Jenson 09 to Mansell 92.
Mansell was 2 seconds clear of the field and 1 second faster than team mate. Jenson/brawn are 0.2 sec faster (0.1 currently) .. Red bull have failed to compete.

James..... are you going to post the lap times from last race as indicater to were the teams stand ?


We are back to the shumee era, the Spanish GP was a parade, I will be recording the Monaco GP, or just watch the recorded highlights, as I'm bored already with this seasons so called racing, and Maxie & Bernies antics has put me right off this season. there is nothing GRAND ABOUT THESE PRIX.
And as for the GOLD MEDALS SYSTEM, that's been proved not to work already, Lets hope the teams take over the Asylum from the Lunatics, so that we can have OUR sport back.


On my blog I posted such http://15000horses.blogspot.com/2009/05/what-cars-are-capable-of.html" rel="nofollow">an article:
The info you wanted:
1. Barrichello - Brawn - 1:22.762
3. Massa - Ferrari - 1:23.089 - + 0.327
4. Vettel - Red Bull - 1:23.089 - + 0.328 (yes 0.001 behind)
6. Alonso - Renault - 1:23.420 - + 0.658
7. Rosberg -Williams- 1:23.621 +0.879
8. Fisichella-Force India-1:23.796 +1.034
9. Hamilton - McLaren - 1:23.839 +1.077
10. Heidfeld - BMW - 1:23.878 - + 1.116
12. Glock - Toyota - 1:24.134 - + 1.372
No Toro Rosso finished a lap.


In 2004 Michael closed out the championship at Spa, but that was race 14 of 18, so not as early as 2002 when France was race 11 of 17. Spa is often scheduled late in the season so I wouldn't be surprised if other championships have been decided there.

I really have to stop looking this stuff up.


I thought the earliest was Spa, but i'm probbably wrong.


The rational prediction is that at least a few of the big teams will catch up with the Brawn's pace (Ferrari, even McLaren)and overtake them by the later part of the season. Red Bull are already there, I think, and may have greater scope for a big step, not having yet got a double diffuser. It's a distinct possibility that Jenson will find himself scrapping around in the midfield for the odd point or two in the second half of the season with e.g. a Ferrari winning every race. Even if Button scores good points in the next few races I still don't think the championship's in any way over.

Also necessary to bear in mind is that KERS, which Brawn has pretty much no chance of running this season, is likely to become a proper advantage once the other teams have had a proper opportunity to get used to it and develop it.

As for Monaco, should be a very good opportunity for Jenson. The Brawn is has extremely good mechanical grip and Jenson's ability to conserve his tires will also be an advantage. Jenson's pretty good around Monaco as well. I'm expecting Hamilton to run an aggressive strategy which he could well make work.

The start is likely to be mayhem with the KERS differential, if the grid looks anything like 1, 2 Brawn; 3, 4 Red Bull, 5, 6 Ferrari, 7 Hamilton, one can expect to have seven abreast into St Devote...!


That's right Michael took the title in France in 2002, but that was under the old 10-6-4-3-2-1 scoring system. Much harder to secure the title with the current 10-8-6-5-4-3-2-1 system.
By my calculations, uf the form over the first 5 races continues, Jenson will take the title from Rubens in Singapore (3 races to go). Based on form over the last 3 races, Jenson would take the title from Vettel in Japan (2 races to go).


Why would Jenson want to drive a McLaren? - he'll be without the superior tactical support from Ross.

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