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New F1 game details revealed
New F1 game details revealed
Posted By:   |  23 Apr 2009   |  10:49 am GMT  |  43 comments

More details have emerged today of the new F1 game, produced by Codemasters, which will replace the long standing Sony product.

According to Autosport, “F1 2009 will come out in the autumn for the Nintendo Wii and Sony PSP, while a higher-spec F1 2010, with HD graphics and a more sophisticated gaming mode will be launched next year for the Xbox 360, Sony Playstation 3 and Windows.”

The game will be fully up to date, with all the latest tracks, latest drivers and the technical features of 2009 cars, like KERS and slick tyres. Presumably it will feature a lot of wet races.

It has not been revealed whether there is a team manager mode, as there is on the FIFA 09 game on Wii, which my son is very keen on. I can just imagine people getting sidetracked and spending more time making virtual protests about diffusers than racing..

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Looking forward to playing this. I have enjoyed Codemaster's games since the original TOCA Touring Cars made me buy a Playstation.


Sad about the delay though, 2006 was the last season with an F1 game and I was hoping that the codies would be able to get a next gen game out this year 🙁

I have high hopes for it Codies racing games have excellent production values and are a lots of fun to play.
I doubt its going to be particuarly hard core in terms of physics but I hope it will have some leanings that way (as did the Sony games)

Regards Mike


They could bundle this game in with Phoenix Wright - Ace Attorney and have an "Extraordinary Meeting of the FIA" mode where your virtual opponents can launch legal objections to your car designs or your on-track overtaking manouevres... never mind the HD graphics - that would be the most realistic depiction of modern F1!


There are more talk in regards with the F1 game. Its in the Codemasters Forum.


The plans started quite a while back, and the Executive producer seems to be interested at what the fans want in this game.


Can't wait. Since 2003 I am playing F1 challenge 99-02 made by ISI and...you know...it's 2009; got a little bit bored.


I've been looking forward to this for SOOOO long!!!

Cannot wait! 😀


This is a disaster for all involved. It's like releasing the F1 2009 season review video on VHS only.


...Now you're talking! An F1 team manager game complete with a decent smattering of technical buffery - handling stroppy personalities and occasionally sticking it to 'the man' (Maxwell) could be infinitely more interesting than yet another racing game...

You could drive the car set-up and tweak it based on driver feedback, but the computer takes care of the actual races...

Throw in budget management, closing big advertising deals, head-hunting various talent from competitors etc and you've got a great concept.

Get Bernie on the phone!


I hope Codemasters make the game more of a simulation than Sony did. The definitive F1 game (Geoff Crammond's Grand Prix 4) is now coming up to 7 years old and is in need of a decent successor.
Previous Sony attempts have failed miserably by trying to appeal to casual racers as well as to F1 fans.


2010? That is ridiculous! Did you know there are no official F1 licensed games that feature Lewis Hamilton - that his how long it has been since they released one!


Good news indeed. Ive been starved ever since GP4 🙂


I can't see the Manager mode coming to fruition. The "Briatore" option alone would take up an entire disc!

I suppose it could link to a web forum where participants argue about obscure details for days, insult each other and make no real progress, then give up and agree to disagree - similar to what happens in most web forums. Any ideas on what they could call this in the game...?


I don't mind waiting if it's good, but codemasters recent track history isn't that hot. The driving genre is at a bit of a low at the moment. Hopefully GranTurismo 5 will be out at the end of the year.


Yes GP4 was the last "arcade-style" grand prix game I played, but I have now moved on to multiplayer internet simulator racing which teaches you much more about car handling, setup, and racecraft than I remember learning from GP4. It's hugely helped my understanding of how motor races of all types "play out". The Wii has a new "bit" coming out later this year to improve its sensitivity so I understand, be interesting to see if the new game uses it. But even then it's unlikely to substitute sitting down in front of a PC and driving "as yourself" amongst other human racers with a real steering wheel and pedals though!


Console F1 games... meh! Never up to any real standard of realism!

Come to the PC world for 'proper' sim racing 🙂


I enjoy R-factor with the 2009 add on for the PC.


I wish they would bring it to PC platform too, why do we PC gamers get left out all the time when it comes to F1? I'm STILL stuck playing F1 Challenge 99-02. Fair enough there is RFactor, but I would like a proper game for my PC as opposed to a mod.


I hear that F1 gaming rights were bought over by the same company that made TOCA which if you ever played was an excellent game!


Never mind "team manager mode", are they going to include "useless governing body" mode or a "truth or dare" option?


Instead of Manager Mode why not implement an Online Racing mode.
I have enough of the politics in real F1, at least let me do some racing in the Virtual F1.
You start up as a driver with little experience and as you race, you earn skill points to slowly move up the field. Create online levels, so that you can have all-rookie races, or all-champion level races, so the ones that have played online for 6 months are not running around circles with rookies on the same track if they don't want to.
Make it so that the car set up is very important in earning skill points. So, a good player would know how to set up his car for Quali, or for a wet race or for a slow track or even if he wants to be faster in certain sections of the track rather than other.
Have it so the online race lasts for about 30 minutes, so ppl can pit.
And of course, make good physics.


do you think it's realistic enough to have random stewards decisions for overtakes and incidents?


Lame. PSP and Wii only this year? All this waiting for an F1 game and the only one I want may not even have Hamilton at McLaren or at all......(j/k)

Quite excited for 2k10 now.


Fantastic news! 🙂 Cannot wait. I wish too they included PC.


I've been excited about this game for a while. One of Codemasters recent efforts, Race Driver GRID, was really fun to play.

It's interesting that only the Wii and PSP will get the game this year. This says to me that they couldn't really do the game much justice within this time frame.

My only hope is that if I have to wait till 2010 to get the game on PS3, that it will at least contain the cars and drivers from the 2010 season. The last F1 game for PS3 was a bit ridiculous because it used teams/drivers from the previous season. I don't really see the point in releasing something that is outdated before it hits the shelves.


"Presumably it will feature a lot of wet races."

"I can just imagine people getting sidetracked and spending more time making virtual protests about diffusers than racing"

Feeling a bit cheeky today, eh?


Ha ha, the last sentence was a good one!


I hope that this game doesn't suffer from the alleged "centre pivot steering" plaguing some of their earlier games. Hardcore PC simmers are stuck with rFactor, GP4 and anything from SimBin (GTR and the like)...

I have F1:CE (the one with Ide and Villeneuve) and it was rather twitchy until Sony put force feedback back in, still not as fun as GT5 Prologue, though. James and Martin Brundle did the voice commentary for that; how long did that take, JA, and did Studio Liverpool ever send you a free game (in addition to the others you did)?

Team principal/strategist/race engineer mode (where you can play Ross Brawn or Pat Symonds at the strategic level, or Rob Smedley at tactical level) is probably worth the money for a preorder, if it's done right and if it has an option for a five year campaign...

One more thing, it should follow the rules!!! Drive through penalties and safety car periods have yet to be implemented in any F1 game as far as I know...


TOCA and Codemasters go together like Murray Walker and F1 - indespensible!

For those with a PC that can cope with it (or Xbox owners) -GTR Evolution is worth looking at


I hope they also add the safety car on the game and we see the shake up on pit stops etc.

Its always challenging to set up the car, testing is also fun as more stuff is tweaked into the car during practice.

I have F1 06 on PSP, PS3, you have to really look after your engine and that you put the hammer down once others pit.

I hope when this game is released on XBOX 360, i hope to compete with JAmes Allen's son online, it would be fun, my suggestion to his sone is that the more you play the game the more you can be perfect.

But also lets hope Bernie doesnt take away more things as the last Sony game lacked official timing and its hard to maximize your strategy calls during the race.


It's quite a bizarre decision to go for a wii/psp only release. Codemasters should be primarily reaching towards the sim-racing market, which is mainly on the PC, not the wii. The Wii version will for sure be low graphics/realism/detail will the cars handling like trains, which I can understand will suit the target audience of children they will probably be aiming this at.

2010 for the "real" Codemasters game on the PC may be too late as it is expected that rFactor 2 will have the dominance on the market by then.


@Kevin - it's logical that in 2010 you will get 2009 season, that way it will have all things up to date. They can do 2010 season in 2010, but it wont reflect what will happen in 2010,,, unless Codemasters got a seer. They could do 2010 season and update it with every GP, but who will play it for a year?


Bring it ON!!!!

Been playing a lot of GPL and am ready for modern times-

How about some races with pouring rain, right?


Probably not good form to comment in this way to someone elses blog comment but...LOL!


Windows is PC????


I've been watching this site for a longggggg time...
Looks like its going to be a great F1 manager game when it finally gets released


The interesting thing about this is the Wii and PSP vesions (The ones coming out this year) are beng made by and externa developer and the ones coming out next year (360, PS3 and PC) are being made internally by Codemasters ....

The one thing that annoys me is that Codemasters hyped up this anouncement and have let the "Mass Market" down by thegame being over a year away from seeing the light of Day !

I think the game will be based on the 2010 season abut I am hoping that we get 2009 as DLC or Unlockable content ...


I think the licensing fees Bernie would demand for an MMO F1 World Championship would drive any sim developer (who are usually small to mid sized studios) into insolvency, let alone the development costs and server upkeep... 😀


FIA/FOTA mode?


Niall, this F1 game will be the first since F1 Challenge to come to the PC, so don't feel bad ;).

I really hope it will have some nice (LFS-like) physics and that you'll be able to play it in hardcore simulation mode, but I really doubt it since they still call the "Race Driver" series a simulation...


It does say in the text it's being released on Windows. Just a shame it's next year!


Myself, I'll be comparing this new F1 game to "Live For Speed" on the PC.


- I concur. There are a few things people need to understand about racing games:

Need for Speed: 100% Arcade

GTR2: 100% Simulation

Gran Turismo & Codemasters Games (Dirt, Grid): 50/50

I love GTR2; it is incredibly intoxicating and realistic. You feel as though you could step out of the game and into a real FIA GT car and pull similar times. However, Codemasters needs to reach a wider audience and has to strike that balance between realism and ease-of-use and eye candy. In addition, I'm fairly sure that a 100% simulation F1 game would be impossible for us mortals to drive.


Forza 2 is an excellent realistic game

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