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Good week/Bad week
Good week/Bad week
Posted By:   |  30 Apr 2009   |  9:34 am GMT  |  11 comments

Good week for:

Kimi Raikkonen – the 2007 champion has bought a £20 million dream home on the outskirts of Zurich, where he can shut the door behind him and not give another thought to slow Ferraris, KERS or the media. Ice cream anyone?

Honda – Despite seeing the car it paid for winning three out of four races, the company says that ditching the F1 programme will help it stay profitable in 2009.

KERS – After lots of wobbles as teams lost confidence in KERS in China, in Bahrain it was proven to be a ‘must have’ for any wheel-to-wheel battler. And as for the starts….

Paris Hoteliers – An unexpected bonus as the extraordinary world council called to hear the McLaren case fills loads of rooms. No need for a Spring break offer when these high rollers come to town.

Bad week for:

BMW – finished last and second last In Bahrain, “A catastrophe,” according to Nick Heidfeld. How must they regret not throwing everything at trying to win last year’s championship?

Sebastien Bourdais – finally beats his rookie team mate, only to find it’s because young Buemi had a bit of BMW debris jammed in his front wing for the whole race, meanwhile Bruno Senna is measuring up for blue overalls.

Nelson Piquet – got the dreaded ‘vote of confidence’ from Renault boss Flavio Briatore last weekend. In football he’d be out within a month. In F1, he’ll probably be out within a month too.

Mercedes – Parent company Daimler loses £1 billion in first quarter of the year. F1 programme not directly threatened, yet, but it certainly won’t help.

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I can’t get my head around some aspects of the Brawn/Honda situation.

Supposedly Honda are happy to be out of F1, because that’s helping them to stay profitable.

But supposedly Honda are also slipping Brawn GP quite a lot of money under the table, with the team making comments that their budget is very healthy.

And then, of course, Brawn are front-runners who’ve won 3 out of 4 GPs this year so far. How much marketing value does that represent again? And how much of the F1 pie will Bernie end up giving them next year? Surely that’s a lot of indirect & direct value that Honda just gave away.

Personally I take Honda’s comments with a grain of salt. I suspect their public statements are the good old Japanese face saving stuff, while they’re really crying into their sake about a bad decisions.


Hey James,

do you reckon Honda has a buy back agreement with Ross especially with the new budget cap in place? Surely they can afford the operation now.


As sick as Honda must feel having pulled out right before the team demonstrates winning form, I wonder would they have been so dominant with their own engine in that car?


Interesting comment about Bourdais there James, what do you know about Senna, or are you keeping schtum?

I gave him the benefit of the doubt last year. I thought after a slow start he got close to Vettel and was very unlucky not to score treble the points he actually did, but this year I think his excuses are wearing thin.

I reckon he’s got until Turkey…


Haha, I like it! Nice to hear Honda are showing signs of recovery, I’m a big fan of their road cars and I hope their commitment to innovation and low running costs help them ride out the financial crisis.

I have been very disappointed by Bourdais so far, I thought he’d do better after showing flashes of promise in 2008. Interesting you link Senna to the seat, who do you suppose might take over from Piquet? Senna as well or di Grassi? Maybe they could go for someone a bit left field, Sato perhaps or dare I say di Resta? We can but dream!


Got any more on that Senna teaser???????????


The only reason why I can think Piquet is still at Renault is if Flavio is considering doing a Brawn and buying his own F1 team, especially with Renault regularly talking about pulling out – if Renault got a decent offer from Flavio would they take it?

If Piquet can bring in the kind of sponsorship figures that have been talked about in the past, then he could bring in a large chunk of the $50 million annual budget, even if he does drive his car into a wall every few weeks.



Did someone ghost-write your funny stuff last week?



Mercedes – Parent company Daimler loses £1 billion in first quarter of the year. Fi programme not directly threatened, yet, but it certainly won’t help.

Typo corrected..

Mercedes – Parent company Daimler loses £1 billion in first quarter of the year. “F1 program” not directly threatened, yet, but it certainly won’t help.


And Kimi Raikonnen has done precisely what to earn that? If ever there was a guy who had things too easy in life!!

He makes up his own rules and for some inexplicable reason possibly to do with him showing some balls on a few occasions in the dim and distant past everyone seems happy to oblige…

Credit to him as an example of building a brand, but it makes no sense to me.

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