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Follow quali and the race with live twitter updates
Follow quali and the race with live twitter updates
Posted By:   |  17 Apr 2009   |  4:12 pm GMT  |  16 comments

This weekend I will again be doing a live update service during qualifying and the race using twitter, which you can follow here on jamesallenonf1.com or on twitter itself.

It is basically a feed of my thoughts and observations as the action unfolds; reading the race, seeing the trends, looking at how the strategies are unfolding and so on.

At present if you follow the updates here on the JA on F1 site you will have to refresh the page (will have that fixed soon). If you go to twitter.com and ask to follow jamesallenonf1 you will get the updates as soon as I post them.

Qualifying starts at 7am UK time and the race goes off at 8am.

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Thanks for the tweets, James. I really love them, they add a lot to the experience, and especially to qualifying.

A hint to other followers: add twitterfox extension to firefox, then the tweets will pop up in your browser. I use firefox for live timing, so having that and James' tweets in the same window are great.


Have enjoyed the previous race, until I've had to pause the sky+ for a break, and then you're all of a sudden a spoiler service. =)


Your tweets were invaluable to me at the last race as I was at Brands watching the BTCC support races at the time. Keep 'em coming JA and thank you.


James what is your name on Twitter?

I can't find you!

Thanks :0


I've been following the websites and then the tweets from Day 1. Pure quality, very insightful and great contrast to the usual news feeds. Keep it up James, appreciate it.


Just noticed MIG Investments (a Mansour company) logo on the Brawn GP front wing. It's a three year deal. Clearly sponsors had to wait until the silly diffuser nonsense was finally knocked on the head. Thank goodness the team isn't going to have to depend wholly on Virgin finance. That would have been truly scary!



I absolutely love watching F1 while following your tweets on my iphone. Looking forward to another great race weekend.


A little bit off topic, but I just watched the Ted Kravitz's interview of Rubens Barrichello on the BBC website and it was very interesting. Rubens basically said that the team cost him the win in Malaysia by not taking his advice on tires (he wanted to go for a similar strategy to Glock), but he seemed to be very relaxed about it, obviously it's one of those decisions that can go either way, but it says something for the frame of mind in the Brawn team at the moment that he just let it slide.
The other thing I've noticed is that although a lot of people have written Rubens off for the championship already and are purely looking at Jenson, Rubens himself still believes he is able to challenge his team mate, and I think he's right. Jenson has been quite lucky in the past two races, especially Malaysia, whereas Rubens hasn't really shown his hand yet.


Nice one James. You didn't mention Raikkonen one time. Not one time. Well done James.


Still think James was a better commentator than the boyo we have at the moment alongside Brundle! I think we should start a facebook group...."Bring James Allen back"!


Dave, I think you'll find that I have been posting all weekend about how Rubens would give Jenson a run for his money this weekend and that this was his best opportunity so far to outperform him. He's qualified ahead of him, so now let's see what happens in the race.


"a lot of people have written Rubens off for the championship already and are purely looking at Jenson"

George: Most of what you read/watch about F1 is probably from a British source who only care about British drivers.

Unfortunatley one of James Allens only (and biggest) downfalls.


Thats a good tip Thomas. I have the tweets sent straight to my phone just like texts as its free on Vodafone. Looking forward to this weekends tweets.


Thanks for twitterfox tip, just installed it, much better than having to keep another tab open for twitter.


Bloody hell, is that english??? I've only just learned how to turn my telly on without the remote. It sounds great though so I'm off to google "firefox"!

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