A bit of light relief from Vettel
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A bit of light relief from Vettel
Posted By:   |  03 Apr 2009   |  9:37 am GMT  |  28 comments

In an intensely feverish atmosphere here in Sepang, as the situation around McLaren and Lewis Hamilton ramps up and threatens to spiral out of McLaren’s control, a bit of light relief has been offered by Sebastien Vettel.

The German driver says in the Red Bull press release reviewing today’s track action,
” It’s very hot and no matter how much you prepare, the first outing is a bad surprise. Fortunately I’ve got a bag with dry ice in it, which I put next to my balls, so at least they stay nice and cool.”

Two questions, Seb.
1. What happens if you have a shunt and the bag bursts?
2. Does this reveal which part of your anatomy really does the thinking?

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Northern Munkee

I wonder if Vettel has considered, the terrible example he is setting to today’s yuff, I mean the number of unexplained cases of chavs presenting to A & E with frozen nuts, Janes you really should be highlighting the dangers of frozen nuts, and the potential danger to his sperm quantity and quality, particularly his tadpole mobility.

Its really quite irresponisable journalism


Fantasic keep him in the sport for years, could you imagine what the ferrari or bmw bosses might have said…


No he’s simply got his priorities in the right order..it reads like this…” I dont care how hot I get in that car, as long as my SOLDIERS 😉 survive the heat!”


this remiinds me of kimi’s comment back in 06 i think it was when martin was interviewing him on the grid.
he had missed the driver’s ceremony or whatever and when martin asked about it he said ” i was having a s***!” and laughed about it.


You gotta love Vettel, I had the pleasure of meeting him briefly in Australia last week, got a signature and wished him well. Really nice guy, all smiles and had time for everyone to sign and take photos.

Also would like to mention Lewis Hamilton, Nico Rosberg and Mark Webber also had time for fans at the Oz GP, all seem like good blokes.

However Kimi is a rude ****!!!!


James, as always, an excellent blog. Thanks to your behind the scenes reporting I’m enjoying F1 even more than previous years!

Its great to see a breath of fresh air in F1, for too long it has been staid and held back from the fans. A Red Bull driver cracking a joke or two is great and puts a smile on my face but after the great blog, The Red Bullog, ( http://www.red-bullog.com ) was closed due to Red Bull lawyers I just cannot follow them any more.

See the full story here:


So who should I move my allegiance to? Any ideas?


Isn’t dry ice the stuff that makes smoke for pop songs etc? If so perhaps that wasn’t a fire extinguisher that went off in kimi’s car – he’s nicked vettel’s idea!!


Wow an F1 driver with a sense of humour???

Dont see that too often!


This blog continues to be excellent James, well done! Love this article about Seb’s race preparation…He, and the Red Bull team have a great attitude towards F1.

It was the Red Bull backed “Red Bulletin” magazine at the Grands Prix that inspired me to create F1Badger.com – the serious F1 site that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Keep up the good work James, the Badger salutes you!


I agree with everyone above, I’m reading stuff on here hours and some times days before its on anywhere else. I wasn’t your biggest fan as a commentator, but as a journo you’re doing a great job.

p.s. your commentary is a lot better than Legard’s.


Yet another great article James, your blog really is rather brilliant. I am (as is the Badger) a big fan of Vettel, his character and Red Bull’s approach to F1.

Their “Red Bulletin” newsletter at the races is what inspired me to create F1Badger.com – the serious F1 site that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

I’d love to see young Seb in wheel to wheel battles at the front and with the RB5 surely it’s only a matter of time….


Serious danger of frostbite there ! 🙂


Tiger Woods is driving his BMW through the countryside and stops beside a gate – where the farmer stands admiring Tiger’s car.

The farmer comes across and starts talking to Tiger and points to the sensors in the mirror and asks what is it for. Tiger replies:

“It detects any rain on the window and starts the wipers accordingly”

He then notices the sensors in the rear bumper and asks Tiger what they are for. Tiger replies:

“When I am reversing into a parking spot, it tells me how close I am to another car”.

In the meantime, Tiger has got out of the car and a couple of tees have fallen out of his pocket onto the seat. The farmers asks Tiger what they are for. Tiger replies:

“I put my balls on them when I am driving”

The farmer replies:

“Damn, those Germans think of everything!”


And another bit of good news.

The sensational start to the season has set your new blog off with a traffic BANG. Look at all the comments!

I bet the other reporters are coming here to get the inside stuff. You’re certainly publishing quicker, and in more depth, than the rest. Top of my long list of F1 bookmarks.


“2. Does this reveal which part of your anatomy really does the thinking?”

A little harsh but as funny as Vettel’s humour (:


This is rapidly becoming the best website for F1 info. Keep it up pse.


Very funny, i would need a bag like that if i were in a F1 paddock with all the female presence that we often see.

Just joking like Sebastien.


That’s it! Just what the motor industry needs to get going again!

Forget trying to squeeze a KERS system into a Ford Fiesta and concentrate on a Red Bull ‘Temperature Regulator’!

Vettel cures world economic crisis!! Good lad!


Hahaha. Trouble with Red Bull though James, is that you never know if it is a quote that actually came from the driver, or whether their PR department just makes it up, like Buemi’s blog for example.

What do you think of Vettel in Malaysia? He has a grid penalty, but he was amazing on long runs today, although maybe not as good as the Ferraris.


You’ve got to love Vettel. He has the visible humour and charm that Schumacher lacked and in a most timely display of his nature, he apologised profusely for the contact last weekend – something Hamilton wouldn’t do. I somehow can’t imagine Vettel being able to lie without bursting into tears and admitting everything! This is a good thing.

He’s the role model F1 needs to build itself around, not “the win at any cost” brigade.


Just browsing through old articles. It’s interesting to look back at peoples perceptions and predictions, now coupled with hindsight. Vettel has certainly shown himself to be of the “win at any cost” brigade, while Lewis has relaxed a bit more, shown his true colours, and been pretty open about his life. Now in 2014 I’m really looking forward to these two going head to head in a repeat of the old Brawn vs Newey battles.


Are you allowed to carry balls in an F1 the car then? What kind are they: golf, tennis or (most likely I think) squash? 😀

Maybe Lewis could do with having some ice on his balls next time he talks to the FIA stewards – and let them do the talking for a change.


An F1 driver cracking a joke? The rules really have been shaken up this year!


I know now why he is a friend of Kimi: the one does not talk at all, just fast as hell, the other one talks loots of silly stuff,.. and can be fast as hell in the future.


🙂 good man Seb…He’s definitely got a great sense of humour..i’m sure there’s great laughs in the RB garage with him and Webber when competitive pressures are put aside.

For me this reflects that RB really are streets ahead of the others in terms of enjoying the lighter side of things on the GP circuit.

A car company would most likely frown upon one of their drivers making a comment like this but then they always take themselves way too seriously. I think F1 is crying out for more of this relaxed attitude from the drivers which endeared the sport to so many in previous decades.

Perhaps a series of Senna or Berger-esque practical jokes is too much to ask for??

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