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Confusion at Toro Rosso!
Confusion at Toro Rosso!
Posted By:   |  10 Mar 2009   |  12:00 am GMT  |  32 comments

Had dinner with Sebastien Buemi’s Dad last night and he explained the problems the Toro Rosso team is having with deciding what names to use over the radio to differentiate between the two drivers, Buemi and Sebastien Bourdais. Both are called Sebastian, both are nicknamed ‘Seb’, both have the initials SB, both are French speaking and guess what, both of them have the same middle name… Olivier! What are the chances of that?

They are scratching their heads. It’ll have to be car 11 and car 12, so literally they will be saying, “Come in number 11 your time is up..!”

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Maybe they should have hired Takuma Sato after all...


How about "Come on in Bourdais..." ?

It'll certainly make for some interesting pit-to-car radio mix up for the commentators if they keep it to just to Seb!


Hmmm....calling them Bourdais and Buemi over the radio would be a good solution. 🙂


Erm... Can't they call 'em Bourdais and Buemi? Just pointing out the obvious here. 😉


Wkwkwk...In 2 years running,they have 2 Sebastien (Sebastian) on the team.And this year,it gets even worse appearantly.Why don't they just call them with their last name.Or come up with a new nick name?


HAHAHHA! Classic!


Use their surnames!


I vote for 'itchy' and 'scratchy'.


Maybe once and for all we could get their names right. Unfortunately you've mixed it up in one paragraph. "Sebastien Buemi’s Dad last night and he explained the problems the Toro Rosso team is having with deciding what names to use over the radio to differentiate between the two drivers, Buemi and Sebastien Bourdais. Both are called Sebastian".

Except both are called Sébastien. 😉

Sorry for nit-picking but it's hard enough to know who you're talking about (Buemi or Bourdais) without introducing a new variable!!

Love the blog 😀


Bourdais' team in Champ Car called him "seabass"


lol and what about using their surnames or car numbers...


And their helmets are really similar too.


Put them on the same strategy, and bring them both in on the same lap - it's all out in the open now anyway!


Adopt the Bananas in Pyjamas approach. B1 and B2.

Stephen Kellett

What about Champ and Rookie?


I like the idea of calling Bourdais See bass.


How about calling one 'Rookie' and after last season, call the other one 'Lucky', although at 200MPH Lucky and Rookie could sounds quite similar.

How about having separate radios 🙂


Does it mean that one hears what his team mate and his engineer are talking?


Personally I'm going to call them "Sebbo" and "Sebbu"


Great name if you you want your kid to be a top motorsport driver.

Sebastian Vettel, Sebastien Bourdais, Sebastien Buemi and don't forget the rallying with 5 times world champion Sebastien Loeb and another great WRC driver on the scene Sebastien Ogier!!


What about Big Seb Little Seb owing to age differences?

Or old git and young git but i daresay Mike Jordan of BTCC fame may object...........................


It just occurred to me that Toro Rosso's drivers are a pair of S.O.B.s...


What's the fuss here. Bourdais and Buemi sounds very different.


Didn't know that they use same frequency channel towards both cars so one driver hears what is said to the other one? Is it not disturbing?


Tomys: I am pretty sure they use different frequencies for each driver, I remember Ross with radio packs on each hip, one for Schumi and one for Kimi. (yea I'm old I remember this stuff but what happened last week is a mystery) Anyway perhaps john g or Phil can confirm this. (or one of you other team members)

It would be ridiculous to have both drivers on the same channel. It would end up like Faulty Towers 🙂


JA writes: This was only a bit of fun ... It's actually not so much the radio, but just imagine the debrief room ... seems a bit formal to call people by their surname face to face.

I'll speak to the team and see how they've resolved it. Might do this by Twitter.


rpaco yeah mate, radio's are totally seperate. most engineers and pit crew all work on one car. even messages from the team managers and shared engineers etc. over the radio have to be relayed seperately to each driver or side of the garage.


I thought Buemi was Swiss. Thus Bourdais is the sole cheese eating surrender monkey.


Sorry James, I just noticed you said French speaking, d'oh!!


Howzabout Mr Average (Bourdais) and Mr Lucky (Buemi)...and get familiar with Mr Saviour (when Sato is drafted in to replace Bourdais)....


How come Brawn could speak to a McLaren???


couldn't possibly do that - they have to cut costs!

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