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Briatore talks about Alonso and Ferrari
Briatore talks about Alonso and Ferrari
Posted By:   |  03 Mar 2009   |  5:19 pm GMT  |  11 comments

Little snippet caught my eye today in the Gazzetta dello Sport newspaper.

Flavio Briatore was on Italian radio, talking about the stories that Alonso has already signed for Ferrari for 2011 (with an option to drive in 2010 if Raikkonen has another poor season). If you want to learn more about this story, by the way, scroll down to a post I did on it at the very end of December.

I’m not sure which way he would prefer it, talking about his star driver once it’s been confirmed he’s going to the opposition (2006 season) or talking about him with just strong and persistent rumour that he’s going. I’ll ask him on Thursday in Geneva, if I get a chance…anyway here’s what he said.

“It’s like a soap opera,” Briatore said of the story, “One that they keep preparing but which never gets broadcast. I think that a driver should always want to drive for Ferrari and if he wins this year with Renault, I will be more relaxed seeing him at Ferrari. If it happens, it happens.”

It will happen.

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So who is going to go at ferrari, James? Massa or Raikkonen?


I remember reading about this a while ago. Let us assume that Alonso will go to Ferrari for the 2010 season. Who will leave? Either Kimi or Felipe; I feel like if they bring in Alonso, they'll kick out Kimi so as to clearly define the #1 and #2 drivers. However, where will Kimi go? He said he doesn't want to drive anywhere besides Ferrari. Isn't that quite an early retirement?


Kimi and Alonso with Ferrari in 2010 or 2011 would be fantastic at least for a year. (Also, I think Vettel is not far off a very competitive seat either.) I think Kimi is still the fastest and most gifted driver in the world and Alonso is the most allrounded. Kimi had one weak year (still finished third) after quite a many very strong seasons, not a big deal. It is a sport and every sportsmen has ups and downs over such a long period of time which is quite normal. He might passed his peak form when he was with Mclaren, but if he goes for it and has a reliable car he can be the champ again in 2009.


well from what's written there, that raikonnen is out if he performs poorly again, you have to deduce that it's him at risk. i wouldn't worry about how he's going to fill his days tho, i'd imagine his bank balance has him set up for life, and i can see him very happy bombing about in ice rallies and on snowmobiles for the rest of his days.

if alonso comes in tho, how will massa feel about being a number 2? (alonso is a far better driver in my opinion). i can see alonso alongside kubica in a few years time if ferrari remain at the top.


We have heard so many rumours reg Alonso and Ferrari most of them coming from Spanish press or Alonso's manager etc. It is part of their well- thought PR strategy to put pressure on Massa and Kimi, in my opinion. It is a tricky business. On the other hand however Alonso has nothing to lose whilst Kimi must win. I am not saying that he is not going to Ferrari some point, but it is still not more just pure speculation. Let's focus on 2009 and remember the talks from 2008 that Kimi was going to quite F1 and Alsonso would be with Ferrari from 2009, next they Ferrari announced the opposite and the Spanish press was shocked.


There's no smoke without fire... I think it's safe to assume he'll end up at Ferrari sooner or later. The question is, will it be 2010 or 2011? You'd have to assume Renault's latest era in F1 is coming to an end now that they are set to loose both their star driver and their title sponsor.


It will happen as written. So Massa and Kimi will be fighting tooth and nail for the 2009 season. But Kimi could rise again, by the way, Kimi looks much trimmer than 2008. The main who says little sure is fiery when inspiration strikes. The rush when Kimi is on form is awesome. Alonso will be at Ferrari, sooner or later. Santander is a strong indication for the Spaniard.


Well, well , well! If Ferrari does go ahead and quit, that will turn this 'proposed' Alonso deal on its head. But, if the budget issue is revisited in 2010 and Ferrari do come back to F1 in 2011, then that will be enough to confirm the truth in these rumours!
Very tantalising!


It will be very interesting after June 12th to see where people will be racing in 2010. Not just Alonso but all of drivers of the teams who have not really signed with the FIA.
As much as Alonso is at this point in his career is one of the top five drivers in the sport, don't you think that if you were Ferrari you would want to lock up Vettel as fast as you can instead.


That makes a lot of sense. I have a friend who makes composites for various racing teams and in 2005 he was working for BAR while Ferrari were apparently looking at Jenson to replace Rubens Barrichello for 2006.

Ultimately they decided it would cost too much to buy Button out of his contract with Williams when Massa was available for much less. History has proven that to have been a wise decision, but Ferrari have considered Button worthy of their No. 2 seat in the past and may do so again.


Massa would make a far better number 2 than Kubica. But that said, neither would want to be, they both see themselves as candidates for the world championship in years to come.

I reckon that a driver from the lower end of the grid would probably partner Alonso, such as Sutil, Buemi, Rosberg or even Button.

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