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What shall we call the new Honda team?
What shall we call the new Honda team?
Posted By:   |  28 Feb 2009   |  3:01 pm GMT  |  51 comments

Honda F1 team looks like it has been saved by a management buyout headed by Ross Brawn and now it needs to be renamed and rebranded. So what shall it be called?

If we had a bit more time we could propose to the BBC that they do a reality game show to find a name, along the lines of the ones where they find a lead actor for Oliver or Sound of Music. Graham Norton could come flouncing on to our screens on a Saturday night to host it, with Bernie and Max as the gnarly old judges.

It’s a clean sheet of paper really, they could come up with anything, within reason. I remember a few years back when David Richards was put in charge of BAR by the parent company British American Tobacco. He conducted a name finding exercise with focus groups and all that carry-on and the winner was “Pure Racing”. It’s a nice sentiment but not a very punchy name for a racing team. And it wouldn’t have sat well with a title sponsor name alongside.

There’s no point reviving an old name like Lotus or Brabham or Tyrrell because you should never go backwards in life and those great names had their day. This is not it.

One innovative approach would be for Brawn to sell naming rights to the team, of course, like Arsenal did with the Emirates Stadium, but it was only the stadium that got named, not the team. It would be quite a novel approach to sell the team name to the highest bidder and it would give them a sensational return on investment. But you’d have to be sure they were in it for the long haul, because you couldn’t go changing the name of the every three to five years.

Funnily enough Emirates were looking at a sponsorship with Honda when the plug got pulled and I’ve heard that there is some Middle Eastern money involved in this deal.

These days a sports team is a brand. Think of football teams like Manchester United or Liverpool or the Chicago Bulls basketball team. It’s a huge merchandising and branding operation, built around the name and so the name has to be right. There is a suggestion that he may be lining up to call it Brawn Racing and has registered some domain names with that title. Presumably that would mean that this year’s car, powered by the Mercedes engine would be called the RB01, same name coding as Red Bull uses.

Teams have generally either been named after the owner (McLaren, Williams, Tyrrell, or the company which owns them (Benetton, Honda, Toyota). A third way is teams like Pacific and Spirit and FORCE, with neutral sounding nothing names. I really hope that Ross doesn’t go down that route, but Brawn Racing isn’t great either.

So what shall they be called? If I were in Ross’ shoes I would call the team “Speed F1” or “Speed Racing”. That’s the best I can come up with after ten minutes reflection on a Saturday lunchtime. What ideas do you have?

Tomorrow we’ll take a look at what colour the cars should be…

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Sundown F1


I think Fibre would be a good name = F1 BRawn Engineering


How about BBB or 3B Racing? Brawn, Brains, and Brackley being the b’s if that gets too confusing! i could think up of some good logos as well!!! 🙂


There is one old name they could revive: BRM.
Only this time, if you had to spell it out, it would be Brawn Racing Motors.


Brawn Mercedes had a nice ring to it … but it will probably be called whoever the biggest sponsor is.

Somebody has registered ‘Brawn Racing‘. According to the domain registrar BRAWNRACING.COM is listed to Caroline McGrory, a Honda F1 Director.


JA writes: Or Ross Brawn Sport = RBS…double oops!


There are rumours here in the Netherlands that Spyker (or a major shareholder) are involved in the buy-out, so why not bring the name Spyker back to the F1.

Spyker F1 is my guess.


It could be RBR then, oops! 🙂


JA writes: I’ll tell you what, Ross Brawn Racing would be better as he is always described using both his names and such is his track record and reputation, the full name would carry better than merely his surname, which sounds a bit like an electric shaver company.


rpaco: given that smily fry can normally be seen smiling his smile and giving happy comments to the press under pretty much any situation whilst at Honda, it looks like something may have made him grumpy as i’ve not heard an interview or seen his grin for over a week now. wonder what that could be?

Ed H: don’t know if it was the chicken or the egg, but the whole earth dreams fiasco killed honda in the first place. i hope whoever takes control has well and truly learned a lesson there. F1 does not and should not exist to save the planet – the impact of 20 highly efficient cars racing around is vanishingly small in the big scheme. do not expect “Green F1” to survive.


I don’t see the point of all the wild speculation above, we shall just have to wait and see who the sponsor is. Should it turn out to be Pepsi (as I mentioned in jest in another thread about the car body livery along with Coke) then it would possibly not be the best idea to call it the Pepsi Max Team (PMT)

So what has happened to Fry?


Team Redline F1 or Redline Racing F1 (the latter may be too similar sounding to RBR). It has a nice suggestion of the aim of maximum speed without stating the obvious or being ‘neutral’. Clearly the car publication with a similar name would have to not object to it too.


If I was in Ross’s shoes, I would call the team “Green F1” or “Racing for Green” Or a personal Fave of mine: “Flawless F1”. to try and keep the enviromental message on the car, which is Important to keep so F1 doesn’t go off in the worng direction. Try a lot of initiatives for Greenness. or just “Flawless F1” because the name is cool and the team needs to be flawless so it can improve it’s current image.




Why not put it up for Auction on ebay, gives all the big banks another opportunity to lose money. ! ! !


I thing Mr. Brawn, if reading this, will go for

-Pitlane Bananas


As soon as we see some pics of it today, i’ll do some Photoshop renders of Possible Liveries..

i’ll first try the Pepsi livery
and maybe Emirates too


“Team ReBrawn”
Pretty apt i think!


Brawn Racing really sounds horrible. Maybe they should go the Williams route. Brawn Engineering or Brawn Grand Prix Engineering. More suited to Ross I think.

Theres also The Artist Formely Known As Honda Now Run By That Creepy Guy From Indiana Jones.


BBB – Brawn’s Banana Bangers (Banger’s as in run down cars, not sausages)


brawn doesn’t have enough syllables, you need at least two for a car name; lotus, tyrell, williams, mclaren, ferrari, bugatti, auto-union, bentley, beemer, “button in the brawn” doesn’t scan correctly.

i heard the blue paint thing too, fyi: embratel’s logo is blue, and bruno was apparently seen poking about the factory last week.


‘Brawn F1’ doesn’t sound very good to me right now, but it can be built on and at least there’s a legitimate reason to call it that. Imagine the first time people heard ‘Williams’, or ‘Ferrari’ used as the name of a team: both are pretty common names – imagine ‘smith racing’. ‘McLaren’ doesn’t count as the name was already well known in the sport.

Time will tell whether whatever name they choose for this season sticks, and if it’s ‘Brawn’ then it will grow into the fabric of the sport just as other names have. I have heard ‘Brackley F1’ mentioned as a possibility somewhere else too. I don’t like it.


Selling the naming rights seems so obvious after reading that. Good call, sir.

It’s the way it’s going – football “at the Emirates” or “from the Reebok” (and rugby at the new Lansdowne Road, named after a mobile network. Can’t remember which, this brand awareness takes a while to sink in).

Only works for new venues though – “the Jungle” wherever that was, or the “Brit Oval” sound like something that rhymes with Brit. And in F1 renaming a team has always implied ownership – as in Red Bull or Spyker – are there rules about commercial team names?

In anticipation of the “car colour” debate, it seems only mobile companies can afford it right now – maybe T Mobile will step in and paint the cars pink.


Team Milk Marketing Board


If they don’t go down the sponsored name route, then this would be excellent. It’s two syllables (Brawn is horrible whether with F1 or Racing), It’s relevant and it would pay homage to the whole team not just one person (great though he is!)


Team Pit Wall Banana. Putting the potassium back in the planned stops.

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