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Lewis Hamilton gets the tone right
Lewis Hamilton gets the tone right
Posted By:   |  25 Feb 2009   |  10:56 am GMT  |  7 comments

Just listened to the Chris Moyles show on Radio 1 and they had Lewis Hamilton on, talking about the new season, doing a human beatbox impression which was actually pretty impressive and pledging £10k if the rotund Moyles can climb to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro, a task he has set himself to raise money for the Children in Need campaign. [ See the videothe beatbox bit is around 4m20s ]

I mention this because as I listened to it, I could sense Hamilton’s unease at trying to guess what level to pitch his donation at. If you are a multi-millionaire tax exiled in Switzerland how much do you offer? He started out with £5k, but then doubled it as Moyles was leaving the McLaren factory. I think that’s about right for someone like him, what do you think?

It’s like looking at the kid on the doorstep asking you to sponsor him for a charity bike ride and knowing what amount to out, except that with Lewis on Radio 1 millions of people will judge him – if he goes too low people say, “Mean git” and if you go too high you look like a flash Harry at a time when thousands are losing their jobs and homes.

How to play it during the credit crunch is becoming more and more of an issue for F1 celebrities. Look at Sir Jackie Stewart and the heat he’s taking in the Daily Mail for refusing to lower his alleged £4 million retainer from Royal Bank of Scotland.

Watch out for more F1 people struggling to set the right tone, dropping the private jet and not being ostentatious.

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With Superlicences now €2000 per point, look out for drivers dropping down the field at the end of a Grand Prix to save themselves some cash! So that's what Glock was up to at Interlagos...

Nice work by Lewis - an improvement on some memorable PR embarrassments in the past. I think drivers - especially World Champions - should be out far more promoting their sport to different audiences, rather than just sponsors.


I still feel Lewis could have donated a little more. It's charity after all, I wouldn't have cared how much money he donated. He is on an 8 figure salary after all. But as you say James, Lewis can't really win in this situation. That said, it's great he did donate!


I think Lewis gave the correct amount. Besides it's probably not the one and only charitable donation he will make during the year.

I think you should think of it of how much you would be prepared to give and how long it would take you to earn it. I'd probably give 1/2 days wage to something like this, I'm guessing £10k would only take lewis a few hours to earn!


I think he gave the right amount, but probably just copied Jenson when Jenson challenged him to the Triathlon!


I reckon that it would be more of a challenge to see the other named celebrities climbing Mount Moyles' Ego.

I'd certainly give them more than £10k if this was the case.


I recognise that comment Dank! hmm.
Yes, I concur Lewis did a good job on the wireless today (phew) and I was impressed Moyles knew who he was.


More to the point about Lewis's contribution is what is the money going to and from what I have read, it is a very worthwhile cause towards insecticide treated bednets that help to reduce child illness and deaths from malaria .

In Tanzania, where Mount Kilimanjaro is situated, malaria is the leading killer of children (80,000 deaths of children under 5 years of age).

So £10k isn't going to go too far and then what happens if Chris Moyles doesn't make it to the top? You don't need oxygen for the climb but it is a hellova climb!

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