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Ferrari breaks its own record!
Ferrari breaks its own record!
Posted By:   |  11 Feb 2009   |  2:44 pm GMT  |  7 comments

Credit crunch, what credit crunch? Ferrari has just reported a record year for sales, with 6,587 new cars sold in 2008, up 2% on the previous year, according to Gazzetta dello Sport newspaper in Italy.

The company turned over €1.9 billion last year. Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo said, “To get unparalleled results is the best proof of our strategy based on exclusivity, innovation and personal attention.”

The USA again led the way as the No.1 market for Ferrari, with 1700 cars sold there, while China was up 22% at 212 cars.

It remains to be seen whether those figures are a high water mark for the company, certainly there were plenty of second hand Ferraris on the market in the weeks following the collapse of Lehman Brothers last Autumn.

However it underlines what a strong brand Ferrari is and what a challenge McLaren has set itself, along with Mercedes, in taking on Ferrari in the luxury sports car sector. McLaren is working on a new car, which it hopes will be ready in time for the economic recovery. It’s all about brand and image in that sector and F1 is the battle ground on which much of that purchasing decision will be taken by prospective customers.

Also according to today’s Gazzetta, China is now the world’s number one car market with 735,000 cars in total sold in January, whereas the USA has dropped 37% to 656,000.

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Who wants a Ferrari or a Macca when you can have a Land Rover Defender instead?


Finn, why a defender when you're very unlikely to take it off road? That said, I bet a few people were smug during the wintry weather last week.

Going back to Ferrari, they'll probably see a dip in sales this year, but not to the extent that their F1 program will come under threat. The oil barons in the Middle East will ensure that Ferrari will continue with a relatively successful year in 2009.


Well, my addy is XXXX Farm and I live in the middle of miles of farmland down a narrow (and regularly flooded and mud strewn) lane, so a 4x4 comes in handy. But beyond that, I just love the boxy, British, prosaic, no frills looks/ride of a Defender. All I want is one that runs on chip oil and I’ll be as green as a sprout.


I agree with you about Ferrari – they might see a dip in sales, but nothing catastrophic in terms of their F1 status. Some bankers might have got burned, but there are plenty of super-rich punters and die hard fans out there to keep the sales ticking along. Think it is harder for Macca as they just don't have that world renowned evocative name, let alone the Italian Stallion cachet of the Ferrari global brand.

If (gleaning from your message) you’re not keen on 4x4s, what is your motoring tipple? The Honda FCX Clarity is super green ... if only you can find a filling station.


I like 4x4s, just not in the city. Pointless, useless and needless! People that use them need to have real purpose for them (farmers, mountain rescue for example), those who get the most out of what they're designed for, rather than the speed bumps of Chelsea!

I like my British cars, particuarly the likes of Aerial and Caterham where you can see the engineering that went into it at work. Beyond those cars I'd love a Buggatti Veyron, although quite depressingly, I don't believe my student loan can stretch far enough to afford one of those! 🙁

Anyway, back to Ferrari, don't they have a theme park being constructed in Abu Dhabi at the moment? Projects like that can only aid with their strong market influence and sales.


Slightly different topic but as far as testing.. what's going on with Renault? 6 days testing so far and last by half a second every single time. Have they built the 2007 Honda?


James, I agree - 4x4s in a city are pointless ... but where I live they are pretty much essential in the winter and the rest of the time they are really useful with their height because they help you to get better vision along country lanes .... especially when it comes to getting out of junctions with hedges at the sides.


I don't agree that 4 x 4s are pointless in the city. When I lived in London I always thought the ideal city car would be an old short-wheelbase Land Rover Series III. Steel girder across the front to ensure even cab-drivers think twice before cutting you up. Handy metal footrests that you can leave down in the carparks so if someone flings open their door without looking it is their car that get's its paint chipped. Soft top so you can sunbathe when stuck in traffic on one of those rare sunny days. When it snows you can actually get up those steep hills. Perfect!

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