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BBC trailer "mash-ups"
BBC trailer "mash-ups"
Posted By: Darren Odam  |  25 Feb 2009   |  3:03 pm GMT  |  11 comments


What will the BBC use as their theme tune? Well, in case you have been wondering about the trailer that Ben G was referring to in his earlier comment … Here it is: a YouTube mash-up that uses The Chain as inspiration.  There are links to all sorts of would-be BBC intros at the end of the clip, including one with a Cardigans track. And until an official version is formally unveiled, these will have to do.

By the way, keep on voting for your favourite F1 soundtrack in our mini-poll (right). So far it seems that a remix of The Chain remains the most popular option.

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The Chain is back. Official confirmation from the BBC Sport Director on his Sports Editors blog.

Please the Original. They wrecked the Snooker theme smashing into the 21st century.

So to avoid pitchforks and an angry mob outside BBC TV Centre, lets have the original one please.

I liked ITV’s choices over the years but you cant outdo the Chain. (From an F1 Fan who watched F1 since it was on itv!)


To Martin … that is a great link/vid 😉


That “Chain” example works for me, it’s spot on!

For one I hope they *don’t* use My Favourite Game because this was expertly used by ITV [ watch here ], I always associate it with that video and and it would be sacrilege to use it for anything else since the lyrics pretty much exactly matched the footage.

If they did move away from The Chain (I wouldn’t expect them to), a decent alternative would be the last minute or so of Tom Petty’s Runnin’ Down a Dream.


Fuel by metallica – quality suggestion…!!!!!!


I do think it ought to be The Chain for the first season at least, even after 13 years a huge number of people still see it as being synonymous with Formula 1.

After that who’s to say it can’t be changed. How about Fuel by Metallica? You’d be hard pressed to find a more appropriate song!


It’s a decent song, but people exaggerate quite how good it is. Presumably it just reminds people of how F1 used to be in the good old days, but for people like me who were too young too follow F1 during the first BBC era, it is far less evocative.

If they’re going to use it (and it sounds like they are), they need to update it a bit. I imagine it sounded old fashioned back in 1996, never mind 2009.


The Chain is synonomous with f1 and will make a great change from the poor opening titles from the ITV’s F1 coverage from 2006-2008, you know the one with Moby. I really liked that song but it sounded rubbish on ITV F1 and what the hell were those opening titles about? Couldn’t ITV have gotten someone like Noel Gallagher to write a tune, like they did with Jamiroquay accompanied with great f1 action!?


100% in favour of The Chain – The original. Brilliant then, brilliant now.

James, where is this “mini-poll”? I may be going blind but I can’t seem to find it! [ Perhaps you are using the WordPress blog or a feed. To see the rest of the site you need to use http://www.jamesallenonf1.com – Moderator ]


The Cardigans mashup you link to is far better than anything I could personally do …. but I think the images need to be faster to match the speed of the song. Great idea, just needs a lot more speed.

Wish the Beeb wouldn’t go for The Chain …. they need to move on.

I loathe all that old music. The Beatles, The Who, The Rolling Stones, Fleetwood Mac, etc they all give me the creeps.


funnily enough thats the exact same feeling when i hear 99.9 % of todays music,


oops. Apols everyone. Got to admit tho’, it does like like the real thing.
So here’s hoping, again, for The Chain, pure and simple. And for a bit of Murray sounding over-excited. [ Easily done, Ben. The wait has been long and trying … Moderator ]

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