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Domenicali: "Kimi's on another planet"
Domenicali: "Kimi's on another planet"
Posted By:   |  14 Jan 2009   |  3:16 pm GMT  |  2 comments

It’s great that F1 and its fans can once again focus on cars and racing, rather than chew through a diet of bad news about F1’s economic crisis. The crisis hasn’t gone away of course, but we are now in the season of hope; new cars, new dreams and new expectations.

The Ferrari media-fest continues, now the protagonists have moved up to the Madonna di Campiglio ski resort for the annual press event known as “Wrooom!”

Over the next couple of days Massa and Raikkonen will elaborate on the brief comments they made at Monday’s launch, but today was the turn of the team principal Stefano Domenicali and he did not disappoint, speaking of the championship ahead and the drivers.

The most eye-catching quote regarded Kimi. ” He has the capacity to isolate himself,” he said, echoing Michael Schumacher’s comments from last season. “It’s like he lives on another planet. I’ve never seen him suffer from pressure either from the media or from other drivers. Don’t expect him to smile or speak Italian, but he will show his quality right from the outset.”

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You need to add another 'o' to Wrooom...


For me, it is a fascinating game of smoke and mirrors regarding Kimi's time in Red.

From what I can make out, it does appear he has a problem with taking advice from MS and his "reluctance" has been expressed really very bluntly. When I say bluntly, I mean, he could have just told us he was "busy".

Kimi is a WDC and very much his own man, I wonder if he is really happy in a team who appear to believe their retired 7xWDC is a better driver than the 2 current incumbents ?

Domenicali and Di Montezemolo have been very interesting, tiptoeing around telling Kimi to pull his socks up and you have to wonder how much the trolling of Alonso's name around is meant to be taken. "On another planet" is yet another ambiguous statement that could be taken several ways by us as well as Kimi.

2009 is going to be fascinating, possiblly more so off track than on, where the cars will probably be far more spread out than in recent years.

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